Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom

      The People in HUFF

HUFF has a long and colorful history of grassroots activism... the people of HUFF have consistently been a strong and unyielding voice on behalf of the poor and working people of Santa Cruz.

A few of our more prominent Troublemakers

Robert Norse is a journalist, radio personality, founder of HUFF, and noted annoyer of City Council members; he is currently pursuing a Federal lawsuit against the City of Santa Cruz for an ongoing pattern of suppression of First Amendment rights to free speech and other civil rights violations

Becky Johnson is a videographer/journalist, founder of HUFF, and host of Club Cruz on Santa Cruz's CityTV; she can regularly be seen videotaping the mis-deeds of our mis-behaving City Councilmembers

Bernard Klitzner is a member of HUFF, the Coalition to Free Mumia Abu Jamal and all political prisoners, the Peace & Freedom Party, and participated in the (in)famous Koffee Klatch city hall sit in and trial, and David Silva's attempt to qualify an initiative to overturn the sleeping ban. He's also served as treasurer for several campaigns for public office.

Tim Rumford feeds fifty homeless people every Monday night in downtown Santa Cruz, he also has a blog documenting his activities and encounters with homeless folks. He needs food, blankets, sleeping bags and hygiene products. Food gift certificates work great.

Thomas Leavitt is a highly highly highly annoyed citizen, a disillusioned former member of City of Santa Cruz's Homeless Issues Task Force, the current chair of City of Santa Cruz's Living Wage Advisory Committee, and active in far more community organizations than he can keep track of... he is joined in his activism by his web designing wife, Gunilla Leavitt, Swedish cook extraordinaire and designer of this web site (hurrah!)

Linda Lemaster is a writer, a formerly homeless mother, current Chair of the Committee for the Prevention of Violence Against Women or CPVAW (City of Santa Cruz), former Chair of the Homeless Issues Task Force (City of Santa Cruz), and project co-ordinator for Housing NOW!!! in Santa Cruz (among other things)

We are joined in our activism by a host of other disreputable characters whose concerns about ongoing violations of basic human rights can be dismissed out of hand (especially if you're the Santa Cruz Sentinel or sit on the City Council). Show up at a HUFF meeting and join us... every Weds. morning at 9:30 a.m. in the atrium of the County Building at Ocean and Water (between the main building and the courthouse).

E. info@huffsantacruz.org · Ph. 831-423-HUFF