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Specifically: 07-29-04, 8-15-04 (partial), 8-29-04, 9-02-04, 9-16-04, 10-03-04, 10-10-04, 10-24-04, 11-04-04, 11-07-04, 11-11-04, 11-25-04 (partial), 12-2-04 (partial), 12-5-04, 12-19-04, 12-23-04, 1-02-05, 1-13-05, 1-16-05, 2-17-05, 3-13-05, 3-20-05, 3-24-05, 4-07-04, 4-17-05, 5-05-05

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Descriptions of Bathrobespierre's Broadsides radio shows from August 2005
Descriptions of more recent shows (those from October 17, 2017 and before) are at
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Audios of shows from October 17, 2017 and before are available at Bathrobespierre's Broadsides shows from October 17 and before.
Shows are organized in chronological order. Year - Month - Day. '11-09-04' for instance is the link for the September 4, 2011 show.
You may have to fast forward to the start of the actual Bathrobespierre's Broadsides show. The Sunday shows are longer and may include some material from other shows or material from Thomas Leavitt's "Wake-Up Call".
To listen exclusively to Bathrobespierre's Broadsides, fast forward as needed. Many of those shows have no summary descriptions.

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Lost Shows
Occasionally we have technical issues with the archives. If you do not see the show you are looking for in the latest archives or find the transmission garbled or incomplete, click on this link- click here

As of 9-26-17, the shows available are these are 3/11/07, 4/06/07, 4/15/07, 7/27/08, 9/7/08, 11/22/09, 12/6/09, 12/03/15,3/6/16, 4/7/16, 5/8/16, 7/17/16, 3/12/17, 4/9/17, 5/4/17, 5/14/17, 10/22/17, 11/16/17, and ALL SHOWS AFTER 11/16/17. All the latest shows after that date are being archived here, usually within a day of netcast.
At present all Latest Shows are being archived within a day as Lost Shows.

Richard Quigley

Legendary libertarian activist Richard Quigley, who died in 2009, is most famous for his successful fight against the Helmet law for motorcylists.
He also fought discrimination at the Rancho Del Mar shopping center against disabled street minister Jerry Henry.
Quigley successfully sued former Sheriff Mark Tracy--perhaps prompting his early resignation--for sending deputies to try and censor Quigley's weekly KSCO show. (More info about that lawsuit on!)
His shows exposing corruption and abuse in the Sheriff's Department are archived at

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