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Thursday, August 4, 2005
Download Show Hotrod's HUFF report.. 6:15 PM-7:30 PM Live phone interview with community activist Phil Baer on the Seaside Company's land grab of the Tidelands, their recent lawsuit, and City Council's inadequate response...[last part of the show--an impassioned phone-in defense of FRSC programmer Becky Johnson by Bob L. lost because of the technical problems] [2 hours]

Sunday, August 7, 2005
Download Show Call-in from Chris Brozda, homeless activist ( AM-noon: Grace E. Jackson, psychiatrist critic of psychiatric medications live phone's from Linda L., Chris B. Andrea, Nick F...Live interview with Arcata homeless activist Tad 12:20 PM--about the co-option of the Homeless Task Force, the misuse of Proposition 63 money for forced drugging/incarceration for the homeless, and other topics ( ends 1:30 (4 hours).

Thursday, August 11, 2005
Download Show Live Bonnie Morr, United Transporation Union worker, phone interview...David Myberg on the Tidelands, Proposition X, and other local issues..Lean discusses discrimination at Long's King's Plaza Capitola...Live Phone Interview with Richard Quigley on victories in court around the motorcycle helmet law thanks to Judge Michael Barton, latest developments in Jerry Henry's case--a settlement by threats by (retired) Judge guest Linda Lemaster on parallel Santa Cruz concerns to that of the Arcata Homeless Task Force.. (2 hours)

Sunday, August 14, 2005
Download Show Interviews: Eli Charleston playing gently amplified guitar without a permit and without harassment downtown...street folks...Hotrod's HUFF report....Bill Hinkle's street report; Chris on excessive costs of getting a medical marijuana card if you're phone interview with Bonnie Morr of the United Transportation Union (UTU)....Two Patrick Cockburn articles on Iraq from the Anderson Valley Advertiser...Robert B.: falsely arrested for stealing a purse...Homeless Service Center client praises, HUFF activists for homeless services..Interview with Bill Daniels, Hobo Filmmaker....discussion of Cindy Sheehan's "Camp Casey" protest outside Bush's Summer White House at Crawford, TX...caller John T. criticizes SC Indymedia for deleting call-in from Mendicino Medical Marijuana Patients Union co-founder Pebbles Trippet on using the Unruh Civil Rights Act to challenge city dispensary restrictions...Callers discuss medical marijuana, police repression against music at Cafe Pergolesi...cuts from Mayor Rotkin's statements on the "Unruly Gatherings" law July 26th at City Council...(4 hours)

Thursday, August 18, 2005
Download Show Studio Guest Ragtime Street Guitarist Eli Charleston interview and live performance at various times throughout the show....6:30-7:05 p.m. San Anselmo lawyer and anti-war activist Ford Greene ( on his struggle to keep up a 8" X 12" changing political sign on his building.....Bonnie Morr interview on UTU strike vote being counted as we spoke...(2 hours)

Sunday, August 21, 2005
Download Show In-studio guests Thomas Leavitt, local open meetings activist and Linda Lemaster, housing advocate, discuss the Brown Act....Supervisorial/congressional candidate and anti-psychiatry activist Chris Brozda calls in with account of hassle by police for giving out business cards in his election campaign downtown....Memorial to recently deceased homeless activist Jim Moran...Medical Marijuana Patients Union activist Pebbles Trippet's update on City of Ukiah's new 90% off-limits for medical marijuana patients who grow their own; murder trial of Dean Manjeres and Valerie Boommeyan for self-defense in break-in to steal their medicine; (Trippett contact: 707-964-YESS)..Andrea Tishler's call-in report on movement to tax-and-regulate marijuana (ACLU backing off)...Street Interviews: Billi on Pacific Ave. New Leaf discrimination and other downtown businesses...Midean on police response to fight in front of Catalyst... Alexander Cockburn's article on Cindy Sheehan...David calls in critical of police critics....Neil of anti-war Capitola 13 calls in...(4+ hours)

Thursday, August 25, 2005
Download Show Chris B. call-in: arrested on disturbing the peace charge, and held 2 days as he distributed his business card for his election campaign... Alaska anti-psychiatry attorney Jim Gottstein ( on alternatives to psychiatric drugging in Trieste, Berne, Finland,; legal abuses in the psychiatric system...Marilyn of San Diego calls in on case of her son held in Atascadero State Hospital...Jeff calls in from Support Coalition International ( on falsified hospital records, forming support networks.....Lisa Molyneux's Greenway marijuana dispensary report (phone:831-420-1640) ..Street interviews--Tiffany and Nick on the street scene. (2 hours)

Sunday, August 28, 2005
Download Show Street Interviews: Rex and Rachel on police at Pacific & Elm; Peter Stafford on the helpful robbers...10:30-11:45 AM Live Interview with Housing Advocate and Councilwatcher Ed Davidson ( of Stan Goff's critique of Tom Hayden's Peace Plan...Caller Tim Rinker reports Odwalla cutting off Food Not Bombs...

Thursday, November 3, 2005
Download Show Songs by Danielle Savage...Halloween-on-Pacific-Avenue...Phone interview with Attorney Paul Sanford about his White House press conference where he asked Bush front man Scott McClellen if Rove's leak of Valerie Plume's name would constitute "treason", the subsequent lawsuit against KSCO for breaking his contract, and other updates...Hotrod and Vishnu describe street squalor at the HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) meeting...Paul Sanford interview continues ( artist and homeowner Mattison urges a "meth" watch... (2 hours)

Sunday, November 6, 2005
Download Show Songs by Valerie Christy of SAFE...Street interviews from Pacific discussion with "Tax and Regulate Marijuana" advocate Tim Rinker asking callers for input on a professional local poll at 831-427-5335...Mayor Mike Rotkin fields criticism of his Office of Compassionate Use (OCU) legislation, which host Norse denounces as "useless", "non-compassionate", and "not an office"...Halloween-on-Pacific-Avenue clips...Med-Ex provider Anita Henry critiques the OCU, announces a Downtown Neighbors meeting...More Halloween clips...Compassion Flower Inn hostess Andrea Tishler discusses the restrictive Santa Cruz marijuana ordinance and Santa Cruzans for Sensible Marijuana Policy 831-466-0420, which is working to put a anti-drug war measure on the November 2006 ballot...Attorney Kate Wells praises a recent 9th Circuit decision overturning a law making it a misdemeanor to make false claim against a police officer, discusses local tasering cases, notes the upcoming Richard Quigley wake...Host Norse reads reports on the Iraqi occupation and rioting in France...Street report of an early October assault allegedly prompted by Officer Pam Bechtel at Punker Corner...In-Home Care worker Tim Ahern talks about "rocking the boat" in dealng with union bureaucrats Tony Madrigal and Cliff Tillman...a Santa Cruzan visits Poland...(approx 4 hours)

Thursday, November 10, 2005
Download Show Music by Danielle Savage. The Hemingway Report on camping tickets at the Red Church (difficult to hear)...Musicians Coral and Greg talk about standing off police harassment with SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom and Expression) in front of New Leaf Market at their weekly Wednesday night jam...Van dweller Sharon Paight updates living in a vehicle...Clive Bustrade discusses his appeal after five months in the local jail in an incident where a deputy shot a "less than lethal" weapon off a foot from his child's face...(2 hours)

Sunday, November 13, 2005
Download Show Political Songs...Veteran's Day Interview at Jason Pascqual's Street Tarot Stand...Stringstrummer Sue on her bloosie banjo...Streetsights Stanley reports on 11 of last 17 months in jail and the perils of the Open Container...Live recording of Erumpent Ernie, street pianist, singing "Destiny" from his new musical show Viva Voltaire!...Street Interviews...Songs from Working, the musical...Mattison against Meth--calls in...Zero Hour Zoran, van dweller, critiques psychiatric abuses against the homeless and inadequate response by local activists...Bear, San Lorenzo Park Mayor, update...In-studio Guest Box-Seat Bob Patton describes upcoming Human Rights Organization shindig...Indymedia Banning of Becky Johnson: the latest exchange..."Thick 'n Thin" Theodora, Beggerbacker Becky= and others call in on indymedia censorship controversy... "Dangerous" John T. on the protest at the Nickelodeon over the film "Paradise Now"...Officer Brandt to Hotrod "take your shoes and shit and don't come back!"...Leatherlungs Jim Purcell's update... controversy.(approx 3 1/2 hours)

Thursday, November 17, 2005
Download Show Music by Danielle Savage...Street Interviews: Ron C.'s hard times...Chris Brozda interview and update...More Bear Update...C.J. Stock's Streetstrummin...Norse reads anti-war commentary from Justin Raimondo ( ...Music from Merryweather Mike and Biblethumper Bryan...M.M. reports on Vet Day on-the-beat lawmaking from CSO "Predator Pam" Bachtel with new "others can't watch your stuff" rules for the homeless...Street interviews...(approx 2 hours).

Sunday, November 20, 2005
Download Show Chris Brozda called in from the Dominican Hospital Psychiatric Unit describing his arrest, he said, for trying to file a complaint at the main police station against Sgt. Seiley, who, he claims, refused to take a report regarding threats against Brozda as he distributed political literature in front of Starbucks several days before...Pamela Lee Spires, a disabled peace and justice advocate, called in from Watsonville alleging an assault by WPD Deputy Ridgeway where, she says, he slammed her into the walls in her wheelchair at the hospital...John Thielking called in from San Jose discussing censorship, Becky Johnson, and Santa Cruz Indymedia...In-studio guest Jim Lohse reported on his Santa Clara medical marijuana group, now headed by Tina (408-509-7656); Lohse also discussed his new website www.eminent about eminent domain abuses...Med-Ex activist Anita Henry called in with questions about the new Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana Club--Greenway...Paul Marcelin Sampson of the Metroriders Union critiques the Metro settlement and discusses the strike...Street bard Nitcho (aka Uncle Dennis) reads Julia Vinograd's latest poetry...Street Interviews: Aftermath of an assault at Long's Drug Store...(approx 4 hours)

Thursday, November 24, 2005
Download Show Street tapes (ST): Roughrider Richard Quigley pre-death wake: BE Smith on his federal jail time for medical marijuana, Felons Union; In-Home Care Workers Rep. Tim Ahern critiques Tony Madrigal; holy hempstress Theodora Kerry; Legal Worker Ray Glock Grueneich; Judge Tom Kelly; KSCO Owner Michael Zwerling gets served lawsuit by reporter/attorney Paul Sanford; minister Jerry Henry and others...More street tapes...Jason Pasqual, street tarot reader; ticketing of Brandon the celloist...Phone-In from L.A. listener on homeless and mental illness...Phone-In from Robert on harassment of recyclers.. (Approx 2 hours--sound quality of some interviews varies widely)...

Sunday, November 27, 2005
Download Show Caustic phone exchange with critic Chris Brozda...Street tapes (ST) : Vet Jim Purcell detained by cops at the Vet's Hall while waiting for an apparently non-existent restraining order and other Thanksgiving day incidents...ST: Brad, the bold panhandler near the Cinema 9, describes his legal history...Co-Host Thomas Leavitt discusses "Progressive" politics in Santa Cruz...Bob Lamonika challenges Comsymps...John Thielking announces support for condemned killer Tookie Williams...Mendicino Medical Marijuana Union activist Pebbles Trippet (707-964-YESS) calls in with a new report on the Urziceanu case which protects selling marijuana...She also discusses the murder of Les Crane, compassionate distributor...Ukiah patients/growers ignore abusive city restrictions...a new religious defense in the iowasca case using both the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses of the First Amendment (see Interview with Ken Carrington on UCB's destruction of the Free Clothing Box...ST: Glasseagle and Oscar in Santa Cruz struggle on the streets...(approx 4 hours)

Thursday, December 1, 2005
Download Show Street Interviews (SI): Chilean group Manana Mi Chanto sings and talks about dealing with authorities on Pacific Avenue..."Captain America" defends Tim Bratton in the Vet's Hall controversy...SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom and Expression/Streetperformers Against Foolish Enforcement)'s 96th consecutive weekly event: toxic brownies..Nitcho on the Guitar...Diane-- anthropologist stalking street performers...Valerie P. on how SAFE works... In-studio guest Lisa Molyneux, owner of Greenway Medical Marijuana Distributory reports on the club's first 2 1/2 months ...Earthmommer, Andrea, Becky J., Scott G., and others call in...Larry Wilson critiques Vet's Hall manager Tim Bratton and announces a noon December 5th protest...(2 hours)

Sunday, December 4, 2005
Download Show Conclusion of Wilson commentary from 12-1 show...Bathrobespierre Robert discusses the "Sushi Now" settlement and the depositions for the forthcoming federal lawsuit taken earlier in the week from Mayors Fitzmaurice, Krohn, and Kennedy...Segment of the Fitzmaurice deposition...Hotrod and Chris Brozda critique Sgt. Eric Seiley...SAFE #95 interviews w/ Bill Hinkle on street scene; Ginny Gomez on Proposition 63 funding and Mental Health Board meetings...(457-9754 X 3280)..."Hutch" critiques recent TRO against him at Vet's Hall..Al complains about Homeless Family Shelter problems... Mickey Rat, Alexander, cellist Brando, and Rico Thunder respectively sound off ...caller Matthew discusses self-policing as an unexplored problem...D. Roger Etcetera discusses his first Camping ticket (trial 12-29 10 AM Dept. 1)...Louise on bass viol and her 5 player band...Petitioning downtown...(approx 3 1/2 hours).

Thursday, December 8, 2005
Download Show Discussion of political repression at past "First Night" parades and the police riot of New Years 1994...taped interviews from that riot....tape from the deposition of Councilmember Fitzmaurice, who stopped a meeting to have Robert Norse excluded because of a "don't act like a fascist" salute to the Council...reading of Genera Odom's "We Should Cut and Run" article in the Anderson Valley Advertiser of 10-27 (approx. 2 hours)

Sunday, December 11, 2005
Download Show Street interviews; Pacific Trading Company complaints "move along" Looney Balloony--children's street entertainer...Hurricane Katrina charity seeker...chair of the former Homeless Issues Task Force, Linda Lemaster, calls in critiquing empty beds at the $5, 000, 000 Family Shelter. San Francisco Coalition on Homeless activist Bianca Henry discusses S.F.'s Housing Crisis...homeless residents Lisa Tucker and Michael Aisle denounce SFPD property confiscations...Public Advocate Riva Enteen defends KPFA commentator Bill Mandel against programming cutbacks (;; tarot reader Jason Paschal calls in from Los Angeles (still awaiting trial in Santa Cruz for tarot reading w/o a license)...Interview with Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry now in Tucson on police harassment of FNB, FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force activities, his planned trip to Africa, proposal for a tent city against Iraqi war, new computer chip in driver's licenses under the Real ID act ( Scholar Greg calls in...Andrea on Mayor Cynthia Mathews...(approx 3 1/2 hours)

Thursday, December 15, 2005
Download Show ...Street interviews: "Ocean" who broke up a fight downtown on Halloween reports Officer "Robocop" Perry charged him with disturbing the peace, took him to jail, where he was booked for a $360 and then released 22 minutes later...Call in from Earthmommer... More interviews from New Year's Eve 1993-4 and the police-provoked riot downtown....FRSC broadcaster Sandino describes being pulled over and interrogated as a burglary suspect...Human Rights Day (12-11) downtown with Lex La Fortune, Becky Johnson, Paul Ortiz, and a local poet. (2 hours)...

Sunday, December 18, 2005
Download Show 2 Hour interview with Paul Ortiz, Associate UCSC Community Studies on the Sleeping Ban, police abuse, and other local and national topics. Call-in's from Human Rights....Interview with Omar, Sharon, and Shawn--3 Street Sitters on Haight St. in San Francisco...Chris Brozda update (upcoming Marsdon motion in court where he seeks to have assistance of counsel and be his own attorney Jan 5 10 AM Dept. 2) (831-464-0501 from John T. of the Human Rights Organization ( 425-4467)...More of former Mayor Tim Fitzmaurice's sworn deposition in the "Heil Krohn!" lawsuit against the City (approx. 3 1/2 hours)

Thursday, December 22, 2005
Thursday December 22nd Tiny segment--show not archived.

Sunday, December 25, 2005
Download Show Three Editorials from Counterpunch "Who Will Fight for The Constitution: The Year of Vanished Credibility" by Alexander Cockburn; "Talkin' About the "I" Word" by Ralph Nader []...Calling Rep. Sam Farr at 831-429-1976--reading from his website on the Iraqi war....BOLT (Bikers of Lesser Tolerance) gets Judge Barton to hold hearing on sanctions for CHP over its obstruction on the helmet law [google for "Bolt of California" to reach his website]...1991 Santa Cruz City Council debate on closing down the Town Clock at night to get rid of homeless protesters there...Councilmember Fitzmaurice's deposition in the Norse case against City Council repression.... (approx 3 1/2 hours).

Thursday, December 29, 2005
Download Show Thomas Leavitt co-host...Berkeley street poet Julia Vinograd's poetry...Phone discussion with Chris Brozda on the Pottinger decision, which upheld the right to sleep in public places in Miami in 1998....German listener calls in...Looney Balloony's $360 ticket in front of the Pacific Trading Company for playing his radio......Bob Patton of the Human Rights Organization (425-4467 reports in and notes Ventura homeless camp...Direct call to Mike Rotkin expressing concern that two turned away from the Armory because they had an extra guitar...Historical flashback: 9-16-96--City Hall Sleepers Protest: Flashback: Nov '94 Sleeping Ban Demo in front of Bookshop Santa Cruz on Pacific Avenue...


Sunday, January 1, 2006
Download Show Guest host Thomas Leavitt; can't find notes. Read Lost John Lennon interview with Tariq Ali in Counterpunch; items about cost of the war in IRaq reaction $2 trillion, 11 fatalities in Iraq in one day; lots of talk about DIY First Night. Various people called in. NIN intro music, various music items, Side A of "Workers Union" album. First show, kind of rough around the edges. About 3.5 hours (9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

Thursday, January 5, 2006
No show; guest host Thomas Leavitt stuck in San Jose on emergency work assignment. Apologies.

Sunday, January 8, 2006
Download Show Guest host Thomas Leavitt; intro music: NIN "Tell The Lie". Rant about new loitering law article in Sentinel, rant about Sentinel... more NIN, track(s?) from Public Enemy. Discussion of DIY First Night, announcement of rally at City Hall on Tuesday, reading off various articles from Santa Cruz Indymedia re topic. PSA for Earth First; PSA for Paul Ortiz speaking at Green Party event. More "Public Enemy"; Jude Barri spoken word album track. Tony Madrigal discussion. Andrea calls in re: TM. Matter Embreyo calls in - capitalism, exploitation, economic development. Track from Utah Phillips, Side B of "Workers Union", read from City Manager's "Introduction to the Budget" in this year's City Budget document... went on too long, on to the next thing: more Utah Phillips (much better). LP selection: Beatles (Magical Mystery Tour). Homeless Task Force Final Report Introduction. X - I'm Lost, You, Fourth of July. End with retro audio interview: Skidmark Bob "Camp Paradise Raided". About 3.5 hours (9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

Thursday, January 12, 2006
Download Show Guest host Thomas Leavitt; intro music: NIN. Followed by a track from the "Mandela" sound track. Followed by LP selection, Johnny Cash - "Ring of Fire". PSA from SCPEL (Santa Cruz Progressive Email List) and about SCPEL. Monsoor Article. PSA - SCPEL - re: death penalty protest (Ray Allen?). Play audio from MLK flash video I saw on the Internet. Another "Mandela" selection. Read article re: City Council protest over police surveillance of DIY First Night planning meetings. Track from Judi Bari spoken word album - "FBI Stole My Fiddle". Track from Johnny Cash LP - "I walk the line". Andrea - caller re: meeting in Tuesday... health clinic atrocities... call County Supervisors... PSA - Brothers to Brothers; PSA - Pajaro Primero; PSA - freakradio mention; another track from "Mandela" John T. calling from Human Rights Organization - report on Rally for Clarence Ray Allen. Side C of "Workers Union" somewhere in there? About 2 hours. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Sunday, January 15, 2006
Download Show Guest host Thomas Leavitt; intro music: NIN - Tell the Lie. Thomas greets listeners. Music: The Cranberries - first two tracks from "No Need To Argue" - "Ode To My Family", "I can't be with you." More intro on plan for the show. Rant about Santa Cruz Senile, lameness of local media. Read "LocalTalk" from Goodtimes about domestic spying, rant about Bush Administration. Discussion of who the real "bad guys" are. Musical interlude: The Cranberries - Zombie. Freewayblogger item. Phone numbers and other announcements. Call in from ? re: whether Robert is going to jail, female artists. Susan Kessy, local artist - excerpts from tape. PSA re: Neighborhood Community Organization. Caller (?) re: Depleted Uranium Presentation at Vets Hall on Tuesday. 10:30 a.m. Phone interview with 30 Moira LaMountain, Santa Monica activist with HOPE (Helping Other People Eat) who feeds homeless people, re: Santa Monica earning title of 9th most hostile to homeless city. Discussion of housing issues, homeless advocacy, poverty. Half hour interview or so. Wonderful and inspiring. Read GT article "Easy Access" available at about affordable and accessible housing being built by the Quiggs (owners of The Attic, downtown ). Play track from HAPA (native Hawaiian music). Play Metallica, "Unforgiven". Play Paul Robeson - "Joe Hill" from "Favorite Songs", Monitor records. Play part of tape of Coral Brune at SAFE - interviews from the street. Phone interview with Christine Shanes from Santa Monica - talking about recent changes about feeding homeless, getting children involved, hypocrisy of praise and illegality. Phone interview with Peggy Lee Kennedy - feeding homeless people, w/ FNB every week for 3-4 years... talking about her program, and what FNB does: feed vegan nutritional food. Two wonderful, inspiring activist women making a difference in their communities. End show with VCR tape audio of City Council Meetings (cut off by arrival of next show's host, out of time). About 3.5 hours (9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

Thursday, January 19, 2006
No show, communications gap - Thomas thought Robert was returning on 18th. Apologies.

Sunday, January 22, 2006
Download Show Street interviews [SI] by Coral Brune earlier in the month at the SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom and Expression gathering)...congressional candidate and homeless militant Chris Brozda calls in....Raven in Berkeley gives update on People's Park...Norse discusses upcoming City Council agenda...January 10th Oral Communications speakers on "Spygate", SCPD's surveillance and infiltration of "Last Night-DIY", the peaceful New Year's celebration: Sherry Conable, Ruth Gordon, Sheila Coonerty, Anthony Cuchedr, Chris Krohn, Celia Scott, Sandino Gomez, Rico Thunder, John Thielking, Grant Wilson and others...Thunder cut off by Mayor "Two Minutes" Mathews....callers Coral and dj shatter comment...Skidmark Bob calls in on the history of police surveillance and how to track it. More call-ins and further Oral Communication from Joe Schultz, and Lydia Blanchard...Andrea Tishler, of the SC Citizens for Sensible Marijuana Policy announces finalization of the proposed city marijuana "tax and regulate" initiative, now gone to the city attorney....Norse reviews the 1979 Berkeley Marijuana Legalization Ordinance...SI: Coral Brune interviews Monkey, Ron, and Breakfast on police surveillance of Last Night... (approx 4 hours).

Thursday, January 26, 2006
Download Show New time for HUFF meetings: 9:30 AM-11:30 AM Wednesday...Norse critiques Mayor Cynthia Mathews shortchanging the public at City Council meetings and Police Chief Howard Skerry's lie around the New Year's spying being a "one time affair"...Councilmember Madrigal's City Manager-appointed "Independent" Investigation proposal at City Council 1-24...Callers on police surveillance: Susan, Andrea...Public Comment on the Madrigal Proposal...Caller Mattison comments...Norse's commentary on the Madrigal proposal..Interview with Rico Thunder on surveillance... (2 hours)

Sunday, January 29, 2006
Download Show Street interview [SI]: the arrest of "Ma" (Melvia Johnson) in her wheelchair for camping warrants...Death of Judge Art Danner yesterday--caller Bob Lamonika comments...SI: D. Roger Etcetera, "Ozark Willie", and DJ Shatter give critical perspectives on Tim Bratton, manager of the Vet's Hall; magician and street entertain Tom Connor recalls an earlier Santa Cruz; Looney Balloony on his own harassment...R. Norse reads from the National Coalition for the Homeless's annual 20 Meanest Cities report (at"Billy Budd" calls in about SCPD surveillance...Tape and commentary of the 1-26 Downtown Commission discussion of the Downtown Ordinances and the proposed "Ten Minute Lingering Limit" in Parking Garages (and perhaps Parking Lots) being considered: speakers include Matt Ferrell, Head of Public Works and proponent of this law, Downtown Commissioners including Jim Brown and Chair Sheila Coonerty, Human Rights Organization activists Bob Patton and Bernard Klitzner, local Terry Thomas, and HUFF activist Robert Norse...More on Looney Balloony's police harassment downtown...Tim Rinker of the Santa Citizens for a Responsible Marijuana Policy (831-420-2772) and host Norse debate different strategies on decriminalizing marijuana locally...caller and SCCRMP member Theodora Kerry defends Tim Rinker...(approx 4 hours)

Thursday, February 2, 2006
Download Show Norse Commentary on "Ten Minute Loitering Limit" Law...45 minute interview with Rico Thunder on documents Northern California (not the Santa Cruz) ACLU got from the SCPD on the spying scandal as well as his interview with Deputy-Chief Kevin Vogel [some of the documents are now posted at] Contact Rico at on an interview with Tim Bratton, manager of the Vet's Building...Street Interviews: Experiences with the cops...Mad Mike the Wonderdog on police beating the bushes..."Pirate", "Damian", and "Parrot" downtown; Coralee's Downtown Interviews including Roger Etcetera's report.. recent arrest of Brandon the cello player...comments from Marilyn of Alfresco's, BigDrum Brent, Guitar Joe, Valerie Promise, "Under Arrest", and others...Michelle Beltos on being denied access to River St. Shelter...John Maurer's update on his "Fuck the Pigs" lawsuit (approx 2 hours)

Sunday, February 5, 2006
Download Show Street Interviews [SI]: Previews from Ernie K's musical Vive Voltaire...musician Sullivan comments...Reexamining laudatory press treatment of "Drumhead" Art Danner, former D.A. and judge, who died a week ago: caller Bob Lamonika remembers the late 80's Sandra Larsen scandal where Danner hit her car but got no alcohol test though he'd been drinking; the Katherine Gardner affair, an assistant D.A. whose falsified time cards were hushed up during Danner's 1994 reelection campaign; the Happy John Dine killing cover-up, where Danner supported the patently false allegations of police chief Steve Belcher that Dine when shot dead by SCPD Officer Connor Carey in 1997 was pointing a toy gun at him....Becky Johnson criticizes Danner for his failure to investigate the law enforcement killing of homeless shooter Leslie Wyman and for his treatment of homeless advocate Dennis Norse updates folks on the Steve Kubby case, marijuana advocate rejailed after his deportation from Canada and now being allowed marinol...SIs: Kimberly on "rockin the signs"...CSO Pam Bechtel giving a citation for "tying shoelaces" within 50' of a change-making machine...Bhajan Romero, just out of jail, for another Bechtel cite for "not picking up litter" near him near the Riverbank...casting discussion of the film The Tripper...John Monahan of the Palomar Hotel charges management discrimination...Paula critiques Homeless Services Center for being forced to leave in the rain, while sick, discusses Watsonville services and laws...obituary of Betty Friedan...Jolly Roger Comedy Troupe piece on Disney in Berkeley...FRSC's d.j. shatter discusses medical marijuana at Greenway...Andrea praises FNB's door-to-door services...FRSC calls U.S. Congressional Rep. Sam Farr (429-1976) requesting his recent voting record on military appropriations...more Coral Brune street interviews of SAFE events...discussion of the Downtown Commission/Public Works "Ten Minutes and Get Lost" Policy for Parking Lots and Garages....Call Public Works at 420-5160 to oppose the law and/or get info..(approx 3.5 hours)

Thursday, February 9, 2006
Download Show Courthouse Interview with Richard Quigley and Lauren--who got tickets from an eager Park Ranger for being "on a beach after dark" dismissed... Homeless Hotrod's latest report....Taz Barker-Crimins fights a misdemeanor citation with his companion for "trespassing" in an abandoned building during a rainstorm (pre-trial hearing March 9, 10AM Dept. 2)...HRO worker Bob Patton relates Homeless Service Center director Ken Cole's comments on Musical Mike's being kicked off the Armory bus for having a guitar too many... Street interviews: Mayor "Bear" reports from San Lorenzo Park... Boston Jim recounts First Alarm harassment and a subsequent seizure...Jennifer describes her struggles as a homeless mom with baby Nick...Coral Brune and the SAFE musicians...Phone interview with Berkeley Councilmember Kriss Worthington on Marijuana Busts and the Homeless (info: 510-981-7170)

Sunday, February 12, 2006
Download Show Richard Quigley interviewed on being banned from Aptos Safeway for trying to buy an "I know I'm stupid to be a loyal Safeway customer" ...Discussion of the Patriot Act... "Deadman" describes being excluded from his wife's funeral in Hollister the day before......"Mr. TV"....Bike church update from Road Scholar...Musical Mike and Valkyrie Valerie describe police selective enforcement against political tablers and activists near New Leaf Market...Ryan of Tent University at UCSC calls in against SCPD spygate, gives Tent U update (contact: Brune interviews: judge drops dog-on-the-mall charge...Sylvia Karas, MHCAN Board member and psychiatric survivor speaks on AB1421 (easier psych commitment) and Prop 63 (funding of services), ducks question on whether she'll stand up for medical marijuana use among her clients...Caller reports high-speed unsafe police chase ending in crash yesterday.

Thursday, February 16, 2006
Download Show Coral Brune interviews Food Not Bomber Milky Way Mike and Uncle Dennis the Bard; Norse on "Santa Cruz Spygate"... co-host Jhon Golder joins Robert Norse... Preliminary Interview with Bob Aaronsen, SCPD "Auditor"....Santa Cruz City Council's Public Safety Committee testimony in Spygate... Mayor Mathews on Spygate...(2 hours).

Sunday, February 19, 2006
Download Show Co-host Thomas Leavitt....caller Bob Lamonika on S.C Spygate...More Testimony from the Public Safety Committee..First-ever Norse Interview with Mayor Cynthia Mathews on Process Issues at City Council; Bob Patton asks Homeless Rights Questions: Mathews on Spygate....Norse analyzes Mathews falsehoods...Interview with street cello player Brandan, arrested, handcuffed, and jailed for Downtown Ordinance violations...Street Musician Bud Sassy...John T. calls in, recommending worldcan' "Ohm to the Power of Infinity"...Police Auditor Bob Aaronsen Interview after the Public Safety Committee...More of the Public Safety Committee's meeting..(approx 3 1/2 hours)

Thursday, February 23, 2006
Download Show Co-host homeless internet writer Craig Canada...Street Interviews: Musical Mike on the Armory Shelter problem...flute player speaks...Tokin' Tim Rinker on Petition for Taxing and Regulating Marijuana Paul Sanford on his lawsuit against KSCO's Michael Zwerling...Downtown Commission discussion of January on Downtown Ordinances and Ten Minute Trespass Law...(2 hours)

Sunday, February 26, 2006
Download Show Jolly Roger Comedy Troupe Satire from 1995 Berkeley...African-American tarot card reading Jason Paschal cops a plea, and is banned...RN reads Fred Gardner's "The Investigation of Dr. Denny"...Kristen Lems: "We Will Never Give Up"...Greenway medical marijuana venor Lisa Molyneux discusses her club in its 7th month of operation in Harvey West Park..Interview with Nickolas Bezanis, on bureaucratic opposition to the Saturday Market...Jolly Roger: FCC Training Session...Jeremy the Jeweler and Deutschland Nick call in...Craig Canada of discusses public reaction to his sign "Marijuana Patient Needs Room" ..."Dangerous" John T. calls in on censorship..Kristen Lems: "Failure is Impossible"/"I Was Going to be an Engineer"....1996--Loura Corradi interviews Robert Norse and Mike Rotkin... (approx 4 hours)

Note: Starting in March, the referenced audio archives contain not only Bathrobespierre's Broadsides, but on Sunday mornings, contain Thomas Leavitt's show, "The Wake Up Call".

Thursday, March 2, 2006
Download Show John Cude, aka Shuken-sword, massage therapist, talks about implications of his work for poor people, how words replacing images repress us... []...Community activist Fred Geiger at City Council interview...Norse commentary on the 10-minute trespass law. (2 hours)

Sunday, March 26, 2006
Download Show ["This Land Is Your Land; It isn't My Land": Morgan Firestar]...Norse commentary on Ten Minute Trespass Law...Continuation of 3-16 Special Downtown Commission Meeting on the Law: Public Comment and Discussion.. [5 1/2 hours]..Street Interviews: Tall Ted Avon RocketMan Watchchalk Kurswald's Rap + Tara's Healing...Dana + T.J. on SCPD lenience and harshness: family gets the Sleeping Ban runaround...Amy's toy terrorism...Beards around a bench babbling...Guitargripper Greg struts and strums...Robert Whiteowl the Flautist...poet/activist Christopher Robin on Friday Wired Wash problems and the New Year's Eve parade...Tokin' Tim Rinker "Tax and Regulate" Marijuana... ...Roger Etcera bashes Vet's Hall's Tim Bratton....Phone Interview with Rico Thunder on Spygate...Mikey Rat's Open Container tickets...City Council Alert...Homeowner Matt denounces over policing downtown....Midnight Food Distributor El Callejero Harassed...Chalk on the sidewalk in front of Pacific Trading Company...Bad Moon Rising by Free Eagle...Brandon's Cello Report...Phone Interview with Councilmember Mike Rotkin on Spygate [, 459-4601..."Tax and Regulate" Marijuana Activist Andrea Tishler on Sentinel Black Propaganda 466-0420 [to circulate petitions for marijuana initiative]...Louis LaFortune urges support for Congress to cut off Iraq money (Call Rep. Farr at 429-1976). Approx. three and a half hours.

Thursday, March 30, 2006
Download Show Rovics: "Shut Them Down"... Norse on 3-29 City Council's Public Safety Committee discussion of police spying...announcement of Chris Brozda's death...Street Interviews: Uncle Dennis the Bard... Norse at City Council 3-28 (Consent Agenda items)...Interview with Oakland's Chris Hermes with Americans for Safe Access: new CHP policy on medical marijuana seizures...regulation update: benefits and drawbacks...fighting employment discrimination (Ross case at California Supreme Court)...medical marijuana--significant benefit or legalization distraction'...Rovics: "Coke is the drink of death squads" (two hours)

Sunday, April 2, 2006 (incomplete recording)
Download Show "It Isn't Nice" anti-psychiatry song by Morgan Firestar...demo prior to the 3-29 Public Safety Committee [PSC] meeting w/activists Rico Thunder, Sherry Conable, & others...PSC meeting + Norse commentary...Robert Whiteowl, Street Musician; Brandon cello player headed for court...judicial notes by Norse...PSC meeting: Public Commentary with Fred Geiger, Rico Thunder, Celia Scott, Coyote, & others...[cuts off at Michael Tomasi's testimony] (should be 5 1/2 hours, but it's not)

Thursday, April 6, 2006
Download Show Norse intro on Parking Lot Panic Law...Downtown Commission 3-23 meeting on Parking Lot Panic Law...Bench Removal Report...Changemaking machine installation Critique by Becky Johnson...Bachtel gives computer plug-in ticket...Andrea on 7 squad cars responding to a bar-and-grill fight, ignoring a meter maid's slashed tires...[approx 2 hours]

Sunday, April 9, 2006
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's "Wake Up Call --2 hours]...Phil Ochs: "What's That I Hear Now?" ...Co-Host Thomas Leavitt...Is Indymedia censoring Becky Johnson?--discussion by phone with V-Man...continued Downtown Commission 3-23 meeting on the Parking Lot Panic law--questions to Deputy Police Chief Vogel-- with extensive commentary...Resident Mattison on violent scene downtown, suggests a fence rather than a trespass law...Downtown customer gets $25 parking ticket..In-studio guest Bob Patton with the Human Rights Organization statement on the law...Mattison praises S.F. Mayor Newsom's homeless policy...Street Interviews: Patrick on Parking Tickets...Bob Guzley on Minimum Wage Petition...Smiley on changing Santa Cruz...Doug McGraff on being harassed by Pam Bachtel around medical marijuana...Ochs: "I Ain't A Marchin Any More"...(approx 3 1/2 hours)

Thursday, April 13, 2006
Download Show Staff Report and Beginning Public Comment on the Parking Lot Panic Law at City Council 4-11...In-studio guests Don and Dove-- the "psychedelic relic"--criticize the Parking Lot Panic law, city council process, and general treatment of the homeless....callers Bob, Andrea, Tim, and Paul pile on...Street Interviews....[approx. 2 hours]

Sunday, April 16, 2006
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's "Wake Up Call --2 hours, with some discussion of the Jones et. al. v. Los Angeles, the federal pro-homeless decision that overturned the Sleeping Ban restrictions on Skid Row homeless]...C.J. Stock plays "Christopher Robin"...West Coast poet Bert Glock reads from past and future works [459-0976] ...Norse on the Jones decision..In-studio homeless loiterer Craig Canada [www.palm] responds to callers...Street Interviews: Doug McGraff on homeless man kicked awake...Jesus Pon Soha's misdemeanor state camping ticket under PC647j...Andrea Tishler on the local Tax and Regulate All Marijuana Initiative...Street Inter-views: critics of CSO Pam Bachtel--Alex, "I Forgot", Mary, Deadman and others...Mattison's account of the Norse June 14/05 arrest...Crow on 15 Minute Law...Chris H.Gray, UCSC lecturer, criticizes fellow unionist Mike Rotkin...Robbie Raw criticizes medical marijuana activists...Kelly James on Finkelstein Protest...Night police stop at the Co-America Parking Lot...Street Interviews: Various...Paul Herko fights eviction; Latino workers at lumber yard sidewalk [Approx 4 hours]

Thursday, April 20, 2006
Download Show Phil Ochs: "Cops of the World"...Greg Montoya's Report on Lobbying Trip to Sacramento Against Widening Hiway 1...Street Interviews on the Parking Lot Law...Roger Etcetera on the Vet's Hall Situation....Norse Monologue on Parking Lot Law...Crow calls in...Hawk challenges Ranger Wallace's "Open Container" ticket...Interview with legal worker Grinning Ray Glock-Grueneich on the Jones decision (2 hours)

Sunday, April 23, 2006
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's "Wake Up Call --2 hours] "Small Circle of Friends" & "Cross My Heart" by late great Phil Ochs...Parking Lot Panic Trespass Law Monologue w/callers Mattison Fitzgerald, Bob Patton...City Council Debate on the Parking Lot Law from 4-11 interspersed with commentary...Paul from Vet's Hall defends Tim Bratton, gives update..Robert Hutchinson--enjoined by Bratton from the Vet's Center--comments...Street interviews: Violin+Pansy the Musical Saw Player...Norse karaoke's "Downtown"...(Approx 3 1/2 hours)

Thursday, April 27, 2006
Download Show Street Interviews: ...Guests Shane and Donna in the studio: Shane, an AIDS patient, talks about being assaulted and arrested by an SCPD officer on Pacific Avenue earlier this week while he was trying to help jumpstart a worker Ray Glock-Grueneich joins as co-host...Becky Johnson on the Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women's recent rape report...Andrea reports hassled by police for panhandling on a median...Linda Lemaster reports on the HSC fundraiser...[approx 2 hours]

Sunday, April 30, 2006
Download Show Ochs: Tape from California Street Interviews: Police on music inspection in San Lorenzo Park; guitarist C.J. Stock on Sacramento and street performers, the Parking Garage Paranoia Law [PGPL], health dangers in the shelter program; sax player Sutton on the PGPL; guitarist Valerie C. weighs in against street auditions; Larry's Vet's report; 117th SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom and Expression) street performer's Wednesday "take back the streets" sing-a-long on 4-26; Vet Bob Patton discusses Vets for Peace; Santa Cruz City Council items from 4-25: Homeland Security; live studio interview with Bob and Jean Glenn on their film Lockout--about a union struggle in the mid-west...More City Council tape: the Downtown Management Corporation appropriation; pork in the Affordable Housing appropriation [approx 3 1/.2 hours]

Thursday, May 4, 2006
Download Show Terry Messman's editorial in May Street Spirit on UCB's attack on the Berkeley Free Annie and the Vets: Singing Peace to Power...Tape from the Downtown Commission of March 23rd on the PGPL...Bob Patton's Human Relations Organization report...Studio guests Ray Glock-Grueneich talking about the Jones decision from L.A. and Linda Lemaster, chair of the former HITF, reports on the Homeless Services Center shindig...(2 hours)

Sunday, May 7, 2006
Download Show [Lots of punk music prior to BB showstart] Parking Lot Panic Law Discussion...Crow phones in--plans parking garage protest...Bob L. calls in on the Coonerty Clan...Downtown Commission's Final 3-23 meeting...Interchange with caller Casey on the Jones decision...Song: Jesus, the Long-Haired Radical Socialist Jew... Tina of Silicon Valley Cannabis Patients Union phone interview...Andrea wants to pressure docs to issue recommendations and cut prices for medical marijuana...Roxanne Acquistepache critiques the Third District Supervisorial candidates....Street Interview on Walnut St. 5-6 with Jim, a homeless guy who'll be displaced from his spot under the garage overhang...the Rotkin-Coonerty letter to Tulin Ozdigger of the National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty....[approx. 4 hours]

Thursday, May 11, 2006
Download Show Guest co-host Craig Canada...Street Interviews: Hassles for David, the street musician trying to sleep in his car...Linda Lemaster guest...Craig talks about street living...May 9th City Council Debate on Parking Lot Panic Law w/ Norse commentary...[approx 2 hours]

Sunday, May 14, 2006
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's the Wake-Up Call for 2 hours]...Cozmic Chris gets First Alarm Security "Knock and Go" Harassment of his van in the Public Lot across from Cafe Bene... Lee, "hippie with a laptop", talks about changes in Santa Cruz [Lee's website:]...Saturday demo against UCPD attacks on the Free Box in Berkeley's People's Park--interviews with Michael Diehl, Tom Matowski, Screwy Louie. Dan McMullan, reports from his wheelchair on the late April police assault on him in the presence of his two small boys, his arrest, and hospitalization...activist Mike Rhodes calls in from Fresno, reporting on destruction of the Tent City near Poverello Norse reads three articles on Iraq--suicidal troops sent into combat, military split on insurgent strategy, ex -WMD inspector reports politicians quashed facts...Interviews and tape from 5-12 Code Pink Mother's Day anti-war rally outside the recruiting station on 41st Ave...Responses to the proposed Parking Lot Panic Law from Kathy, Rachel, Mark Shelton. City Council 5-7 hearing replay continues w/public testimony...[Norse show approx 3 1/2 hours; total tape time 5 1/2 hours]

Thursday, May 18, 2006
Download Show Parking Garage Paranoia Law Petition Table interviews (May 6th)...Officer Albert versus two women giving away t-shirts with their art work for donation...Rapper Leon Limas in-studio guest...More street interviews on Parking Garage Paranoia: Susan Brattenberry, Digeridoo Dave...Bob Patton reports Human Services Center Board's tepid response to call to support a Santa Cruz Sleeping Ban challenge based on the Jones decision in L.A. [] [approximately two hours]

Sunday, May 21, 2006
Download Show (Thomas Leavitt's Wake Up Call for 2 hours]...Norse Introduction...Street Music in front of New Leaf with Pansy the saw player, Midnight, Monkey, and others...Interviews and Norse Commentary on the Pacific Avenue Armed Forces Day Parade....Grandpa Jim critiques the Parade...Kev Doss on Arcata's Court Decision weakening the Sleeping Ban...Norse reads from June 2005 Street Spirit ( on Arcata homeless legal Kate Wells phone-in interview on the Maurer ("Fuck the Pigs") case and the controversy on the Sentinel's on-line forum...Street and call-in interviews... More from Kate Wells...City Council's May 9th Parking Garage Paranoia Law debate..More of Wells on the Maurer case and the forthcoming panhandling law changes...Wells on the Norse case...May 9th at Council cont. [approx. 3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, May 25, 2006
Download Show Street Interviews: Patrick's shift from pro to anti-Bush...Mike's critique of the local ACLU ...Part 1 of Rueben Ship's 1954 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation anti-McCarthy radio play 'The Investigator'...Compassion Flower Inn owner and local 'tax and regulate' marijuana Initiative organizer Andrea Tishler updates the situation...[Contact info for Santa Cruzans for a Sensible Marijuana Policy: 831-466-0420] ...Crow calls in announcing protest plans against the Parking Garage Paranoia law...Ian from Bisbee, AZ, noting pressure on local homeless food programs, 'the Coffee Project' and a 'Hosts' program... More Street Interviews: bike on the sidewalk; Monessa & Chris on hackeysacking downtown; call for Boycott of Saturn Cafe, Staff of Life, Lulu Carpenter's...David and Monte on the May 1 Latino Day rally in Santa Cruz..[approx 2 hours]

Sunday, May 28, 2006
Download Show Two Hours of The Wake-Up Call...Supervisorial June Primary Election Discussion with Thomas Leavitt...Skidmark Bob phones in with support for candidate Chris Krohn...The Investigator radio play Part 2 of 3...Street Interviews...Parking Garge Paranoia Law at City Council 5-23 w/Norse commentary; Bob Patton and others give Public Comment...Phone Report from Pebbles Trippet of the Mendicino Medical Marijuana Patients Union on an independent grass roots coalition creating a comprehensive policy approach...the Urzicenau case legalizes transportation, distribution, growing, for medical purposes going beyond Prop 215 and SB420...Contact Box 2059 Fort Bragg, CA phone: 707-964 YESS...Street Interview with Mountain Dave...Phone Interview with Richard Quigley on the assault on disabled Jerry Henry's outside the Aptos Coffee Roasting Company at the Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center and the Alice-in-Wonderland response of a restraining order being taken out against Henry instead of his assailant...For Quigley's KSCO radio shows: google "Quigley"... Becky Johnson on the Parking Garage law...(approx 3 1/2 hours)

Thursday, June 1, 2006
Download Show Street Interview: "Crow" details "good times" with CSO Officer "Pummel the Poor" Pam Bachtel playing amplified music at the Wednesday Food Not Bombs distribution...May 23rd City Council on Parking Garage Paranoia Law cont..more public testimony including ACLU attorney Don Zimmermann's statement.. Public reaction to the Council tape...(Approx 2 hours)

Thursday, June 8, 2006
Download Show Parking Garage Paranoia Law--City Council discussion 5-23 (Council member Madrigal and Porter question Vice-Chief Vogel, Fitzmaurice opposes law, Reilly & Rotkin defend the law...Crow calls in Farmer's Market manager warning to musical shindig at Farmer's Market...Further Council Garage Law Possession...Earthmommer calls in with "rape" concerns supporting parking lot laws...Street Interviews...Kevin & Friends on Sleeping Ban tickets downtown...(tall) Linda Edwards poem...May 1 "no one is illegal" demo...(2 hours)

Sunday, June 11, 2006
Download Show Two hours of The Wake-Up Call including an SDS anti-war report and polygyny, Dan McMullen calls in with Berkeley People's Park Free Box update...Anti-war update...Native American activist co-host Rebecca Horsewoman...Park policing update.. Caller Leila attacks forced drugging..Horsewoman and her vehicles versus the SCPD...a longer call-in from disabled activist Dan McMullan...Horsewoman's "for sale" signs on her cars [457-9754 X3015]... Street Interviews: Juan Santos Pontoja on pre-trial fighting PC 647j state anti-camping law, camp despoiled and possessions discarded...Mrs. B. vs. Ranger John Wallace making a false arrest at 10:30 AM for sleeping in the park...Council changing panhandling law under court pressure in John Maurer "Fuck the Pigs" cases: speakers at City Council including attorney Paul Sanford and Don Zimmerman...[3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, June 15, 2006
Download Show Norse commentary on Drug War, Jury Nullification, his own criminal prosecution for speaking at City Council, and other updates...Jerry Henry on recent 4-20 assault and harassment at Aptos Coffee Roasting Company...Starbucks' Steve calls in on the Henry situation & harassment at the Boardwalk...(needs to be finished)

Sunday, June 18, 2006
Download Show Two hours of The Wake Up Call w/ praise for Saint Robert Thomas Leavitt: his formation of a local SDS (Students for A Democratic Society)...Santa Cruz City Budget...guest: Rebecca Horsewoman...SB 1003's forcible removal of Navahos: Bob L. on City Council's "500 mile firewall"--progressive abroad, regressive at home...Donna Deiss's update on Officer Breyerly's assault on Shane; Shane interview; Saturday Market Nick interview; guest Linda Lemaster on Homeless Services Center...guest: DJ Shatter...Patty, a homeless woman with no alternatives, get a Sleeping Ban ticket....Supreme Court's destruction of the Exclusionary Rule..(approx 4 hours)

Thursday June 22, 2006
Download Show Phone interview with Bridgewater State College (MASS) Sociology Professor Michelle Wacken on criminalization of the vehicular homeless in Santa Barbara (508-245-3809)..Mrs. B. vs. Ranger John Wallace making a false arrest at 10:30 AM for sleeping in the park...Julia Vinograd, Berkeley poet, author of Face to Face, reads "For the 50th Anniversary of Ginsberg's Howl" & other poems..SCPD political police surveillance update...Phone interview with Fresno's Mike Rhodes on bulldozing the homeless there "Fresno Homeless Attacked and Insulted by City Workers" from the street...(2 hours)

Sunday, June 25, 2006
Download Show Two hours of The Wake Up Call w/a reading of the crackdown in Venice on street vendors/performers...Parking Garage Paranoia Protest and tasering discussion w/ Becky Johnson... People's Park April 30th Protest Against Police Assault on Dan McMullan in the Fight to Save the Free Box Christian Pico and Zachary Running Wolf Brown: Berkeley Mayoral Candidates ...Pebbles Trippet w/Mendicino Medical Marijuana Report..(approx 3 1/2 hours)

Thursday, July 6, 2006
Download Show Political Police Surveillance Update...Homeless elderly van dweller Mike Seymour on gang/police collusion against him in his van, history of his harassment in Santa Craig Canada in harassment of medical marijuana users in Page Smith and HSC..."Know Your Rights" tips...Berkeley police stop with Copwatcher Michael Diehl Louie of Berkeley Liberation Radio...10AM-1 PM 510-712-6093..Jaywalking ticket in Santa Cruz. Musical Mike told he can't play in front of sidewalk cafes..6-27 Spygate Oral Communications at S.C. City Council: Rico Thunder, Grant Wilson, Jen Laskin, and Mike Rotkin...police call in to fundraise...[2 hours]

Sunday, July 9, 2006
Download Show [Two hours of the Wake Up Call]..More on New Year's Spygate...Earthmommer calls in noting Sgt.Swannack arrested a protector rather than the assaulter in an attack on a Critical Mass Bike Ride...caller Theodora bemoans complaining without action... Thomas Leavitt critiques City Attorney Barisone..Spygate cont...ACLU letter on need for stronger protection against political police surveillance..Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market by Eric Schlosser Thomas Leavitt on the City Attorney's supplemental budget request..German listener Nick on drug laws in Europe..Resuming 11-11-88 KZSC show on Sleeping Ban with UC Student Alliance for the Homeless including Maria Aldorene, Jenny Kenly, Ray Glock-Grueneich, Charles Grey, and Robert Norse..Street Interview: panhandler from the Phillipines [3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, July 13, 2006
Download Show Kenny the Panhandler. Eric Schlosser's Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap labor in the American Black Market on audio, Part 2. Discussion of Tony Madrigal and City Council action on "no smoking in San Lorenzo Park" and other laws. audio tape from the First Amendment Wake/March. delivering a cardboard coffin to the City Manager..Replay of 1988 replay of KZSC radio show featuring former attorney Ray Glock-Grueneich, Charles Grey, and Maria A. and Jennife Kenley of Student Alliance with the Homeless. more First Amendment Funeral tape. A.P. story on Supreme court's decision declaring Bush's military commissions unconstitutional..Street Interview: Andrew in San Lorenzo park reports on five camps raided near Emeline..[2 hours]

Sunday, July 16, 2006
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's Wake-Up Call: second hour has discussion of proposed anti-homeless Parking Garage Paranoia Law-and the Maurer "no profane panhandling signs" case. Norse intro...Guest: Thomas Leavitt. July 11th City Council meeting. Norse struggles with the Consent agenda. Eric Schlosser's Reefer Madness:Sex, Drugs, and Cheap labor in the American Black Market on audio.. Federal Prison for Grass..Craig Canada in the studio.Leavitt critiques the Barisone report on the "lowest priority" marijuana interview with Initiative proponent Andre Tishler (S.C. for Sensible Marijuana Policy 466-0420). Vice-Mayor Emily Reilly interrupts activist Bernard Klitzner's critique of John Barisone...Council member Mike Rotkin live in the studio defends City Attorney John Barisone, discusses Marijuana Initiative, the Sleeping Ban. Street Interview: pregnant and homeless, Angela Sweat ticketed by CSO Pam Bachtel for reading within 10' of a panhandler. [approx. 5 ½ hours including Thomas Leavitt's Wake Up Call]

Thursday, July 20, 2006
Download Show Julia Vinograd reads her poetry: The Giant Rat...Children Playing Jumprope with Jeruselem's Hair...When They Crucified the Son of War...In-studio guest Linda Lemaster on City Attorney Barisone's legal opinion challenging the "lowest priority" marijuana initiative...callers debate Barisone's opinion, the initiative, value of city council discussion..Street Interviews: D. Roger Etcetera on Vets Hall controversy, elder vet abuse...Congo Ray on being stabbed, also seeking help at 457-8567 Cosmic Chris accuses police of harassing him and heisting his registration tags...discusses a felony weapons charge for having a Lucier's Knife to tune his guitar on his bicycle...Linda L. and Norse discuss the homeless "magnet" myth, and the 1978 Scotts Creek Bluff homeless fight back...more Cosmic Chris interview... "Boogie" reports CHP officer tries to recruit him as a snitch....Precious' accuses Dominican Hospital of treating poor people like shit...(2 hours)

Sunday, July 23, 2006
Download Show [Two hours of the Wake-Up Call which played some of the March 1991 hearing on Councilmember Manhaney's proposal to fence off the Town Clock to remove antiwar homeless protesters] on Vancouver, Canada injection rooms...Santa Cruz City Council update...Eric Schlosser's Reefer Madness on exploitation of strawberry workers..Phone Interview with Andrea Tishler of Santa Cruzans for a Sensible Marijuana Policy [ debate marijuana, Cuba...Street Interviews: Precious on police misconduct and homeless life as a single local black woman; Brent on fenced-in Poet's Park in Beach Flats...Midnight John from Denny's discussing waiting on the homeless...[approx 3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, July 27, 2006
Download Show Taped interview with "Midnight John" continues and partner Jolie, Denny's worker, on the homeless at midnight...Another segment of Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser--the underground immigrant economy...Discussion of Rotkin's crushing "Impeach Bush" resolution for November vote...Street interviews: Guitarist C.J., Poet Shannan B. "I Sit on the Street and Look at the Tourists" ...5-year San Quentin vet Tim on time inside and in Vacaville on the local homeless scene...July 24 Public Safety Committee tape on the pro-police surveillance guidelines...Craig Canada's report on the 22 phone calls it took to get back his stuff from the Homeless Services Center...(2 hours)

Sunday, July 30, 2006
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's 2-hour Wake Up Call includes , 1991 Testimony at City Council against 1 AM curfew at the Town Clock by "Jetlag" Joe Salinksy, "Won Ton" Dave Jacobs, "Moxie" Margaret Marr, & others + commentary from Robert Norse]..more of 1991 tape including testimony from "Meandering" Mike Girth, Rocky Stone, "Bubbah" Brian Koepke, Linda Edwards, & others. Craig Canada joins as guest host....Selections from "Can't Stop the Clock"--Nick Whitehead's current play...Exchange on Israeli invasion of Lebanon w/Becky Johnson, "Jane Doe", Earth Mommer, John Thielmann, ...July 25, 2006 City Council meeting: Conference & Visitor's Council appropriation, Saturday Market Discussion...More July 24th chatter at Rotkin's Public Safety Committee...interviews after that meeting with Councilmember Coonerty, Bob Aronson, & others. (3 1/2 hours approx)

Thursday, August 3, 2006
Download Show In-studio guest Clive Bustrade entrepreneur and technologist now working in human rights field at and updates his case where he was convicted of felonious "reckless endangerment" for driving 27 mph up at private road with a 25 mph speed-limit, held on $150, 000 bail (15 times the scheduled amount)...street interviews: Solar, acrylic artist ticketed for display of merchandise...removal of change machine at Elm & Pacific...the Donna Deiss eviction case (2 hours)

Sunday, August 6, 2006
Download Show [Two hours of the Wake-Up Call w/1991 KZSC interview with homeless anti-war activists Linda Edwards, Robert Flory, Nicholas Whitehead and Robert Norse forming the background of the play Take Back the Clock]...Review of "Sir, No Sir" documentary of anti-Vietnam war protest in military...More 1991 Town Clock protest with Joe Salinsky, Linda Edwards, etc...Discussion of November ballot recommendations... Street Interviews: Angela Sweet gets ticketed by CSO Pam Bachtel for having her boyfriend 10' away while panhandling...Updates on Pogonip beat, Craig Canada by Tim R..Hiroshima: The Real Story--Counterpunch story read aloud...Fred Gardner's "Dr. Denney Sues the DEA" story aloud..Andrea Tishler of S.C. For Sensible Marijuana Policy phone interview [466-0420]...

Thursday August 10, 2006
Download Show [Show starts 5 minutes late because of Sprouts]...In-studio Guests: Tammy Singh on Homelessness and Police Abuse; and Tim Rumford on the Seaside Company Foreign Worker Exploitation, his Monday feeding program...Discrimination against the homeless in housing..Phone interview with attorney Kate Wells on the Norse "disruption" case and the Quigley "helmet law" case...Phone interview: Roger Mentch, Hemporium of Felton Marijuana Dispensary--on trial again!...Tammy on police misconduct (2 hours)...July 25th City Council meeting...Interview with John Anthony of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)..[3 1/2 hours approx]

Sunday, August 13, 2006
Download Show Two Hours of The Wake Up Call including audio from 1991 on City Council's Crackdown at the Town Clock Peace Thomas Leavitt...Why did Rotkin press to deny voters the right to vote on an Impeach the Bushies in November?... Audio from 7-11 City Council Impeachment discussion in courtyard...Street Interviews: Cosmic Chris, Crow, & Others... BeBe assails Pat Clark of Vets Hall as anti-homeless...Tim Rinker on the Rotkin Impeachment Derailing...Reading of Fred Gardner: Dr. Denney Sues the DEA...Caller Bob Lamonika on the struggle to legalize Hemp, then and now...Various calls from Mattison..Theodora Kerry on the "Lowest Priority for Private Adult Marijuana" City Initiative []...Mattison on increased rapes in Santa Cruz...Coral and Condor call in...Counterpunch articles by Robert Fisk [The Real Reason the British Should be Frightened; How London's Terror Scare Looks From Beirut] and John Ross ["Voto Por Votos" Mexican Civil Resistance in Five Acts] ...3 1/2 hours

Thursday, August 17, 2006
Download Show Norse commentary on L.A. Times article echoing police complaints against ACLU's Jones lawsuit against the Skidrow Sleeping Ban...Berkeley's Hannibal Yukon helps replace a Free clothing Box in People's Park last spring; X-Plicit Players performer Debbie Moore discusses the police crackdown..."James" describes Mental Health Probation, and how he was abusively tasered in the County Jail...(2 hours)

Sunday, August 20, 2006
Download Show [Two hours of Thomas Leavitt's Wake-Up Call includes audio from an April 1991 KZSC Interview with attorneys Margaret Marr and Samora Michel of the Coalition for a Citizen's Police Review Commission]...Leavitt and Norse discuss Police Review...More of the Marr/Michel 1991 Interview...6 phone calls from Mattison..81-year old Mary Koury discusses being banned from ISSP's emergency shelter program...Street interviews: Jenna the Firedancer talks with Norse and CSO Pam Bachtel...Food Not Bombs report from 'Changes' at Wednesday Farmers Market Feed and Strum...'Tips for Tunes': Santa Fe changes anti-performer ordinance under ACLU pressure...Vet Robert Ackerly reports being thrown off a bus ...activist Bob Lamonika on police review... Skidmark Bob on Why Copwatch failed in Santa Cruz..[Show goes off the air an hour early because of broadcast problems] (approx 2 1/2 hours)

Thursday, August 24, 2006
Download Show Updates...Phone interview with Jim Vivian, San Jose activist and security guard, on court struggle to dismiss a ticket for sleeping in the park during the day...Bruce Hedenberg interview on July 8 assault and false arrest by Deputy Eryavek (part 1)...1 hour long interview with Joe Williams, GI resistance activist, and Stephen Dunafer, free radio old timer with calls from Skidmark Bob, Jim Lohse, and others [segment also archived on indybay at]..Jim Lohse interview on campus bust for medical marijuana and planned protest [approx. 2 hours]

Sunday, August 27, 2006
Download Show [Two hours of Leavitt's Wake Up call: End of 1991 Earthbeat interview with attorney Margaret Marr and Michel Samora on Police Review...Leavitt's Commentary on the need for community oversight..December 1991: Norse & Others at City Council on Bill of Rights 200th Anniversary in Santa Cruz; Citizens Police Review Debate] Craig Canada...Norse on political history of SCPD...Sunday London Times: "You Wouldn't Catch Me Dead in Iraq" 8-27 Tale of four deserters... Bruce Hedenburg Interview on July 12th on threats from a Davenport man followed by an assault and brutal arrest by Deputy Matty Eryavek...Norse and Craig on the Sleeping Ban...Good Times article:"Out of the Woods" by Peter calls from Skidmark Bob (public space reduction), Bob Lamonika (November "inevitable election" of Bruce Van Allen)...Channel 8 Videoman and Sentinel report Shanna McCord at July 5th Spygate Funeral and Protest for 1st Amendment...(5 1/2 hours approx)

Thursday, August 31, 2006
Download Show Intro and talk about Norse's upcoming criminal trial...interview with attorney Kate Wells...Doug Cronen's "on the beach after hours" ticket...SAFE interviews...Crow, Condor, Deon, others give street reports...Valerie Christie on 1980s Carota Soup Kitchen..Good Times on City Council races...Flashback Tape: Ray Glock-Grueneich confronting City Coluncil candidates on Sleeping Ban in 1988 race...C.J. Stock guitarist on the Parking Garage Paranoia law...Mr. Wescott on his seven arrests in last eleven months...(2 hours)

Sunday, September 3, 2006
Download Show [Wake Up call: Norse in studio with Leavitt on 1994 San Francisco Food Not Bombs Demo w/ Santa Cruz and Berkeley activists joining in...Leavitt reads Street Roots story: "London Calling" (new Dignity Village in London)]...Craig Canada's street report on threats from a family man for public medical marijuana use...midnight chat with Mr. DEA raid on Trichome Healing Center in Van Nuys...Riva Enteen and Steve Zeltzer--live conference phone interview on censorship & discrimination at KPFA against Labor Collective and its programming attempts...Hobo Lee live in-studio updating us on life on the rails...Sistani in Iraq abandons leadership role...Wescott chat continues... (approx 4 hours)

Thursday, September 7, 2006
Download Show Norse intro...Street Interviews: Swami at the Palomar and at SAFE--and his .illegal. display blanket...CSO Pam Bachtel makes up a .no sitting near the Swami. rule...Local July demo supporting urban farming in Los Angeles and public spaces in Santa Cruz...Thomas Leavitt on City Attorney Barisone's contract...More urban farming interviews...Disabled Warren Moore the mall Ventriloquist fighting a bogus ticket..Urban gardening interviews cont...Santa Cruz City Council candidate Simba Kenyatta phone interview....(2 hours)

Sunday, September 10, 2006
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt on The Wake-Up Call...April 1, 1991 audio tape--Norse on proposed fence/curfew at Town Clock]...Alex the coin collector for Sentinel newspaper boxes...Steve Zeltzer gives KPFA protest update...activist James Nay in studio discusses deputies Eryavec and Smith involved in assaulting him in 2004, multiple arrests for one bogus mid-1997 left-turn interview from .James., covername for a man who describes being tasered in jail last year...[5 1/2 hours including T.L.s show]

Thursday, September 14, 2006
Download Show Psychedelic expert Peter Stafford in-studio guest...discusses his life and writing...Food Not Bombs report from the Wednesday Farmer's Market...(FNB contact: Chavez Co-Op Noon each Wednesday--Main St. across from the Hostel]...Street Interviews: Bam-Bam, Donna and Shane, Pot Bust on Loma Prieta...DJ Rhino calls in from Olympia, WA on anti-homeless crackdown, anti-war activity, and Free Radio Olympia [ 360-870-9705)....Socialist Workers on anti-deportation demo...Tim Rinker on Proposition K (2 hours)

Sunday September 17, 2006
Download Show [Norse is guest host on Thomas Leavitt's The Wake-Up Call...The Life and Hazardous Times of Charles Bukowski (CD)... Discussion of the Sleeping Ban History...June 1988 Tabling for Homeless Rights tape w/Paddy Long, Elizabeth Gibbs...Iraq: Civil War or Insurgency? w/call-in's...Norse vs. Lamonika on Pull-Out...Songs by local Christian singer Beverly Adams...In-studio guest author on psychedelic drugs Peter Stafford...discussion of the Ed Rosenthal case...Trainhopping with Lee...[5 1/2 hours approx.]

Thursday, September 21, 2006
Download Show Norse on elections...V-Man on Declaration of Peace Spotlight Event...Fresno journalist and activist Mike Rhodes calls in on new laws criminalizing homeless shopping cart possession for info on the Homeless Services Center complex...Andrea vs. V-Man...Interviews from the Downtown Neighbors S.C. City Council Candidates Forum including Lynn Robinson...Norse case dropped--background...Attorney Kate Wells on the dropping of the case..Roger Mentch on his upcoming Five Felonies Oct. 16 trial for selling medical marijuana...[2 hours]

Sunday, September 24, 2006
Download Show [Wake Up call includes 1993 Stephen Dunafer interview with a Rodney King protester who torched a police motorcycle].. in studio interview with Councilmember Tony Madrigal...In-studio interview with Councilmember and candidate Mike Rotkin...homeless blogger Craig Canada in studio...homeless activist Becky Johnson debates Rotkin on "magnet effect" of Sleeping Ban...In-studio interview with Simba Kenyatta...Sportsfield activist Jhon Golder in studio...Norse's City Council Preview...Care provider Anita Henry critiques S.C. medical marijuana clubs...

Thursday, September 28, 2006
Download Show Norse intro on Community Events Upcoming and the Detention Act...Santa Cruz Die-In 9-27...Parking Agency Boss Matt Ferrell on disappeared portapotties, planned self-cleaning toilet, and "no loitering, but free speech" signs...Senator Russ Feingold on the Detention Act...More from the Die-In [2 hours]

Sunday October 1, 2006
Download Show [T.L.'s Wake Up Call plays July 1992 Santa Cruz City Council Debate on Investigation of SCPD Officer Loran "Butchie" Baker on charges of sexual misconduct (Part 1)...with Robert Norse..]..Medical marijuana update and critique of local dispensaries from Med-Ex Worker Anita Henry...To contact D.A. Bob Lee and demand medical marijuana distribution charges be dropped against Roger Mentch, call 454-2400...Street Interviews: Catman and Baby...Sid protests Drunk in Public jailing...Sid, Brad, and Latalie denounce Benicio's refusal to serve the homeless....Callers debate whether prices at Greenway (140 Dubois) and S.C. Patients Collective (114 Limekiln) run by Ken Sampson are fair...People's Art Gallery at Planning Dept. public hearing ( and Igliation critique the guest Human Rights Organization activist Bernard Klitzner describes his meeting with Simba Kenyatta and Kenyatta's position on the sleeping ban and the downtown ordinances...John Thielking reports on San Jose anti-flyering laws..City Council on 9-14-06 debates the Triple Fines Zone for Halloween...(5 1/2 hours)

Thursday, October 5, 2006
Download Show In-studio guest Tim Rumford discusses Lulu Carpenter owner Manifred Srineth's confrontation with disabled homeless panhandler Shane Maxwell on September 26th, which ended in police citing Maxwell for "swearing" from the "World Can't Wait" Town Clock "U.S. Out of Iraq" rally earlier in the day...Rumford on the Homeless Service Center's planned closing of the ISSP program and other problems there...(2 hours)

Sunday, October 8, 2006
Download Show [Wake Up Call had part 2 of the 1992 City Council hearing on the Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women's recommendations for suspending Officer Loran "Butchie" Baker pending investigatikon...Norse commentary]... Thomas Leavitt is co-host throughout the show...Norse and Leavitt debate supporting Bruce Van Allen for City Council..discussion of district elections and candidate statements on the Sleeping Ban at the Community TV forum..More interviews from Oct. 5 "World Can't Wait" anti-war demo...caller: U.S. hegemony or Ben Laden cali-phate...anti-war interviews from anti-Buju Banton protest outside the Catalyst some days ago and in-studio discussion. [5 1/2 hours including the Leavitt show]

Thursday, October 12, 2006
Download Show Street Interviews: Musical Mike Details new "No Sitting for Youth" policy at the Metro Transit Center...Shane Maxfield details various hassles with police downtown including an abusive assault from Lulu Carpenter's owner (M. Srineth) in late September involving SCPD collusion (detailed at /newsitems/2006/10/13/18320184.php ..Tim Rumford of adds his own investigative comments on the Maxfield-Srineth affair...Tim recalls his own "jailhouse interrogation" by the SCPD back in 1980...recounts CSO Bachtel's over-zealous arrest of a homeless woman apparently for "drunk in public"...Norse reads Mike Rhodes, Fresno homeless activist, on recent city theft of homeless shopping carts and destruction of their property with planned Tent City at City Hall October 21st....Tim reports on severe cutbacks in local Medicare/Medi-Cal and food stamp benefits.. (2 hours)

Sunday, October 15, 2006
Download Show [Wake Up Call has Part 3 of The Baker Cover-Up--Santa Cruz City Council.s 1992 Refusal to Appoint an Independent Investigator in the Sexual Misconduct Case of Officer Loran "Butchie" Baker]...Tim Rumford joins Norse as co-host, seeking volunteers for his Monday Pacific Avenue feed-the-hungry program: 831-464-8455 or blog: tells of Roger McGary, wheelchair guy with ostemy bag, locked out of Pleasant Care for a week and on the streets...Cosmic Chris goes to trial for Capitola cop's U-turn ticket where Chris is charged with "concealed weapon" for carrying a Luthiers Tool (a tool used to fashion guitars)...8:30 AM 10-16 Dept. 2...hour long call-in interview with Berkeley People's Park activist Dan McMullen [] on gentrification and harassment of the homeless on Telegraph Avenue, the upcoming election, and fear mongering used to smear People's Park.....disabled homeless activist Craig Canada joins as co-co-host in the studio...McMullen advises high-profile "direct action gets the goods" style protest to secure benefits being denied with sleep-outs in front of the responsible agencies....critique of medical marijuana clubs as profiteers in Berkeley...John T. of San Jose ( or or announces Mumia events... WAMM member Tony Treadway talks about cut backs at the medical marijuana collective, restrictive policies for members there...Jan of Maine calls discussing shelter crisis there [] [5 1/2 hours]

Thursday, October 19, 2006
Download Show UCSC Sleeping Ban (Ordinances 51 and 57)...Interviews up at UCSC Volunteer Fair...Erin Dankman--UCSC activist against Regent ..critic's account of "Students Started the Violence" (subsequently deleted by on Roger Mentch of Hemporium--2005 conviction overturned...Call-in from Mike Rhodes, Fresno Homeless Activist [559-978-4502.]on Federal Court victory enjoining police from seizing and destroying homeless property, now requiring them to catalog and store it...the Rescue Mission Racket...misinformation that homeless can't vote...Klan-style hate groups immediately follow after police round-up Fresno...Washington Post gutlessness in coverage of Bush's Constitutional outrages--most recently the Military Commissions Act suspending the Constitution around detention, charges, and habeas corpus. [2 hours]

Sunday, October 22, 2006
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call hosted by Robert Norse: Excerpts from March 9, 1993 Santa Cruz City Council meeting under Mayor Neal Coonerty, excluding homeless protesters and others from the evening session] from Tom Shivers. Tim Rumford:]...Caller Mattison reports many double-loader cement trucks from out-of-state headed for Los Alamos...Med-Ex activist Anita Henry's update on the Mentch decision overturning Bob Lee's local Drug War conviction from last year...settlement stopping CHP seizure of marijuana...critique of WAMM... Censorship on discussion...Becky Johnson on her being censored...Tenderfoot Tim strums some blues.. Caller Earthmommer suggests get 10 hours a month of free internet...10-19 protest speakers against the Regents repression the day after the protest...Table Petitioning Against Collusion between Lulu Carpenter's owner and Police ..Tenderfoot Tim's report on the Desalination Debate between Rotkin and Giacchino...Tim on the unwieldy Homeless Service Center policy for returning property, grievances, etc. [Approx 5 hours]

Thursday, October 26, 2006
Download Show censorship discussion..Lulu Carpenters harassment update...Street Interviews: Wheelchair Roger downtown...Triple fine zones coming up for Halloween...SIs: W.C., Bernadeena hassled at New Leaf Market planter by .Hosts....caller Paul on winter shelter...Ryan Coonerty on Santa Cruz Social Services, holding Lulu Carpenters accountable at City Council...C.J. Stock strums illegally inside the Walnut/Church St. Parking Garage...Ed Davidson on affordable housing...[2 hours]

Sunday, October 29, 2006
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's The Wake Up Call has election discussion of Bruce Van Allen... Attorneys Ben Rice and ACLU's Alan Hopper on Santa Cruz County Medical Marijuana at the Santa Cruz Law Library]...Craig Canada and Tenderfoot Tim Rumford comment on Medical Marijuana...Earthmommer and Mattison call in on various topics...Theodora Kerry on Measure K.Lowest Priority for website: Rumford on his new Food Monday food program..Liberty City shantytown in Miami...Tina from Cal State East Bay on protests...reproductive slavery... [approx 4 hours with the Marijuana Forum]

Thursday, November 2, 2006
Download Show Norse on the Oct 17th Military Commisions Bill...Halliburton's "illegal immigrant" detention Scott Graham co-hosts...Spirited discussion of ballot measures...critique of police Halloween measures on Pacific Ave...Scott savages the businesses against Measure G....arguments against Measure K...boisterous discussion of Council race...(2 hours)

Sunday, November 5, 2006
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's Wake Up Call: Audio of "To Serve and Protect"--UCSC student late 90's video of abuses in the SCPD and attempted community control...Leavitt reports second-hand police beating...Phone Interview with City Council candidate Bruce Van Allen] Callers Mattison and Earthmommer praise and critique Bruce Van Allen...Local election issues...Skidrow L.A. article...Street Interviews: Halloween downtown w/Condor, Theodora...Co-Host Tenderfoot Tim...Wheelchair Roger on the streets in the rain, evicted resident of Pleasant Care Nursing Home on Soquel Extension for having a diabetic reaction and leaving AMA.... In-studio Education activist Cynthia Berger and community activist Scott Graham join Tim as panel on Watkins v. Baker...Halloween street madness...Studio panel on state initiatives...[5 1/2 hours]

Thursday, November 9, 2006
Download Show Various archival marijuana songs throughout the Condor...articles from the Counterpunch website on election results by Joshua Frank and Bruce K. Gagnon...laws against the poor in Santa Cruz...Sleeping Ban petition asking City Attorney to suspend ticketing as L.A. and San Diego have done...Phone interview with attorney Kate Wells on the election, custodial arrests for infractions, and other legal updates..street interviews: Nickolas still dodging bill collectors from a five year old sleeping ban ticket...Ben Rice, attorney for Hemporium founder Roger Mentch, gives updates on Mentch's case, discusses punitive county measures against local growers and users. [2 hours]

Sunday, November 12, 2006
Download Show Note: Normal audio archive of file is corrupted due to technical problem with streaming server, to listen to today's production of The Wakeup Call (ends when technical problem discovered) and Bathrobespierre's Broadsides (144 megabyte download, will take several minutes even on a fast connection), click on the links. Note: these are very large files.
Various classic pot songs played throughout the show...Co-hosts: "Tenderfoot" Tim Rumford, Rodney Avery...Street Interviews from UCSC on the homeless and the UC Regents protest: James Free, Cassanra J., Jenny Holton...SAFE song and chatter...Med-Ex Medical Marijuana Activist Anita Henry calls in about crime and corruption in Mercy Housing's Neary Lagoon project, bureaucratic stonewalling by Redevelopment Agency czarina Ciel Cirillo...Mattison Fitzgerald calls in on neighborhood violence... African-American local Rodney Avery describes police harassment, arrest, and seizure of his vehicles and makes community appeal.. to donate contact HUFF at 831-423-4833...Interviews from Friday demo urging a boycott of Lulu Carpenter's cafe, Michael Tomasi reports on police refusal to take a citizens arrest of Tom Bissell after an assault that drew blood...Bernard Klitzner banned from Lulu Carpenters...2003 tape of interviews with homeless peace protesters led by Olivia Brownrabbit who filed battery/assault charges against Srinath after he threw coffee at a protester with a "Boycott Lulu Carpenters" sign...[4 hours]

Thursday, November 16, 2006
Download Show Introduction...Replay of March 16, 2003 tape with accounts of Manthri Srinath, Lulu Carpenters owner, abusing homeless patrons, who were also anti-war protesters.... caller Turtle asks how to make ACLU accountable...Human Rights Organization activist Bob Patton asks listeners to call in any camping ban tickets they've gotten for a lawsuit..831-425-4467 Downtown News on the Jones lawsuit and L.A.'s suspension of the Sleeping Ban...tape: Heidi gives a positive view of Lulu's...Maurer a negative one...Street Interviews: drummers moved along, Pan on being a street guitarist in Walnut Creek [2 hours]

Sunday, November 19, 2006
Download Show (The Wake Up Call has some hard rock and Noam Chomsky) ...brief farewell to Councilmember Fitzmaurice...Lulu Carpenters boycott tape from the Friday November 17th boycott tabling outside Lulu's; interviews with or tape of Joaquin, Road Scholar, Tim Rumford, Shane, Mark Fullerton several police officers, SCPD Officer Jeffrey Aldridge (who wrote the original Shane Maxfield citation for Srinath), his superior Sgt. Dan Flippo, San Jose John, Valerie C., Jeff Hitchcock...Hairdresser Rey... Michael Rhodes on the federal court hearing seeking an injunction against the Fresno PD to stop it from seizing and destroying homeless property [] (5 1/2 hours).

Thursday, November 23, 2006
Download Show Co-host Tenderfoot Tim Rumford. Judge Wagner's Kincaid Preliminary Injunction banning the Fresno PD from destroying homeless property---[] various articles Fresno writer and activist Mike Rhodes calls in: distributing cameras to the homeless to photograph police and public works violence and thievery in action; food program discussion: saga of Food Not Bombs....the Potters Hand.... has locally censored stories ...Phone Interview with Mike Rhodes...on city thugs compacting homeless bicycles, court confrontations, homeless funding going into FPD code enforcement, downtown: drummers, Nightwatcher Nick's Eureka report, Catastrophic Craig Canada's update, a cop stop downtown...(2 hours)

Sunday, November 26, 2006
Download Show [The Wake Up Call: Musical selections and Leavitt commentary on unsustainability of U.S. life style ]...Iraqi war report...Co-host Tim Rumford.....Shane Maxfield's phone report on SCPD refusing to make a theft arrest when he was stolen from...1 in 5 homeless attacked or robbed, quotes Rumford from national survey....discussion of Judge Wanger's pro-homeless Kincaid decision in Fresno stopping police bulldozing and destroying homeless property....Street interviews: Brad and Shana, "No Loitering" signs under Andy's Auto on Pacific...L.A. Update: Police Chief Bratton's "Broken Windows" sweeps... Bard Dennis Holt...Street Interviews: Hawk on Ranger Wallace's theft of his tarp, tent, axe; Crazy Mary calls for a Santa Cruz People's Park; Michele B. banned from eating at Elm St. by restraining order; Condor on more anti-homeless street architecture...."Unpaid" Bill on Ranger Wallace tickets... Fred Gardner "Another 1.9 Victims" on Marijuana and Pharmaceuticals. [3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, November 30, 2006
Download Show Guest Xwette from Squamash Nation...child seized on order from Commissioner "Junk Justice" Joseph...denied access to Rebele Family Shelter...Interviews on Halloween Eve on Pacific Avenue...Phone Interview with Stephen Pearcy, Berkeley lawyer on anti-war activity there.

Sunday, December 3, 2006
Download Show [The Wake Up Call has Thomas Leavitt on shallowness of the local progressive community with the votedown of Measure G...Norse and his old audio tape: 1992 San Francisco Demo against the Curfew...1992 David Nadel at People's Park Setting Up Signs at Volleyball Court...1992 City Council Meeting--on Homeless Services and Police Review Board...]....1992 tape continues...Tenderfoot Tim co-hosts...Comparison of then and now...Paul on tasering as torture...1992 speakers: Won Ton Dave Jacobs, Linda Edwards, Tony Mello, John Malkin, Helen Ewan, Lotus Maynard, Jane Looney, ...2006: Becky Johnson's draft HUFF letter to Vice-Mayor Ryan Coonerty asking for city's policy on nighttime sleeping arrests....2006 death blind homeless man Peter Klusky... 1992 City Council speakers: Robert Norse, Linda Lemaster, Margaret Marr...many call-ins from Mattison...2006 Thanksgiving food line interviews with Warren Moore, Tim Fitzmaurice, Scott Graham, Tom Lewis, Rick, Casey, Nena Ruez...Cleveland phone report on anti-war conference (U.S. Labor Against the War)[ ] [approx 6 hours]

Thursday, December 7, 2006
Download Show Co-host Tenderfoot Tim. Update on Nueva Vista (Dolphin-Lee) Project by Nena Ruez and Julie Costanza...Update on Dennis Adams' banned meal...preliminary discussion of Scotts Valley anti-camping law...New court procedure sending FTAs, FYAs, for minor infractions to collection agencies...More street interviews from the Thanksgiving food line ...Grinmaster Guitarist Greg in studio on Metro Center's new used of blasted classical music to drive away homeless.. SAFEster Coral B. calls in noting some Host harassment while trying to sell her artwork downtown...New harassment of food servers.. [2 hours]

Sunday, December 10, 2006
Download Show [The Wake Up Call has 2 hours of music and political discussion with Thomas Leavitt]...Thomas and "Tenderfoot" Tim Rumford co-host...homeless bunnyowner Shane M. describes anti-homeless activity on Pacific... Ave...Donna Deiss at Domincan Hospital mistreatment of anti-homeless parking regs...discussion of Scotts Valley anti-Camping Ordinance under consideration; tape of the Council session...Phone Interview with homeless activist Tad of Arcata on homeless legal struggle, police, povertypimpery, and forced "mental health" drugging up north [] ...caller Valerie critiques Scotts Valley police chief...November 28th Santa Cruz Council Chowdown after new Councilmembers were sworn in--interviews at the feast with Nancy LaFortune, Bob Campbell....discussion of Vets Hall banning of local homeless vet food server Dennis Adams of the Potters Hand....[3 1/2 hours].

Thursday, December 14, 2006
Download Show Norse chats about Quigley...Michael Wallace's Los Gatos marijuana interview with Richard Quigley on new law notifying cops if insurance missing, allowing car to be impounded...proposes to recall Sheriff Robbins because of violating Proposition 215 with marijuana busts...Michael Wallace interview cont...writer Gregory Afghani interview on L.A. Jones decision and the right of the Skid Row homeless to sleep [ for Los Angeles Community Action]...[2 hours]

Sunday, December 17, 2006
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call has Norse co-hosting, discussion of struggle to serve free food in Santa Cruz, the Scotts Valley anti-camping law; archival tapes from January 1994--Food Not Bombs struggles to serve free food; Keith McHenry, co-founder of FNB, calls in live from Taos, N.M.--his struggle against police repression in San Francisco; FNB in Africa; FNB info: 800-884-1136] ...McHenry interview Tenderfoot Tim Rumford with traveling Irish visiter Colomb MacMorrow--ticketed by police in different cities, sleeping ban ticket in Santa Cruz; Thomas Leavitt calls in a report from Dennis Adams feeding program at the Town Clock; ...Poet Shannon Breedan ...Supervisor Elect Neal Coonerty on affordable housing...Med-Ex worker Anita Henry updates on her struggle for safety in her low-income Sycamore Grove housing project, critique of medical marijuana ; Scotts Valley City Council's Dec 7th 1st reading of its anti-camping (anti-homeless) ordinance...[approx 5 hours including relevant sections of The Wake-Up Call]

Thursday, December 21, 2006
Download Show Nick, who lost his Marine sister in Iraq by car bomb, sits on Pacific Avenue with a "testing human kindness" sign against the war in Iraq.....Jeremy Alderson of the Annual Homelessness Marathon critiques Poverty Pimps on Coalition Boards...Fresno homeless activist Pamela Kincaid reports on fighting for survival against the FPD...Journalist and activist Michael Rhodes on legal successes against those bulldozing the homeless there...Ranger Wallace's ticketing record revealed; Activist Becky Johnson calls in reading Presiding Judge Morse's 11-14-06 order setting a new civil collection process for Failures to Appear on infractions...$2520: the cost to get Public Records on Sleeping Tickets!...Scotts Valley City Council's 2nd and Final Reading of its Homeless Camping Ban...Norse on SVPD Chief John Weiss....[approx 2 hours]

Sunday, December 24, 2006
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's The Wake-Up Call...Leavitt's rap on Sleeping Ban...Norse co-host...Police Surveillance of DIY Last Night 2005 Scandal discussion...Audio track Part One of Voices Community TV show with host Mark Halfmoon interviewing former Mayor Chris Krohn, activist Sherry Conable vs. former Mayor Mike Rotkin and Councilmember Ed Porter]...Valerie Christy live on guitar with "O Little Town of Santa Cruz"....Tonee Mello, Oaxaca activist setting up Free Radio stations there 415-587-6275...Oaxaca update: check and on "Week of Winter Woe"....Craig Canada on the ISSP program and his recent kidnapping by police and incarceration in Dominican Psych Ward ...V. Christy's "Homeless Jingle Bells"....12-22 Homeless Demo in front of City Attorney's Office urging him to stop issuing sleeping tickets: Steve Argue and Emily Malone on Mumia Abu-Jamal, Jumbogumbo Joe Schultz on the Sleeping Ban, Melissa and Baby Luna on homeless life, Caroline Burke on the Paris homeless...Public Bathroom Anita Henry.. Live homeless version of "Downtown" by Norse, Christy, Canada, Henry. Phone-In with Rev. Wiley Drake of Buena Park, CA on his history of being criminalized for helping the homeless (714-865-8132) ...Mike True: "Sleepin' in Santa Cruz"...Anita's medical marijuana update..[4 hours]

Thursday, December 28, 2006
Download Show Street Interviews [SI]: Intro song: "Not My Fight" from Election Day U.S.A. collection ...Uncle Dennis the Bard ( on Halloween police and Lulu Carpenters ranting...Norse updates... SI: Halloween Downtown cont.: critique of police presence, sheriffs pass on an open container ticket...8-17-06 Jeremiah on Harmonica: "It Ain't No Crime to Play My Tune on the Street"--beer break citations from Kline and Hoppe...12-22-06: Interviews from the Sleeping Ban Demo in front of Bookshop Santa Cruz: Brandy lesbian mom on street survival; 56-year-old Ted on crutches critiques the Armory...Paul Sanford (died supposedly a suicide 12-24-06) remembered... ..Juan Cole on "Top Ten Myths About Iraq" [ at Dec 26, 2006]...More Demo Interviews: Pam from Camp Paradise, Douglas on the Cecile White Act...Backpacker Johnny claims Ranger Wallace stole his stuff twice. [2 hours]

Sunday, December 31, 2006
Download Show [Extended version including The Wake-Up Call: Songs throughout the show from "Election Day U.S.A"....Norse on DIY Last Night Police Surveillance a year ago...background to the Scandal:; [] replay of Feb 2006 Voices Community TV show with Sherry Conable, Chris Krohn, Mike Rotkin, and Ed Porter interviewed by Mark Halfmoon on Surveillance Scandal...Newsbriefs and Street Interviews: LAACLU seeks renewal of "no searches without cause" of homeless on Skid Row...S.C. Bebe on SCPD's "Move Along" order...Report from Oaxaca by Robert Flory... Phone Interview with Randy Wallberger of Project S.H.E.L.T.E.R. on his capsule home modules 310-828-9328...12-21 Homeless Services Center Director Ken Cole reads names of the homeless dead in 2006 (45 or so)...Homeless Persons Health Project Matt Nathanson interviewed on Sleeping Ban...Bob Patton appeals for 68-year old woman suffering problems at Homeless Services Center...Castaway Kim gets a jaywalking ticket on Pacific Ave...Seth, Swami, Dansk, and Roger E. on the Vet's Hall controversy...[approx 5 1/2 hours]


Thursday, January 4, 2007
Download Show Swami's Sermon...Castaway Kim critiques Friends Outside...signers of the "End the Sleeping Ban" petition in the "Follow the Jones Decision" rally outside Coonerty's Bookshop Santa Cruz speak out: Johnny Circa, Alena. ..Benchwarmer John on ID harassment on Pacific Ave...dialogue after 12-7 Scotts Valley meeting when they passed anti-homeless Camping Ban...Vet's Hall protest Against Pat Clark: Roger claims vets locked out, money unaccounted for; other critics; Jean Kerry--Commander of the Disabled Vets criticizes Tim Bratton, Jake a local vet...Ron on Emeline/Dominican medical care abuses...Zoran on schizophrenia...Ruben Gomez on the struggle for control of the Vets Hall...Roger's Xmas Day Update...Xmas Day ticket for "bike on the sidewalk" report musicians Cosmic Chris, Valerie Christy, ..Xmas at the Homeless Meal...(2 hours)

Sunday, January 7, 2007
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call includes interview with two Berkeley marchers Santa Cruz supporters in the Peoples Park Demos in 1991...the first part of a Norse interview with Larry Hildes, homeless attorney in 8 1/2 month long 1996 City Hall Sleepers protest; then-Mayor Rotkin tried to secure an injunction the homeless vigil anywhere in the downtown; Norse channels Rotkin...Interview with Fresno activist Mike Rhodes on anri-war protests, barbed-wire drunk detention camps, and the homeless situation there... Street Interviews: Stonemason busted in has car for less than an oz. of grass...poets outside the E3 Playhouse...December 31--Last Night Parade with the Opera Lady, the Fire Juggler, Louis and Nancy La Fortune, Cordelia, Becky Johnson, Bobby Ackerman and others...Interviews at SAFE 1-2-07: Kenneth, Angie, and baby's shelter problems [approx. 4 hours]

Thursday, January 11, 2007
Download Show Guests Kate Horner and Tokin' Tim Rinker of Santa Cruzans for Sensible Marijuana Policy...Discussion of Measure K--the successful "lowest priority for marijuana" initiative voted in...1-9 City Council passes $700, 000 grant to maintain emergency shelter at its current 5-10% level...$700, 000 appropriation for more Parks and Recreation Ranger busts of the poor...Sam reviews Fresno situation...[approx 2 hours]

Sunday, January 13th, 2007
[Thomas Leavitt's The Wake Up Call: Slave Revolt: Black Assassinations in America] Reairing of the December 24th, 2006 show due to problems with broadcast transmitter.

Thursday, January 18, 2007
Download Show Co-Host Human Rights Organization co-founder Bob Patton...Audio of interview earlier that afternoon with Santa Cruz Mayor Emily Reilly... Reilly, Patton, and Bernard Klitzer discuss the City's Sleeping, Blanket, and Camping Ban Laws (MC 6.36.010) w/Norse and Patton interjecting comments...Surprise speakers Deadman, Indigenous Preacher, and Philosopher King support a proposed sleep-out....Street Interviews: C.J. Stock street guitarist with guitar taken by police...Daniel, three-time escapee from Harbor Hills Locked Facility...1-7 City Council discussion of $700, 000 grant to Parks and Recreation anti-homeless ranger policing (2 hours)

Sunday, January 21, 2007
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's Wake Up Call guest-hosted by Robert Norse... hypocrisy and repression in the D.A. Bob Lee's attack on medical marijuana providers...Santa Cruz Sleeping Ban discussion w/Leavitt...AIDS sufferer Shane Maxfield on downtown discrimination against the homeless..caller asks for mass houseless protest...Attorney Larry Hildes continues 1996 interview begun on January 6...] Old-time homeless activist John Hernandez calls in on discrimination against homeless at state parks...Co-host Tenderfoot Tim "First Thoughts Toward a Homeless Resistance"...[Hildes interview continues with Norse roleplaying Rotkin].. Difficulties of Speaking at City Council--1-9...Shane's "bunny food on sidewalk" littering ticket...Musician Cosmic Chris update on his ticket.. UCSC Students Sam Harris and Paul on describe Vice Mayor Ryan Coonerty's "Problems w/Constitutional Law" and "Civil Liberties in an Age of Terrorism" courses...A Testimonial Dinner for local freedom fighter and motorcycle activist Richard Quigley...[5 hours or so]

Thursday, January 25, 2007
Download Show Grinmaster Greg co-host; "Not About Free Speech--The Case of Venezuela's RCTV" by George Ciccariello-Maher at phone interview from Venezuela with him...1-14 street interviews with washboard band, bystanders, 1-17 Interview with Sr. Arana on his seat belt ticket...Walnut Creek's Fresh Start founder Susan Prather discusses Richmond's changes in its Sleeping Ban, which now includes because of her lobbying, the "Jones decision" language as well as Walnut Creek which, she says, does not harass homeless speakers in public places. hours)

Sunday, January 28, 2007
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's The Wake Up Call Archival tape from 1-27-93 San Francisco Food Not Bombs challenging repressive Mayor Frank Jordan's anti-homeless Matrix program in front of City Hall..including interviews with People's Park activist Susan Marsh, a Communications Worker of America speaker, and others] Thomas Leavitt...frequent caller Madmouth Mattison... Cabrillo Homeless Task Force activist Matt Marks at Santa Cruz City Council 1-23 on the pro-homeless Jones decision...more from '93 FNB rally...L.A. Sweeps on homeless: Agino, a homeless 65-year old woman who died 3 days ago, accuses Marcus Banuelos and others at the Homeless Service Center of incompetence, corruption, and fraud, of shining on homeless people. Human Rights Organizer Bob Patton and HUFF activist Becky Johnson comment on Agino's tragic death...police blockade downtown at La Vie restaurant and the "Party at Your Peril" ordinance...on-air phone call/message to Councilmember Lynn Robinson...[approx 4 hours]

Sunday, February 11, 2007
Download Show (Thomas Leavitt's The Wake Up Call includes archival tape from 1993 FNB rally in Civic Center Plaza in wake of police Matrix crackdown ...Protest Against the 1992 Bay Area Curfew in wake of acquittal of cops who beat Rodney King.. Audio Documentary of George Jackson Killing in Marin County: "The Struggle Inside": Origins of the Modern Anti-Prison Movement...Phone Interview with Santa Barbara Homes on Wheels activist Nancy McCradie]...Co-hosts Norse and Tenderfoot Tim crack down on the Crackdown...Maxi-mouth Mattison's Latest Phone Flashes...Bob Lamonika attacks Slobbery and Peepee downtown...City Council Preview...Carolyn says barhoppers not homeless the problem...In studio guest Jhon Golder and Beach Flats resident Phil Baer (on phone) discusses recent Tidelands giveaway to Seaside Company... Norse and Golder roleplay a police Sleeping Ban stop...Virginia Pearcy, Berkeley attorney, discuss the Wataba mistrial--first non-commissioned officer courtmartialed for refusing to go to Iraq...Street Interviews: C J. Stock on seizure of his guitar...Portland activist and writer Ruth Kovocs doing a poverty tour calls in.. [4 1/2 hours approx, counting archives played during The Wake-Up Call]

Thursday, February 14, 2007
Download Show Pacific Avenue Crackdown: Street Interviews from 2-13 cop gives bike ticket, Borders youth discuss the situation...Brad ticketed for sleeping ticket...Craig Canada gets a Tuesday night sleeping ticket after speaking at City Council...Discussion of the Ronald Stokes case...Steve Argue on Student Anti-War, Labor Demo and Friday Demo at Rep Farr's Office...Santa Cruzans for Sensible Marijuana Use---Kate Horner on City Council's Court Challenge Against Measure K (2 hours)

Sunday, February 18, 2007
Download Show (The Wake Up Call includes SPAN (Stop Police Abuse Now!) 11-91 Forum ...police harassment then and now..."Nutcracker" Nick Whitehead host.... Berkeley Copwatch with Suzanne and Lisa...Mark Levy sings "The LAPD Theme" ....Norse and Leavitt discuss the Current Crackdown... SPAN Forum: Osha Neumann, attorney and Police Review Commission member discusses police review...Bathrobespierre's Broadsides: Reading of "Lights out for Citizen Review" in the 2007 Berkeley Copwatch bulletin by Carol Denney ...Mark from Aptos at seeks Tenderfoot Tim notes he's posted a video of the anti-war protest at Rep Sam Farr's office last Friday at Interviews: Byways Brad busted for Sleeping.. Upcoming Homelessness Marathon schedule...Shade'n'shine Shane reports from street....Streetperformer Valerie Promise announces the Ribboned Watchers; volunteer at, describes harassment from Sgt. Flippo for legal medical marijuana use in public...callers announce signal problems...Street Interviews: Jeremy tries to claim bike parts, gets hassle from Officer Aldridge; publicly confronting two cops harassing Mike the Biker going the "wrong way" on Pacific Ave... Roughsleeper Rudy gets police pressure...Daywatcher Dos's report of cop crackdown ("why were you in the bathroom so long?")...Nightfall Nickolas P. reports on Ronald Stokes, African-American who cracked and pounded a cop after watching a bust too many...Outreach worker ducks the microphone...Swami counsels Norse...Colin Clyde on police profiling the poor downtown...Valerie C. reports from the Potters Hand Sunday meal down at the Town Clock...Updates on squeezing Sleeping Ban stats from a cantankerous court...[Approx 5 hours with archives playing]

Sunday, April 1, 2007
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call co-host Rober Norse...Leavitt and Norse critique Rep. Farr's Pro-Iraq War vote []...Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry: Part 2 of his Porter College Presentation 3-16: questions from the audience...More on Farr...Zinn the Supplemental Iraqi Funding]...Interviews at antiwar protest at County Building and at Farr's Office 2-16, Steve Argue.. A. Cockburn: "The Fake Fight Over the Iraqi War"... Norse at City Council on dogs, lawsuit, and upcoming Rotkin-Myberg guest David Myberg, local attorney and surfer, discusses law expanding Parks and Recreation power to tax and regulate surf school access to the beach...cranky courtmaster Jhon Golder joins as in-studio guest...Norse commentary on lawsuit, harassment at the Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company...caller Carolyn urging late-night downtown drummers on Pacific Avenue to back belt court case [cont. from 1-25-07 show] worker Ray Glock-Gruneich on the Jones decision, state versus federal courts...Donska Morgan, medical marijuana guy in wheelchair, ticketed for joint by Officer Bines 2-3 in alley behind Borders...Lindsey's citation ticketed by Officer Valdez for a U-turn he instructed her to make...Activist Ed Frey announced his weekly noon citizen's rally at the Post Office...3-27 Tuesday SAFE/HUFF musicians adventures with Officer Brandt; Suzanne on the crackdown...Mike Ortega on Vice-Chief Sepone giving a harassment ticket to drummers some years ago...[5 1/2 hours]

Sunday, April 8, 2007
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's The Wake Up Call...guest: Robert Norse...dialogue on the usual no shelters, no shitters, for the poor...Tac Ice Cream Squad's "Know Your Rights" Presentation at UCSC, Part 2...Berkeley Copwatch Andrea Prichard's Critique of Community Policing]...Tigger on problems doing Community Service...Rotkin and Norse spar...Forum/Debate: Attorney David Meyberg, Councilmember Mike Rotkin, and Advocate Jhon Golder on Proposed Expansion of Power for Parks and Recreation to Regulate students/instructions for surfing school crossing the beach... [for remainder of show go to and scroll down for April 8, 2007 show, which didn't get properly recorded] [2 1/2 hours]

Thursday, April 12, 2007
Download Show Music...Compassion fatigue collage; "Who Owns the Land?"...guest host: Thomas Leavitt...Palo Alto, Fresno, Orlando FL updates... (1 1/4 hour)

Sunday, April 15, 2007
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's The Wake Up Call: Norse and Leavitt discuss Orlando Homeless Feeding Bans and local Bans...] ..Part 3 of 3-16 UCSC Porter College Food Not Bombs Forum: interview w/ Jill Rounds (Keith McHenry companion)...Summer 2006 HUFF Forum Presentation by Bob Patton on History of Anti-Homeless Laws; Becky Johnson on Chalkcrime] Former network and local photographer Chip Scheuer in-studio guest....Brent the Barrell Drummer's "Excessive Noise" Ticket from Officer Aldridge...Norse vs. caller Bob Lamonika on Iraq Suicide Bombing...Banning Anti-War Signs...D Evans Trespass-at-the-Bookshop Santa Cruz arrests...Iraqi Vet speaks...Street Interview: John in Capitola Kings Plaza on Destruction of his Campsite...February 15 Farr Protesters at Farr's Office...[approx 4 1/2 hours]

Thursday, April 19, 2007
Download Show Updates: Salinas Bans Medical Marijuana Clubs...Measure K Update...Brian "Squirrel" on homeless campgrounds...Alan Treval says police roughed him up, arrested for resisting arrest...Brian on three incidents of police harassment in his vehicle...victory in Fresno--a "free zone" for homeless campers..interviews from the Feb. 20 homelessness marathon...Phone Interview with Fresno Peace-and-Justice activist Mike Rhodes on progress of "free zone" announcement (2 hours)

Sunday, April 22, 2007
Download Show [Guest host Robert Norse takes over The Wake-Up Call, playing Matt Marks Cabrillo College Homelessness forum from 4-21, part 1 with commentary from Norse and Human Rights Organization activist Bob Patton; Patton reports of renewed sleep crime tickets after the mid-April closing of the Armory as well as planned staff reductions at the Homeless Services Center]...Upcoming City Council Meeting Advisory: paysoffs in lieu of low-income housing, more funding for the Downtown Management Corporation...Various Street Interviews: Dean of Coffee Cart A-Go-Go praises downtown Santa Cruz after the crackdown...Phil and his wife discuss Wallace's raid on them naked with camping ticket...Scope-It-Out Scott Graham calls in critiquing the Redevelopment Agency and explaining "eminent domain"..Elderly jaywalker describes his bust...Valerie Promise's on a new service center downtown...Craig Canada's break with the Greenway Medical Marijuana Club...Officer Sims stops a bicyclist on Pacific Avenue...Free Skool "Know Your Rights" class...John busted in incident where New Leaf employee pursued him with "stay away" paper...Phone interview with Sally Zinman of California Network of Mental Health Clients - on how much of Proposition 63 money is going to involuntary incarceration and drugging, the recent fight to challenge a department of mental health ruling funneling money there..Update from Free Radio Berkeley founder Stephen Dunafer [approx 5 hours]

Sunday, April 29, 2007
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's The Wake Up Call...Reversing the National Security State and the Iraqi War...Legal eagle Ray Glock-Grueneich defends Brian Flanegan Staley in flashback tape from March 1989 and Staley's conviction for serving the homeless free food at the Town Clock...Staley's phone interview after he was sentenced to 6 months in jail..]...1989 Norse interview about S.C. Sentinel slandering Staley...January S.F. U.S.-Out-Of-Iraq January 27th protest...Co-host Craig Canada []...sleeping hassle this morning...discussion of homeless services and Karen Gillette..."poverty court" in S.F...bannerdrop on April 26th in Senate chambers favoring impeachment...attack on medical cannabis edibles...Norse's "Heil Krohn" lawsuit dismissal attacked by law profs Vikram Amar and Alan Brownstein []..[approx 4 1/2 hours]

Thursday, May 3, 2007
Download Show In-studio interview with 65-year old James Sherman, homeless volunteer at the Homeless Services Center and Human Rights Organizationista Bob Patton on recent ranger crackdown and tent slashing against the homeless as well as HSC problems...LAPD Crackdown Against Journalista at Pro-Immigrant rally... Matt P. with Bread and Roses and Poor People's Union in Olympia, WA's Camp Quixote (2 hours)

Sunday, May 6, 2007
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call w/Thomas Leavitt...replay of Bill Moyers interview with John Stewart... as guest...Pressure on food servers-to-the-poor; Flashback: Brian Flanegan Staley's comments on being sentenced to 2 months in jail for serving free food in March 1989] ...Critique of Officer Eric Seiley...City Council Agenda Preview .... Downtown Association's "12-Point-Plan" to Cleanse the Downtown ... Downtown Association: 831-429-8433...caller Paul urging civility by homeless, update on Vet's Hall situation, proposes a shelter/campground...Ranger Gene calls in noting an abusive "open container" citation from Ranger John Wallace...Phone Interview with former Arcata Green Party Council member Dave Meserve... May 2nd Arcata City Council meeting w/lengthy public comment on the People's Project houseless encampment... Publisher.php?view_id=2 Human rights activist "Lighthouse" Linda Lemaster in-studio guest...Call-in interview with Fresno writer and activist Mike Rhodes updating city violation of Kincaid federal injunction against destroying homeless property...Arcata City Council testimony continues [approx 5 hours]

Sunday, May 27, 2007
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's The Wake Up Call...Memorial for the Death of 95-year-old Hilda Whitehead...] Street Interviews: Trey's "Obstructing an Officer" ticket for sitting on an inoperative water fountain...Live Phone Interview with Robert Whitaker, author of Mad in America: panelists: Jane Kysor of PIRC (Psychiatric Inmates Rights Collective), Coral Blume of SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom and Expression/Street Performers Against Foolish Enforcement), and "Millie from Gilroy", a psuedonym for a local psychiatric survivor, on psychiatric drugs and their's from "Mad John" Telfair, Bob Lamonika, and others Info:, ... [4 hours]

Thursday, May 31, 2007
Download Show Swami's Downtown Report on Cosmo Arrest 5/27 and other police actions...."Unreasonable noise" and street performers discussion..."Mad" John Telfair calls in...Street interviews...Anonymous flautist's lament...6th Sleeping Ticket for Craig Canada...Street performers make a police complaint against a motorcyclist...Reports from Ragin Ron, Eagleeye Ed, Shantyshack Shannan, TickettakerTrey, and Caustic Colin (the last denouncing black mold in the HSC showers)...AIDS sufferer Shane denied service, reports activist Donna Deiss...Infraction window clerks deny public access to Sleeping Ban citation records and call police Thursday May 24th...[2 hours]

Sunday, June 3, 2007
Download Show [The Wake Up-Call includes Downtown Commission meeting of May 24th discussion of the proposed "No Trespassing in City Parking Lot" law, which includes a requirement that even those with cars and bikes be parking garages...] ...Downtown Commission [DC] meeting continues with Homeless Services Center director Ken Cole's orientation on the homeless...Phone Interview with Chaz, street inventor in Venice Beach...DC meeting continues...Caller Lamonika supports parking garage law..."Nutcracker" Nick Whitehead calls in street update...DC meeting continues...ACLU Board member and attorney Don Zimmerman speaks on the Parking Lot Panic Law...[approx 4 1/2 hours]

Thursday, June 14, 2007
Download Show CPVAW [Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women] co-founder Gillian Greensite criticizes the Santa Cruz City Council and SCPD's tepid response to a reported rape rate that is four times the state average and growing by leaps and bounds...Michael Diehl, Community Organizer of Berkeley's BOSS [Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency] reports on last Tuesday's vote at Berkeley City Council okaying movement towards laws banning urination and defecation but not providing bathroom facilities, laws against "yelling", sitting on the sidewalk, and other "unsightly" homeless behavior...Greensite interview continues... (2 hours)

Thursday, June 21, 2007
Download Show Gillian Greensite returns to further analyze SCPD > whitewash and City Council collusion in ignoring the Rape Crisis in Santa Cruz...Chair of the former Homeless Issues Task Force Linda Lemaster joins her... [2 hours]

Sunday, September 9, 2007
Download Show (Thomas Leavitt's The Wake-up Call lasts 1 1/2 hours and includes lots of catchy tunes, homeless vet John Branon from Homies for the Homeless;da the Lark Edwards, Charles Grey, Food givers Jackie Bross and Tim the Foodgiver at midnight at a Town Clock sleep-out; Brandon critiques the Vet's Hall); Interview with Sleeping Ban Lawsuit attorney David Beauvais of Berkeley on his recent victory in The Naked Carpenter court case as well as Santa Cruz homeless cases; Van dweller Crow talks about his home being shot at, firebombed, and more recent night time police visits;"Mama Don't Allow No Sleepin' Around Here" song-VC; upcoming City Council agenda review (total time including revelant portions of T.L.'s show: approx 4 hrs) (2 hours)

Thursday, September 13, 2007
Download Show Guests: homeless community member Brian Holtze and anti-war researcher Ike Solem. Solem critiques City Council's multi-million dollar contracts with Camp, Dresser, and Mckay, a world-wide engineering firm with a history of corruption and profiteering in Afghanistan and Iraq; Street Interviews [2 hours]

Sunday, September 16, 2007
Download Show (The Wake-Up Call) ...Norse and Leavitt discuss Councilmember Tony Madrigal, under siege from the SCPD for suggesting possible racial profiling on his opposition to the Triple Fine Zones for Halloween discussion at city Council 9-11...clip from City Council discussion of Zones...caller Bob Lamonika, Jorge discuss Madrigal...Mike Rhodes of Fresno calls in updating Fresno Camping Ordinance (on hold) LoriAnne Tennison and John Bruan of Kalamazoo Homeless Action Network calls in on trials of KHAN activists...urges people to write to the local gazette after earlier successful letter from Santa Cruz... Councilmember Tony Madrigal calls, discussing last Halloween's possible racial profiling [transcript at: contact Madrigal at 420-5028]...... August 12: Homies for the Homeless speakers: Jhon Golder.. homeless Mike Glassel, prospective plaintiff in the Sleeping Ban lawsuit, calls in: reporting Boardwalk security guard and SCPD brutality in the Beach Flats against him...war with Iran? (approx 4 hours)

Thursday, September 20, 2007
Download Show In-studio guest Ike Solem reprises his critique of Camp, Dresser, and McKee and the City Council's desal contract with them.. In-studio guest Anita Henry discusses her first meeting of the Measure K. Advisory Commission last night; invites folks to come to next meeting of the K Commission on Monday October 8, 6 PM at City Hall; call her at 425-3444; e-mail her at Jorge defends Councilmermber Tony Madrigal (contact: 420-5028).... Norse vs. Henri on prosecuting marijuana profiteers... Street interviews at the Boycott Bigotry Wednesday protest at Bookshop Santa Cruz: Bryce on pleading guilty to get out of jail, John on homeless cleared away from post office, Vice Mayor Ryan Coonerty charges vandalism because he found HUFF fliers in 40 of his children's books, Billy Starr on trollbusters downtown... August visit to Berkeley People's Park...Counterpunch article: The Mirage of Victory: America's Real War Aims in Iraq by Justin Raimondo ("") (2 hours)

Thursday, September 27, 2007
Download Show In-studio guest: Bob Glass (and son William), owner of Bad Ass Coffee, opposing the proposed Parking Lot Panic law and problems ...Callers: Mattison, Anita Henri, Bradley, 9-27 Interview with Malcolm Barr, Homies for the Homeless...Downtown Commission Hearing on Parking Lot Panic Law (pt. 1) ...(approx 2 hours)

Sunday, September 30, 2007
Download Show (The Wake Up Call...Norse Flashback tapes: Santa Barbara activists in Santa Cruz in 1989..Midnight at the Town Clock Sleepout in 1988 in KZSC Interview: Charles Grey, a younger Robert Norse...Bob Lamonika calls in with discussion: Bruce Bratton's attack on Modes and Norse, on Scott Imler's 60 Minutes...Downtown Commission (9-27) on Parking Lot Law (pt. 2)....Measure R back on ballot in Berkeley.. Norse reads Fred Gardner's article on history of Medical Marijuana movement: The Man Behind the MoveOn Ad Bill Zimmerman or Bill-Did-Us-In? at /gardener09292007.html...Anita Henri of Measure K Commission calls in; more info at 425-3444...Bookshop Protest 8-5 street interviews... Fitzmaurice buys land from city; Ed Davidson critiques...Craig Canada trail update...Council trashes Madrigal 9-25...Scott Graham critiques Madrigal's "possible profiling" comments..Ed Davidson criticizes councils police gangbang re: Madrigal..more public testimony from council's 9-25 attack on Madrigal...(4 1/2 hrs.)

Thursday, October 4, 2007
Download Show Norse on Parking Lot Panic Law...Street Interview: 10-30 on the sidewalk in front of Borders: Hugh Montgomery the vet comments... Scotty's eulogy for Carl Stevens...a Moonie speaks...Downtown Commission 9-27: Zack Friend of SCPD and other staff members on Downtown Parking Lots (pt. 3)...Peter Gelderloos: How Non-Violence Protects the State...(approx. 2 hours)

Sunday, October 7, 2007
Download Show (The Wake-Up Call...Norse and Leavitt discuss the Parking Lot Panic Law, review the Downtown Commission's 9-27 Hearing on the Law [including testimony from Ken Cole of Homeless Service Center] pt. 4)..Leavitt continues as co-host...Rotkin attacks Madrigal at 9-25 Council meeting; Madrigal's defense; Officer Azua calls for Madrigal's resignation; Lt. Clark denounces Madrigal; call-in's from Skidmark Bob, Anita Henri on Measure K Commission coming up 10-8, Scott Graham on Triple Fine Zones for Halloween...Madrigal declines to call in...Downtown Commission continues...(approx.4 Hrs.)

Thursday, October 11, 2007
Download Show In-studio guest Chuck Huddleston, semi-retired local 65-year old resident who spoke at City Council on October 9th against the Parking Lot Trespass law, which Council passed for a first reading 5-2...He and Norse comment the Downtown Commission's consideration of the law September 27th before it voted to forward the law to Council 6-1 {pt. 5) ...numerous call-in's...Update on the Los Angeles Jones settlement, extending the ban on nighttime sleep busts to all of Los Angeles...Phone interview with Jennifer Friedenbach of the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness on S.F.Chronicle and Mayor Newsome's attack on the homeless, classism on the left against the homeless (approx 2 hours)

Sunday, October 14, 2007
Download Show (The Wake Up-Call: Norse and Leavitt play and discuss the conclusion of the Downtown Commission 9-27 hearing on the Parking Lot law. (pt. 6) ..Street Interviews: Jeremiah banned from making and selling (for donation) palmrose orgamis on the sidewalk; DeeMahn (DeMoan) of Homies for the Homeless gives report on violence against the homeless in the Pogonip...In-studio guest: Anita Henri, Measure K Commissioner on City Council's failure to appoint commissioners and weakening of the law...Al of El Rio Mobile Home Park's phone report...Theodora Kerry, original Measure K Initiative proponent, discusses the proposed spraying against the apple moth and its impact on the homeless community. More info at and ....Chuck Huddleston calls in with a protest report from his Saturday park-in against the Parking Lot law yesterday...Balloting in front of the Bookshop Santa Cruz (10-7): is their racial/class profiling in Santa Cruz?... (approx 4 hours)

Sunday, October 21, 2007
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call—last half hour has Norse reviewing Council's crippling of the Measure K Committee— Lowest Enforcement for Private Adult Use of Marijuana]...Oct 8 meeting of the Measure K Committee w/City Attorney Barisone... Bob Lamonika criticizes K supporters didn't apply, so he withdrew...SAFE activist Valerie C. in studio...Phone commentary by Measure K member Anita Henri... “Dangerous John” T. remember street singer Grinmaster Greg Montoya...demo against tasering in San Jose...discussion of survey of community concerns about SCPD...Tommy on 1996 River St. Refugees struggling for campground... V.C. On homeless stigmatized as “mentally ill”...Disabled Robert P. reports young cop hassling him for leaning against a tree on Pacific Ave, storeowner defending the leaner.... In-studio guest James Nay on sheriff's dept. shenangans and being hassled for writing “Sleep Deprivation is Torture” in erasable chalk in 2000....David Busch's report from Venice, CA...8-22 John Brandon, Ben Ramsey, and other Homies for the Homeless protesters reviewing the City Hall Sleep-In..[Approx 4 hours]

Thursday, December 20, 2007
Download Show Mr. French’s Sleeping Ban Ticket…San Diego Activist Patrick Zetner on Successful Campaign Against their Sleeping Ban… Robert “Hutch” “Lone Wolf” “Laughing Dog” Hutchinson on ban at the Vet’s Hall by Manager Tim Bratton and Richard Anderson… HRO Activist Bob Patton reports on elderly woman whose son with multiple back injuries turned away by HPHP…Mayor Ryan Coonerty’s letters to Norse ( ... denouncing him; Norse’s reply demanding Public Records substantiating the charges ( Street Interviews:  Tarpseeker Terry explains why he doesn’t use the Armory…Tenderfoot Tim’s Pacific Avenue Report… Measure K Commission Recent Meeting (Part One)…Panhandlers hassled near highway 1 south…(2 hours)  

Thursday, December 27, 2007
Download Show In-studio guests: Tilden, Michael Major, Dusty street survey on homelessness... monitoring Chief Ranger John Wallace's “you need to get the hell out of here” at the duck pond of “undesirable” homeless...Little Star harassed for leafleting at UCSC...Adam the musicman & friends...poem on wall of Union Grove music: “the King of Yes” by Charles Cunningham...Code of Conduct on New Leaf Sidewalk?... Street Interviews: Charles Williams praises Homeless Persons Health Project... “Mrs. B” vs. Ranger Wallace... Sacramento civil rights attorney Mark Merin discusses his lawsuit against the Sleeping Ban there...$15 billion per month for Iraq/Afghanistan?...(2 hours)


Thursday, February 21, 2008
Download Show Berkeley Demo For and Against Marine Recruitment...Berkeley Daily Planet letters on the demos... “Ten Years Ago People Power Stopped Clinton” 2-18-08 by Bill Simpich" Berkeley Demo cont...Uncle Dennis on Light Brown Apple Moth spraying controversy...Norse on the homelessness marathon of the day before...Bruce Anderson of Anderson Valley Advertiser: “Personal Encounters with the Homeless”... ...(2 hours)

Thursday, February 28, 2008
Download Show 2-28-08 City Council 2-26: Consent Agenda Crackdown...35 minute Phone Interview with Longtime Councilwatcher Ed Davidson on Consent Agenda & Downtown Ordinances []... Paul Boden from Western Regional Advocacy Project : national and S.F. Update ...Donna Deiss, RV dweller, wins victory over Chief Ranger John Wallace's “No Rvs” sign in Lighthouse Field Parking Lots signs...Norse on Rotkin's selective budget cuts...Street Interviews: Rawn 86ed from Noah's; jailed for 16 days for violating 3 year “no trespass” TRO from Front St. B&C home; $275 a week for In-Cal...Jhond G on Deiss's “outstanding victory” and Coastal Commission's expanding parking time along beachfront streets... [2 hours]

Thursday, May 1, 2008
Download Show In studio guest: local Leila...Street Interviews: Skate boarding event and the SCPD by Corey Ray at Leila's bad experience with SCPD as victim...caller recounts cop with drawn gun at a seat belt stop...Ontario, CA and Camp Hope Tent City calls in live as San Bernadino sheriffs grill him on his Walk for Justice... Billy Starr recalls harassment from Officer Sims on Pacific Ave...(2 hours)

Sunday, May 4, 2008
Download Show (The Wake-Up Call: Norse & Leavitt discuss Andrew Cockburn's “Democrats Okay Funds for Covert Ops: Secret Bush “Finding” Widens War on Iraq” at ...4-8 Norse comments on 4-22 City Council meeting.. Phone interview with Lloyd of the Coalition For a County Dialogue on Race, Poverty, Equality, & Justice's upcoming public forums..(Contact Wanda Knight at 246-0228)...Street Interviews: Sleeping Ban Lawsuit plaintiffs Zack and Ella Mae—8 camping tickets in the last 4 nights between them...Corey Ray on skate boarder scene at Max...Caller Bob defends U.S. Occupation of Iraq...Hobo Lee's lengthy interview on destructive impacts of camping on the earth... “Study: Smoking Pot Doesn't Cause Cancer--It May Prevent It!: the Greatest Story Never Told” by Fred Gardner at & ...Phone Interview with Fresno activists Mike Rhodes (peace activist and journalist) and Al Williams (homeless appointee on the Fresno Task Force to End Homelessness) on new code enforcement approach to separating homeless campers and sympathetic landowners (see )& (approx 4 ½hours)

Thursday, May 8, 2008
Download Show Anti-Recruiting Activity at UCSC Job Faire...In-studio interview with bike activist Micah Posner— multi-million dollar Cedar & Cathcart Parking Garage, making Mission St. bike safe through strong bike friendly traffic signs, SCPD proposing vaguer weaker signs...Wanda Knight on Upcoming Racism Dialogue (246-0228 to report police misconduct) [2 hours]

Sunday, May 11, 2008
Download Show [Wake Up call: 2 hours of cool music...]...[Music throughout the show by Uncle Bansai Myn and Wymyn].. Bikeriders People's Power coming to City Council with proposed Mission St. signs to protect cyclers.. .Phone Interview with Donna Deiss—assaulted May 9th by Sgt. Christian LeMoss as she tried to get into her RV, breaking her arm, then handcuffing her...Phone Interview w/John Golder on the background of the Deiss case and RV harassment...Phone Interview with eyewitness to assault on Deiss--Brian Parquette... S.F. Chronicle reports Kelly Medora, petite preschool teacher had arm broken by SFPD in a jaywalking arrest, settling for $235, 000—largest amount for excessive force not involving a weapon...Phone Interview with Steve Argue noting Sgt. LeMoss's attacked a man with a child at the May 1999 Yugoslavia anti-war protest and asssaulted activist Jim Cosner for putting up a Mumia poster...Does Rep. Farr have $55, 000-100, 000 invested in military contractors over in Iraq? He hasn't answered back...Argue on candidate Simba Kenyatta and the May Day anti-war protest in S.F. and the Longshoreman's port shutdown...Micah Posner on the bikeride.. .Phone Interview w/ Wanda Knight on racial profiling...Phone Interview with Brianna, another Deiss-LeMoss eyewitness... Greg, another eyewitness, gives his account...Second Donna Deiss phone interview...[4 ½ hours]

Thursday, May 15, 2008
Download Show In-studio guests Ben Ramsey, homeless African-American ex-vet, from Monterey County and Becky Johnson, HUFF activist...Discussion of homeless programs in Monterey. ..Arthur Rios On United Poor People's 21 day sleep-out in front Portland, OR city hall ...Larry Reynolds, another Portland protester—the group met yesterday with Portland Mayor Potter, on anti-homeless sit/lie law...Katie—another protester ... ... Updates....Paul Ortiz on City Council's white-out of police profiling by SCPD ...(2 hours)

Sunday, May 18, 2008
Download Show (The Wake-Up Call: 1 ¾ hours of music...Norse & Leavitt on Consent Agenda Capers of the Santa Cruz City Council...Case in point: City Council Meeting of May 12....Brian Parquette's public statement on Sgt. LeMoss's Assault on Donna Deiss Yovino; analysis of the police report...Indybay stories at and" More on Coonerty's cutting off comments...Norse and Brune at Oral guest vet Thomas Goodwin discusses being pepper sprayed at the Metro Center and an arrest at the Vets Hall restroom ...Visionsong Valerie Christy strums in-studio “Dear Ryan”...More on the Coonerty Consent Agenda Crackdown...Lloyd of the Coalition For a County Dialogue on Race, Poverty, Equality, & Justice...Report police abuse calls at 457-2406...Portland indymedia update on homeless sleep-in at City Hall:" ...People Power bike ride on Mission St...Fresno homeless court action commentator: Linda Lemaster...(approx 4 ½ hours)

Thursday, May 22, 2008
Download Show Updates and Monologue around the Donna Deiss assault ...Christine Maricio—witness to Donna Deiss assault...Leila's smoking ticket...Clive Bustrade on deputy harassment...San Jose taser abuse... Chyrstal—another witness to Donna Deiss assault...Bliss on her mixed reaction to the police...(2 hours)

Sunday May 25, 2008
Download Show (The Wake Up Call: After 1 ½ hours of music, Norse and Leavitt discuss First Alarm Security harassment of the homeless and even city employees in public spaces wireless outside Civic Auditorium, .. Flashback: November 1997—Activist David Silva on Community TV Debating the Sleeping Ban Repeal Initiative of 1997 with Chris Wilder and Barbara Hall...Aly Ebrahimzadeh attorney and activist calls in on Sleeping Ban... Norse on SCPD's “no recording” policy...Sgt. LeMoss's Donna Deiss assault: Sara's testimony...City Council gadfly Ed Davidson on reduced public input ...Berkeley Councilman Kriss Worthington on the proposed Sunshine Act... ...(4 hours)

Thursday May 29, 2008
Download Show Updates...Phone interview from Michele Wakin updating her analysis of homeless RV dwellers in Sonoma, Santa Cruz, and Santa Barbara Counties ...Interviews with witnesses of Sgt. LeMoss's May 9th assault on Donna Deiss and subsequent police interviews: Chris Turner, Joshua...Street interviews at the Wednesday Drum Circle...Discussion of vet Thomas Goodwin's case fighting discrimination at the S.C. Vet's Hall..Street Interviews on Women's Crisis Center...Brian Parquette report...Pondering Patty on the Street Scene...Norse reads “War Immemorial Day – No Peace for Militarized U.S.” by Bill Quigley at http// " .....Candidate for Superior Court Judge Steven Wright in-studio guest with Linda Lemaster...(2 hours)

Sunday, June 1, 2008
Download Show (The Wake-Up Call: 1 ½ hours of music, last ½ hour Norse takes calls of Lloyd from Coalition for Race, Poverty, Equality, and Justice, which takes reports of police abuse at 831-457-2406\ or Simba Kenyatta at 831-459-9349...1990's Berkeley Copwatch Training video with commentary) http// ...Mayor Coonerty new coercive City Council rules...mock-Nazi salute lawsuit update Santa Cruz Sentinel article: http// ...Brief street interviews...Bernard Klitzner of Human Rights Organization on Sgt. Christian LeMoss's May 9th assault on elderly disabled RV dweller Donna Deiss...Gillian Greensite on the SCPD's continued strikingly low clearance (arrest) rate of local rape cases City on a Hill Press article at ... discusses the issue by phone with "http://"attorney-activist of The Prometheus Project...Street Interviews...Discussion of hippie scene in front of New Leaf Market from merchant's perspective...(4 hours approx)

Thursday, June 5, 2008
Download Show In studio interview with Fresno activist and journalist Mike Rhodes on upcoming settlement with the homeless in federal Kincaid lawsuit... Rhodes on Fresno's homeless budget..Crazy Mary calls in with report on ranger harassment in the city parks....Rhodes on "Housing First" model...Portland update on homeless protest there...John T.'s San Jose report...Leila on medical malpractice by over medicating in local psych ward...Protests against police violence in San Jose...(2 hours)

Sunday, June 8, 2008
Download Show The Wake Up Call (towards very end—Flashback from Oct. 1991 Harassed at the Free Meal, Discussion of early '90's homeless activism...) In studio guest “Tenderfoot” Tim Rumford on Social Service Budget Cuts in the County ( ...Fresno phone interview with successful homeless plaintiff Al Williams, activist Mike Rhodes: updates, controversy immediate tent cities vs. housing...Tim on security camera notice in the 41st Ave. Cinema...SCPD Rape Investigation Scandal commentary...In studio guest: Linda Lemaster's commentary...(approx 4 ½ hours)

Thursday, June 12, 2008
Download Show Lengthy Interview with surviving Measure K Commission member Anita Henri, who is also a long-time marijuana provider with Med-Ex... Tim Rumford on federal and county cuts on medical care...Update on the Fresno homeless lawsuit settlement (Judge Wanger versus Mayor Autry)...(2 hours)

Sunday, June 15, 2008
Download Show The Wake-Up Call (1 ¼ hours of music, TL commentary; Flashback: Citizens Police Review Board 12/8/97 hearing on harassment of homeless people, questionable police behavior, and the killing of "Happy" John Dine)...Public calls for (and CPRB rejects) independent investigation of Officer Connor Carey's killing of Dine a month before; speakers include: Becky Johnson, David Silva, Michael Ackerman, Ray Glock Grueneich, eyewitness Mike Schultz, eyewitness Stacey Buckelew, Dine caretaker Alan Van Cleeve, Ed Frey, Robert Norse, Barbara Jackson, Billy Starr ("William Starr"), Linda Lemaster...In-studio guest: Anita Henri, phone interview with victim Donna Deiss...Henri on cover-up of complaints on Measure K Committee.. Peter Linebaugh on June 15th 1381 "Wat Tyler (assassination) Day" in England [ ] interview with Gillian Greensite, former CPVAW member on CPVAW's secret subcommittee meetings, coverup of inadequate SCPD rape procedures...More on Happy John Dine killing...Street Interviews: June 3rd chat with Merryweather Mike, street smiler & others [approx 5 hours]

Thursday, June 19, 2008
Download Show Vet's Thomas Goodwin's Travail Trying to Use the Vet's Building Bathroom...Street Interview with Thomas G.--Officer Peabody, he reports, warns him not to go to the Vet's Hall...Updates...hour-long Phone Interview with author and writer Joshua Frank [ ); as anti-war critic, Frank attacks Obama...Street Interviews: old-time black local musician Ron on the street scene...Officer Forbus tickets 6 locals for "sitting in the shade" around the corner from the Tampico's as part of a bench-removal and harassment campaign around the Metro...[2 hours]

Thursday, June 26, 2008
Download Show (weird censored memorial to George Carlin and his "7 Dirty Words from the vanilla-ized Pacifica) ...Craig Canada's victory in the PizzaMyHeart "get out of the bathroom" assault trial; Becky Johnson's report..."Who's Actually Winning in Iraq" by Alex Cockburn [ ] , , , Phone Interview with Anita Henry reporting back from Councilmember Rotkin on the Measure K Commission... Search for the secret CPVAW subcommittee meeting...[2 hours]

Sunday, June 29, 2008
Download Show The Wake-Up Call: 1 hour of music, ½ hour of Klington vocabulary, ½ hour local political discussion) Norse on the War...Flashback: April 2000: Pie in the Pusser award to Mike Rotkin at City Council...In-studio guest: Thomas Goodwin on his struggle to fight for rights at the Santa Cruz Vets Hall...More from April 2000 Council Meeting: David Silva, Roxanne Acquistepache...Flashback Audio: Homeless Service Providers (Ken Cole, Christine Lyons-Johnson, Paul Brindel) Answer Questions from City Council Candidates in October 2000...June 8/08: Officer Forbus gives 6 “sitting in the shade” tickets for folks sitting around the corner from the Tampico's ATM machine...Berkeley PD stops Juneteenth celebration there...Zero Democrats Vote Against Biggest War Iraqi War Appropriation...Code Pink “Wins” Bare Breasts” versus Marine Recruiters Case...Craig Canada Court Update... Americans for Safe Access's Noah Member on law for homeless medical marijuana smoking...(5 ½ hours approx)

Thursday, July 3, 2008
Download Show [throughout: songs from Uncle Bonsai] Specific details on the triple fine zones on July 4th ...In-studio guest: flag-burner "Big Drum" Brent Adams on his upcoming event... Proposed $500-700, 000 to design the Cedar-Cathcart Parking Garage on next Council's consent agenda...Craig Canada's legal update and report on the hung jury of his trial for battery at Pizza My Heart...Call-in from Anita Henri, Medical Marijuana activist and Measure K Committee member, with Labor Ready update on its systematic theft of homeless property, Iraq war, and other mattersHUFF, update on Measure K...caller David defends Labor Ready in the Pogonip... "Left Out" Linda claims Bay Front Inn discriminated against a homeless customer...(2 hours)

Sunday, July 6, 2008
Download Show [The 2-hour Wake-Up Call preempted by music]...Leila on smoker's rights...Huey Long speech on "Share the Wealth"...Visionsong Valerie reports "Move-Along' hassles and ticketing of Cosmic Chris by Officer Collins...Even Scent-Anal [Sentinel] rightist ranters didn't like July 4th overpolicing...In-studio guest: Homeless Vet Thomas Goodwin wins victory to use bathroom at local Vet's Hall...In-studio guest: Anita Henri...Roasting Flagscorcher Brent & report on 4th of July report from Santa Barbara writer and homeless advocate Peter Marin: changes due to bureaucrat support...Fresno report on Rescue Mission destruction of homeless camps...Street Interviews: Shane on landlord shenanagans...Richard reports false accusation and citation for shoplifting at the Bookshop Santa Cruz...Zack and Ella Mae report police confiscated sleeping gear...Denver Post report from Rainbow Gathering of bad busts [about 4 ½ hours]

Thursday, July 10, 2008
Download Show [throughout: songs from The Capital Steps' Campaign and Suffering] ...Norse commentary... Street Interviews: Christine describes July 3rd New Leaf sidewalk evening cops massing against a cusser... "Got Food" signer BWN (Bad With Names) on the food scene... Van Dempsey trying to go through security at court, chronicles his successful fight against a "resisting arrest" charge...Phone interview with/reading from Berkeley poet Julia Vinograd...Street Interviews: "diabetic anything helps" sign panhandling ticket at the Boardwalk...5 Tickets for Barr-sleeping and other... positive reports on Officers Bush and Peabody...Jay's sleeping tickets...Ryan unwisely consents to a search... Robert Morgan believes Chief Ranger Wallace stole his and son's gear... "A" critiques Officers Sealey, Wilson, and Paco for improper searches and harassment in search of open container...[2 hours]

Sunday, July 13, 2008
Download Show (The Wake-Up Call: 1 ½ hours of Leavitt's Music and Comment, ½ hr on Covering for the SCPD on Racial Profiling in Santa Cruz)... Racially Based Policing: audio of a video...Santa Cruz City Council's Subservience to the SCPD...Joy Mesh of Felton on being homeless there... Christopher Robin reports on a Westside Tasering Incident...Wanda Knight phone interview on the Coalition for A Community Dialogue... HRO quits Firefly Cafe...Ben Ramsey criticizes flag burning, worries about Iran...Street Interviews: Officer Forbus on the “No Smoking” rule and bike riding against traffic on Pacific Ave...Cherokee: “cops beat me twice in one week”...philosophy writer Richard..Interview with Kristen Evju, author of Better the Devil You Know...Sidework Report from Alfresco's...Craig Canada Phone Update on Trial Dates...Sierra—homeless UCSC student on ranger harassment...(5 hours)

Thursday, July 17, 2008
Download Show [some Nader-McKinney garble]...Jonathan updates of the AFSCME strike up at UCSC...Linda Jolley, landscaper, calls in on her sleeping ticket struggle in Mountain view...Street Interviews: the New Leaf Chain and other topics... Homeless Courts Threat or Menace?...SF Coalition on Homeless on these courts: another story at chat with Norwegian tourista Marianna at New Leaf sidewalk [2 hours]

Sunday, July 20, 2008
Download Show [1 3/4 hour of Leavitt's music]...Linda A. and others call in to update on the Chained Forbidden Zone in front of New Leaf...Audio of “Flex Your Rights” on You-Tube: traffic stop, party entrance... Throughout the show: songs from Menopause the Musical...Norse inveighs against Dems and Repubs... Tim Rumford's article on recent health cut backs “Keeping the Impoverished Poor Since 1935” ...San Jose activist “Dangerous John” T looks in...California Civil Rights Organizing Project [CCROP] Activist Tips from early in the decade...[approx 4 ½ hours]

Thursday, July 24, 2008
Download Show Lookout Linda A.'s downtown report on BamBam's service dog ticketed...Jhond Golder on Planning Commission and General Plan...Norse on Parking Lot Panic Law 6 month review....Landscaper Linda Jolley, woken in her car for snoozing, calls in from Redwood City...U.S. Vets from Iraq “Murderers”?...6/19 Downtown Commission discussion of Parking Lot Panic law—Chair Geri Mandel cuts back public comment...Commissioner Coonerty vs. SCPD...Extensive Norse commentary...Norse vs. Sgt. Harms (2 hours)

Sunday, July 27, 2008
  Download Show (Shorter show because of technical problems)...7-24 Downtown Commission: SCPD amazes Commissioner Coonerty in stonewalling on “crime” stats in the “forbidden” parking lots, closed to public assembly... 'Nuff Said' Nancy McCardie of Santa Barbara on Sleeping Ban, Homeless Housing, and the Homeless Courts there...Norse discusses possible boycott of New Leaf and other sidewalk-closing businesses...Street Sheet-- “Bush League Scarecrows Against Panhandling” [Other Street Sheet stories archived at ]...Jose Cruz Velasco on CHP ethnic stop...Craig Canada on his upcoming peepee trial: as well as other harassment charges: marijuana, battery...caller Aaron on homeless and diversity...Marilyn of Alfresco's on chaining off the sidewalk at night; the Sentinel's propaganda campaign...Street Interviews: Aisha on Vishnu tasering at Town Clock, K.C. 7-20 on Vet's Hall bathroom exclusion...Mama Val Promise on New Leaf Sidewalk Chaining...Sgt. Michael Harms “chats” with the masses at New Leaf... (Approx 4 hours)

Thursday, July 31, 2008
Download Show Wanda Knight—phone interview—on the Coalition for a Community Dialogue meeting on Racism, Police Abuse, etc and their latest public forum: .( )... with Sgt. Harms in front of New Leaf Market...Linda of Mountain View's successful fight against a ticket for sleeping in her car....( )... 650-630-3021...Street Interviews: Sgt. Harms dialogue cont... Steve Lyle reports being stopped 8 times in 3 days on his first week in town...Robert Tillman claims Officer Wilson smashed his cell phone, got a restraining order against Officer Hoppe...Cops double park to drive on musicians on Pacific Ave, Miguel De Leon reports...John Clauer—beaten by police in handcuffs in 1989 reports on landlord abuse...Norse at the 7-24 Downtown Commission on Parking Lot Panic Law...songs by Roy Bailey...(2 hours)

Sunday, August 3, 2008
Download Show Norse and Leavitt on the Downtown Commission on the Parking Lot Panic Law, the Alarm newspaper of 2002... 7-24 Downtown Commission Hearing on PLP Law w/Norse commentary...SCPD Stonewalls Police Stats... the “summer crime” report from Zack Friend...FRSC broadcaster Doug Cronen (d-rail) in-studio guest...Attorney Ali suggests impartial commission to make recommendations to courts in individual cases...Business bathrooms open for $ to public?... Caller Richard notes jaywalking judges on Water St. don't get tickets...SCPD at Downtown Commission cont... (4 hours approx)

Thursday, August 7, 2008
Download Show Donna Deiss Update..Craig Canada on his City Council candidacy...7-24 Downtown Commission on Parking Lot Panic FYI “15 Minute Law”--SCPD propagandist Zack Friend vs. Downtown Commissioner Sheila Coonerty...Interview with Mendocino Medical Marijuana Patient Union's Jim Hill on Measure B unconstitutionally limiting patient cultivation and possession and Other Drug War skulldruggery (707 467-3888)...Downtown Commission testimony concludes...Street Interviews... (2 hours)

Sunday, August 10, 2008
Download Show Troublesome Thomas and Bathrobespierre Robert Review the Shitty Council Candidates...Alaska Psych Rites attorney Jim Gottstein ( joins Bob Whitaker, Mad in America author on his forthcoming book Anatomy of an Epidemic ( )... Can SCPD deny info to the Downtown Commission—Tim Fitzmaurice's response... “Scope it Out” Scott Graham critiques the Recycled Council Candidates...(3 ½ hour)

Thursday, August 14, 2008
Download Show SEIU City Council Candidate Forum...Phone Interview with Sacramento Attorney Mark Merin on the Sleeping Ban lawsuit there...More of the SEIU Candidate Commentary...Street Interviews: Incident at Bad Ass Coffee (2 hours)

Sunday, August 17, 2008
Download Show The Wake-Up Call: Last half hour has Flashback from 2000: audio of a Club Cruz TV show with Norse interviewing Homeless Issues Task Force Chair Linda Lemaster with commentary from Norse and Leavitt (HITF report at( ) .Interview with Ben Ramsey, formerly homeless Vet on poor Santa Cruz participation in the recent Stand-Down, reporting on the homeless in Monterey....Interview with Mike Rhodes on aftermath of the Kincaid $2.3 million settlement for the homeless in Fresno—more extensive background at ......( ) ...Police taser Joseph Ciampi in Palo Alto( ) Street Interviews with women panhandling on Pacific Avenue including Patti...Linda Jolley's Mountain View update...Chalk storm on Pacific Ave...Adam Taylor's Sleeping Ticket... “A Pawn in Their Game” --on the Russian-Georgian military confrontation......( ) (apporx.4 hrs)

Thursday, August 21, 2008
Download Show [End of Sprouts show on history and hassles of NY street band:.. ...Phone Interview w/city council candidate Craig Canada on his upcoming court dates.. ...Street Interviews: Barr's tickets, Positive reports on Sgt. Bush, Officer Peabody, Jay's Sleeping ban tickets, Ryan spotlighted, cuffed, searched, jailed for cocaine, Kemo on scavenging tickets... Caller against Forced Drugging...In-studio guest: Linda Lemaster on Poverty Pimps...Santa Monica panhandlers-stand-up plan, 0, 5164705.story Street Interviews (7-8): Rober Morgan suspects Chief Ranger Wallace seized his and son Zachariah's survival gear... Tickets in August for “Looking for Breakfast” sign... Elliot from Vermont [2 hours]

Sunday, August 24, 2008
Download Show [The Wake Up Call-- In-studio guest “Billi” alleging harassment from SCPD Officer “Stay Out of Downtown” Winston]... Street Interviews at New Leaf (7-31): Jeremiah inside the Forbidden Zone, Conner's “Move-Along” report. Corey Ray & guitar --busted by deputies for interview with Dr. Frank Lucido on medical marijuana and physician care in recommending it ...Pat Kittle: Homeless Activists Need to Clean Up the Forest!...Mayor Coonerty's Upcoming ACLU “Hammer of Justice” award plus a selection and commentary from “Coonerty's Greatest Hits”... ...Phone Interview with Pebbles Trippet of Mendino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board .. ...[Approx 4 hours]

Thursday, August 28, 2008
Download Show Caller Lloyd Ellis 457-2406 for police abuse...Peggy Lee Kennedy, homeless activist from Venice/Santa Monica CA on RV harassment and Overnight Parking Districts (OPDs) to drive homeless out... encounter on Cathcart St. next to Taqueria Vallarta 8/21 stopping a black motorist; debate with Sgt. Harms on Officer Hernandez's directive to "keep moving"...Street Interviews: drummer Tamorack goes poetic about his latest court appearance..."Unreasonable noise" ticket discussion...Trey recalls he was kicked by the cops... Interviews: Ralph Sebastian, Don Webber on Protest Against the La Bahia Project, Shrinking Public Access at City Council [2 hours]

Sunday, August 31, 2008
Download Show [No Wake-Up Call]...Skidmark Bob's updates on the Democratic and Republican Conventions .... Flashback: Sherry Conable's Suppressed Resolution Seeking to Mandate Fair and Equal Enforcement of the Laws Downtown at the last meeting of the Citizens Police Review Board in the winter of 2002 (hard to hear): Greg Kindig... Wikipedia on Joe Hill...CPRB meeting cont.: Paul Brindel, Sherry Conable, Becky Johnson, ...$43 Mil Cedar-Cathcart Garage Proposal ... June 19 Downtown Commission on the Garage Proposal and Staff Stonewalling...John Clauer (victim of 1989 SCPD beating while in handcuffs) talks about his marijuana bust that sent him to the pen... "Butterfly" and friends claim federal drugging and mind control program in Santa Cruz...Corey Nathanial Chesney ("Billi") reports Officer Winston kicked him in the face 8-30 as he lay down trying to sleep on the side of the levee...Andrea reports by phone that cops [subsequently identified as Sgt. LeMoss by victim PGJ/Jason] violently brought down and piled on a man near New Leaf, witnessed also by "Mr. TV"; another man seized by Officer Winston around 10 PM...[approx 4 hours]

Thursday, September 4, 2008
Download Show In-studio guest: Report of Sgt. Le Moss roughing up and arrest PBJ Jason last Saturday night near Cafe Campesino in a bogus "drunk" charge...reports of Drum Circle harassment 9-3... www.indybay/santacruz censorship...Becky Johnson reports on proposed $43 million parking lot at Transportation Forum where city council candidates spoke...Attorney Meyberg's e-mail on the Drum Circle... ..Street Interviews: Elliot Wilkinson from Richmond, Vermont on sleepwarning in a park...panhandling less than 14' diagonally from Marini's ice cream patio...Officers Sims and Forbus reportedly ticket "Got Breakfast?" sign holder for sitting on an out-of-operation water fountain, report Jerome, Devin, and Spike...Corey Nathanial Chesney aka "Billi's" sworn-under-penalty-of-perjury complaint that Officer Winston kicked him in the face...prior interviews with Billi/Corey whose sign says "mentally ill...disabled"-two tickets from panhandling twice in the same day and repeated stops on Pacific Avenue...Interview with Kelios, witnessed to Winston's "didn't I tell you I didn't want to see you" comments to Billi... other intrviews by Ash Donahue, and Michael Hawk in Louden Nelson Park.. [2 hours]

Sunday, September 7, 2008
Download Show [no Wake-Up call show]...In-studio guest: attorney David Meyberg on the Drum Circle situation...Visionsong Valerie call on 9-3 SCPD occupation of the Drum Circle area, who later joins Meyberg and Norse in studio...Skidmark Bob calls in to report on being arrested in years past for singing such songs as "Shoplifting at the Bookshop Santa Cruz"...Mattison's report on Corey aka Billi's harassment by Officer Winston and others subsequent to the "kicking in the face" incident...Crazy Mary on 9-3 Drum Circle harassment...Urbana of the Arcada People's Project calls in lawsuit against police repression of a May 2007 homeless protest...[707-618-9185 ... ] ...upcoming City Council meeting..August 6 Street Drumming...Mary Kourie update...[3 ½ hours]

Thursday, September 11, 2008
Download Show Drum Circle Victory 9-10...Dave Derick discusses police driving away drummers 9-3... Officer Forbus's reported harassment of panhandling on Pacific Ave...Mama Val offers to mediate Drum Circle... Home careworker "Mother Jones" critiques Mayor Coonerty for his opposition to raising minimum wage...Sgt. Harms tickets Wes Modes for expired registration...Sgt. Harms explains why he and his police are here...Phone interview from Alaska with Jim Gottstein of on strategic legal campaign against forced drugging and ECT along with forced incarceration and involuntary outpatient commitment, fielding caller questions...Sgt. Harms defense of police stalking of the Drum Circle cont...More 9-10 Drum Center reporting ...[2 hours]

Sunday, September 14, 2008
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's the Wake-Up Call--2nd hour discussion of Public Assembly Surivival at the Drum Circle interspersed with music] ...Leavitt feels Police Repression Has Already "Won" at Drum Circle...Visionsong Valerie and Sgt. Harms speak up at the 9-10 Drum Circle...Drug War Drivel at the Drum Circle...Dialogue with St. Harms...Shane on Police Recruiting Informants...Behind the Scenes at the Tow company, reports a victim Chris...Tom Noddy on police "fencing" strategy...Attempting to make a citizen's arrest of a "15 Minute Law Violater"--police refuse...Remarks on Councilmember Tony Madrigal...Rev. Oracle on Board of Supes mythological Building Appeals Board that hasn't met in nearly a decade...Phone Interview with magician Tom Connor...More Drum Circle dialogue with Becky Johnson...Debate with Sgt. Harms on his "voluntary compliance" with dispersing the drum circle...[approx 4 ½ hours]

Thursday, September 18, 2008
Download Show [music from Roy Bailey's Sit Down and Sing throughout the show]...Defending Public Assembly at the Drum Circle... 9-17 Phone Interview with community activist Fred Geiger on City Council candidates...Officer Winston , Sgt. LeMoss, and two others harass, brutalize, and arrest PBJ and Adam, released later without charges near Cafe Campesino 9-6, reports Robert and Cameron...Robert reports 4th of July harassment from Winston & other "move on" harassment... Jason's "Food Please" signer reports being interrogated w/o reasonable suspicion by Police Officer Laura... $200, 000 bailed local Clive Bustrade discusses his recent arrest( ) Sgt. Harms weighs in on Officer Laura's interrogation of Jason...Analysis of Sentinel's Genevieve Bookwalter's Police PR story of the 9-17 Drum Circle( ...for story and comments) chat with Tenderfoot Tim on Drum Circle and other protests...Sgt. Harms and Norse discussion continues...More street interviews on Pacific and at Farmer's Market on the Drum Circle...Rebecca, Police the Egg Woman, and Sandra Ward, Farmer's Market Board member, interviewed…..[2 hrs]

Sunday, September 21, 2008
Download Show [2 hours of The Wake-Up Call which includes 15 minutes of commenary on the Drum Circle issue] ...[music by Roy Bailet's Sit Down and Sing throughout the show]...9-10 post-Drum Circle debate between Sgt. Harms, Norse, Shane, and Mary on Mary's question "can I play the drums here next week?"...9-17-the day of the police melee-interview with Sandra Ward Farmer's Market Board of Directors...Interviews with some Farmer's Market Vendors Near the Drum Circle... Interviews in Parking Lot #4 with Whitney and others critical of the police presence...On-air call leaving a message for Sgt. Harms asking for stats on Parking Lot #4...Caller Gary on police harassing, assaulting, and arresting him at 3 AM... Discussion of Coonerty's public comment-clipping procedure at City Council...calls from Eric, Madcap Mattison, and others... More interviews from the Wednesday Drum Circle under siege...Drums Against Oppression...Upcoming City Council Agenda Review... Drums Survive the Police Assault...[3 ¾ hours]

Thursday, September 25, 2008
Download Show Norse commentary on Drum Circle......In-studio guest Crow, talking about "snitching at the 9-24 Drum Circle" for trying to remove a public nuisance---poles and mesh fencing blocking parking spaces after the fencing was rolled up and removed from blocking the public space there... 9-23 City Council Oral Communications stalled until the end of the meeting... 9-17 Drum Circle interviews...J.P. Downtown report...Friday night Copwatch in front of Jack's Hamburgers...[2 hours]

Sunday, September 28, 2008
Download Show [1 ¾ hours into The Wake-Up Call ...Flashback: Berkeley attorney Osha Neumann on his Cal-Trans vs. homeless 1993 court victory, comments on "the Naked Guy" trial, and other antiquities]... Callers Rory and son Chris Carter on Drum Circle repression... "Margueritte" calls in... Osha Neumann interview cont...Drum Circle Audio 9-24...FNBer Jack Russ, Jane the critic, & others...Fresno activist Mike Rhodes on the successful Kinkaid decision, noting initial distribution of money to homeless plaintiffs, free speech fights in Fresno, ...Phone Interview w/ Pebbles Trippet of the Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board on recent court decisions expanding rights of patients }...(approx 4 hours)

Thursday, October 2, 2008
Download Show Fund-raising drive...Street Interviews: Positive report on Officer Burnham...Donny, Kianti's Drug Bust of the Sealman, Downtown Fred, Hotspur, and others give accounts... "Crazy" Mary calls in...10-1 Drum Circle interviews and reports before and after the fence went down....In-studio guest: Simba Kenyatta, interviewed by Becky Johnson and Whitney Wild...(2 hours)

Sunday, October 5, 2008
Download Show (2 hours of the Wake Up Call...Thomas Leavitt interviews City Council candidate Jay Cabera: City Budget, Day after the Election plans, Police Budget] T.L. and Norse continue with questions Selective Enforcement, Drum Circle Controversy, Health Care, Exclusion from Other Forums, Public Spaces, Making Temporary City Employees Permanent, Reexamining City Attorney and City Manager, Homeless Issues, Environmentalist vs. Homeless Concerns, and other questions... Street Interviews: Nemo reports 8 police officers versus one man with a plastic rubber dart gun...(Cabrera stays in studio as commentator)...More questions for Cabrera on City Council procedure, New Leaf Chaining Off Sidewalk...Interviews in front of Coonerty's Bookshop Santa Cruz: Vet's Hall update., etc...Visionsong Valerie on the Drum Circle...discussion outside city council 9-23 with Sgt. Michael Harms, Whitney Wildes, and Norse...Sleeping Ban foe Mike Glassel reports severe beating and death threats from Monerey county cop John Onlee...Monterey report......more of the Harms dialogue... Mendicino activist Pebbles Trippet reports on the Kelly, Phomphakdy & Urziceanu decisions expanding medical marijuana patient rights...fighting the conservative backlash in Mendicino County...still more of the Harms dialogue as the good Sgt. tries to beat a retreat & other pre-council interviews...Officers Forbus and Burnham ticket David Espinoza for erasable chalk on the sidewalk 10-3 at the complaint of Steve of O'Neill's...[5 hours approx.]

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Download Show Phone Interview with Wanda Knight on the Community Dialogue [against racism and police abuse] and upcoming conclucidng forum ...Jay Cabrera calls in reporting on the two election forums...Interviews in Louden Nelson Park: Irish (claims he was beaten by Officer Winston), Jordan the singer, Jacob on more problems with Winston...end of the 10-8 Downtown Association City Council candidate forum —Kenyatta, Coonerty, and others conclude...[2 hours]

Sunday, October 12, 2008
Download Show [Various Wake-Up Call Numnums...Flashback: June 2001: Interviews during another attack on drummers and nearby “free” vendors and leaflers near the Santa Cruz Downtown Wednesday Farmer's market]...Flashback cont w/Thomas L. and I comparing then and now, discussing upcoming council election...[songs by Peggy Seeger throughout] from Fencefilching freedomlover “Crow”... Flashback: Janet Blaser, 2001 Farmer's Market Manager Way Back interviewed and then publicly criticized...Phone Interview w/Clair Machado on Barriors and Illegalities to Building on County Property...Flashback from 2001 cont....Billi/Corey update from Mattison...Vet Robert “Hutch” Hutchinson's account of a brutal arrest for a Tim Bratton Vet's Hall restraining order in early September...Chatter after the 10-8 Downtown Asssociation Candidates forum...City Council 10-14 preview...Portland homeless report on Sit/Lie law .[approx 4 hours]

Thursday, October 16, 2008
Download Show In-studio guest “Black Rose” Rebecca who was violently arrested by police 10-14 by Borders after being approached for “singing after sunset” ...Street Interviews: 8/9-08: Six-Pack reports Officer Winston detained his marijuana.. Suzanne the Drum Criminal on BamBam's dog chewing tires at the Drum Circle...Mama Val Promise on police violence against Black Rose, “shrieking but not resisting...[2 hours]

Sunday, October 19, 2008
Download Show [2 hours of T.L.'s The Wake-Up call] Flashback: June 1990 Rehersal for KSCO Interview with homeless activist Barbara Haaglund. Street Interviews: 10-18 Swami—judging the root of suffering; Val Promise on the violent arrest of Rebecca “Black Rose on 10-14... reports on increased fear of the SCPD and violence...Drum Circle interviews from 10-15 recovery of the public space: Dave Derek, Fred Geiger, Crow, anonymous “fence remover”, Karliana, Jena, Donna Deiss, “Noone”, Thomas, India Joze...Jane's Flour Art in the parking lot...10-16 Street Interviews: Sherry arrested and Pounder the dog gets away...Robert & Marshall comment on police questioning.. .Officer Winston gives what Turtle terms a “false” citation for being 14' away from a cafe..Dana Feldman gets a marijuana ticket from Winston... 10-18 Pavement Patty on Winston harassment falsely using the “Move Along Law”... “Noone” on Officer Seiley's photo portfolio of “undesirables”... Interview with Councilmember Tony Madrigal on union, police review matters. [3 ½ hours]

Thursday, October 23, 2008
Download Show SC Neighbors Candidate Forum Update...Street Interviews: “Ten O'Clock Club” in front of New Leaf—Travis's Hitchhiking Report, Roughedges Ron... “Hutch” Interview: Adventures with Vet's Hall Manager Tim Bratton, harassment by Trader Jo's Security guards and Officer Winston... Rising Marijuana Arrests Nationally (1991: 288, 000; 2006: 830, 000)...Coonerty, Kenyatta, at Candidate forum...”Why I'm Not Voting for Obama” by Todd Chretien [] ...[2 hours]

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Download Show [the Wake-Up Call...Thomas L. on more public space downtown...ABC—Anybody But Connerty...]...Good Times story on Repressive newly implemented UCSC Educational Code 924440 []...Interviews from 10-12 Bookshop Coonerty protest: “Greenhat” and his many trips to SCPD to get back his property...Jobseeking Kent outside Borders...Street Interviews: J.P Freeman on salmon & homeless harassment; Ranger Wallace: “Every morning, I will harass you.”...Officer Burnham and the 10:00 club...Tom the Old-Timer...Robert the Iraqi Vet's tale...Frances Boyle: “A War Crime in Real Time— Obliterating Falluja” [] ... Where's the New Picasso?Fallujah, the 21st Century Guernica By Saul Landau [] ...Nader: “Convergence and Avoidance in the Presidential Campaign: the Song Remains the Same” [] ...More interviews: Mark—police waking and handcuffing benchsleeper at 7 AM...BamBam2 reports cops tackled and tased a guy.. .Positive report on Officer Winston...Victoria Court Decision Overturns Park Camping Ban...City Council Preview...Flashback: April 1990—Supporting Homeless People Harassed by Cops on Orders of the World Bank across the street from the Post Office Homeless Table w/Jane Imler and bank officials...[approx 4 hours]

Thursday, October 30, 2008
Download Show Dana's positive street report...Kent with a “Worker” sign...Black Rose update—Nov. 19th courtdate for “singing after dark”...Election eve reflections... 10-29 John Tems on way to demand D.A. return his medical marijuana...Interview with (successful) state assembly candidate Bill Monning... “Scope it Out” Scott Graham nails the election prospects...(2 hours)

Sunday, November 2, 2008
Download Show [Wake Up Call: ...T.L. Gives his view of Propositions and Candidates... Flashback: March 1990: Keith McHenry rallies Food Not Bombs supporters, then gives a history lesson and answers questions in Municipal Court in Mayor Agnos's attempt to criminalize feeding people...] Electionbabble...Street Interviews on Morning before Halloween: the Corey report: 3 incidents of harassment including drying a guitar in the alcoves, Dustin reports ID checks by 3 cops for “loitering”, Walder—ticketed for spitting on the sidewalk in the rain; two squad cars for a wrong-way-on-Pacific bike ticket; disabled Jerry Leon Wilkerson—assaulted at Jeffrey's, police didn't offer to call medic; trespass at HSC; “Fifth” on his marijuana ticket; Forrest on another marijuana ticket; BamBam banned from Coffee Roasting Company for spitting by Manager Sara Crosby Baker; Australian Beerkeg Crime...David Date and Rashid Watkins describe police break-in under unruly party law and beating of homeless-looking man on sidewalk...African-American Mark Halfmoon—harassed twice for vansleeping by friendly neighbors...Cynthia McKinney audio...Five Years on the Street by Tom Hunter [] ... [approx 4 ½ hours]

Thursday, November 6, 2008
Download Show BamBam excluded from Coffee Roasting Company for spitting in the sidewalk cafe area... Stopping the Religious Propaganda being broadcast live and amplified via the Transit Authority speakers on 11-2-08, followed by my (non-custodial) arrest by a National Security Institute (Metro) guard and the SCPD [incident is written up at “Tickted for Standing and Talking at the Metro Bus Stop Sunday”]...Interviews with homeless Jack on prior harassment at the Metro, Pogonip harassment by rangers and police...Further audio on Metro security and SCPD ticketing and forcing me off the property. [2 hours]

Sunday, November 9, 2008
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call: Leavitt analyzes the election results]...Analysis of the Metro incident from previous show... Flashback: January 1990: cops Seize Homeless Table #4; Sgt 'Don't Fuck With Me” St. Onge Strikes... Caller David: “Santa Cruz has more of a homeless problem because of its relatively lenient police policy?” discussion...Caller Matthew : “24-Hour Shelters as a solution elsewhere?” chat....Audio on the Metro incident cont.: taped conversations with Nat Sec Institute guard Anny Delgadillo, SCPD's Sgt. Swaneck, and Delgadillo's supe, during and after my arrest/ticket...Reports from the Street: Miguel de Leon and Anna Richardson report being beaten, tased, and jailed for talking back after a sleeping ticket at the Town Clock [approx 4 hours]

Thursday, November 13, 2008
Download Show Homeless guests Les and Eaglefeather...E reports 5 cops ticketed 6 sleepers out of the area in front of Greek Orthodox Church, though they'd slept there for weeks...Sentinel anti-homeless article of 11-11—since removed, but comments still available at [ ] ... activist Becky Johnson joins the in-studio crowd on “the Panhandling Menace”...Les and Lee report on religious food servers ticketed in front of Borders from santacruzrevival [ ] )...Officer Inhouye interrogates African American “bunny-ears” Mike at Soquel and Pacific, threatening him with a drug test for protesting...Boulevardbystander Bill...[2 hours]

Sunday, November 16, 2008
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call]...2:10 [2 hours and 10 minutes into the audio file] Flashback: Jane Imler at Santa Cruz City Council in March 1990 on the end of Calamity's Cupboard and the beginning of A Free Meal...Street Interviews:..Mistress K, Uncle Dennis of FRSC...Felony on 8-copcar arrest in early November near the main library....Brandy, Joe, Merryweather Mike... Confessions of a Cheesethief...Blues Man Cisco, Jazzed-Up Jimmy...Iraqi Christian street musicians... Dreamcatcher bereft of his tools...Bicyclist and worker Erin sees and experiences barrage of bike tickets... Les wakened in the wee hours in a parking lot...BamBam: 4 tickets and counting...Drum Circle Interviews on Happy John Death Day (11-12)...Longtime guitarist Jay goes to court 12-15...Ricky Bell's documentary... More interviews: Crow (Michael Charles Liebeck) in-studio guest, , goes to court for Drum Circle defense 12-11 in Dept. 1... Tasering Incident Downtown: witnesses Leloni, Logan, John J., and Peter c. Brown... Craig Canada update...Street responses to 11-12 anti-homeless Sentinel story: C.J. Stock...R.D. Morgan... Lester Sinclair...R. Duck..Les Ward...In studio guests: BamBam, Moonmaid, and her son Jessee...[approx 4 hours]

Thursday, November 20, 2008
Download Show Budget Cuts Coming Up...”Dangerous” John T. reports on San Jose Token Tent City...Phone Interview with Fresno's Mike Rhodes on new lawsuit against povertypimps harassing homeless outside their Rescue Mission...dispersing the $1.5+ million to the homeless from the Kinkaid settlement...Update on New Jack City and a second encampment there...the “Housing First” proposal... [] .City on a Hill Press's Naomi phones in—asking the success of homeless activism in Santa Cruz...Mia Cook reports getting sleeping tickets in front of the Greek Orthodox Church in spite of permission from the pastor on 11/12...street jeweler Sequoia who lives out of her car notes harassment for displaying her artwork...Alice with service dog Buddy reports cops harassing Coral the foodserver on 11/13 in front of New Leaf Market...Coral's direct report...[2 hours]

Thursday, December 18, 2008
Download Show “Vandweller tasered by Palo Alto police wins suppression of evidence hearing”; attorney David Beauvais discusses the Joseph Ciampi case in phone interview [ ] ...Berkeley poet Julia Vinograd[ ]and her new book America is Hiding Under My Bed. [1630 University Ave., #34 Berkeley, CA 94703]...Linda A.'s street report of a demo around Chuck, the single Dad's, complaint he got a bogus urine test positive as part of the Rebele Family Shelter... Phone interview with Fresno's Mike Rhodes reporting from Madera and 60 homeless people protesting at last night's City Council meeting [] ...Street Interview: 12-11: Mark's jaywalking ticket near Taco Bell's—panhandling with “broke and hungry” sign, 2 hours with no luck, notes folks get lots of sleeping tickets...Strummer with bunnies...[2 hours]

Sunday, December 21, 2008
Download Show [The Wake Up Call: Norse hosting...Flashback: June 1990 Part 2 of Sentinel reporter Greg Beebee's interview w/Norse...]...late November Street Interviews: Gonzo gets false “panhandling” tickets from Officer Dan Forbus for street performing... Downtown resident Michael Collins reports abusive tasering incident in front of The Hat Company some weeks back...songs throughout from The Pasties...Celeste got a ticket for Sitting on a cement planter box from Dan Forbus... Amber Spider ticketed for smoking a cigarette from #154 Officer Warren, another for using a cellphone on a bicycle; she's a parolee stopped 14 times in last week...4 “no playing music after dark” warnings or cites, Streetwise Suzanne reports... Mark calls in with “the other side of the story”--concerned city would be crowded with homeless, hustling, bothering people, unless police are allowed adequate authority...Suzanne on panhandling cites for “sitting too close to another”... Dreamcatcher—hassled for “unaccompanied property” he left in the custody of someone else while using the bathroom compliments of Dan Forbus...Trespassing ticket from Manthri Srinath—Lulu Carpenter's owner—report... In-studio guest Anita Henri, (831-425-3444) Measure K Committee member on Santa Barbara's “lowest enforcement priority” experience, NORML report..Andrea calls in criticizing Lisa M.'s Greenway Marijuana Dispensary as treating poor people like second-class citizens... Report on the last Measure K meeting (marijuana arrests up 50%)... 11-23: Lauren Park interviews...Potter's Hand Sunday Town Clock meal interviews: gospelsinger Lee Wilson reports S.C. Revival singers and foodservers driven away from outside Borders on the sidewalk—Thursday afternoons... Aaron the photographer reports further on the S.C. Revival harassment...More interviews: customer denied Peet's Cafe restroom access...cop threatens to take kitty away from panhandler... Kudos to Muntadar al-Zeidi, the shoe thrower...[Approx 4 hours]

Thursday, December 25, 2008
Download Show Berkeley attorney David Beauvais discusses Joseph Ciampi victory—where Ciampi was harassed in his van in Palo Alto, a city with no homeless sleeping ban, tricked out of his van, then tasered, and arrested. Charges were dismissed after Beauvais's cross-examination of the cops involved at a suppresion of evidence hearing...ACLU lawsuit against the Sleeping Ban in Laguna Beach...Caller Josh reports harassment from Chief Ranger John Wallace: $250 ticket on the levy while eating a lunchtime burrito in the “no access” zones...Street Interviews: 12-9 sit tickets near Borders during the Human Rights Sleepout...Drum Circle defense report... Visionsong Valerie's carols...12-9 City Council meeting: Madrigal's oath of office followed by my “liar” comment Councilmember Madrigal swore to uphold the Constitution...12-21 Officer Winston's false info to Sassysong Suzanne to drive away singers...Ed Davidson commenting on City Council coronation night...[approx 2 hours]

Sunday, December 28, 2008
Download Show [The Wake Up Call: R. Norse on 12-9 City Council meeting: Oral Communications segment—Gillian Greensite, R. Norse, and BamBam...Street Interviews: 12-21: Lee of Santa Cruz Revival on restoring right to sing and feed in front of Borders...Sean Concilla says she was evicteed from Palomar for “Praise the Lord”ing the management and writing a pro-Prop 8 letterto Metro S.C].... Berkeley attorney and advocate Kathy Zatkin on drug company profits, Laura's law increasing forced psychiatric drugging, H&S 5150.05 adding past lack of compliance...Alaska attorney and psychiatric survivor Jim Gottstein on alternatives like Soteria-Alaska, establishing your right to choose your own medication... ...Berkeley attorney and Electroshock survivor Ted Chabasinski on these issues...More from Kathy Zatkin on exposing drug company involvement in government oversight and programs.. 12-9 “Meet the New Council” pastryfest at the Civic Auditorium...Micah Posner, Grant Wilson critique my saying “liar” as Councilmember Tony Madrigal gave his oath of office...HRO's Bob Patton reports pastor Dennis Adams and his Sunday meal evicted from Vet's Hall by building manager Tim Bratton...Back at the Civic: Discussion with Sgt. Michael Harms on his early December Drum Circle policing...[4 ½ hours]


Thursday, January 1, 2009
Download Show Laguna Beach ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Sleeping Ban...12-30 Copwatch-on-Pacific-Avenue Interviews Mark—ticket for panhandling in a group...Ernie Johnson, mall musician, now unemployed...Pythonwearer got ticket from Officer Sanchez...Fat Eddie volunteers... Visionsong Valerie sings “Downtown”, HUFF style...Michele B...Airplane Bob complains of Business bathroom discrimination...Becka supports Copwatch...Guitarslinging Marvin Meccam...Bernard and Robert on Copwatch following Sgt. Harms and Officer Kline...BamBam vs. Cops on “blocking the sidewalk”...John supports the cops...Felton panhandler praises the town...Drummer Dave at Parking Lot #4 Drum Circle describes cops driving away circle on Xmas eve... Anonymous regular on cop presence downtown...J.P. Freeman's First Arrest in 2 Decades, compliments of Officer Winston on 12-26...poet Julia Vinograd's “Bubbles and Bones”.. New Year's Eve DIY parade...Beggarbacker Becky and Visionsong Valerie surveys the crowd.cops, & klieglights...Lisa Luck complains of instrusive spotlights...Sgt. Bush explains why he's videotaping the peaceful crowd...Skidmark and Norse banter in the studio...(2 hours)

Sunday, January 4, 2009
Download Show [The Wake Up Call: Flashbacks May 1991 KZSC interview of SPAN—Stop Police Abuse Now!--activists “Nutcracker” Nick Whitehead, “Bathrobespierre” Robert Norse, Linda “the Lark” Edwards, “Redtop”Robert Flory... Officer Kern selectively targets Norse's car, Sgt. Aluffi threatened to impound camera if pictures taken] Flashback cont.:... responding to police misconduct...police brutality at the Town Clock World Peace Vigil against “Won Ton” Dave Jacobs...Linda Edwards on witnessing police arrests... Lightfoot Linda Aubell denied recuperative housing after eye surgery reports on Armory Winter Shelter conditions...The Coonerty Accomplishments—Leavitt's analysis... 1991 Flashback cont: Fighting selective enforcement...Street Interviews: 12-31 Last Night-- Sgt. Bush photographing celebrants...Officer Forbus's explanation for putting foot on cement planter, for ticketing Gary for giving a HUFF card to two “suspects”, for giving six “sitting in the shade” tickets last summer, and more!..David Paul Allen Date follows up on Halloween account of police raiding a party at his house, breaking in, roughed him up, filed misdemeanor interfering with arrest charges later dropped...Venice's Peggy Lee Kennedy on food server crackdown there (part 2)...West Palm Beach food law struggle...Phone Interview with Pastor Dennis Adams of the Pastor's Hand on Tim Bratton forcing their group out of the Vet's Hall for Sunday meal over the objections of supportive Vets on harassment of Pastor Ron's S.C. Revival group harassed and ticketed inf ront of Borders for singing religious songs “too loud”...Madera homeless

Thursday, January 8, 2009
Download Show [songs from Roy Bailey's Coda throughout] Stories on the BART police murder of Oscar Grant on New Year's Day...Street Interviews: 12-11—homeless Sky reports homeless people help after attack and $994 robbery in early October but police were unhelpful; Officer Paco refused to make out a police report;...paddywagon arrests on the beach...Mia criticizes Hope and Victoria, Armory Winter Shelter monitors, notes cops ticketed homeless sleeping in front of Greek Orthodox Church...santa cruz indymedia censorship...”NoOne” previously Casey, reports being arrested daily without cause, deciding to fight back and has renounced his citizenship...12-22 at the Ten O'Clock Club in front of New Leaf: Arkansas gal, Adam, and others report in...1-6: Fish & Sam: fear of police creating homeless-free Pacific Ave...Justin and Micah discuss the New Year's Eve “Sgt. Harms vs. Sub Rosa cafe folks” encounter... another Oscar Grant story...Postal service cuts off SRO tenants...[2 hours]

Thursday, January 15, 2009
Download Show (songs from the 2008 Mel Brooks musical Young Frankenstein interspersed) Samilia, a Las Vegas woman brutalized by a pimp, seeking funds to return home, tells her story... first info and City Attorney stonewall on upcoming info on Downtown Ordinances...1-13 Copwatch: Aleena Hobbs signs petition against abusive police, recalls being harassed when homelss, pregnant, and 14 years old, a year ago; dry tasered in a camping arrest.out in De La Viega; Chief Ranger John Wallace and female cop ran her name, falsely told her and partner Jesse Whitnam they were camping out on “private property”, taken into custody and held for a couple of weeks—on camping and resisting arrest; charges dropped w/ Maya Norberg her public defender, ...Water polo player Lindsay Mellum reports her arrest and psychiatric incarceration in Campbell, w/8 cops; reports SCPD police overpoliced (8 cops, 5 cop cars against a Catalyst heated argument)...Hale's tale about John Wallace pursuing him into the Staff of Life bathroom...” Palestinians and American Indians Russell Means Breaks the Silence on Obama” By BRENDA NORRELL [] ...Floyd & others reports 1-9 police assault on “Irish” on the riverbank, for refusing to pull his hands out of his pocket, chin busted up, taken to hospital, witnesses threatened with tasers, according to Brian, Floyd, and Irish himself...Oscar Grant, killed by BART cop, discussion...Street Sheet 3-08 “Police Kill Man Panhandling, No Charges filed” [ ] ...More Copwatch: Debating Sgt. Michael Harms on the Downtown Ordinances: behavioral laws or anti-homeless focus? ...Commending Sgt. Harms for dealing with an intoxicated bicyclist some days ago and helping Brian to get medication...Female panhandler with spange signs 3' apart, given further separation by Sgt. Harms; Harms replies ...Laguna Beach ACLU sues to end Sleeping Ban there...Hawk's Street Report on Officer Seilly at Homeless Service Center...(2 hours)

Sunday, January 18, 2009
Download Show [songs from the 2008 Mel Brooks musical Young Frankenstein throughout] [The Wake-Up Call: Norse is guest-host; Flashback: Xmas eve sleeping tickets for “Shoeless Joe” Parker 12-24-89 and “Jailtime” Judith Beinert—Ray Grueneich's interrogation and argument at trial]..the “lost” 12-15-08 Measure K Committee meeting which the City didn't record or allow oral communications at ...Street Interviews: “Trash” reports cop told him to “get out of town”...J.P. Freeman on Chief Ranger Wallace & Crews throwing out homeless gear along the levy, throwing it for disposal into locked dumpster (1-5)...Jason Daniels reports Joshua Merritt (Irish) slammed to the ground by SCPD (including Officer Chavez) and beaten on morning of 1-9 near Soquel bridge near the levy for not removing his hands from his pockets quickly enough, witnesses (Brian, Mark, numerous others) menaced with tasers, Irish taken to the hospital... Attorney and Writer Osha Neumann on Obama and the Gaza Invasion:[ ] ...Critic Becky Johnson responds...Tex from the 2003 Santa Cruz Vigil Against Two Wars, reports on Dem Convention protest, critiques street scene...Officer Forbus tickets Nicole and Eric for sitting on the edge of a planter box...reportedly advises Brian “let me do my business or you'll get tazed or geaten down”... recycler Dave on scavenging tickets...Michelle Doyka describes Straight-Talkin' Suzanne resisting nighttime harassment the day before Xmas from Officer Winston in an “unattended property” ticket...12-6 Copwatch/Chowdown/Sleepout ...interview with hammer dulcimer guy Mikael Maesli at[http:// ] worker Tara .....Black Rose recaps her “singing after sunset” takedown in front of Borders...reports from Tess, Patric, Isaac the Lyrical eye, Anonymous, B.O.B., Taz, and Joe the Pendulem Pusher ...all at the Copwatch table...[approx 4 hours]

Thursday, January 22, 2009
Download Show {Selections from “ Young Frankenstein” the Musical throughout) Fresno writer and activist Mike Rhodes on the Fresno Homeless Czar Greg Barfield's holding off the cops from the Railroad Homeless Encampment where houses with frames are being built... Central California Legal Services in a new lawsuit against Rescue Mission on behalf of the homeless... Fresno's designated $3 million unspent on the homeless, $2 million last year...Report from Madera (Vernon Price): MacDonald's Discrimination and Merced [ “Why Does McDonald's Hate the Homeless?”] ...Downtown Ordinances Preview...Rabblerouser Mike from St. Louis, MO: 47 homeless counted in a city of 1.5 million...counting the homeless to get more money while chauffeured by cops who will bust up squats... [] ..more downtown Ordinance talk: (2hrs)

Thursday, January 25, 2009
Download Show [The Wake Up Call...Forbidden “no sitting” zones around Public Art...Flashback: “Jabberwocky” Jay Green speaks to City Council in March 1990 on police harassment under the Camping Ban, “Paddywagon” Pete Pascoe, Brian Koepke of the Homeless Alliance] ... 1-20: Sgt. Harms and Officer Wilson outwait a group of hangerouters in front of Rosie McCann's including Jackson, J.P. Freeman, Emily, Valorie, and Suzanne the Drummer...John praises Wilson & Harms...Michelle praises Harms...Street Interviews: Panhandler Dustin, Teague the photowoman on Obamamania: penny spiraling on the sidewalk...Harms v. Freeman on the Downtown Ordinances... “Mama Val Promise” on the controversy... Randy Wallberger from Side by Side in Santa Monica and HOPE (Helping Other People Eat)... history of homeless feeding programs driven inside...Randy's capsule modules (from Japan) as a shelter solution [ ] ...General Doegun of LA Community Action Network: on racial anti-homeless harassment: 24, 000 tickets and 19, 000 tickets in a community of 13, 000 people in a 15-block area: update on the Jones settlement overturning Code 4118d... Jim Crow laws on Skid Row [ ] ...struggle to convince the people to stand up and fight...caller Becky Johnson recalls Jason Paschal hassled by O'Neill's sports shop as Brent Adams the drummer was more recently... [“O'neill's Surf Shop, Police Hassle Street Performers, Collude to Thwart City Ordinances” [ ] “Freedom Man - All Charges against dropped against Jason Paschal”[ ] 2-24 SF Chronicle “UCSF Study Raises Doubts about Stun Gun Safety” by Elizabeth Fernandez [ ]... Menlo Park report from Linda Jolley: counting the homeless, but no campground...(approx 4 hours)

Thursday, January 29, 2009
Download Show Songs by Jim Hinde...Norse on the proposed Downtown Ordinance changes...Human Rights Organization activist Bernard Klitzner asks the Community TV Board of Directors to sever its subservience to City Council orders in the bi-weekly filming of City Council meetings... More on the specifics of the ordinance changes...Caller Andrea reports being warned by police that it's illegal to give a blanket....Mayor Matthews at 1-27 Council meeting and withholding her correspondence...Street Interviews: Tina the Sparechanger w/kitty Scuzzy... 1-18: Dreamcatcher and Black Rose give the Upchuck Report from the HSC...In the New Leaf sidewalk “No Trespassing” zone...Jan 20th Copwatch...Carol slept in her vehicle illegally in the public parking lot...Sgt. Harms challenging the homeless account of an alleged Friday morning police assault on “Irish”...Void, an eyewitness, gives another account....[2 hours]

Sunday. February 1, 2009
Download Show [The Wake Up Call: Norse and Leavitt on the Backroom “Gotcha” Process for the Latest Downtown Ordinance Changes... Flashback: June 1990 Discussion “Homeless Congress”, 4th of July Rally....Obit for Raymond Grueneich Jr....1990 Sleeping Ban Trial of Joe Parker]... Deconstructing Sgt. Harms as he chats W/Copwatcher (1-20)...Thomas G. complains Harms “treated me like a dog”...Steve the first-time caller critiques police...Dave the Drummer on the Drum Circle Fate during the Farmer's Market vacation... .Street Interviews: Loggan Grittam on cops using “car will be towed” ruse to lure him out of house for a retaliatory false arrest...[http:// ] O, My Sole customer Mariola and her companion Joelle complain of abuse from manager Eric and subsequent police excessive force from Sgt. Harms...disabled Matthew Hastings talks of Sleeping ticket harassment, police seizing property... Sgt. Harms' account of Eric v. Mariola incident at O, My Sole...Merryweather Mike reports BamBam refused right to announce City Council meeting at the Soup Kitchen..More 1-20 accounts: Police problems in San Jose; Santa Cruz Revival ticketed in November for singing Amazing Grace and feeding homeless in front of Borders...Josh commends Sgt. Harms...”Barack Obama International Terrorist”--confronting the Obamatons on Coronation Day... "How Obama's New Rules Keep Intact The Torture Ban That Doesn't Ban Torture” By Allan Nairn at ...[ ] ....Curbsquattor Colin reports on local Democratic Party driving away poor and homeless from Obama Day feed...1-21 Drum Circle chat...Interviews from 12-12-08: Michael Maisley's hammer culcimer... Autumn's SitBan and Panhandling tickets—for holding a cardboard sign at night...Drummer Tamarock's full-moon update—a ticket for jaywalking with a drum...Lt. Martinez's Update in front of New Leaf... Sam reports wheelchair Wheels's hassle and smoking ticket from Officer Forbus (?); woman's life on the streets...Jay's sings “One of These Days...Donny's Street Rap.... Terry and John's mall-and-food service report; praise for Officer Peabody...Brent Adams phone report Brandt/O'Neill's Sports Shop harassment... Vice-Mayor Rotkin interview on the Downtown Ordinance changes (Part 1) [approx 4 hours]

Thursday, February 5, 2009
Download Show Phone Interview with 'Nuf Said Nancy McCradie in Santa Barbara: new laws banning homeless Rvs from being within 500' of any place with children...In-studio guests David and Yasenia of MECHA looking for a Copwatch [459-3496, meets Tues 8 PM Conference Room Cervantes Velasquez]...[David's FRSC show is Thursdays 1-3 PM] 2-1 Street Interview: Hosts harassing a hammer dulcimar musician (Michael M) in front of Borders.. .Caitlan—female Pacific Ave. panhandler on Harms' surveillence [ ] P.J. and Tia scoff at the anti-homeless hysteria...Mike M. on the Hosp-tility crew moving musicians...Drummer Dave on 2-4 marijuana bust near drum circle that took an hour...Interview with Vice-Mayor Mike Rotkin on the Downtown Ordinances...Street Interviews cont....More cops hassling street musicians...November 2008 Downtown Commission's report on the upcoming ordinance...[2 hours]

Sunday, February 8, 2009
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's The Wake-Up Call Downtown Ordinance Discussion..: Flashback: Spring 1990 sleeping ban trial with attorney Ray Grueneich defending “Shoeless” Joe Parker and “Jailtime” Judith Beinert using the “involuntary sleep” defense] ...In-studio guest Drummer Dave... Downtown Ordinances' bans sitting, sparechanging, tabling, and performing in Forbidden Zones not “bad behavior” as advertised—discussion...Street Interviews: Panther at the 1-28 Drum Circle....1-27 City Council Evening Oral communications: Robin's on the Right to Sell Your Own Art; Norse on the Sleeping Ban...Drummer Dave's Street Report...Norse on the Downtown Ordinances and Abuse... “Marking 100 Years of Failed Drug Prohibition: The Opium Exclusion Act of 1909” by Dale Gieringer at [ ]...Discussion with Councilmember Katherine Beiers on the Homeless and the Downtown Ordinances ...”Dangerous John T.” survey for the Cournalist on Downtown Ordinances [ ] ...Pendulem pusher with ticket calls in...[4 ½ hours]

Thursday, February 12, 2009
Download Show In studio guests: Zoran, Nina, and Eric...Eric's Report on Mayor Matthew's Downtown Ordinance Correspondence...PoliceAbuse, Selective Enforcement, and the Ordinances... Call-In's from David, Drummer Dave, Alonee Spirit, Donna Deiss...The Rotkin Interview-Part 2 on Norse's Metro Bust and the Downtown Ordinances...[2 ¼ hours]

Sunday, February 15, 2009
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's Wake Up Call: Norse and Leavitt on the proposed Smoking Ban....]...Forbidden Zones Downtown: discussion...Flashback: On Trial 1990 “Jailtime” Judith Beinert” and “Jabberwocky” Jay Green for December 1989 Protest Sleeping w/attorney Ray Grueneich ...poetry from Julia Vinograd's Bubbles and Bones CD...On Councilwoman Katherine Beiers discusses Downtown Ordinances w/HUFF activists (2-2)...Phone Interview with Gillian Greensite: UCSC colleges ignore rape education ( ) ...FRSC Broadcaster and Signflyer Dana Cruz Assaulted in Boulder Creek...Eric the Unstoppable co-hosts on recently being assaulted by police near The Food Bin...[Approx 4 hours]

Thursday, February 19, 2009
Download Show On 2-2 Councilmember Don Lane grilled by HUFFsters...Linda Lemaster, chair of the former Homeless Issues Task Force is co-host...”Yoyo” in-studio guest, reports that Officer Brandt drove him and others out into the rain... Eric and Zoran describe “Hands Off California” Initiative that Eric seeks to put on the ballot to stop police from laying hands on persons until reasonably suspected of a crime or summoned by a court....Don Lane Interview cont ....Lemaster on the HITF Follow-up....Zoran seeks answers on rights of pyschiatrically disabled in Santa Cruz...More from Lane interview (2 hours).

Sunday, February 22, 2009
Download Show [The Wake Up Call Flashback: A Visit to the Homeless-Run Camp Paradise 6-21-01 with Mike Schmidt, Don Dible, Larry Templeton, and others]...Flashback cont....Drummer Dave's report... Copwatch on 2-21 in front of Borders: Burna on police problems at the Drop-In Center...Sherry and the Fuzz...Fresno activist Mike Rhodes on Aftermath of the Police Beating of Glen Beaty and update on Homeless Tent Cities [ ] ...”Wake Up Obama: Afghanistan is No Threat to America “ by Dave Lindorff [ ] ...More Copwatch Interviews...Don Lane Interview cont. from 2-2...[approx 3 ½ hours]

Thursday, February 26, 2009
Download Show Street Interviews of the Last Week on Copwatch Saturday 2-21: Catman back in Santa Cruz w/Baby...Jenny strums “Surrender to the Music”...Colin C. Clyde's Class Commentary on Downtown Ordinances ...Lather, the criminal “Pendulem Pusher...2-22: Lawrence MacGregor claims Red Church discrimination in a questionable account...2 Open Container Tickets on their birthdays by Officer Forbus and Winston 2-24: Handicapped Bill (aka Gabriel) claims false arrest for drunk in public downtown and bogus jaywalking ticket...2-25: Robin reports 4 days in jail for vandalism for white handmark on wall ...Nick reports ticket for musical horn “attitude” downtown..”Scope it Out” Scott reports on Madcap Mattison's arrest for slashig her own tires to stop a tow on her own car...Michigan couple (Sam and Annie) misses Mommy, panhandling and strumming their way back....Benches cleared out—critique from a local...Del Mar panhandler and poochholder Kool-Aid with pup Gonzo...Void reports 2-23 morning sweep under the Soquel bridge—Chief Ranger Wallace drives 10 squatkids out into the rain...Drummer Dave reports parking lot dispute...Uncle Dennis denounces standing in parking space to save it for a car ....Repressive “green is the new red” laws and arrests of animal-right leafleters and speakers: statement of Will Potter: [ ] ...Sentinel police/D.A. PR on “legal help” against poor folks arrested as drunk downtown [] ....Office Forbus debates locals...[2 hours]

Sunday, March 1, 2009
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's The Wake-Up Call...Thomas's Local Updates from[] ...Leavitt interviews Rena Ruez Program Director for the Beach Flats Community Center]...Sax street musician Peter Lindener discusses his citation for “unreasonable noise” from Melody S. --local property manager above Borders Book Store...Interview with Mike Schmidt, former CEO of the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce, calling in from Bend, OR on struggle for a safe place to sleep in Santa Cruz 2000-2002...Phone interview with Med-Ex medical marijuana distributor Anita Henri on the recent arrest of Felton Hemporium operator Roger Mentch.. [] [ ]marijuana activist Craig Canada: outrage at costly prices locally, no response yet to his Measure K.. SCPD using bogus public intoxication arrests? :“San Jose public-drunkeness arrests tumble after public attention” (3-1-09 SJ Mercury News) [ ] ...Matthew Roth, Roger Mentch's neighbor, calls in to report on his arrest several weeks ago...Part 3 of the 2-2 Don Lane Interview (Part 1: 2-19, Part 2: 2-22)...Pendulem Pusher Lather calls in ...Report from Drummer Dave...[3 ½ hours]

Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Special “Catch-Up” Edition of Bathrobespierre's Broadsides Download Show [End of Democracy Now! On the Walsh Whitewash of Guantanamo]...One hour Interview with Councilwoman and former Mayor Katherine Beiers on 2-18 around the Sleeping Ban and the recommendations of the 1999 Santa Cruz City Council Homeless Issues Task Force [ ] ...Street Interviews: Saturday 1-24 Musician C.J. Stock on new 1-hour limit sitting on city benches...homeless Robert Blindbear with his mobile 5-pole teepee on top of 5-sided cart, reports cops stopped guitars-and-drums in front of New Leaf. though their noise level was “pretty quiet” ..Yoyo munching popcorn in his chair in front of Del Mar stoned reports Casey several days ago asking for pennies after dark, then Officer Winston and two others hassled Casey for “panhandling after dark”, screamed “how many times am I to be arrested for nothing?”, nose reportedly bloodied at police station...Amber seconds Yoyo's story about Casey...Bobby reports a camping ticket from state Ranger Grili under CCR 4451A, reports gun drawn...successful stairwall squatter from Colorado...Casey gives his own account... 2-27: Joseph the Recycler got scavenging tickets during the day from two cops...Copwatch interviews: Scott from Bonnie Doon critiques Downtown Ordinances...T...Kendall the corporate critic...Mike in a wheelchair...Tamiia from Humboldt County ...Sara Newman, back after 6 months, on the Drum Circle...Ali and Amber young cheeky sidewalk chalkers on economic crisis forcing their moms to move...Norma Jean on the death of attorney Laney... Selection from Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America by Kristian Williams (2 ¾ hours)

Thursday, March 5, 2009
Download Show Councilwoman Katherine Beiers phone update: P & R citations for Sleeping/Camping will be included in future; homeless possessions routinely trashed by P & R clean-up crews after 72 hours or more....Downtown Ordinance discussion...Sidewalk breakfasters... Gladys on her electric sidewalk scooter on downtown scene.....Michelle from Arcata hassled by Sgt. Harms as she tries to get donations for her t-shirt artwork; dialogue w/Harms...Michelle sent by Harms the day before to City Hall in a goosechase looking for a permit... “If nobody says anything to the dickheads, they'll abolish the Constitution.”....BamBam reportedly busted; new “no parking after sunset” in 3-Trees Parking Lot near Lighthosue Field: Donna Deiss got a ticket from state rangers...Fuzzy on bogus “drunk in public” busts w/ property held for days in PD station...Feb 4th: Report from Wes Modes that Trash Orchestra rehersal driven from River St. Parking Garage under Parking Lot Panic Law by Officer Kline... Daniel sleeping in a vacant store busted by gun-toting SCPD who jailed him for 3 days for “trespass”, though never asked to leave... Jeremiah Bullfrog on the Bench out near Stagnaro's on the wharf making straw roses and crucifixes, downtown falsely told he had a search clause by Officer Seiley, searched, marijuana seized... Letter to Mayor Mathews and her response...3-5 Chronicle on Oscar Grant protest: “Protests Plan to Shut BART Station”...”You're acting like Nazis” salute to City Council case goes back to court June 12th...Drummer Dave's Update... Wildfire Whitney Wilde 2-4 at the Farmer's Market Drum Circle declares a “free speech” zone...Dennis the Bard Holt on Drum Circle: “Assembly Required; Batterys Included”...[approx 2 hours]

Sunday, March 8, 2009
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call—lots of stuff with Thomas Leavitt] Flashback: “Jabberwocky” Jay Green, “Paddywagon” Calvin Pete Pascoe, Robert Norse in March 1990 at Wormhoudt City Council denouncing the Sleeping Ban as law that drove a native from town...1-20 Obama Coronation in Santa Cruz...Phone interview with activist, poet, and writer Peter Marin (author of “Helping and Hating the Homeless” on Santa Barbara homeless—playful antipathy between authorities and homeless has degenerated into “homeless as garbage” gentrification clean-up, streets as conveyance belt for customers or public nuetral space for various activities...SB trying to jail 100 worst alcoholics, raising infraction crimes to misdemeanors, opposite of the “Housing First” model, new police chief wants to force homeless into programs, hypocritical liberals on Council who want to appear liberal with carrot in one hand and big stick in another, ACLU's lawsuit against SB Sleeping Ban, some monies freed up by stimulus plan, ..and much more...Norse on City Council upcoming meeting...LLather the pendulum pusher calls in... Berkeley BART murder of Oscar Grant update (“Suit Says BART Cops Affair Set Stage for Fatal Shot” [$8112 ] ....Street Interviews: Fred at Louden Nelson Center reports on lady friends Shayn, Suzanne and two dogs woken up twice for sleeping outside under railroad tressel by the bike park by two cops for first ticket, second ticket later in the day by three cops, for drinking in public but not intoxicated, open container, but not drunk... Curly Estremiras calls in on his assault by Richmond police [][3 ½ hours approx]

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Special “Catch-Up” Edition of Bathrobespierre's Broadsides Download Show 11-5-08 Vet Robert “Hutch” Hutchinson reports 4th of July lockout by Tim Bratton, for which Hutch called the cops; Hutch got restraining order...ticket for sitting on blanket near the San Lorenzo levy for “camping” at 10 AM and other cites... Downtown Commission's sole unagenda-ized discussion of the new Downtown Ordinances in November w/Norse commentary: June Hoffman's report from the Downtown Association [DTA]... Caller discussion on Parking Lot Panic law...More DC on the Ordinance discussion....FRSC Broadcaster (10-12 PM Wednesday) Dana Cruz calls in...P (Pacific Avenue) cases w/stay-away orders: Jennifer of the DC discusses them...Drummer Dave calls in...Chip of the DTA seeks more “tools” to deal with 'loopholes' street people have found...New report on Hosts falsely warning activists bubble-blowing is illegal.. .Julie H. and Marlin G. report on Downtown Improvement Task Force (the secretive City Council group)...Street Interviews: 2-17: Nathan vs. Chief Ranger Wallace under the Soquel Bridge: threatened “littering” “disobeying a police officer” and “camping” citations in response to Nathan's refusal to show ID, threatened to “shove face into the dirt”, but backed off when Nathan threatened to sue...Nathan notes Officer Winston gave him 2 different tickets for leaning against his backpack (“laying down”) plus a cite for camping from a female officer...Nathan's history...Sgt. Bush reportedly cites Lather for criminal “pendulum pushing” near Pacific Trading Company, while tourists were ignored doing the same thing, according to Alice...Sgt. Harms defends Buddy, Alice's service dog's right to be on Pacific and inside Hoffmann's....J.P. Freeman's report... pregnant Paula reports no tickets, commends Armory...disabled Vet Terry (Terrence Reno) claiming Chief Ranger Wallace's seized his property w/o ticket outside his jurisdiction...[3 hours]

Thursday, March 12, 2009
Download Show Adrienne Stone, gypsyCruzer and 70's medical marijuana patient, is in-studio guest...Drummer Dave's Drumcircle Update/Cops at Red church instead...Carrie & Nick under the eaves in the rain...early March: Officer Winston grills 3 benchsitters w/open container at Pacific and Cathcart; a homeless woman defends the police...what to do when the police do you wrong...BigCity Brent reports on tapemeasure protesters against Downtown Ordinances...Pendulumpushing on Pacific...Shay Gonzalez defends homeless, criticizes intrusive searches...Fish and Sam report being driven off Pacific Ave; Officers Winston and Warren “move them along”...Metro security guard's tale...Phone interview with Curly Estremeras armed with police report describing ordeal with the Hayward police and medical abusers ([2 hours]

Sunday, March 15, 2009
Download Show [First two hours of Thomas Leavitt's The Wake-Up Call has no discussion or flashbacks re: homeless topics] Flashback: 3-12-90: Successful demonstration outside the “Cattleprod Cafe”--the County Building Cafeteria—protesting exclusion of homeless people there...Drummer Suzanne reports on citations given street musicians in February, including sexy Sax player Peter... Shyco the Daddyo newly in from San Diego...2-27: Copwatch Table reports; Saxy Peter's report on his sex ticket, given by Melody Szarzt woman on floor above Borders w/o warning—Officer Forbus #199 reportedly tried to talk her out of signing the ticket for “unreasonable noise” under MC 9.36...saxy Peter Lindner reports being intimidated... two puppy-paws-near-the-pavement citations...Talk of citation of Peter L-sax musicain....Anna, restaurant worker, able to rent her own place downtown, felt unsafe with her children...Curtis Reliford (246-4240) of [ ] ...Visonsongf Valerie sings “They Dont Allow..” Anony. “Unknown” reports on Officer Black's threatening to write “the fattest ticket he can”... Report on Chief Ranger Wallace's patroling edge of Pogonip., confronting Anonymous with hand on gun...Nathan reports on Wallace threats and harassment under Soquel bridge...Officer Winston's two tickets to Nathan for “leaning against backpack” on Pacific Ave., and a third—a camping ticket by a female officer...Drummer Dave's call-in: the Parking Lot Panic law...Report on Officer Kline arresting an irritated wet-in-rain guy “with attitude”...Nathan follow-up on returning to sleep under Soquel Bridge...Metro Security Guard describes his escorting a guy who gave him “attitude” in the bathroom off the property, the guard's previous security experience in Vasalia, Metro rules...Linda Jolly calls in her Redwood City report...EDAR (“Everyone Deserves a Roof”) expensive survival gear scam...People Power Micah Posner calls in with report on bike campaign to make King St. a bike route as well as the right to ride Mission St., police static, and upcoming petition gathering and events planned (contact: 425-0665)...anti-war protest down south with military families speak out... “Obama's New Detainee Policy” by William Douglas..[3 ½ hours]

Thursday, March 19, 2009
Download Show Norse monologue on Curtis Reliford's 3-17 court hearing against Starbucks ( ...Reports from the HUFF meeting: 2-18: Yoyo reports Officer Brandt yelling “scum” at pregnant “Dutch” and telling her and companion to “get out of town” near Cafe Campesino...Warren West reports being charged for slamming down phone when he was frustrated trying to get his property at the police station...Councilwoman Beiers e-mail reports City now tracking Parks and Rec Sleeping Ban citations...Yoyo recounting Metro harassment incident this summer...Report from NYC of homeless taking over buildings... Rent parties—2009 Capitalist style...Santa Barbara Biz owners denounce homeless services...(2 hours)

Sunday, March 22, 2009
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's The Wake-Up Call...Sentinel smear and prosecution pogrom against Miguel deLeon and Anna Richardson: [, Replay with commentary of part one of Voices from the Village 3-15 Channel 27 panel on the Downtown Ordinances with peace activist Sherry Conable, legal worker Ray Glock-Grueneich, musician Kim Dowling, attorney Ed Frey, and talk show host Louis La Fortune... Curtis Reliford's 3-17 court hearing: tape and commentary; Sentinel story at[ ...Phone interviews with eyewitness Steffan and Curtis...[ ] 831-246-4240... Jason, amateur juggler, calls in with report that police{falsely} told him that he couldn't juggle anywhere on Pacific Ave, but juggling is legal... Songs from the Mamas Movement...Street Interviews: 3-21: Magicsplash reports police returned his grass pipe... Dustin, who fell from a bridge, in Dominican Hospital....John reports police, deputies, rangers, and other PD's working together to chase people off Hiway 1... Interview with Anna Richardson, subject of a city injuction against her and DeLeon for Sleeping, Sitting, and homeless tickets...[3& 3/4 hrs.]

Sunday, March 26, 2009
Download Show In-studio guest Jonathan Gettleman, attorney for Anna Richardson, homeless musician, threatened with downtown injunction against nighttime sleeping [ “Santa Cruz seeks injunction against homeless couple” [ “As We See It: Downtown laws take precedence: Rights of homeless couple clash with public's rights” w/comments at [ ......Drummer Dave's “fences NOT up” for first time in 6 months at the Wednesday Farmers Market Drum Circle... Poet and zinecompiler Christopher Robin reports local Alpha Graphix refused toprint prison zine [ .Despite Obama's Promises, Combat Forces will Remain in Iraq: The Big Con on Iraq by Gareth Porter [ ...& other Iraq stories...Boom-Boom Brent Adams phones in on his mediation efforts with Sgt. Harms, DTA Director Chip, and Councilmember Don Lane around street performers [approx 2 hours]

Sunday, March 29, 2009
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's The Wake-Up Call..Part 2 of replay of Voices from the Village—see 3-22-09 show above-- with additional commentary from Leavitt and drummer/mediator Brent Adams; producer Charlie Phillips calls in with comments]... Becky Johnson phones in on inaccuracies in the Hosts new “Downtown Ordinance” flier...Oakland Attorney David Beauvais joins Brent as in-studio guest on “designated free speech zones” and “panhandler gauntlet”...Brent on continuing police harassment of street musicians on Pacific Ave and a revived Street Performers Guild...Drummer Dave on exemption zones...Caller Eric on youth clustering downtown...[approx 4 ½ hours]

Sunday, April 2, 2009
Download Show Reliford Wrapup Sunday Street Interviews on 3-22 Becky Johnson on 70's Mayor Bert Muhly's song getting first Sleeping Ban citation in Curtis's panorama protest display near Jamba Juice..246-4240 [ ...Norse's “Vanishing Benches” on Pacific Ave. report...Curly Estremeras Update [ ...Student Steve Jones denounces new Cabrillo College requirement that you show ID and log -in as police state measure... [ ...Interviews cont.: Lyrical Eye's “Property is Destroying the U.S.A.”...Daniel & Evan w/sign and walking cane moved along by cop for “leaning against backpack” on the curb.. .Beggerbacker Becky's new blog: [ ...Alaska Admits It Is Incapable of Protecting Children and Youth in Its Care from Harmful Psychiatric Drugging . [ ... ...”Zen Busking and Anarchy” by Park Burgess. [ ... .Drummer Dave Drawls... In-studio guest: ”Lighthouse” Linda Lemaster, on recent homeless povertypimperee...”ACLU: Mich. funeral protest law unconstitutional” ... [. ...“MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION IN MEXICO? Mexico's legalisation solution By Ioan Grillo in Mexico City “...Fresno activist Mike Rhodes on homeless activism controversy over the City's latest “vouchers-for-a-few” plan... [2 hours]

Friday,April 3,2009
Special “Catch-Up” Edition of Bathrobespierre's BroadsidesDownload Show Special Edition Blogs to post on: [] ..3-22: Becky Johnson on her interview with Anna Richardson (“Anna Banana”) and Miguel deLeon (“Lito”)' and her criminal napkin filtching at Lulu Carpenter's and the proposed “no sleep downtown” injunction... [ ...... 3-25 outward-bound Nathan has pro-Sgt. Harms: comments... J.P. reports Officer Winston told him “leave the Avenue til midnight or you will be arrested for drunk in public” one morning... New Leaf employee charged with putting up “no trespass” chains ... J.P. Boasts 115 outstanding citations--none for drunk in public, all for open container, sleeping..... Michael ticketed for “open container” but was recycling....Farmer's Market Interviews: ..Chip, Exec Dir. Of the Downtown Association's survey...Sgt. Harms describes the September 17th massive police response to September 17th Drum Circle incident...Pregnant with twins, Ashley, reports Officer Hoppe forced her to move from camp near hiway 1, saying, “get the fuck out” ...Videojournalist Tim rinker, mama Amy interviwed...street musician Brianna:cited for playing within 14' of Del Williams Jewelers back on Jan 30th --$248 bail is as much as her rent, compliments of Officer Warren...[approx 2 hours]

Sunday, April 5, 2009
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call]...Unusable excessive noise law: Saxy Peter's ticket update...Barefoot Brad, Mu, and Judicious John in Street Interviews from 3-13; Copwatch 3-15 interviews: Seattle Melissa howdy's, cops illegally advise musicians they can't be in exempt “Musical Saw” statue exempt zone...Homelessness marathon creator and Fresno watcher Jeremy Alderson calls in from upstate NYC asks what will be timetable on the 200 motel vouchers for 13, 000 homeless in Fresno out of $6.9 budget—need to get everyone in a safe situation whether it be homes, apartments, or tent cities..[ ...Mike Rhodes of Fresno publicly affirms Jeremy's “with political will, Fresno could solve problem of homelessness”..Homeless activists and succesful plaintiffs Al Williams and Cynthia Green discuss the looming April 7th eviction of the H-Street Encampment and organizing prospects there... Melissa, Pat, G call in.. SJMN on front page sunday story on selective enforcement of “resisting arrest” .[ ...Street interviews: “Flapjack” the dog “meanmugged” by officers downtown...Officer Winston claims “dogs held in arms” are illegal on Pacific Garden mall; poet Lex reports he beat up “anarchists” at the Sub Rosa Cafe several Thursdays ago and police released him without chages and with praise...Lex also complains of sheriff non-consensual search, seizing his weed and stomping it on the ground...Artist complain cop blocked his selling his artwork... a 'criminal sitter in front of the Hat Company on cement lip around a tree ticketed...Officer Kline accused of pushing R through a window....Nathan: ticket for riding bike on sidewalk by Officer Winston.. [3 ½ hours]

Thursday, April 9, 2009
Special “Catch-Up” Edition of Bathrobespierre's Broadsides(morning)Download Show Susan, restaurant worker and working mom, dismissed “panhandling problem” 3-26: Guitar, Jimbay, and Drum; J.P Freeman .discusses Metro Goldie awards...Kiwi the Service Pooch and owner Gene; Delilah Hartman reports Calvary Episcopal (“red church”) profiling tatoos-on-face guy... Copwatching 2 police officers in search of Suzanne the drummers...Robert reports repeated difficulties from sheriffs in hitching out of town; his last ride got titcketed, and he got drunk in public ticket though released before jail by jailers...Brian reports jailed for trying to unicycle in park; reports Officer Jones directed him to wake up park-sleeping buddy Irish; Brian declined, in retaliation given a probation search, came up with above alcohol level, so taken to jail, but PD told him after 4 hours in court, he was only up for fine infraction violations—so no real probation violatio charge. 3/28: Satuday Copwatch---Gene (w/pooch Kimi) reports Officer Warren ticketed him, threatening to give him three tickets that would produce a misdemeanor if unattended to...Visionsong Valerie sings “Sleep out for your rights!”... David reports Officer Winston treateded him as a priori guilty for pot smoking, found an empty pot pipe which he didn't confiscate...Zack defends the police...UCSC student Jimmy signs Bounce Back Against Bigotry petition...C.J. Stock's tickets for sitting on a bench...Shannon, aka poet Mrs. B, reports son Cody released from CPS, new baby Alex...Eli deep-voiced Burrito Man told to move by Officer Winston, claims Winston lied in saying he was warned...[songs from Young Frankenstein] .. 3-14: Anony report that Vet got his benefits, 100% disability after years of getting nothing...3-19 Thursday: Boris reports cop in car yelled at him from car ordering him off sreet after he picked up a cigarette butt one morning at Locus & Pacific... intoxicated-sounding Irish reports Officer Warren was one of those who smashed his face into the sidewalk...Natasha the guitarist with pooch chained on side street told by Sgt. Harms she couldn't have pooch there...previously woken, ticketed, w/o complaint or warning, for sleeping under the Soquel bridge in the rain—4-5 officers say after St. Patrick's Day, cops calling them slobs...Guy Graunt on vets needs for 24-hour mental health advocacy centers and a PEI (early intervention)... Fish and Sam on Calvalry Episcopal Barr, jailed for not finishing 10 horus of Community Service....3-20: Daniel Hanson's report...Hoyt Shepard up at Wendy's in Scotts Valley reports refused ice cream cause he tried to tie his dog Loki outside, helped by local cop...[More songs from Young Frankenstein] [approx 3 hours]

Thursday, April 9, 2009
Regular Evening Edition(same day as above)Download Show [This show was neither broadcast or streamed because of a power outage] 3-18:  C.J. (Charles Joseph) Stock ticketed thrice for bench-crime...3-15:  Briam Helmle of San Jose Copwatch discusses police accountability, public defender incompetence/cowardice ... []... ...Rodney Avery on the case of false arrest and broken ribs for Sara for "possession of a dangerous drug" in home invasion by police and "public pretender" Art Dudley who, she says, dumped her.. Inside California's Tent Cities Residents of Sacramento’s Tent City to Move to Fairground [ ].. "ed Murder of Oscar Grant  By Reiko Redmonde and Larry Everest [ ]... Avery's account cont...Santa Cruz poet Bert Glick "How's It Going?"...Briana B. on ticket inside Del Williams alcove at night when closed...3-11: Daniel on folks driven from lawn of Cavalry Episcopal...Doggie-on-the-lap ticket... Pasta: Officers Winston and Warren twice in same day pursue and pounce on puppy Gonzo and pal Kool-Aid...Aaron White reports Saturdayanti-Downtown Ordinanceprotest in front of New Leaf--blowing bubbles, distributing leaflets, chalking on sidewalk --warned by Hosts they had to stop...Drum Circle interviews:  Lighthouse Field camping ticket...Police Incident at Cavalry Episcopal Lawn at Lincoln and Center--J.P. reports...[2 hours]

Sunday, April 12, 2009
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call: Norse vs. Leavitt on the value of the local Green Party] Flashback: Dec 1991: Norse before City Council on the 200th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights—Tour of Shame//Roster of Fame Through Santa Cruz... Return of Police Review Proposal Before City Council Kennedy, Beiers, Lane, Rittenhouse, police reps, Simba Kenyatta, Sgt. Steve Clark, Attorney Margaret Marr...Becky Johnson calls in with critique of Officer “Robocop” Perry in his recent shooting at a car []... comments [ ]... ...Street Interviews: Music by cymbolom player Michael Masley... Roughvoice Ron ticketed for refusing to pick up a Snickerbar wrapper from Officer Kline; nathan's ticket for bike on the sidewalk from Officer Winston..Marijuana Updates: [ ]... &[ ]... Street Interviews: 4-6 Downtown 'round midnight on Pacific Ave...4-8: Interview with Matthew of The New New Deal, formerly the Wired Wash Cafe..Drum Circle 4-8: Disabled and pregnant w/twins Ashley reports harassed for sleeping and told to move 3 times in the rain...Guy describes Crow's Nest ticket...Mira and friends critique police...[Approx 3 ½ hours]

Thursday, April 16, 2009
Special “Catch-Up” Edition of Bathrobespierre's Broadsides(morning)Download Show 4-6: “Eleven O'Clock” Club of Musicians in front of New Leaf... 4-8 Wednesday Drum Circle—Brent Adams interview on Sgt. Harms pro and con—his new posted guidelines, and updates...4-9: Sidewalk in front of New Leaf—open or closed at nite?... Musicians BlindBull, Feathers, and Mike...poet Jeff M. Taley, the Two-Bit Drifter-- “I Am But a Player in this Production”...Roughthroat Ron Derring “77 arrests since 2000” jailbird report...Tameyeah and dog Whoseaboy adventures...Kelly James interview (cont) [Approx 40 minutes]

Thursday, April 16, 2009
Special “Catch-Up” Edition of Bathrobespierre's Broadsides(afternoon)Download Show 4-9: Kelly James observed Officer Winston telling a man to “get off the mall”, has concerns about Cafe Pergolesi, Downtown Ordinance discussion...anti-tax demo at post office on 4-15....Pendulum-pushing pedestrian: [ ] ...Skidmark Bob recommends “Never Get Busted Again” video at [] ...Kelly James recalls 1980's “Code Blue” police attack-the-homeless, notes [ ] for police complaints, early on interested in police career...4-10: Bubbles praises Officer Forbus & Sgt. Harms..Mark “Broke & Hungry”, Dodgo the Swift Strummer in front of Borders, Michael Maisley on cymbalom (hammer dulcimer)... Felton Deck Interviews: Riley and dog Rusty hassled for “canning”, lives in RV, doesn't answer door, got bogus “no registration” ticket on private property...Jeff Scofield on “up your butt” copsRights discussion...[approx 1 hour]

Thursday, April 16, 2009
Download Show [Regular Edition] Felton Deck Interviews cont. Three women discuss cutbacks in Proposition 36; candid confessions of a meth user...Phone Interview with Fresno's Mike Rhodes: Cops moving on Mariposa mall in front of City Hall... Glen Beaty beaten on video by Fresno cops—new independent police auditor...aftermath of the Kinkaid settlment and homeless czar apartment money...Union Pacific's attack on the homeless...Fresno foreclosures.. .Clyde Bustrade on his April 1st videoed his CHP arrest from the back of a truck on Portola Ave. [ ] [click on “life imprisonment” and then to April 1] ...court complications with Commissioner Irwin Joseph... Felton Meth Tales cont...[2 hours]

Thursday, April 23, 2009
Download Show Interviews with Anna Richardson and Miguel De Leon on the day of the Sentinel story (facing injunctive ban from sleeping and court-ordered “obey all laws”, I.e. No sleep anywhere in Santa Cruz)... Sacramento's “Safe Ground” Rally: Jeremy Alderson's nterviews with attorney Mark Merin, Connie Hobson, Sandy Perry, Rodney Monadjem, & others [ ] ...Kristian Williams, author of Our Enemies in Blue, speaks in Oakland 3-31: [ ] ...encouraging Supreme Court ruling in Arizona v. Gant, limiting vehicle searches...[2 hours]

Sunday, April 26, 2009
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call: Activist Becky Johnson calls for santa cruz indymedia to remove article at []... discussion of new HSC director Douglas Loisel as quoted in[]... the Good Times article: ...Copwatch Interviews from 4-25: magician Tom Connor on the Pendulum art piece downtown as an attractive nuisance [ ]... , [ ]... ......Edee from San Jose faces SJPD with guns drawn...Ben Rice, attorney for elderly disabled activist Donna Deiss update w/trial May 4th...Russell denouncing SCPD poochnapping.... Jack's testimony in upcoming Norse Metro transit case—trial May 15th 1:30 PM Dept. 1...Copwatch 4-25 cont.: .. Homeless-looking woman on a bench reportedly locked out by the young women she was living with 6 years ago... Shanton O-Poukan, teacher, contrass SCPD with violent Chicago and rural California Pds....Traveler tales: tree-shaking ticket ...youths.Kelsay (13 years) and Nick (15 years) criticize Scotts Valley PD for braking down door, harassment, arresting mom in domestic violence case.. Late March Oakland speech by anarchist author Kristian Williams, founder of Portland's Rose City copwatch [ ]... ...Street Interviews 4-24: Streetsign Sam reports Jack's Burgers turning away homeless systematically to punish hanger-outers at Calvalry Episcopal Church across street...Free Radio broadcaster Dana Cruz (show airs Wednesday morning 10-noon) reports explicit homeless appearance discrimination at Bad Ass Coffee on Pacific Ave....caller asks about getting restraining order on police officer...(approx 3 ½ hours)

Thursday, April 30, 2009
Download Show [Songs from Mama Cass Elliot's The Road Is No Place for a Lady ] ..4-17 Street Interviews; Streetsign Sam questions police phototaking...Berkeley activist Stephen Pearcy calls in.... Phone interview with author Kristian Williams on the history of policing, policing as class control, anti-homeless implications, alternatives to police violence [ ]... [].... ...Interviews cont: The Unpaid Bill, Miguel de Leon (“Lito”) on court-ordered “no sleep”, banned from Scope Park, sitcrime in alcove near Quiznos, his own experience of sleeprunning...(2 hours)

Sunday, May 3, 2009
Download Show 4-27: Norse reports from Jack's Burgers...Willomeena on Boston 20-minute cafe timelimit on homeless folks; pregnant panhandler Paula got 13' from a bench cite from Sgt. Harms...SCPD and Business Declarations against Miguel de Leon and Anna Richardson supporting their “no sleep” injunction... 4-29: “Bashful” Bernard Klitzner's “illegal to sit for more than an hour—watch me!” protest on a downtown bench [ ].... ; Roy Lopez, magician Tom Connor on smoking harassment, mediator Mariana Santiago, grey panther Kay Walker, Officer Warren and later CSO Wilson refuse to take whistleblower complaint to test the “bench limit”, Amy from police family; Pete O'Reilly and John T. from San Jose supporting Bernard,... ”Big Drum” Brent Adams [ ] reports on mediating with Sgt. Harms ....Lynn Donwin on Bernard; critical report on Homeless Services Center... Hutch on the Vet's Hall/Bratton controversy...Interview with Vernon Rodreguez, one of RNC 9 [ ]...Street Interviews: Charlie of the New New Deal, Anna Banana, “Scope it Out” Scott G.; 4-23: Phone Interview with Chris Soulberg of Redding Loaves and Fishes...[approx. 3 ½ hours]

Thursday, May 7, 2009
Download Show Sentinel story Pogonip fire danger [  ].... [ ].... has extensive critique of Chief Ranger John Wallace...[ ]... ...[].... Jesse James arrested at Republican National Convention...Interview with local activist Vernon Rodriguez (part 2) on police hassles at the RNC... .Street Interviews 4-28: S.C. Traveller gives Canada report: hot showers, sleep-in-city-parks okay...John McBride from Anchorage, disabled vet; C.J. On upcoming bench protest; Pan's report; ... Micah's report on his ticket for King St. bike ride parade: []....[2 hours]

Sunday, May 10, 2009
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call] King St. Bike Ride today...4-28 City Council: One-hour Bench Protesters speak.... caller Becky Johnson on D.A. Ariadne Symonds keeping murderer Donald Schmidt in jail 12 years byond his sentence in repeated extensions, on nuclear power, on Pogonip closure during fire danger...4-year director of Redding Loaves and Fishes director Chris Solberg... [ ].... ....over 3000 homeless, half of them children, critiques Continuum of Care's figures and inaction... [ ].... ...critique of Santa Barbara Red Cross homeless shelter discrimination during recent fire...City Council cont.: Ike Solem threatened with arrest for Camp, Dresser,& McKee critique overtime... Saturday Street Interviews: Angel pulled over at gunpoint and questioned in subsequent days...chastising two copcars (and Officers Forbus and Winston) nearly blocking Pacific Ave. near Salvation Army while chatting... Colin Clyde comments on front page Sentinel story about Miguel de Leon and Anna Richardson...City Council on desal plant consultant...Mendicino Medical Marijuana Patients activist Pebbles Trippet on whether distribution centers can be legal as “collectives” where those buying “become” members...[3 ½ hours]

Thursday, May 14, 2009
Download Show In-studio guest Claire Machado, former code inspection officer, on the County Planning Appeals Board scandal 704-7264 [ ]...harsh expensive code enforcement on county property owners...relevance to low-income people...Norse on SCPD's holding up on public records when confronted with a tape recorder and the Metro arrest audio tape of a homeless complaint about Christian radio being broadcast out of Metro speakers.. Street Interviews: 4-15 46-year old long-time Santa Cruz resident, disabled Jeff Medd's panhandling ticket from cop who mocked what he said some weeks before, Spencer Lindsay, computer animator, criticizes panhandlers...perils of tape recording..bubblemeister and street performer guidelines creator Tom Noddy concerned about Downtown Association and City Council...Big Boots (previously Barefoot) Brad the panhandler patters on...Illegal Pendulem pushing downtown by Mr. Twister, Noddy, and Norse.. S.F. Board of Supes Moves to Support Renters...[2 hours]

Sunday, May 17, 2009
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call...Flashbacks from 1993 5-21-93 Linda “the Lark” Edwards and “Lotta Love” Lotus Maynard on hassles at “Our Garden”; \5-15-09 KSCO Norse-hosted show on the threatened Injunction against Food Not Bombs in Santa Cruz]... 5-7 Dakota Gulp on Sparechanging Famine and the 2-years-homeless-in-Las Vegas report—sleepingin tunnels... Fish's report on Jack's and Cavalry Episcopal Church... “Big Drum” Brent's downtown street performers report —he's a creamstirrer rather than a muckraker...singer Brianna's 2nd ticket....L.A.bound Michael assaulted first with branch, then stabbed with scissors, escaped by rolling down a steep hill, hospitalized for 3 weeks... 5-13: Moody Mu's street report...5-15: Assorted reports from Sharee Rosa on harassment of hiway campers...Claire Machado on the Norse trial for “trespassing at the Metro bus center.. .Drummer Dave on the trial... [] Norse on Judge Snakeskin Simonds conduct of the trial...5-11: Anna Banana, Bobby mcGee, Roughpalms Robert, Barefoot Brad 4-15: Corey MacDonald (Mr. Twister) and Bathrobespierre Robert “push” the downtown pendulem ....[Approx 4 hours]

Thursday, May 21, 2009
Download Show Street Interviews: 5-17 SCPD reportedly threaten marijuana legalization table at Lincoln and Pacific because of reports of grass smoking nearby....Interview with Greenpeace tabler Matt Silver; “Gun for Taser mistake in Oscar Grant Slaying” [ ] In-studio interview with Jonathan Gettleman, attorney for Anna Richardson fighting the anti-homeless Injunction pushed by City Attorney John Barisone; Berkeley attorney David Beauvais joins the discussion by phone; Beauvais discusses his defense of the Norse trespass ticket on Friday May 15th (2 hours)

Sunday, May 24, 2009
Download Show [Some discussion in The Wake-Up Call of the upcoming Richardson/deLeon Injunction hearing]...Carl, El Dorado resident, phones in, upset at his overdrugging, discusses his psychiatric history... Street Interviews: May 5: Dreamweaver, “Dakota Gulp” on Las Vegas homeless scene, “Fish” and Sam on being turned away from Jack's Hamburgers...5-7: Brent Adams Street Report... Jack's Management's Letter Responding to Wednesday's Forthcoming Protest...Street Interviews: 5-17: Charlie :”cops such sad sacks”, Vet Hutch sees Manager Tim Bratton changing tune... Students educating on AIDS, ..Phone Interview with Alaska attorney Jim Gottstein on Friday's William S. Bigley v. Alaska Psychiatric Institute decision and the massive screening and overdrugging of children and youth [ ]... Street Interviews: Miguel deLeon on Insomnia Training...David Jones, peaceful panhandler,...brief memory of Michael Tellaga, died recently... 5-22; Interviews with Richardson/deLeon supporters Gabriel and Colin Camel Clyde at the Courthouse breezeway...Vet panhandler chat...Kitty Skuzzbucket and her owner...[3 ¾ hours]

Thursday, May 28, 2009
Download Show [BB show starts 15 minutes late]...Local Announcements...Jack's Hamburgers Discrimination Controversy-working it out...Norse at City Council on Jack's, the City's Injunction against Miguel and Anna...Paul Lee and Paul Brindel's Declarations supporting them... 5-26 City Council meeting--4th of July triple-fine zones...[1 hour, 45 minutes]

Sunday, May 31, 2009
Download Show [Norse hosts The Wake-Up Call as an expanded edition of Bathrobespierre's Broadsides, with Leavitt away from town:[ ]... “Cultural Baggage” w/ Dean Becker on the Nightmare Drug War...David Rosenblum (President of CASA, substance abuse organization as anti-marijuana advcoate) ... Walt Whitman's birthday...5-19 Street Interviews: Jason the jobseeker explains his “This Could Happen to You” sign...Shelly A. reports on Paul Lee Loft, rules, some abuse, advice to homeless women...5-20: Drum Circle interviews...Jack and Ariel claim Jack's discrimination...Angela and Tammy hassled on the road... Anonymous reports of homeless survival structures trashed by police agencies...Open container ticket...]...Electra supports Anna//Miguel... ”Big Drum” Brent Adams report on Drum Circle Diplomacy...brief hello from Mad Mike “the Wonderdog” Balderos..Donna Deiss trial update... memorial mention of Gale Goldman Nubower...Phone Interview with attorney Jonathan Gettleman on the Friday Injunction granted against Anna/Miguel...activist Becky Johnson joins us in the studio []... ...Taylor, Miguel de Leon's daughter, who had never seen him before, calls in..Phone Interview with Brent Adams on concerns from some Farmer's Market merchants about Food Not Bombs taking away business...Callers including Drummer Dave...Part Two (actually the first half hour) of 1993 KSCO show hosted by Norse on the City's attempt to enjoin Food Not Bombs...Phone Interview with Bill and Gary of the Alliance for Change on the Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors attack on the new Appeals Board trying to oversee the County Planning Department...Claire of the Alliance follows up... [ ]... ...Street Interviews: 5-20: Another Jack's turnaway noting UCSC friends trying to buy a meal for him was turned away without explanation 5-28: Dani and shnookums with 2 camping tickets over 3 months, “a break” from Chief Ranger Wallace....5-21: Fish and Sam estimate turned away 8-12 times at Jack's...Phone in from resident Rick, concerned about 3 AM marauding of SCPD Lt. Joe Haebe photographing cars and banging on them. [5 ½ hours]

Thursday, June 4, 2009
Download Show Jess, nurse and traveller, is the in-studio guest/host... News stories: ”U.S. Keeps Troops in Sadr City in spite of the SOFA”,”How Many Times Will Guantanamo Kill”, Noam Chomsky: “The Torture Memos”... Street Interviews: 5-28 Logan and Heather—SCPD cop told them not to “loiter” in New Leaf parking lot for marijuana smoking...5-29: The DeLeon/Richardson Injunction hearing... James Nay in court for his son James Jr, forceed to live in a homeless shelter in San Jose by parole officer...(arrested for chalking “Sleep Deprivation is Torture” 10 years before)... After the Injunction decision: comments by Gabe, Steve Argue, Colin Kevin Clyde,...Jeremiah (the Wharf “bullfrog” 6-string guitarist) defending against a harassment marijuana ticket... Tobias, Mendelson, Zack: Jug Town Pirates...”Cops”...Nessie and Her Beard sings “Tiptoe Thru the Tulips”...Orindam Krishna Doss pushes feasts and Krishna...5-30: Aaron on shoplifting ticket nullified the next from Human Lab...(2 hours)

Sunday, June 7, 2009
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's The Wake Up Call: Discussion of the Budget Cuts...Flashback: public comment...August 1984 Board of Supervisors Hearing on expanding the County Camping Ban to make it a Misdemeanor: Michael Hilgard (“BamBam”) leads off.... Music from Human Lab] Flashback cont.:Laura Sotell... Street Interviews C.J. Stock';s guitar theft and subsequent gift (performs evenings in front of Clouds)...Michale Kelee and two others get jaywalking tickets from Officer Winston... Shay on police ass-grabbing and other adventures...Haley and Skittles getting underage smoking-on-beach tickets...Shawn defends hitchhiking on the freeway...4-27: Interview w/Officer Kline rewarded with a lollypop...Confrontation with a female musician who calls police when I don't turn off my tape recorder...Phone call from Sylvia Karras of California Network of Mental Health Clients announcing Linda Andrea, author of Doctors of Deception's local booksigning... Update on People v. Norse—the metro trespass case...Bunny's Manager Michelle Chase's declaration against Anna Richardson and Miguel de Leon; others by Manthri Srinath of Lulu Carpenter's and Melody Szarek of Borders that resulted in “one incident of sleeping downtown at night and you go to jail” Injunction...Flashback of the August 1984 the Board of Supervisors Hearing .: a vet, Carol Francine, John Hernandez, Katherine attorney Ray Grueneich, Donna Smith with Child Advocacy Project, Jerry Rubin, Gayle the writer, Michael Copeland, Margaret Brandow, Shawn, [4 ½ hours approx.]

Thursday, June 11, 2009
Download Show [ ]...Days in History...drug war news.. In-studio guest Linda Andre, author of Doctors of Deception: What They Don't Want You To Know About Shock Treatment at .... Report on Rev. Joel Miller's evicting homeless meeting from Calvalry Episcopal lawn organziing a human rights protest..6-1 Interviews at Calvary Episcopal: Logan's open container citations after he slipped a bottle he was carrying report from “Big Drum” Brent on the Street Performers Guild...(2 hours)

Sunday, June 14, 2009
Download Show [Extended edition] Flashback: February 12, 1985 Board of Supervisors considers misdemeanor Camping Ordinance for Santa Cruz County...Supervisors and Al Noren support the ordinance....postponed until after North Coast Beach Commission hearing... March 19, 1985 Board of Supervisors meeting with/ Al Noren returning the proposed criminalization of homeless campers; initial public comment...Blogger and activist Becky Johnson phone interview on African-American tarotcard reader Jason Paschal's jail torture ordeal in L.A. more info: 831-600-8357 or []... []... from Black Death Allstars Street Interview:6-13: Interview with Chip of the DTA (Downtown Association) at the Bunny's Protest (contact: 429-8433...Kathy Lombardi, formerly homeless mom with three kids, presents her son Jacob, who got a ticket for leaning up against a planter box, and a week later for leaning against the fence near New Leaf, though no signs posted... $100 on first count and $250 on the second...Visionsong Valerie sings “Homeless, homeless, whatyagonna do? Whatyagonna do when they come for you?”...Report from Pledgebearers going to the shops.. Live phone interview with attorney Tracy Herrin and activist Tad in Humboldt County—Eureka and Arcata... report on the People's Project protest of last year.. [ ]... ...Measure K Committee members and Med-Ex medical marijuana distributor Anita Henry [Approx 4 ½ hours]

Thursday, June 18, 2009
Download Show George Rimbow on union favoritism, eviction difficulties...Councilwatcher Ed Davidson on the City Council's Abandonment of the Tidelands to the Seaside Company, De Anza Rent Control Destruction, La Bahia, County Housing Element.... 6-13 Bunny's Protest: Anna “Banana” Richardson and Miguel de Leon interviewed over their recent bust for sleeping in the forbidden Injunction zone, dispute the accuracy of Michelle Chase, Bunny's manager's declaration to the court; John O's conversation with Downtown Association director Chip .. ...... Measure K (lowest enforcement priority for marijuana use, sales, etc. in private) Committee member Anita Henry, later joined by David Pareta, the sole Committee member to vote against the annual report...[video at& ] [2 hours]

Sunday, June 21, 2009
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's The Wake Up Call Flashback: 3-19-85 Board of Supervisors Public Hearing on making Camping a county-wide misdemeanor: Sheriff Al Noren, Jesus Santos, Judith—Calvalry Episcopal minister, Mr. Alexander—UCSC research student, Dan Wilson, Judy Lindmore] Flashback cont.: Christina Bowman—UCSC student teacher, Ray Grueneich—lawyer, Charles Wilson...”‘The Responsible Left’: Funding Obama’s Expanding Wars” by Jeremy Scahill...Ron Paul on Iran.......Street Interview: ”Matchstick”In-studio guest Becky Johnson on Donald Schmdit and judicial abuse by former D.A. Ariadne Symons and D.A. Bob Lee [] ...Brent Adams report from the Downtown Association .. Tokin Timothy on Artwork protecting Downtown Musicians....Emergency Moratorium on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries [ ]... [ ]... [4 hours approx]

Thursday, June 25, 2009
Download Show Critique of the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Moratorium passed by Santa Cruz City Council on 6-23; Staff report and opening public hearing; [ ]... [ ]... ... Fresno activist Mike Rhodes update on FPD coverup of its assault on homeless Glen Beaty [ ]... successful settlement of a lawsuit against .the Rescue Mission's “search and destroy” actions against homeless property. [2 hours]

Sunday, June 28, 2009
Download Show Flashback: March 1985 Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors hearing on proposed misdemeanor camping ordinance for the County—public comment from ordinance critics mostly: Jay, a woman who heads the Grey Panthers, Ellis, mary Doe, Joshua Cardenas, Mike, Al, Steve the juggler, Jan Gold, Brian...Street Interviews at the June 20th Pledge Protest outside Bunny's Shoes: Thomas Goodwin on Vet cutbacks, John the rough sleepr, Leaf's account of being charged $3 for bathroom use at Starbucks, ticketed for panhandling with a fishing rod by Officer Winston (other tickets for sitting on a planter box, within 14' of a building), Krishna booksellers in front of Borders w/o a permit.. Anna “Banana” Richardson reports a ticket just inside the Injunction Zone...”Neese and her beard”...Shelli A's account of being hit-and-dumped by Dominican, still vomitting from concussion... Phone Chat wit Drummer Dave on cops arresting a kid for yelling at an abusive plow-through-the-crowd driver in parking lot #4...Guitarists Aaron and Rafael report Officer Winston smashed Corey to the sidewalk in front of Union Grove music the evening of Wednesday the 25th.. Phone Interview with Ellen Fitzhugh, lyricist who wrote “Torture”[]... Jeremy Alderson previews upcoming 13th Annual Homelessness Marathon in Detroit on impact of NAFTA . [ ]... ...In-studio guest Anita Henry, Measure K Committee survivor, (831-425-3444) reviews 6-23 City Council mayor “Two Minute” Matthews' public comment on the rubberstamped medical marijuana moratorium. [ ]... ...taped conversation with Stewart, applicant for the Ingals St. dispensary and Craig Canada (approx 5 hours)

Thursday, July 2, 2009
Download Show Enforced medical marijuana dispensary moratorium killing two applications cont.: Discussion outside City Council chambers from 6-23...More info from applicant Stewart at ...Street Interviews: Problems (since resolved) at Jack's Hamburgers...5-28: Ranger Wallace moves along injured Dani; “Fish” on proposed Jack's settlement (since accepted)... 6-1 Homeless meeting on sidewalk next to the Calvary Episcopal Church planning the downtown protest against the Injunction and the Sleeping Ban...(approx. 2 hours)

Sunday, July 5, 2009
Download Show Flashback: March 1985 Board of Supervisors hearing on the Camping-Made-A-Misdemeanor Ordinance cont.: Karen, the 9-year old Hernandez, Brian Rooney—law criminalizes sleeping and cooking, would put homeless in jail, Paul Martin—worker who lives by camping, John Began—prevented from serving food at Louden Nelson, Carolyn—saw no violence nor defecation and will vote against Supes who suppport the law, Ralph Barnes—Seattle visitor suggesting people will turn to crime to pay fines; David Scott—gardener who thinks law will funnel folks into the military, John James—computer consultant noting law will arrest tourists, ban cooking in an RV, Eva—ex-Grey Panther denounces city for not helping find shelter...6/1: Planning session of First Bunny's protest cont...6-23 Street Interviews: Gabe on toothpulling w/o anesthetic...6-24: Robert Blindbear's appeal to return the 5' high traveling tent on the 3-wheeled vehicle stolen from Calvalry Episcopal....6-4: Obie the goggled street jewler...Larry Wilson on Vet's resumption of sovereignty in the basement of the Vet's Hall... Yoyo pushes the perilous pendulem downtown... Consent Agenda items from 6-23 City Council meeting: the injunction against The Santa Cruz Two (de Leon and Richardson), investing with war profiteers, late budget, the new “Hosts” ..Raucous R calls for demonstrating against bad cops at their homes...Big Drum Brent's quick phone report on the 4th of July Flag Burning...[Approx 4 hours]

Thursday, July 9, 2009
Download Show Reuters: ”Iraqi Groups Calls for Further Attacks on U.S. Troops....Street Interviews: Ronee Curry, former Monday Calvary Episcopal Coffeehouse host, discusses repressive changes against the visible homeless there, prompting her “following the homeless and returning to street work”... “Fish” reports that Connie of Jack's Hamburgers apologized to him for kicking him out...David reports Sgt. Harms called him a “drug dealer”...Tamaya's tale of Harms' harassment back in winter of 2007-8 when he hauled in for a marijuana ticket from six years before...Phone Interview with Randy Walburger, Santa Monica Side-by-Side worker ( ) [ ]... ...urges folks to write letters to Santa Monica Daily Press: “targeting the poor for being in public places is unjust” attn: kevinherrera [2 hours]

Sunday, July 12, 2009
Download Show [Wake Up Call w/Thomas L. ...Norse-Leavitt discussion of sleeping ban and harassment of homeless downtown..Flashback March 1985 cont.: Jack, chair of local Grey Panthers; ma who fears her 2-year old daughter will be taken away from her, now has welfare; Charles Wood, UCSC student, on camping ban irresponsible law for responsible govt; Don Harris—on nomadic living; Supervisor's objection: how to let folks camp yet shut down property owner improvements; Joshua Butts—wasted bureaucracy money on “homeless services” that doesn't get to homeless; Jerry-litter left by middle-class folks; Steve Hopkins—new bad camping law will impact everyone]... Late June/early July--Street Interviews: Aaron and Raphael report witnessing Officer Winston throw Corey to the ground violently, cracking his head, near Union Grove Music around 8 p.m., released and charged with possession of paraphernalia; Sgt. Harms gives his view, comments on Drum Circle...Fresno Update thru Phone interview with activist Mike Rhodes: Attempted closing of Black Rascal Creek Encampment in Merced [ ]... Fresno authorities attack T Street's sex offender encampment; [ ]... Glen Beaty—homeless man beaten by Fresno cops Gross and Payne in a video back on 2-9 court shuttling him to Atascadero, for declining to take medication; Cynthia Green and Al Williams attempting to open a home for homeless on Kinkaid lawsuit money, immediately threatened with fines; H St encampment largely closed down, surrounded by barbed wire; Greg the Fresno homeless czar's slow expenditure of money & other Fresno news..Street Interviews cont.: Sgt. Harm cont....Looksee Lee critiques city's treatment of youth and homeless...Justin on Winston doing repeated harassment searches; Tanya dissed for sidewalk sitting, health department harassing Monday Cavalry Episcopal Church Coffeehouse, rude police chief response to a Scotts Valley complaint......6-27 largest-ever Bunny's Protest: Autumn and Leaf on Officer Warren's jawbreaker threat to B.O.B....gun pulled on Tommy Hatch...Interviews w/sign honders: Dakota, Shalan, Autumn, Ethan, Lindsay, Fionna, Joel, Darren, Erin, and others...Ethan denied Rite-Aide job because of marijuana smoking.... Shay on smoking ticket in front of New Leaf....Officer Warren warns benchsitting guitar strummer...another “break your jaw” threat complaint re: Officer Warren towards B.O.B.,,,Jessee, aka Squid, Kevin, and Panda complain about harassment for amplified strumming...ancient John Lickola's thoughts... Melissa and boyfriend ticketed on the beach 9 months ago—he was taken to jail, took all the blame... Officer Dan Florbus, Tamiya says, told him she couldn't park her vehicle-home unless she was shopping homeless girl living in a van, cop insists she can't park there unless she uses the businesses...Petaluma youth say homeless there ignored...Hat Company owner, Maria, complains her biz has dropped 75%....Officer Warren denies “break your jaw threat” to B.O.B... .More street interview: Winston threatens Ding-Ding Man...“Big Drum” Brent Adams interview...w/Wireless defending local businesses and updating us. [4+ hours]

Thursday, July 16, 2009
Download Show Street Inteviews: 7-10: David and Brandon give the Rainbow Gathering report from New Mexico..Xochee describes a defense against cop harassment under the “no dog on the mall” law for her pooch Ketsel the poodle...Santa Monica update...:Palo Alto's Victor Frost at []... ...Street Interviews July 11 at 6th Bunny's protest: Jose David Moohan on Bookshop Santa Cruz discrimination and other problems...Hillary, “No Name” the Norse critic, Maria—Hat Company owner, homeless food seker, Vicki, Gretchen & others... Office Warren arrives with “Move Along” demand from anonymous complainer... [2 hours]

Sunday, July 19, 2009
Download Show [The Wake Up Call with short Flashback continuation of 3-85 Board of Supes Hearing on Camping Ordinance Expansion: Mary Doe, Joshua Cardenas, etc.] ..Street Interviews 6-29: “Mama” Val Promise on disappearing benches... 6-30: street performer's Jaywalking ticket trials...UCSC student Michele Garza's downtown ordinance study...Ariele, the red-light bandit, John the ButtCrimeguy...two Counterpunch articles...July 11th Bunny's Protest cont.: C.J. reports being 86ed from mall... Officer Warren on his original citations to Richardon and de Leon...7-12: B.O.B. Claims Warren threatened to “fuckin' break your jaw”, though later saying he was “just playing”...Phil on hassles at Metro...Shiney sparechanging for wine... Melissa “Smile if You Masturbate” signer on her “too close to a fence” and “spanging in a group” tickets...Grime, Roaddog, Nick/Spaz, Barefoot Brad...7-13: Mikey Rat—witness to B.O.B./Warren encounter...Bekka: hungry UCSC student in search of attorney... 7-14 Catching illegal sitters at the Harry Potter movie line w/Officer Deeg...DC on a local rape; Jeremiah the Bullfrog's bogus marijuana ticket..Kind and her dog, Harmonica man's hassles, Tina grilled and litter-ticketed at Garfield Park by Officers Paco and Wayland... 7-15: Candace and Mikey Rat ticketed while eating for “blocking the sidewalk” across form New Leat by Sgt. Harms and Officer Warren...Poi-ing performer gets conflicting cop orders...Guitar Joe reports a C.J. Bench hassle...Thomas Goodwin reports being banned from Sub Rosa interview with “Bashful” Bernard Klitzner on threatening behavior from Officer Wilson 7-18. [approx. 4 hours]

Thursday, July 23, 2009
Download Show In-studio guest Doug Loisel, Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Homeless Services Center ( and FRSC Broadcaster/SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom and Expression) activist Coral Brune on absence of shelter, new 50c for meal fee beginning August 3rd to raise $48,000 annually (9-11,000 meals per month) ...Loisel, formerly Exec Dir of Salvation Army Shelter in Bell in East Los Angeles, acknowledges “no walk-in shelter”--shelters are full this summer...60-70% of budget goes to salaries...Rebele Family Shelter 60-70 people; Page Smith—40 people; River St., Paul Lee Loft (20-30 people)...Loisel's proposed parking limitations...possibly allowing people to use the bathrooms there during the day... Street Interviews: 7-18—Bunny's 7th Week Protest: Michael Moya, Patrick and Tracy, Fred Rosen, video: [].. . ...[2 hours]

Sunday, July 26, 2009
Download Show [T.L.'s The Wake-Up Call...Flashback: March 1985 Board of Supes Hearing cont.: speakers at the public hearing nearly all oppose Sheriff Noren's harsh “no camping/sleeping in county” law: will drive borderline people over edge, overbroadly criminalizes bas stoves, sleeping in vehicle next to a relative's house, sleeping during the day on the beach: Margaret Brenda and daughter Blossom, Mee Sook Grueneich, Chairman of Rio Del Mar Improvement Assn, Ron C., Joel from CCNV in D.C., Jim Hansom reports Fire Dept. discrimination, homeless Vet—no address, no job; Sam Mitchell urges partyer crackdown not homeless harassment; Supervisor Levy & Moor comments]... 7th Bunny's Protest 7-18: Aptos Trailer Resident on Stereotyping and Harassment of Poor...Lulu Carpenter's former workers report owner Manthri Srinath's belittling behavior towards employees, delaying pay checks two weeks, directing no service to homeless-looking people...Officer's Winston, Warren, and CSO Whalen appear to “move along” the protest table...Lisa and Joyce defends the rights of homeless people in on-the-sidewalk [] Reading from The Right to the City: by Don Mitchell...City Council preview (more fees to pay for more downtown policing, extending medical marijuana distribution center moratorium for many more months)... Street Interviews: Marilyn of Alfresco's...Corey Connor the Juggler, Angela and James report police beating a handcuffed man on the sidewalk near the Salvation Army, Officer Winston present.... Angela reports Winston harassment for panhandling near Urban Outfitters, Streetlight Records at night...cameraman Mike notes religious zealots not harassed, but HUFFsters are... 7-19: Silver Suit Keith Wolfe streetshowkeith@myspace the fire juggler and statue artist threatened by Officer Forbus with property confiscation, and told “don't come to Santa Cruz” on Friday evening, 7-17 .. German listener calls in commenting on the Gates arrest in Cambridge...Iraqi Vet Patrick on saving Heritage Walnut Trees threatened with removal from S.C. High...Albert Johnson the Music Man... Michael Davidson says he was hog-tied by cops after he was jumped by the Starship Concert...Dee critiquing Officer Winston targeting him based on prior incidents... Melissa :with “Spare a Dollar if you Smile; Smile in Masturbate” sign censored by Officer Warren in spite of oks from other cops...[3 ½ + hours)

Thursday, July 30, 2009
Download Show Street Interviews-- 7-20: “Smile if you Masturbate; Spare a Dollar if You Smile” Melissa's sign censored by Officer Warren ..Colorado travellers Stix, Bekka, and Anthony...Shay and Jeremiah give second-hand cop violence report... Selected news stories: OPD Officer Hector Jimenez fired after shooting two unarmed men in the back in separate incidents... Oscar Grant killing—street struggle ... [ ]... ... 7-21: Aspen/Zoran: rejected at the Food Bin...7-22: Mark reports from Red church cracking down on loitering by pastor Joel Miller.... Michael Moya reports cops silenced him from prop-Prop 8 preaching; claims profiling by Officer Shoenfield who called his salt crystal meth and arrested him, property confiscated, held 5 days; PD tries to get him to plead; preliminary hearing August 14th 9:30 a.m....ukelele and kazoo player. Logan Thorne reports companion got a lying on the sidewalk while panhandling...issuing officer Schoenfelt told him not to come back to the Avenue again...7-25: Bliss on Pick 'n Pull told by cops to crush motorhomes cause “tired of dealing with them”. 7-27 testimony of young Gabriel who washes windows at gas stations for donations. [2 hours]

Sunday, August 2, 2009
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's Wake Up Call]....Flashback: concluding the Board of Supervisors debate in 1985 over a County-wide Camping Ban... Supervisors Levy, Patton, Forbus, Cucheras, and Moore...proposed expansion of authorized camping opportunities that never happened, housing alternatives for the homeless that never happened...Street Talk: 7-25 Bunny's 8th protest : Lulu Carpenter's report from Lilah McCord; Visionsong Valerie reports musician Merryweather Mike on 7-31 was told to leave and then harassed away from the public sidewalk by Lulu's owner Manthri and/or his employees... Roughtongue Roxanne calls in to report abuses by John Stuart Management at Elizabeth Oaks apartments: dress codes, no ball bouncing, no bike riding, no stored bbq devices, no second-hand goods...Canadian police critic Ron Anicich (formerly of the show Bad Cop, No Doughnut) on rising police budgets, dropping crime rates in his show got thrown off the air and radio station CKLA abandoned him under police pressure...FRSC programmer Skidmark Bob ( show at 10 AM Tuesdays) on internal FRSC censorship and “race card”/racism issues...[3 ¼ hours]

Thursday, August 6, 2009
Download Show Street Interviews: J.P. Freeman ticketed for having a beer while waiting for his laundry; Thomas hit by car on tracks 8-1; Traveller and friends describing “leave the property” orders at west-side Safeway though buying goods because of friends waiting in the parking lot with puppies... Downtown Association stonewalls Sleeping Ban discussion... Boardwalk security giving trespass cites without warning. 7-25 Bunny's Protest (#8): Thomas against the new 50c charge for eating at Homeless Services Center...Alex and Shamus report being kicked off public sidewalk by O'Neill's protests for playing Irish folk music; Jason dismayed at police ticket for “sitting after dark”...Officers Winston and Fincutter demand our political table be removed; a new “chair-table” replaces the old...confronting police as they harass and surveil the table...debate with Maria of the Hat Company and an opponent of the protest...[2 hours]

Sunday, August 9, 2009
Download Show August 9, 2009 7-25 8th Protest at Bunny's: Debate with Disagreeable Disagreer...who feels it's “good” that homeless people don't have a place to sleep ( ...Whatt Clark sez “don't discriminate” ditto for Damian Solace...Maria, Hat Co. Owner, invites us to a DTA meeting (later denied by Executive director Chip); Aileen: where can homeless sleep?, Candace describes sidewalk sitting cite 7-24; 8-4: Josh Muir describes two doggie tickets in one morning from Chief Ranger Wallace; Mu ticketed for flute-flauting at Del Williams alcove; 8-6 Drummer Suzanne gets bogus Boardwalk bench hassle; Christine claims deputy quota for tickets; 8-7: Sheree Rosa and Scarlet the pooch hassled for flying a sign on Ocean, complains about discriminatory firing at Kiva's; Stanley Arnee on creeping costs, desperation, need for a tent city; Carrie H.reports may complaints about HSC's new 50c charge for homeless meal—dropping numbers and bad food; 7-27: PeeWee the windowwasher's youthful saga cont.. Jonnie Hughes on Prop. 36 cutbacks; 7-29: Ashley and friends busted at her lodging in nighttime interrogation ordeal, property seized; Guitarhappy Jay on no new tickets; Dan Putnam, Colin Clyde....FRSC broadcaster discussion (Tereza in studio ; Uncle Dennis on the phone) on Spanish programming, censorship, racism, and related concerns around a recent local controversy (3 ¾ hours)

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Download Show Lockheed Fire Update...People Power activist Micah Posner discusses 8-16 protest bike ride demanding safety corridors on King St. & bike respect on Mission St. ( ) ...Street Interviews: B.O.B.'s reports Chief Ranger Wallace ticketing sleepers again...Phone Interview with activist attorney ( ) ( Larry Hildes from Bellingham, WA defending protesters blocking military shipments to occupying American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan... Street Interviews at the 9th Bunny's Shoes protest: 8-1: , Matt's advice for cops waking illegal sleepers; Don Solano,, Gabrielle and Lala, The Trumpeteer, Skateboard Spaz, Doug Loisel, Homeless Services Center Director (2 hours)

Sunday, August 16, 2009
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call...Daniel Ellsberg on Hiroshima:( ) Cheryl Kelmar calls in with strong critique of local judiciary—Judge Burdick, Robert Basso on youtube in 2 weeks from Santa Barbara...9th Bunny's protest cont. from 8-1: On-the-street interview with Doug Loisel, of Homeless Service Center Director who supports Tent Shelter...Jim L. from Canada calls in with complaint about CSO Pam Bachtel...August 1 Protest threatened by police....Discussion with Officer Warren on trespass laws..Andrea, Jen, Niami, Vic, & others comment...Kurt Wilson recalls police supporting vigilante action against his van...Jack K's report....Art and Soul's Paul giving away abstract photos...July27th City Council meeting—More cash for a downtown cop..Drummer Dave's greeting...Matthew Rothschild: “the Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.”...Bike activist Coral calls in from Mission St./King St. protest ride [see 8-13-09 above]...Council meeting cont. on Medical Marijuana Dispensary moratorium discussion. [3 ½ hours]

Thursday, August 20, 2009
Download Show Council Medical Marijuana Moratorium discussion cont.: Lisa Molyneux asks a special growhouse exception for her Greenway club; Rotkin supports her, then abandons her; Council votes an “emergency” without any specific “health, safety, welfare”...Sacramento Tent Cityupdates: ( ( ) Portland anti-Sleeping Ban lawsuit:( ) (2 hours)

Sunday, August 23, 2009
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call] Phone Interview with Street Performers Guild activist [and illegal van sleeper] Brent Adams [831-421-0316 ] ..reports meeting with Jamie of the Hosts Program, DTA, but not SCPD; informal complaints from Farmer's Market manager Nesh and farmers about Wednesday Drum Circle but no formal complaints... Street Interviews: 9-8: Multi-police on one bicycle guy report, Godseyesteer Alex Carter on professional shortchange artist activity; Drummer Dave's phone report. Uncle Dennis the Bard, Visionsong Valerie, Candace on SFPD false arrest, Moonstruck Mike told “not to sit there”... 8-10 Homeless Service Center critique from Zack, Ella Mae Weiss, and Rhonda: 50-cent meal price rice causing drop in homeless use; Rhonda's meds stolen, Dennis Adams Sunday meal now subject to bureaucratic HSC restrictions...Vandsweller Sharon Paight's trial: video interview, her attorney Ed Frey in studi-guest (on her case and other issues) ...Tad and attorney Tracy Herrin of Arcada join Ed Frey by phone on Arcada sleeping ban cases ( ) [3 ½ hours]

Thursday, August 27, 2009
Download Show Street Interviews: 8-26: Lawrence MacGregor, self-described disabled Air Force vet, given sleeping ticket while he was awake in the park playing video games... Andrew Papen of Sub Rosa Cafe, reports police may be driving away homeless people from San Lorenzo Park around lawn bowling area...Mu describes murder of his daughter Justin...Phone Interview with Jay Marks on tour with Proposition One (local anti-nuclear initiatives) Contact info: 202-210-3886 ( & ( ..Fresno activist Mike Rhodes on Homeland Security vs. homeless...tasering of Randy Johnson for throwing away a ticket “menacingly”, who later had wrist broken by another cop.. Closing of H St. and Golden State encampments... updates on The Hill and Sante Fe encampments...local city lawsuit against medical marijuana dispensaries in Fresno...Glen Beaty, jailed since February after assault by Fresno PD still in jail with no charges...In-studio visitor Crow reports his van illegally towed...[2 hours]

Sunday, August 30, 2009
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call] Selections from Audio tape of Nonviolence: Twenty-Five Lessons from the History of a Dangerous Idea by Mark Kurlansky (Judism and early Christianity: Christian Non-Violent figures: Ignatius, Origen, Tertullian, Maximillianus, Martin...Augustine's “Just War” corruption)...Bench Bullshit—Merchants Menace Benchsitters... Street Interviews: 8-13 Anna Banana's Update, Trailing Officer Winston... Lulu Carpenter's Protest Poll:( ...Rightasrain Ronee and Streetscanner Satori...Nameless Rapper, Moonstruck Mike,..mayoral aspirant Giovanni, 8-15: Animal, Jr. on camptrasher Chief Ranger Wallace, Luther on youth chalkers, Phone-In Report from Renegade Ray on Cop Marijuana Burn as Origin of Lockheed Fire to justify guns/meth/weed search... Street Interviews: Winston's panhandling and littering tickets discussed and denounced...Winston v. Norse...Joker's panhandling ticket from Winston...Robert Blindbear's told he was told no performing anywhere on Pacific Ave...Call-in Junion volunteers to translate show into Spanish...In-studio guest Crow on his towed schoolbus... [Approx 3 hours]

Thursday, September 3, 2009
Download Show Drummer Dave's percussive report on Sgt. Harms casing Drum Circle habitue......Minneosta Jakob sings “Further than You Think” ...Yoyo busted on false masturbation complaint by Officers Winston and Warren and then fasley called drunk, released without charges...Chief Ranger John Wallace closes the Pogonip in heroin hysteria ( ) & ( ) ...Smoking ban no input from homeless coming up Tuesday at City Council ( ) ...Iraqi obscenities...Lulu Carpenters August 22nd Demo: Officer Winston decrees—Move the Political Table..Mona and Kimberly from Fresno, homeless Bobby commends Dominican Hospital, San Jose David complaints of anti-Latino SJPD harassment...(2 hours)

Sunday, September 6, 2009
Download Show [Wake-Up Call...Katherine Aldiss, singer, dancer, composer, Rio resident guests, co-hosts, sings, and speaks ( 440-8707 discusses problems with homeless services she's used here (no hangouts, no weekend showers, no 7 PM free concert allowed) ...More from Kurlansky's Nonviolence audio book: Chapter 2... Lulu Carpenter's protest 8-22 cont. ( ) ...strategies to beat the “Move Along Protest Tables” law...Lulu's denies homeless Steve-o bathroom access...Proposed City Smoking Ban Expansion discussion: Becky Johnson's analysis at ( ) ...Street Interviews: 9-3: Leo told to get dog ChicMagnetLucre off street; Coyote policefree; Odin reports friend Mobley got “sitting on a backpack” falseticket from CSO Wilson...Hannah reports Sgt. Harms threatened ticket for her fine arts jewelry; a second officer called her artwork display “panhandling” on Boardwalk ...Didamus reports new “no sitting on the levy side of the levy walkway” directive given Pan...Theresa's nausea report...Juggler Corey Cox moved along for 24 hours by Winston...More voices: Baba the Beatles singer, Shay with pooch, (approx 4 hours)

Thursday, September 10, 2009
Download Show Norse on the Pacific Avenue Smoking Ban: Becky Johnson's continuing critique; Pogonip closing...Street Interviews: Robert “Blindbear” Facer on “no Cathcart to Elm St. on Pacific Ave.” performing...Call-in from Jeremy Arndt, ticketed by Officer 'Winchester' Winston for didgeredo, who told him laws designed to stop playing downtown, then told the opposite by Fran the “Hospitality” yellowjacket...again harassed by Winston... Street Interviews: Winston versus the Chalkers...Red and pooch D.O.G, Bud and his pooch Bipolar, third pooch Amour: Red claims he held off dog ticket under the Americans w/Disabilities Act 9-16: Matthew and Ken—police mellow...9-18: Savage Skinner,Corey, and Sam, contact jugglers of The Grand Finale...Red on two Winston prisoners jailed for sparking a day and a half long chalk-in downtown—put on a bus and sent back “home” ...Corey on upcoming machete/fire juggling...Iraqi Shoethrower al-Zaidi Inundated with Offers and Gifts: ( ) ...fantasy apology speech from Obama...Drummer Dave's 2 minute drum circle update [2 hours]

Sunday, September 13, 2009
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call for 2 hours]...Phone Interview with Sacramento activist John Kraintz on the G Street Encampment ( ) & ( ) police seizing 30 tents and sleeping gear, taking all cellphones at an estimated cost of $5000, creating a huge mess and photographing it at 5:30 AM...Phone Interview with Sacramento attorney Mark Merin, on whose property the campers were arrested, background of the Lehr federal lawsuit, a victorious settlement with the county, but not yet the city, support from local defense attorneys...Phone Interview with Kathleen Williams, Sacramento homeless activist on successful organizing in the community... Christian Church abandons non-violence in the 11th Century in “Peace of God”-- Kurlansky's Nonviolence audio book cont. w/ history of Islam and how non-violence perverted there...Hemporium medical marijuana distributor Roger Mentch begs City Council for help against the crackdown...Street Interviews: Jasmine discouraged from coming downtown; Ashley describes violent incident involving Officer Winston near New Leaf...Vandweller Donna Deiss on RV harassment by Officer Hague (Badge #428)...Ray Fibula critiques Dominican Hospital discrimination...(3 ½ hours approx)

Thursday, September 17, 2009
Download Show Mark Kurlansky's Twenty-Five Lessons on Non-Violence, Chapter 10: The Rule of Thugs and the Law of Gravity—Mohandas Gandhi: first a political activist against passivity...Abdul Kafar Khan, Afghani Patan aristocrat, who joined Gandhi, with non-violent resistance against the British... Street Interviews: Musician Cal on ruf times downtown...Lawrence MacGregor—had a stroke on the street, claims poor treatment at Dominican, notes ticketed five times for sleeping.. on levy, on beach, by red church, and 5 miles out of town...anonymous account of local suffering assault/detention by Boardwalk security guards...Ronee, distributing burritos, pastries, and water in front of Borders... Cole Sadler's Winstonticket for sitting within 14' of a directory sign on sidewalk in solidarity with homeless folks ...Sentinel editorial attacks WAMMfest smoking exemption; effects of second-hand smoke outdoors...Middletown, Conn. Authorities go after Food Not Bombs: ( Not Food Update: ( hours)

Sunday, September 20, 2009
Download Show [Wake-Up Call for 2 hours w/Thomas Leavitt] Co-Host Christopher Doyen, radio refugee from now downtown panhandler and activist...Phone Interview from Boulder, CO with Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry on COPS (communityorientedpolicingservice) lobby for anti-homeless campaigns...early history of FNB in Cambridge... FNB's in Iceland, aboriginal chapter in Australia,in 1000 cities serving free vegan meals...attacks on FNB in New Mexico, Florida, Connecticut...FNB designated one of top ten terrorist groups in U.S...military intelligence infiltrated FNB in Olympia, WA... Caller Steve recalls street confrontation, commends us...Smoking Ban discussion at City Council 9-8...Street Interviews: Larry remembers vet Robert Hall..90-year old Charlie Marshall looks back...Louden Nelson Park youth denounce police... 9-9: Thomas Goodwin claims he was denied Vet van service...Vets abroad in service of imperialism: murderers?...[3 ½ hours]

Thursday, September 24, 2009
Download Show WAMMfest refused smoking exemption discussion...Phone Interview with Homeless Service Center Director Doug Loisel: discussion of 50 cent HSC meal...3 strikes policy for dine and dash, homeles numbers, reopening of Center during the day...denies downtown smoking ban has to do with the homeless..salaries of HSC workers... No Harvey West shelter, but Armory again this winter (Contact Loisel at 458-6020 then press 3)......Street Interviews: Socialist Steve Argue's update and lookback..Drummer Dave and Visionsong Valerie on non-violent solution to violent outreak at Wednesday Drum Circle [2 hours]

Sunday, September 27, 2009
Download Show Sunday September 27, 2009 [Wake Up Call]...Co-Host Chris Doyen...Doyen at the WAMMfest...bioindexing to get Food Stamps...Chris reports on Mike hassled for taking donation for his streetart by Officers Warren and Winston...Flashback: Oct. 25, 1988 City Council Oral communications Sleeping Ban protest and Councilmember Rotkin's response... critiquing 1988 Rotkin... Beggarbacker Becky on California Coastal Clean-Up (google for Becky Johnson and Sentinel)...Environmental cover for anti-homeless activity... ( ) ...Street Interviews—violence against the homeless: 9-24 Tom Preston describes being beaten by four officers including Officers Winston, on 9-21...Moonstruck Mike on surveillence camersas on Pacific Ave...Robert ticketed making penny design on sidewalk, leaning down low to place a penny---Officers Warren and Winston threatened jail...[3 ½ hours]

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Download Show Street Interviews: 9-18 Report of 8 cops trying to catch a guy in the river...Lily and Raven report a baby and on the way and Sentinel Parking Lot off-limits thanks to new owner Cruzio...first meeting with Curbhugger Chris Doyen, his street report with a fistful of tickets, told cops told to “crack down”. .David Rovics “Polyamory” tune: ( ... Vancouver report: ( 511/ ) Battleweary Bob Patton reports on Human Rights Organization awards to attorneys Gettleman and Frey; plaintiffs Anna Richardson, Miguel de Leon, and Sharon Paight; and Free Radio Santa Cruz...Doyen's streetsmarts cont....Eddy: with illegal sign after dark: “homeless and hungry: old dog needs a few bones”...Vehicular couple forced to remove...Anonymous reports on 9-16 thru 9-18 homeless beatings in front of New Leaf at night.. MerryweatherMike and Visionsong Valerie sing Downtown , Santa Cruz style... Second anonymous report on the beatings, a third report by Jasmine, a fourth by victim Contemplative Colin...9-20: Another Doyen account... ( ... Steve and daughter debate Norse & a homeless woman...Officer Albert refuses to cite or warn a middleclass sitter and another with an illegal dog...Beverly's beefs: refused unemployment after laid off by The Gap, outside, now with (illegal) sign.... Curbhugger Chris interviews R. Norse...[2 hours]

Sunday, October 4, 2009
Download Show Sunday, October 4, 2009 [2 hours of The Wake-Up Call] Leavitt critiques Vice-Mayor Rotkin's damage-control diversion of homeless protest at City Council in 10-25-88 Flashback...Mike Rhodes Fresno report: the Glen Beaty beating and kidnapping, H Street Encampment destruction, attorney excuses, & other updates More ...Street Interviews: Officer Winston disperses the Delmarettes + Miguel/Anna De Leon...3 California Cannibis Initiatives... “Sell Crack or Die—Defendant Found Guilty” up in Bay Area..Various news stories...Oscar Grant Update...Last meeting of the Santa Cruz Citizen's Police Review Board—the Selective Enforcement Resolution...[3 ½ hours]

Thursday, October 8, 2009
Download Show In-studio Guest: John Malkin, FRSC broadcaster, author, and former Citizens Police Review Board member...on history of Santa Cruz CPRB...Captain Steve Clark's history and political attacks on Malken...Skidmark Bob's phone comments on Clark and police accountability...Homeless Services Center Director Doug Loisel on Tom Preston's head injuries at the hands of the polices, and other HSC issues...Andrea calls in in tears seeking help (and getting it from Doug Loisel)... Sherry Conable's 2002 resolution against Selective Enforcement, passed by the CPRB but shelved by the Rotkin City Council...Rick of the Revival Party calls in from his Art Camper Car......Drum Circle Dave's report... Street Interviews: Jay told by Yellowjacket Hosts he was too close to the curb...Lawrence reports Highway Patrol arresting him for meth sales on no evidence, shooting him in the side with a salt bag gun... Commissioner Kim Baskett update—she set Robert “Blindbear” Facer's sleeping ban citation and Jumpstart John's sitting ticket for trial November 3rd [2 hours]

Sunday, October 11, 2009
Download Show [2 hours of The Wake-Up Call]...Flashback: 1996 Interview with broadcaster Perushka Obluda on the September City Hall Lockdown Sleeping Ban Protest....Caller John on panhandler...Victor Frost Panhandler and Palo Alto City Council Candidate... Flashback: April 1993 Housing California Activist Forum run by Oakland Union of the Homeless: Terry Messman....In-studio Guest Rutabega Rick...Flashback: December 1993 San Francisco FoodNotBombs Update... Phone Interview with teacher James (Jim) Cosner on Native American Slaughter (Columbus) Day—his 1996 arrest in Santa Cruz in the City Council Lockdown Against the Sleeping Ban, and the 2001 S.J. Columbus Statue Smashing (Contact: Street Interviews: 9-20: Rightheart Ronee on Pacific Avenue at.( ...Dave the Blade reports C.J. Attacked by neo-nazi types... Robert, Michael, PBJ, Trent, and others report...9-23: Jacklight John aka Johnny Dread recalls 1978 trollbusters... 9-30 Officer Albert at marijuana bust near the Wednesday Drum Circle with Angela and Drummer Dave reporting [Approx 3 ½ hours]

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Download Show Coral Brune—cohost...Street Interviews: 9-30 DrumCircle Dave's report continued and updated...Tom Preston sighting...Farewell to Skidmark Bob...Sub Rosa Recording Policy Controversy... HSC Director Loisel's report on opening up shelter during the rain...Parking Meters Against Panhandlers...Farewell to Magician Tom Connor...Rightheart Ronee reports on separating from Calvary Episcopal's repressive rules for the Monday afternoon youth coffeehouse...Panhandlers Three—Illegal at Dusk (Rags,Haley, & ...Rags cited for laying on sidewalk when he was leaning against his backpack by Officer Warren...Winson and Forbes ticket a man sitting 49'9” from a change machine...Rags claims 16 tickets in a matter of weeks from 5 separate officers (Winston, Ranger Wallace, Warren, Wilson, Sgt. Harms)...Robert “Hutch” Hutchinson's latest Tim Bratton “trespass” complaint report...Coral's memorial song for Grinmaster Greg who died of cancer 10-14-07... Seattle Nickelsville swept by cops...[2 hours]

Sunday, October 18, 2009
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call] Flashback Fall Homeless Protests in December, 1988: Jane Imler, Tom Noddy, Rocky Stone, Linda Edward, Robert Norse on John Sanditch's KZSC Curbhugger Chris D. joins us in commentary... Chris urges “plastic tarps not peanut butter” for the homeless..candysnatcher chris reports Officer Warren threatening to ticket him “every chance I get”...flashback intermingled with current event commentary w/callers from 21 years ago... Beggarbacker Becky Johnson on the City Council's anti-homeless Smoking Ban, reporting conversation with Councilmember Don Lane...Skidmark Bob Duran's final commentary on the “racist controversy” at FRSC ( Teresa Corragio's commentary( ) [approx 4 ½ hours]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Download Show Special “Catch-Up” Edition of Bathrobespierre's Broadsides(morning)Street Interviews 10-14: Quintus Cornish circulating marijuana petition outside Trader Jo's, recalling being threatened by sheriffs at Felton New Leaf with gun for petitioning... .“Black Hat” thinking of running for City Council, chatting in front of New Leaf denouncing “no loitering” law in parking lots driving homeless into rain...Sentinel article blasts Homeless Service Center director Doug Loisel for pending “meeting an underage girl for lewd purposes” charge ( )   ...Street Interviews 10-15 Sleeping at the Soquel garage: three-violations-in-one...Talking with “Mr. Molotov” about FRSC Internal Spanish Language Programming controversy...Scooter and Flower report “pick up your bags and leave or we'll throw them away” edict from police, harassment at the Metro Bus Center around noon...Mike-ee Rat's new album...Edward Groves “Baltimore”5150ed for playing harmonica and tambourine at Ocean and Water at mid-day, but released by docs....John & Connie report witnessing Wanda being beaten down on sidewalk near the Seaside Company Casino by 7 cops on 10-8 after a seizure, as well as a second beating of Tom Preston in front of Borders...another audio selection from Nonviolence: Twenty-Five Lessons from the History of a Dangerous Idea by Mark Kurlansky—the Crusades and troublemakers who followed... [Approx. 2 hours]

Thursday, October 22, 2009
Download Show Curbhugger Chris (aka Mountain Man Chris) co-hosts...Chris on local Starbucks discrimination...Street Interviews 10-16: Vicki Adams dumped as in-home care worker, victim of hit-and-run, witnessed college guys kicking homeless guy inb ack of New Leaf...Tent city in Visalia: ( ) ...Homeless Services Center Director Doug Loisel fired... Mad Mike the Wonderdog back in town...Interchange with Officer Warren...Corvallis, OR 8-year long anti-war protest (,0,5894908.story)... Ted Rall on Afghanistan idiocy: ( ) Street Interviews: Attorney and sometime public defender Doug Fox caught in the street on disqualifying a judge vs. not stipulating to a commissioner...Robert in 9 car cop roust..Forky Ravioli on John Stewart Company abuse.. Catman's caterwauling...Hollywood Salina w/her “too ugly to prostiute, too stupid to steal” sign...Mike-ee Rat's 5 outstanding warrants....10-17: Officers Wilson and Warren write “within 14' of an outdoor sidewalk cafe” tickets...George calls in: Santa Barbara report... “Cashing in the War Dividend”: ( )[2 hours]

Sunday, October 25, 2009
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call w/Thomas Leavitt followed by...] Flashback: 1989 KZSC Talkabout cont. from 11-18-09 caller from Sycamore Grove denounces dirty camp sites, burglaries, Chuck of Homes for the Homeless describes how to build your own mini-grannies giving homeowners to give a one-time tax credit, exempt from code, under 96 sq feet, has built twelve, built for homeless, but rented out to UCSC for $100, an example at Unitarian Church, offers to build one free in a backyard..Phone Interview with Food Not Bombs co-founder Katzenjammer Keith McHenry on literature and banner ban against FNB foodservers in Flagstaff & Prescott AZ, , Lancaster PA, Taos NM, & Middletown NJ. In other cases Keith claims infiltrators persuaded FNBers in Minnot MN, Milwaukee, WI, and Boulder CO to change the name from “FNB”--ending those organizations soon after; FNB described as “one of top ten terrorist groups” in police powerpoint presentation at U of TX Austin...Curbhugger Chris joins us as co-host...Keith's jail/torture experiences in San Francisco and legal frustrations there... FNB vigils in D.C., Kiev, Bangkok, S.F. Over the last two decades... (   ...FNB in1000 cities worldwide... 30th anniversary Sunday May 23rd 2010...Chris's Starbucks protest in response to his being told to leave because he had a homeless backpack... Street Interviews: Rags and Rain ticketed for sitting in a forbidden zone 14' from outdoor area of Aqua Blue by Officers Wilson and Warren... Riong recalls Warren tackling and citing a female friend for “resisting arrest”; reportedly grabbed by a broken wrist (11-9 in incident near Borders)...Mac Mack... Troublesome Thomas Leavitt says Santa Monica more liberal in street rules..Chris Snowden calls in from England author of Iron Fist, Velvet Glove, History of Anti-Smoking Laws (   More street interviews: “Boots on the Blacktop” Brad critiques Next Space CEO Jeremy Neuner's anti-homeless outbursts...Elizza, Jimminy, Cody,a nd Heather—singing and loitering in front of the Palomar...Sparechanger Ray's comments [approx 4 hours]

Thursday, October 29, 2009
Download Show Thursday October 29, 2009 DrumCircle Dave's Update...Street Interviews: 10-17: Burning Man benefit downtown...Boots-on-the-Blacktop Brad critiques Next Space CEO Jeremy Neuner for his public anti-homeless rants against Brian Parquette as a “faggot drug dealer”...Glen M. “false arrest” in a Capitola Beach bathroom after failed needle search...Curbhugger Chris on new crackdown, Merryweather Mike, Tim Clark & Elizabeth... 10-18: Musicians Valerie, Les, and Suzanne play & chat: call for return of Pastor Adams meal to the Town Clock..Ricardo Lopez notes cops stopped with flashing lights to give panhandling ticket outside Noah's Bagel's, traveled to San Diego by bike which allows legal street sleeping...Obama's Military Escalation: ( )     ..( )   Afghanistan:(   Portland:( )[2 hours]

Sunday, November 1, 2009
Download Show [Wake-Up Call: Norse and Leavitt interview Dan Bronson on the Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals scandal..] ... [songs throughout from Avenue Q]...Street Interviews: 10-19: New Leaf sidewalk at night—Cody from SLO; Anomylous—Winston and Forbes “jumped out of a car” to give a sitting ticket; Jeremiah says cops kicked him off Pacific, saw B.O.B. Taken away on a stretcher from Red Church... 10-21: John reports again on cops fistbeating Wanda and Tom P., his own intervention and pepperspraying in a second incident...Michael and Annette Strong, Homeless Service Center workers, give positive report on former director Doug Loisel...Beggarbacker Becky Johnson on Mardi Wormhoudt and Don Lane... Drum Circle interviews: Raven, Hula Hooper Gale, J.P. Freeman on Chief Ranger John Wallace and Officer Azua rousting homeless sleepers on the levy...Brianna Brewer and Eric Knight critique Obama...Next Space CEO Jeremy Neuner harasses Brian Parquette... ..( New Leaf Late Nite scene—John in wheelchair w/oxygen unit got camping tickets on Levy...San Jose Mercury News: 11-1 article on SJPD use of force... 10-13 Santa Cruz City Council awards Sgt. Loran “Butchie” Baker, accused by 10 women in 1991 of sexual molestation...10-25: Curbhugger Chris's Starbucks protest on Pacific, Horsewoman's Panhandling citation complaint...Andrea's personal phone report...John Kealy, facing trial Tuesday for sitcrime... Robin's victory in changing Santa Cruz rules for fine art display on Pacific Avenue (no permits required, sales allowed) quashing Officer Winston's ticket...Michael Yellow B. Brown's busque-ing on Pacific...[5 ½ hours]

Thursday, November 5, 2009
Download Show Planning Commission's Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ban Proposal...9th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals—Norse v. City of Santa Cruz—adverse decision in the “Heil Krohn!” Nazi salute case Street Interviews: 9-18 Report of 8 cops trying to catch a guy in the river...Lily and Raven report a baby and on the way and Sentinel Parking Lot off-limits thanks to new owner Cruzio...first meeting with Curbhugger Chris Doyen, his street report with a fistful of tickets, told cops told to “crack down”. (]... ...Phone interview with attorney David Beauvais..Theodore Robinson (“Tad”) in jail and on hunger strike in bogus “resisting arrest” case up in Eureka—phone interview with J.D and Tad's attorney friend Tracy (Herrin) Rain Street Interviews: 9-18 Report of 8 cops trying to catch a guy in the river...Lily and Raven report a baby and on the way and Sentinel Parking Lot off-limits thanks to new owner Cruzio...first meeting with Curbhugger Chris Doyen, his street report with a fistful of tickets, told cops told to “crack down”. ( ] ...[2 Hours]

Sunday, November 8, 2009
Download Show [TheWake-Up Call] Flashback: 1996: Fred Reese Interview with James Cosner and the Chaingang Lockdown Protest at City Council of September 1996 interspersed with present-day commentary...(Avenue Q selections throughout the show)...Flashback continues with 2009 commentary.... Berkeley poet Julia Vinograd reads from her 55th book Panic...(contact: 1630 University Ave. Berkeley 94703)...Sleeping Ban trial of Robert “Blindbear” Facer, Ed Frey defending... Remembering homeless activist Doug McGrath, died 11-3...Upcoming City Council items... Street Interviews 11-4 Catman's Halloween report..Wed. Drum Circle: Yellow B. Brown on 1cent cocoa guy and questionable sleeping ticket; Officer Winston on the Sleeping Ban...Gina the “Hospitality Worker” directs Caitlin, New Leaf worker, move from Borders w/ her guitar...[approx 3.5 hours]

Thursday, November 12, 2009
Download Show (Avenue Q selections at various points throughout the show) Sor Juana de la Cruz's birthday memorial ( ) ...prior phone interview with former Homeless Services Center Doug Loisel...Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ban continued to Planning Commission Hearing 11-19... 'Scope-It-Out' Scott Graham's Phone-In Report on Last City Council meeting's response to “violence downtown”--regulate the clubs...Tad of Eureka, freed from jail, calls in on his “Resisting Arrest” jailtime [2 hours]

Sunday, November 15, 2009
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call 12-9-02 Last meeting of the S.C. Citizen's Police Review Board [CPRB] –Oral Communications—Norse calls for Public Hearing on Police pepperspraying; Becky Johnson for action on shooting complaints against Officer Garrasio for shooting Brian Andrus and lethally pepperspraying David Andriss..Steve Argue calls for firing then police chief Steve Belcher]...CPRB death analysis.. ( ) Attorney Ed Frey and the Robert “Blindbear” Facer Sleeping Ban case; ( interviews, testimony at trial; commentary, post-trial analysis ...... Street Interviews 11-3 ...Chip of DTA ducks Shay's questions about the anti-homeless laws. David Brody recalls police sleeping ban threats against him and partner in vehicle w/ mechanical problems at 5:40 a.m; Panhandling woman reports “I Love Downtown Santa Cruz” guy warning her against panhandling w/ “anything helps, God bless” sign....Apologizing to Sgt Harms... Tom Preston & Hutch defend police....Drum Circle Dave suggests 'I Love the Real Santa Cruz” buttons...11-5: Fred Keeley opposes ban on new medical marijauana dispensaries...Robin Davidson, resident since 1983 complains of $40 parking ticket “4 days worth of food”... 11-6: Traveller Tony ”spare anything green? Hungry kitty” w/Kitties Red and Thomas on a leash; tickets for sitting near a building; 11-7 Berkeley interviews: Mark Anthony, regular Street Spirit salesperson in front of the Berkeley Rep Theater ....Chuck McNally, AK Press muckraker.. . “Crusty Rusty” Russell Bates's bumper stickers W-Sun 10-6 PM at Haste and Telegraph. Mark Anthony—Street Spirit every season for last three years on sidewalk next to the Berkeley Repertory Theater, makes at least $10 for 2 hours.. 11-14 S.C. Street Interviews: 11-9: Chris reports Three-Trees Parking Lot still closed...Mary Jane Hulahoop woman, reports...Bianca told by Hosts that smoking was only legal in middle of the street...Song:”Christmas in Chrystaltown?” ...Subduing a sitter outside Kianti's—4 cops take a guy down..Interview with Mark Halfmoon his police review work, his work on Maricio Langorellia campaign of 80's, Community TV broadcasting independently the city council, & potential city council race...[approx 4 hours]

Thursday, November 19, 2009
Download Show Street Interviews: 11-14 Jay and Kristin compulsive guitarists and jugglers... Maria w/7th Day Adventists distributing a War in Heaven postcard in front of Borders...Gerald Christianson got $100 ticket for illegal recycling...Painter Clark falsely told it was illegal to put prices on his work by the hosts ..Brent Daniels on weekend Elm St meal....Hemp jeweler Hannah in front of the Palomar harassed by Harms and Winston, who said she can't ask for donations, standing by in intimdiating fashion; she was twice forced away twice...Jeremy the sparechanger...Boots on the Blacktop Brad had gear robbed, critiques Mayor Rotkin Discussion of Planning Commission hearing on banning new Marijuana Clubs... Discussion of the Planning commission hearing...”Meet Our Afghan Ally” ( ) Street Interviews: Norma Jean on combatting crime in Santa Cruz...[2 hours]

Sunday, November 22, 2009
Download Show [The Wake Up Call: guest Dan Bronson, chair of the Board of Permit Appeals, eliminated by the Board of Supes, discusses history of the Board in the half-year before it was abolished, two pending lawsuits—Cove Briton's and Rev Oracle's—are challenging the Board...More info: allianceforchange ...citizensforcountyplanningreform ....straighttalknews; Dan .. Info on UC occupatons: ( ] Street Interviews: B.O.B. Heavy police response w/assault rifles to bb gun incident...reports Officer Seiley threatened to take him in handcuffs around the corner and beat him bloody, other tickets for unopened containers (Officer Romero)... Obama’s extra-judicial killers ( It’s Show Trial Time! By Alexander Cockburn ( Street Interviews: 11-15: Strawflower Scott's SFPD intimidation...Ronee's Burritos-near-Borders event—critical vanlady, cops presence driving folks away.... ( ...Evan popped in Pogonip; 11-16: Jonathan & Ariel arrested for minor marijuana ticket after non-consensual search, charges dropped, hassle getting property... In-studio interview with Hemporium medical marijuana distributor Roger Mentch... ...Phone interview with Pebbles Trippet Mendicino Marijuana Patients Collective—definition of a protected collective or cooperative allowed to sell marijuana.. [4 ½ hours]

Thursday, November 26, 2009
Download Show [Sara Marlowe songs from True Confessions at various points] ...Street Interviews: 11-24: Yellow B. Brown denounces Sub Rosa Cafe for expelling him without a hearing...Illegal sidewalk sitters Natalie and Gordan...Shaylan told to "get out of town" by the same cop, reviews bad cop times in Fresno and Seattle... In Home Support Services worker Julie Castanza [650-518-5448] announces upcoming wheelchair protest 12- 7 5 PM at the Town Clock and Board of Supes...Norse at S.C. City Council 11-22...Drum Circle Dave reports on Sgt. Harms...Review of Womyn Sheroes Josphine Butler, Griselio Torresola, Victoria Claflin Woodhull, Mary Edwards Walker, Clara Lemlich, Anna Louise Strong Las Hermanas Mirabal: Maria Teresa,Minerva and Patria, Soujourner Truth, Lucy Parsons, & Caroline Low...11-24: Dexter the Greenpeace Guy, Bootsontheblacktop Brad and Nina chat, Russ on a Berkeley bust... "More Than 100 UC Berkeley Faculty Sign Letter Condemning Police Response to Protests" By Riya Bhattacharjee ( )   More Interviews: Hanna the hempsress, Puffer Pete, Philip the Flautist, .. 11-25: Joshua traveling artist ticketed on two successive nights for sleeping in a "closed area" MC 13.04.010c.... "A Trial That will Convict Us All: The Twisted Logic behind the Prosecution of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed" by Paul Craig Roberts ([2 hours]

Sunday, November 29, 2009
Download Show [Wake Up Call: Flashback: Nov 12, 1993 Activism in Santa Cruz...] Dan Bronson, chairperson of the former Building and Fire Code Appeals Board updates us on Cove Britton's lawsuit demanding independent oversight of the County Planning Dept..., ( info: ... ( Street Interviews: 11-18 Jonathan Keely's sitcrime, Mikey Rat, 72-year old resident Moonstruck Mike scours the sidewalks for a place to sit down, J.P. Freeman's birthday, Visionsong Valerie, Barton Jackson denied Mayor meeting, musician Ricardo Lopez's positive view, Norse's bench tour, Yellow B. Brown on Drum Circle “Eastsider” bullying...11-19: Curbhugger Chris's street report—Chris v. Downtown Association's Chip...11-19 new marijuana dispensary ban discussion with City Planning Commission member David Foster ...11-22: Tom Preston at large, Mike's “eating on Pacific Ave.” $593 ticket, Gabe's ticket from “homeless people are part of the problem” Chief Ranger John Wallace...Snuffalufagus on yuppie-homeless gap...Alex Vitale's City of Disorder...(4 hours)

Thursday, December 3, 2009
Download Show [Songs throughout from Carol Denney's The Riley Boys] Street Interviews: 11-11: John F. Hogan's smoking and sleeping hassles...Yellow B. Brown reports on 3-cop arrest (Azua, Shields, and probably Winston), complains of hostile management incident at Sub Rosa.. .Phone Interview with Fresno's Mike Rhodes who reports on threatened dispersal of Ventura & F Street Encampment, planned Human Rights Day press conference w/video of homeless folks taking over a foreclosed building, demand that no evictions if folks in foreclosure, putting homeless people into foreclosed property as caretakers... the Kabir Mohabbat report on Bush's refusal to take Bin Laden: “Obama's Imperative in Afghanistan” by Richard W. Behan ( )   Street Interviews: Yellow B. Brown cont., Clyde on Winston incident...J.P. Freeman tries to get clarificaition of smoking law, suggests Chief Ranger Wallace is slashing homeless tents again...11-25: Jasmien at Drum Circle calls for love '/n light, recalls 11-23 Winston hassle of two megadrum percussionists... Miguel de Leon's update...11-26 interviews and music at the homeless Vet's Hall meal [2 hours]

Sunday, December 6, 2009
Download Show [The Wake Up Call...Norse reports on the Saturday 12-5 HUFF flyering of the Parade ]...Phone Interview with Jeremy Alderson of the Annual Homelessness Marathon, to be held in Detroit this year in February...the Fresno ...DrumCircle Dave's phone-in report on the Saturday Parade and the Wednesday Drum Circle ...Street Interviews: 11-26 Curbhugger Chris reports spitball assaults from secondfloor of Borders...11-27: Norse's Benchflight Report...Western Service Workers Association quasi-interview (831-429-6016)...Norse describes for former Mayor Krohn, Judge Marigonda's peculiar behavior in courtroom #3...Matt's 3 citations, 2 from Officer Winston without warning, soliciting a storekeeper to sign the tickets...Shawn's sleeping ticket, compliments of Chief Ranger John Wallace patrolling Water St...Eric Cooley reports left wrist damaged by handcuffing, wants similar reports (419-9080) ...Phone interview with Needles Exchange activist Penny Jernbern...Becky Johnson's report of harassment from DTA's Chip and a Bullhorn Babe at the 12-5 Parade... [4 hours]

Thursday, December 10, 2009
Download Show In-studio interview with Jenny Gomez, client advocate on the Santa Cruz Mental Health Advisory Board whose son is trying to come off psychiatric drugs ( 464-3554) ..encouraging public attendance & Genita Petralli, anti-psychiatry activist, Green Medicine activist, nutritional biochemist, author of Green Mental Health Care, How to Get Off and Stay off Psychiatric Drugs. and founder of Shangra La Clinic ( )...Discussion of failure of Santa Cruz to provide access to alternate non-drug treatments, the dangers of psychiatric drugs, the success of state-funded alternate treatment in Sacramento...critique of bob Johnson, head of Santa Cruz Patient Services...Alaska attorney & psychiatric survivor Jim Gottstein ( )   phones in on psychatric Medicaid fraud...Critical discussion of Santa Cruz Reiss hearings...Street Interviews: early December: Anon reports rockthrowers at homeless, first Smoking Ban tickets, 12-9: Drum Circle interview with Robert “Blindbear” Facer (2 hours)

Sunday, December 13, 2009
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call: 12-11 anti-homeless "Take Back Santa Cruz" demo ( [Sara Marlowe songs throughout from A World to Win] Street Interviews: Christina gets Ranger Wallace cite at graveyard for sleeping...Skateboard guy complaints of Officer Winston harassment...12-5 Holiday Parade harassment of HUFF (   ..Sex worker interviews at Human Rights Faire [contact: 877-776-2004]...In-studio interview with Mayor Mike Rotkin [on anti-homeless laws, the anti-war movement, & other topics]...Callers-Pat Kittle, Crow, Coral & more!...Lloyd of Rio Mobile Home Park fighting eviction... ( [3 ½ hours]

Thursday, December 17, 2009
Download Show Co-host Curbhugger Chris...Eleanor calls in supporting In-Home Support Service workers urging calls to Supes to stop wage cuts... (   current December Street Spirit has article on In-Home Care Workers and homeless organizing articles-for sale in front of Borders/the Gap... Street Interviews 12-5: Human Rights Faire Discussion...Ginny Gomez on Absence of Alternate Therapies in Santa Cruz...440-8686  464-3554... Theresa the Wooddweller, former Dominican Hospital worker... Curbhugger Chris told "no Street Spirit sales after dark" by Officer Inoyhue... [Street Interviews: repeated from 12-10 show]:Report of rocks breaking window of homeless vehicle, breaking Brian's arm-3 incidents in 3 nights... Officer Inoyhe's bogus "you must show ID" demands, reported...Curbhugger Chris asks about author Paul Lee...More street interviews [12-11 - 12-12] Wet Friday, Fred Geiger on wasteful de sal plant, Coin fisherman Mike O'Brian critiques Armory shelter, Visionsong Valerie on disappearance of awnings downtown, street painter falsely told he couldn't sell his paintings on street....Curhugger on Sub Rosa and oppression of jugalo Yellow B. Brown...[2 hours]

Sunday, December 20, 2009
Download Show [Wake-Up Call-Mayor Rotkin's demand that DIY Last Night Parade pay fees: ( )   ... Brent Adams announces Santa Claus Love Downtown ( ) (   ...Caller asks for CD against local human rights violations versus cocoa/cookie charity...Crow reports being banned from Coral St. Homeless Services Center...Co-Host: Curbhugger Chris...Wildfire Whitney responds to Rotkin's critique of DIY Last Night , notes harassment from parking meter guy, pushing petition to restore dogrights on Pacific Ave. ... War hysteria: Crow reports repeated open threats to nail tires of his purple bus several minutes before...Prior Street Interviews: 12-15: Diabolameister Chris Garcia (http:// ... Jeff, the contact juggler ...Councilmember Tony Madrigal's update on a local bill to stop employer ripoffs of day laborers..:Snowball fight downtown.. Merryweather Mike...Catman {"Wolfman") meyows......Cop incident around the Front St. Thrift Shop 12-16 Drum Circle: chatter .... ( ) Confronting the Myth of Choice: Homelessness and Jones vs. City of L.A. ...Curbhugger gives a different view...[4 hours]

Thursday, December 24, 2009
Download Show Street Interviews [SI]:12-16 . Ronee's “Beanies of Hope” Food Program at the Drum Circle ( Downtown Santa Cruz homeless ministry raises ire of city leaders [Becky Johnson co-hosts show]....Lather, pendulum pusher, notes other tickets dismissed... Becky describes for-profit statues on mall with “more rights than the people who live here”... SI: Jasmine reports Officer Winston tickets (1) without warning for displaying handmade paintings & sage wraps with prices (12-15) & (b) setting her backpack down in an alcove...Danny notes Chief Ranger Wallace's rude wake-up and “no smoking” follow-up; Yellow B. Brown on Armory eviction... Fisherman's Armory complaints: crab-ridden blankets, belligerent staff,12-17: Max report on camping ticket...Becky Johnson's Homeless Death Memorial Report ..Santa Cruz County's homeless dead honored ( ( ...A Homeless Woman critiques the Homeless memorial, city's lack of resources, the Armory Shelter program, Dominican Hospital discrimination, the Paul Lee loft, Councilmember Coonerty's comments on direct food giveaways to the homeless, closed restrooms, former director Doug Loisel [2 hours]

Sunday, December 27, 2009
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call...Street Interviews: 11-9: SCPDsters Forbus, Winston, and Harms at New Leaf—complaints by Norse & Mike-ee Rat that Winston improperly ordered him off the mall refused by Harms]...J.P. And Sgt. Harm discuss the Smoking Ordinance...”Bee” on false Prop 36 violation, compliments of Officer Seiley and subsequent jail problems... (,obama-and-the-supremes-stand-up-for-slavery.html) ...11-29: Curbhugger Chris reports on Officer Albert and Winston's takedown of Wally at Ronee's Sunday meal initially for “unattended property”; Tuneful Tony Kuspa's account...Brian Keith's harassment search complaint, Tent City recommendation...Painter Joshua hassled for “selling” paintings...Uncle T. hosed by Fire Dept...Boston Bob recalls Dec 2008 Human Rights Sleepout near Borders.. Aaron, J-Bear, & B-Shar, report; Tuneful Tony's “I Like Bananas” song; Max's marijuana warrants--”over 50 stops”....12-3: anti-War protest at Capitola recruiting Station: Sue Pearson, Takshi Huyogi, Yadira, Mike & Maureen Smith, Sherry Conable ...Nutcracker Nick's new play “Eleanor—Mother of Human Rights” (about E. Roosevelt)...Victoria homeless victory: ( ) More Street Interviews: 12-17: Craftsfolk Carrie w/ baby Sian, Loraine with pooch Sniffers displaying jewelry near post office ( ) ..Curbhugger and Street Spirit vendor Chris's successful fight against “sitting too near an intersection” ticket, false cop claim of “no commerce after dark”...Ginny Gomez—S.C. Mental Health Board invites participants 457-9754 X3280...Board meeting today Dec. 17th ...Roger F. Williams documentary ( ) [approx. 4 hours]

Thursday, December 31, 2009
Download Show On-the-spot Curbhugger Chris live from the streets DIY Lats Night parade. Guest Host: Uncle Dennis in the studio with Chris and Bathrobespierre Robert on the streets throughout the show..Street Interviews from 12-18 Jacob Dawson security for a party, got excluded for the beers he'd confiscated from youth...early probation at age 16 via plea bargain for marijuana possession; Patrick's clean camp destroyed by, Ranger John Wallace “ruined me in a day”..Richard Adams blames Wallace for disapperance of bicyle, tent, wallet without warning or notice six months previous...12-20: Merryweather Mike, “Santa” Brent Adams giving out cocoa and cookies; Coleman cooker Colin heats up the hot chocolate...Brian Keith, homeless vet, makes militant call for a Tent City..Whitney Wilde & Becky Johnson reports on minor police harassment in the DIY parade...Curbhugger Chris on absence of cops...Curtis Reliford... 12-20: Colin, Daniel Barker on harsher downtown...DIY: on-street debate on Ron Hughes, anti-smoking advocate, taking photos of smokers...Shadowslide Steve, Gabe, and Becky in Hughes debate... 12-20: breakfast thief Daniel...Gabe reports psychiatric diagnosis and “full treatment” from Officer Winston...12-22: Homeless Death Memorial protest in front of Bookshop ( ..Becky Johnson's report on three-fold rise in homeless deaths from a year ago and Homeless Memorial at HRC...[2 hours]


Sunday, January 3, 2010
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call: songs from Uncle Bansai—Boys Like Sex in the Morning...Flashback: Last meeting (December 2002) of the Citizens Police Review Board—Sherry Conable, Brian Koepke, Mike Tomasi...Street Interviews: 12-22: “Unsafe to be Homeless Protest” Becky Johnson on Homeless Deaths 2009, the Homeless Memorial, near-tripling of homeless deaths.. [comment #63-66 at ( )] : former HSC director Doug Loisel respond to UCSC Prof Franklin Williams...Painter Robin on city's adherence to the federal court decision permitting artists to sell fine art on the sidewalk: ( ) Protest Interviews: Linzy, Lola and family, Billy Q, Thomas, Christina & James, Matthew, Nick ...Visionsong Valerie sings homeless “Joy to the World” ...Juggler John on Berkeley scene; Ricardo Lopez reports ranger ripoff...Petitionmaestro Dan Cooper on 2nd Marijuana Initiative ... ( ) ( ) call 428-5103 ... death of “Bobby in the Lobby” of the Palomar.. more 12-22 interviews: Brandy, on more homeless deaths; Ethan Vaughn on Starbucks discrimination; Norse announces Officers Winston and Forbus ticketing two hemp jewelers for sitting within 14' of an open air cafe..Becky Johnson wins Ron Owens show with homeless “crazy laws” topic... 12-24: Edward “Baltimore” Groves on helicopter spotlights on wharf sleepers—17 driven on...12-24: Brief bit from Ron Owen's morning show which activist Becky Johnson called in on the Sleeping Ban and Blanket Ban..12-25 Xmas line interviews (Jim West, Lloyd Ellis)...12-26: Dreamcatcher, C.J., Ray, Blindbear, Rebecca, Eduardo...12-27: Ronee Currey's first-time vegie burriotos: ( ) , Leon Brown...12-29, 12-30: More interviews with Ricardo, C.J., Roy Lopez; “Twelve Poly Days of Xmas”..[5 hours]

Thursday, January 7, 2010
Download Show Vice-Mayor Coonerty criticism on Sentinel Topix: ( ) ...Report on the Sidewalk Songslayer Slaughter in front of Bookshop Santa Cruz of 1-6... Fresno report: ( ) Phone Interview with Mayor Mike Rotkin on new medical marijuana dispensaries, rent control, just cause eviction...disabled Andrea responds...(2 hrs.)

Sunday, January 10, 2010
Download Show (The Wake-Up Call w/Thomas Leavitt) Co-host Curbhugger Chris w/Thomas Leavitt chiming in...Vice-Mayor Coonerty's “monitor or shut down” Sentinel forums issue...Censorship at FRSC collective...Street Interviews: 12-30 Corner conflict... William Dowdy on sheriff drug bust out on Portola for hash even with med marijuana card (12-28);...Penguinluv on Pacific Ave....Brent Adams on Forbus and Winson hassling hemp salesperson...12-31: Doug Seaford of Capitola and dog Buddy Rich getting his vehicular home booted... Claire Machado on racial profiling incident....1-3: Curbhugger Chris praises Coonerty, critiques HSC...12-31 Louie followed Host advice to move, then got ticketed for panhandling while performing... Brief bits with Mudy Moore, Officer Warren and Noah's Nancy, Java Jive song, Daniel of Krishna Consciousness, Joel the MagnetArt guy...[3 ½ hours]

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Download Show Curbhugger Chris co-hosts...Street Interviews 12-31: Butthole Surfer Dude aka Chatterhawk, ticket on 12-23 for sitting in a chair across from HPHP...Fisherman, already with 7 tickets, made $20 in 4 hours, fishing for change... Shay, sober since 12-15, lover just out of jail...DIY Last Night Parade beginnings.. Fresno's Mike Rhodes Phone Update: no Housing for the Homeless, Fighting Back for the F Street Encampment, TRO against Medical Marijuana Dispensaries...Taser limits in San Jose: ( )Hawaii legislators “consider” homeless campground: ( Scope-It-Out Scott on S.C.'s history of squashing street food programs (2 hours)

Sunday, January 17, 2010
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call]..Discussion of Coonerty's “Clean Up the Forums” editorial at ( ) ...(Capital Steps “Obama Mia” selections throughout).. Tom Engelhardt: . ( Rotkin faces HUFF 1-15...Tuf-luv Laure Tucker, secretary of the 1999-2000 S.C. Homeless Issues Task Force... More discussion of the 1-6 “Sinister Singing” Citations... Street Interviews at 1-6 Protest: Nick roughed up, arrested in 2008 for “camping”, survival gear held for ransom for $150, vehicle towed, camping in an unmarked spot, parked in an illegal space, and intent to bodily harm the police officer.with the harm charge dropped...Dan Moretto, bicyclist hit twice while homeless by motorists, six times since 1-09, Melody and family from Santa Cruz; aunt is Jennifer Friedenbach CALL THEM BACK!...Part One of Officer Shoenfeld's 1-6 “Sinister Singing” cites “unreasonably disturbing noises” (political songs) [approx 3 ½ hours]

Thursday, January 21, 2010
Download Show Street Interviews on New Year's Eve 12-31a; Eleanor, Queen of the Parade, Gayle, the winged woman,..Latinia, Briani, Snow Queen—Joanne, Whitney Wilde of the flashing tits, “Dancing Free” Denitia Dawn dancing free...Ricardo Lopez reports on property vandalized and stolen by Chief Ranger Wallace's men on 12-30, Lito and Anna's stuff taken with witness Jack Straw, Cleon's Egyptian float, Louis La Fortune's report....1-6 Sinister Song Slaughter, Part II...Bob Offer-Westort ( ) of the S.F. Coalition on Homelessness on the proposd anti-homeless Sit/Lie law in the Haight-Ashbury...[2 hours]

Sunday, January 24, 2010
Special “Catch-Up” Edition of Bathrobespierre's Broadsides(night)Download Show

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Special “Catch-Up” Edition of Bathrobespierre's Broadsides Download Show

Thursday, January 28, 2010
Download Show Street Interviews: 1-9 Curbhugger Chris on the Armory Winer Shelter, and blaming the homeless for fishdeath...Gordy, Iraq vet & Street Spirit salesman says Officer Sealy after him...Musician Ray's backpack ripped off last night, comments Sgt. Harms for pursuing a harasser of the homeless and disses Officer Winston for a “leaning” ticket...Phone Interview with S.F. Coalition on Homelessness's and Copwatch's Bob Offer-Westort on the S.F. Sit-Lie Law... notes 1979 challenge of the 1968 Sit-Lie law successful (Jennings vs. City of S.F.)...current law makes malicious blocking a crime...Voters turned down 1994 Sit/Lie Proposition P...the Danger of special “Homeless Courts”... Business Improvement Districts,(“Community Benefits Districts”) in Tenderloin...Drum Circle Dave on tickets for musicians like Tamorack...Street Interviews: 1-9 Baniyotees on Smoking Ban and Deterioration Under Progressives... Julie/Artie:/ Melissa disillusioned about President Obama...Mik Helmel from Iowa says “Make Food Not War”...1-10: Officers Albert and Winston arrest Courtney MacGregor...for criticizing a marijuana possession citation near New Leaf Market; the man ticketed describes the incident... [cont. on BB 2-4] ..[2 hours]

Thursday, February 4, 2010
Download Show 1-10: More of the Arrest of Courtney Rose; Ugly Jim's report on two arrests stemming from refusal to move from seated position near a building; Saxy Peter's and Roy Lopez's reports on Rose arrest; in studio guests: Med-Ex worker and Measure K Commisioner Anita Henry, blogger Craig Canada on extended New Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ban and Measure K Commission meeting... .Henry's Measure K meeting report...Santa Cruz Marijuana Prohibitionists masquerading as liberals?...Henry criticizes profiteering by Greenway and Limekiln...Canada challenges claim of adequate marijuana distribution in Santa Cruz...Vet Bob Patton's report on County attack on Vet's Hall...Santa Cruz City Council's Moatorium Hearing (1-28) cont....[2 hours}

Sunday, February 7, 2010
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call...Flashback: Laird City Council 10-25-88]...continued City Council 1-26-10 discussion of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Moratorium; applicant Stuart Kriege, other public testimony, council discussion... Street Interviews: 1-23 James Alexander, Briana and Michael Adams, Damien Dennis, Johnnygirl, Brian Sigoreeni...Gutterwatch Gabe reports hassle for daytime sleeping in the park...Jacob hassled for sitting on a bike cage, dog on Pacific Ave., playing guitar on sidewalk near the Metro...ripped up two tickets... Battleweary Bob Patton's phoned-in update on Vet's Hall closure, waiting for the March report, arbitration to get rid of manager Bratton ...2 officers, 2 sergeants, 2 workers interrogate a young man at the Soquel garage bathroom while homeless Barr holds his water, waiting to pee legally....Lydia the dog and owner.. Miguel de Leon (Lito's) (relatively) positive update... Phone Interview with Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry on clampdown in U.S. But tolerance abroad for FNB, Arizona hassles, Brooklyn, N.Y. And Taos, N.M. Infiltration...victory in Connecticut...upcoming events in California .. The Rotkin report...(3 ½ hours approx.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010
Download Show Harm reduction Safe Injection center in Vancouver, B.C. ( ) ...Street Interviews: 1-23...Concerns about Vet's Hall closure and Chief Ranger Wallace...Barton Jackson—Pogonip persecution of a guy with broken back and neck.. .Boots-on-the-Blacktop Brad on Jeremy Neuner of Next Space screaming at Noah's Bagels smoker...Curbhugger Chris and Bathrobespierre Robert describe pro and anti-choice parking lot law violaters...Mildman Mark interview...Battleweary Bob Patton calls in with Update on Vet's Hall Struggle... SI: Eve on the Shelter: new rules—only 10 can do chores to save fifty cent cost of HSC meal...cops called to stop a guy seeking seconds... [2 hours]

Thursday, February 18, 2010
Download Show Attorney Jonathan Gettleman discusses issues involved in the Sinister Singsong Four cited on 1-6 for “unreasonably disturbing noises” (I.e. Political songs)...Street Interviews 1-26 Uncle Zap and Dulcimer-Seeking Dreamcatcher.. Brianna Brewer on the perils of parking tickets... 1-28 Roughtimes Ray panhandling and displaced by the new anti-hobo bench in front of Marini's and Del Williams...Fish on the positive aftermath of the Jack's Hamburger's protests of last summer...Copwatch at the Farmer's Market.....Arrest of Fresno's Morse—last Medical Marijuana Dispensary: ( Street Interviews cont.: 2-3: Ronee, Sean, and Jacob giving out food at Drum Circle, prepared to disappoint Vice-Mayor Coonerty's hope she'll quit serving food outside..Street Roots of Portland OR on Sleeping Ban Debate there: ( ...Coral Brune Interviews a Chemtrails protester...(2 hours)

Sunday, February 21, 2010
Download Show (Thomas Leavitt's extended version of the Wake-Up call including his regular chat with Bob Lamonika).. Leavitt hosts Norse's show, reading in detail from attorney Jonathan Gettleman's opposition to the proposed Permanent Injunction against Anna Richardson and Miguel de Leon...Rebroadcast of March 5, 2009 show...(3 ½ hours approx).

Thursday, February 25, 2010
Download Show ( ) (report from the recent 13th Annual Homelessness Marathon)...Upcoming Block Party against “Take Back Santa Cruz (TBSC)” in Lower Ocean...Street Interviews: 2-9 Colin Kevin Clyde on tJeremy Casimir (“Jack Straw”)'s account of a 2-4 police assault, a Metro guard's assault on Colin, and his possible City Council run as the “pro-fun” candidate...Tamiya on Sgt. Harms jailing her on a 10-year old $143 marijuana ticket...Three Wise Men on Pacific Avenue discuss Tamorack's “loud music” Winston- citation from a heckler near Bookshop Santa Cruz...Man Bulldozes Own House.. :.. ( Caller on TBSC event/Block Party bbq...Lower Ocean resident Theodora asks for dialogue between two groups...Drum Circle Dave...Snippet from Detroit-based Homelessness Marathon...Woman jailed by mistake ( (2 hours)

Sunday, February 28, 2010
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call: Flashback 1988 Intro to a Camping Ban Debate with Ray Glock Grueneich, Jane Larson Barr, moderated by Ned Von Walkenburgh, Charles Grey, Ed Porter)... “Take Back Santa Cruz” (TBSC) vs. “Neighborhood BBQ events in Lower Ocean Neighborhood 2-26 ( ) ...Pat Kittle calls in 5 from the event...Curbhugger Chris's copwatcher report...Brent Adams's spirited attack on TBSC...TBSC supporter suggests Neighbors of Lower Ocean meetings 7 PM, at 515 Broadway 4th Wed ...( ... TBSC: ( ) ...Cindy Sheehan: ( ...Street Interviews: 2-10 Drum Circle tidbits: Panther's $814 in parking tickets...Lyrical Eye...Ariel on Harms' intrusion into private space... ...Houseless Honey's: burrito confusion., 2-11: Autumn on rum bust; Shadowside Steve on Tie-Dye Mike arrested for naked protest; Damon's calls HSC personnel corrupt, denying overtime...Richardson/DeLeon under attack from City Attorney again: ( )(3 ½ hours approximately)

Thursday, March 4, 2010
Download Show Protests Against the Education Budget Cuts in Downtown Santa Cruz—Live Interviews and Reportage ( ...Attorney Jonathan Gettleman, defending Anna Richardson in upcoming March 19th Hearing Punishing Her for Sleeping 3 Times Downtown in last four months... Street Interviews: 2-20 Brianna Brewer reports harassment/ticketing by Winston and partner in marijuana seizure repetitive nerve tension pain, menstrual pain—her use on 2-13; on 2-14 ticketed for sitting within 14' of a crosswalk where she was directed to be...Nathan Reed reports being struck with a baton or maglight in the ribs by Winston 1-29 before at the SCPD station...[2 hours]

Sunday, March 7, 2010
Download Show [The Wake-Up Call w/T.L. Flashback: 10-22-88 telling and insightful Camping Ban Debate with City Council Candidates: Jane Larson Baer and Ed Porter, activist Charles Grey, attorney Ray Grueneich]...Debate continues several hours into the BB show w/Thomas Leavitt staying on commenting... Norse and Leavitt criticize Ed Porter, later elected to City Council in 2000, for abandoning his support for a homeless campground... Grey calls for homeless management of campgrounds, examination of city laws to see if they violate humanr ights policies, involuntary homelesness a community emergency... make Santa Cruz a magnet and a model, get off the backs of the homeless...homeless views from the audience...Grueneich suggests allowing repression lays roots for genocide.... ...proposed lifting of dog ban on Pacific Avenue: ( ) ...Street Interviews: 2-27: Sam given $250 ticket for sitting on the lip of a cement planter 6 months before; Ricardo and Roy Lopez strum and speak, ..Anna “Banana” Richardson and Miguel “Lito” deLeon on their fearful sleepcrime wave...Harley comments he sleeps under a bridge, doesn't leave trash, not in anyone's way... Miguel notes his stuff taken by city workers about 6 times a year, his artwork, posters, t-shirts.....Jeff Bailey near Village Yoga, seated on backpack, bullied away from legal spot by police, his education campaign Ronee's beaniefest: Alicia, Kristan the contact juggler, News briefs: Mehserlee—slayer of Oscar Grant III—denied bail reduction, cell phone info bill coming up, [3 ¾ hours approx]

Sunday,March 21, 2010
Download Show

Thursday, March 25, 2010
Download Show Ricardo Lopez on Sidewalk Laws...Co-Hosts “Freedom” and Coral Reef: Basketcourt Report on the Hearing-that-Wasn't for Michelle—the local swept up in the anti-singing police sweep 1-6...Williard calls in describing Towed Unfairly for his funky '79 RV (also his home) cause of police error after spending $3000 to keep his home.. Street Interviews: 3-17 Ronee at the Drum Circle, Mike-y Rat...Caller asks why City Council voted to ban new medical marijuana dispensaries....Gavin, Jacob, and Plenthyloud Pete Sax it up at night downtown... elderlhy Peter Nelson scolded for riding his bike at the Metro..Spara, Erica, Chris, and Edee chatter...the Sgt. Harms report .(2 hours)

Thursday, April 22, 2010
Download Show Second-hand reports from Synthia Kennedy—ticketed for a service dog at UCSC, and Shadowside Steve on selective bike-on-sidewalk enforcement downtown...New Jersey bus diver calls in with report on disability animal rights there...Theodora Kerry announced ASA meeting...Drummer Dave reports New Drum Circle location..Street Interviews:3-24:  Cadillac at the Sub Rosa—3-24 Drum Circle interviews :Tah-hee sez.on the Becky Johnson “Sinister Daysleeper Disturbing Trial”, Free Eagle...3-27 Pirate Radio 15th Annversary Birthday Party: w/ John Malkin, Bones, Katherine Lewis of Sweet Jam ( Danielsan...longer interview with musician, writer, broadcaster Malkin...   Louis La Fortune ...S.F. Demo against Sit/Lie ( ) ....Street Interviews; 4-21: Shay laments warrant for her shnookums...Erin on cop car in crosswalk...Nathan on 6 cops to deal with one drunk Asti-ite... Warren West: kicked out of housing...In-studio guest: Robert “Blindbear” Facer...on-trial for gentle drumming in the Sinister Sidewalk Songster Citations...(2 hours)

Sunday, April 25, 2010
Download Show [T.L.'s Wake-Up Call running 2 ½ hours: Richard Oxman's TOSCA—Taking Over the State of California.from the gangster politicians: google “the HUFF party & Oxman”] Studio guests: homeless jobseekers Shelly Richard and Scott guest: Ashleigh Brilliant singing 1967 Songs from the Haight-Ashbury... Travelin' Tom Noddy recalls the 1977 Scotts Creek Bluff struggles...(3 hours)

Thursday, April 29, 2010
Download Show [Cuts from John Phillips “Jack of Diamonds”] Discussion of the Attack on the Wednesday Drum Circle...Craig Canada reports paying $397 for a 2007 Sleeping Ban ticket that came back from collection with repo on the local ASA meeting which Roger Mentch tried to organize...critique of the “tax and regulate” marijuana Initiative.. ( ... Synthia Kennedy's initial 4-12 interview of the Azua's 4-10 assault...Anchorage ACLU lawsuit against raids on homeless camps ( ) ...Sit/Lie S.F. Update...Dennis Peron opposing “tax and regulate” [2 hours]

Sunday, May 2, 2010
Download Show Sunday May 2, 2010 [T.L.'s Wake-Up Call: Discussion of Window-Breaking on Pacific Avenue w/Norse ( ) Flashback: Part 2 of the 1987 Interview on the 1977 Vandweller Trial w/Tom Noddy]...Flashback cont....Street Interviews 4-29: Darien on Stone Soup meals downtown...Tallee the petitioner on current initiatives...Foggy reports tickets from 3 citations from Officer Winston in 2 months...Anna Banana on upcoming levy sweeps... Lighthearted Lee's Wednesday Drum Circle report..Street Interviews: Synthia Kennedy's update on the Azua assault of 4/10, commentary on superbright street lights..Curbhugger Chris on Borders selective treatment of homeless readers...Skidmark Bob calls in with lookback at Unreasonably Disturbing Noises cites from the 90's...Greg Paroff's 16-hour  ... Interviews at India Joze May 1st opening with Joe Schultz, Whitney Wilde, Wes Modes, Tim Rinker, Mike Rotkin, Curtis Reliford on the upcoming... May 6th Dept. 2 Modes hearing around citations for “participating in the Do-it-yourself New Year's Eve parade”...Whitney's invitation to “Call City Attorney Barisone and turn yourself in”... Richard Anderson, canvasser for ACLU reports a second eviction from the parking lot next to Trader Jo's earlier that day—previous charges against earlier ACLU canvassers disappeared in court...Late-evening May 1st on Pacfic Avenue after the window-breakers, who used Dancing Party as cover—interviews and commentary w/Karen, “Humanity”, Joseph, Anonymous, Michelle, Norm, Monica, Melissa, and Woody (4 ½ hours approx.)

Thursday, May 6, 2010
Download Show Co-hosts Curbhugger Chris and Visionsong Valerie...Chris on his positive view of May 1st considering the “Drive Out the Poor” Merchant Behavior...Wednesday Drum Circle at the Elm St. location: DrumCircle Dave, Sentinel reporter “Rubin”, Stacey... VC reports Thursday Drum Circle ongoing...asking Sgt. Harms where drummers can play, Darmananda responds...In-studio guest--Board of Permit Appeals-in-Exile Dan Bronson claiming the Board of Supervisors abuses authority, denies appeals.. caller Dennis challenges Bronson....( ... ...Call-In from David Harrioson, Boulder, CO civil rights attorney defending homeless sleepers there.... ( hours)

Monday, June 7, 2010
Special “Catch-Up” Edition of Bathrobespierre's Broadsides
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Sunday, June 27, 2010
Special “Catch-Up” Edition of Bathrobespierre's Broadsides Download Show Special Late Evening Show...Commentary on City Council's new anti-homeless law (( ) ...Interview with expert witness Linda Lemaster and advocate/writer Becky Johnson on the Permanent Injunction Trial of Anna Richardson and Miguel de Leon... Street Interviews: 6-15 Confessions of a Sit-criminal...Niko the Dog's Criminal Career as recounted by owner Jason Jaybird.....Statistic Man Strikes!...6-16 Drum Circle Interviews: ...Pauline & Ed report on waterballoon attack...”Cup of Joe” Jacob's report...DrumCircleDave ….Marissa on activism in Atascadero...6-17: New Leaf sidewalk... 6-18: Sean Ocean, Berkeley Interviews... Pasadena Quick Takes....6-23 Drum Circle: Disabled “Dog” reports bank manager threatens tow for parking & other interviews...Santa Cruz Sleepcrime to become misdemeanor.--discussion.. More from Drumland: Lee on bankerbigotry...Dave, Dreamcatcher, Pimpster, L'Shawn, PB&J, Breezy-Josh-Brenna family, Jason K. theft report disdained by SCPD....Poi dancer Erin reports police say no...Mom Monica and Son Preston homeless in Truckee...[approx 1 ¾ hours]

Thursday, July 1, 2010
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Sunday, July 4, 2010
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Thursday, July 8, 2010
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Sunday, July 11, 2010
Special “Catch-Up” Edition of Bathrobespierre's Broadsides Download Show Live Talk Show with Activist Ed Frey (of Peace Camp 2010 – ) and Mayor Mike Rotkin with commentators Lighthouse Linda Lemaster and Curbhugger Chris Doyon... Updates on City Council's “4th infraction becomes a misdemeanor after three are ignored” law, its proposed “fees and inspections for rental units” law, and its “ID for hotel users” law...[3 ½ hours]

Sunday, July 18, 2010
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NOTE:*Shows with an asterisk only streamed and weren't broadcast live because the FRSC transmitter was down.

Sunday, August 15, 2010
Download Show [No Wake-Up Call; BB show starts 15 minutes late]....Caller from N.J on the PC2010 Sleeping Ban struggle...Selections from Capitol Step's “Baracking Around the Xmas Tree”:... City Attorney Barisone's DIY New Years Parade prosecution...( ......Interview with Defense Attorney Jonathan Gettleman for Wes Modes and Anna Richardson... Street Interviews: PC 2010 8-12 morning: Crow reports 2nd PC night at City Hall; 3-5 cops, Ocean's arrest and 5 tickets...Report on the Richardson/De Leon trial in Volkman's court... Street Interviews: 8-12 evening at PC...—Art estimates 20-25 at PC the night before...8-14 evening PC interviews... Call-in from Curbhugger Chris: 15 people there last night..trollbuster taunts, Pacific Avenue harassment, library sleep spot eliminated because of protest... not one “no shelter” letter givenyet by HSC...Trollbusters that come out and scream...homeless people getting ticketed at a breakneck pace on the Avenue—every little infraction being ticketed without changes or breaks....original folks from blow-up spot near the library have come down...on Pacific Ave. chill above and beyond the chill between police and the homeless. Not one single homeless people has been given a letter about no shelter....Richard and Art report denied “no shelter” letters from HSC.. PC 8-7 Art's tale on his days at the Homeless Garden Project....Collette reports elderly Dianne taken to hospital a second time after being driven away by Deputies from PC210... sleerpers down to 20...Curbhugger reports on “Windowlady” and “Maintenance Man”...arrival Lt. Plageman, warning people to leave— Irish visiter Christine Bolland interview... blogger Leigh (google for “auntie imperial” analyzes.. [approx 3 ¼ hours]

Thursday, August 19, 2010
Download Show Klieg Lights at PC2010: ( ... The unregistered “sex offender” brouhaha...Street Interviewss: 8-15: Trey on Lighthouse Field tree removal....PC2010: Curbhuger Chri notes 5 tickets last night... 8-16: Jason/Shadow (Mark Greer) on his 9 camping tickets; fleeing $975 fine & the homeless shelter shutout in Paso Robles; he & pregnant girlfriend...5-7 citations the night before at PC2010...9 nighttime wake-up calls by SCPD drive-by;s reported...Shelly reports levee defoliation by tractor... John Valley's 18 warrants going back 23 years for crimes like “dog in the park”, jacked up at County Building over his walking stick....On Pacific Avenue Monday evening—Shelly notes tractor mowing down the levy, just waking up, chopped a tree down where she hid everything... supports Peacecamp2010...Jeff Ryan's illegal smoking at PC2010 cite...arrest of Art Bishoff for PC 647e; another 647e cite for 72-year old Collette Connolly...arrest of the vocal critic of 4 misdemeanor citations for 647 “lodging” [2 hours]

Sunday, August 22, 2010
Download Show [No Wake-Up Call, but BB began ½ hour earlier] PC2010 report finding all protesters clustered on the library side across the street from City Hall... Audio from PC2010: 8-8: Deputies ticketing; Lt. Plageman on irrelevancy of the shelter shortage, Collette, Christine get cites... Orbit's waxes poetic and Brent Adams rages...[music by Aziz]...8-19 Visit of Ed Frey, Linda Lemaster, and Robert Norse to the Homeless Service Center Board of Directors, speaking to Board Chair Sally Williams and monica Martinez: no letter given documenting no walk in shelter April 15-November 15, even though their employees give out tha tinformally verbally and swear to it in court...”shelter full” letters given to get judges to dismiss tickets apparently only (a) after a ticket given,a nd (b) if the victim was previously on a waiting list...only 48 beds, all full with a waiting list 25 at the Paul Lee Loft with a delay of 2-6 weeks....8-20 Sidewalk Debate between Rotkin and PC2010skees—Leigh, Ed Frey, Jackie Taylor, “Scum”, Elisse Casby, Art Bishoff, John O-Connor, In-studio co-host Lighthouse Linda Lemaster...the new Permanent Injunction Against Anna Richardson and Miguel de Leon. More PC2010 audio: 8-21: Eric the Security Guard announces the new 13.04.011 “No Trespassing at Night” sign closing City Hall's Courtyard area 10 PM to 6 AM...William Morrison on police stealing his RV, Sasha gives a Russian perspective, Curbhugger Chris now an external journalist gives his assessment.... pregnant Sara Knapp repors no tickets on 8-21-22....[4 hours]

Thursday, August 26, 2010
Download Show *Thursday August 26, 2010 – Curbhugger Chris Doyon calls in announcing Unbroken Chain Internet Radio at will broadcast live from City Hall's Peacecamp2010 [PC2010] tonight, Lakota Sacred Drumming; his station also airs Bathrobespierre's Broadsides as well as daily Coffeehouse Live from the streets 8 AM-10 AM each morning...reports SCPD massively ticketing homeless on the levee, where he slept the night before...8-21 PC2010 Audio: 5 tickets that morning...Sara Knapp reports Ocean(Shawn Barrett) ran, arrested for resisting and “lodging”; attorney Ed Frey cited; Collette arrested for refusing to sign... 8-22: Ocean's account of his unsuccessful flight...8-23 Vandweller and artist Ulysses praises SCPD and Santa Cruz's treatment of artists.... ... Patrick notes Officers Winston and Warren harassed him for being with John Valley and ticketed him for taking a discarded backpack out of a dumpster...told him that he'd “get what John gets” if he hung around with him...Puck recalls afternoon harassment in the exreme heat...Sara K., 5 months pregnant, denied services by HSC, but helped by HPHP..slept with 30 others in San Lorenzo Park, ticketed for selling apples donated by UCSC, sleeping in a car w/o warning, 2 more sleeping/lodging cites,.. John Valley reports 5 cars and 5 cops ticketed him for having a shopping cart......[2 hours]

Thursday, September 2, 2010
Download Show Co-Host Curbhugger Chris on his experiences at PC2010 in its heyday & other homeless issues...Caller has “buy a farm” proposal... Interviews 9-1 PC2010 Francis Martinez (“Scum”) describes his tickets...Gary & others discuss generator and klieg lights gone, but new library ground closing hours set up with more inaccurate threats from First Alarm Security.. attorney Ed Frey reports on Volkman's banning the use of the word “foreclosure” by the defense in a fraud case resulting in 62-year old long time resident about to be evicted... ( ) ... is Chris's curbside radio stream...Vogel our new Police Chief? ( ) ... … Drum Circle Dave's report on Wednesday Circle...City Attorney's Opening Statement in Facer-Norse Sinister Singsong Two Trial and discussion of “unreasonably disturbing noise” law [2 hours]

Sunday, September 5, 2010
Download Show Starting at 9 [No Wake-Up Call; BB' show began a little early] 8-16: PC2010 Interviews—many police wake-ups but no tickets thanks to an alarm system...Live phone interview with Lisa Green of the Venice CA Green Party & Peggy Lee Kennedy of Venice Food Not Bombs on new move to criminalize RV's...successful defeat of the OPD (Overnight Parking District) laws; new “oversized RV” law push...Green sleeping out on the Venice streets w/videocamera to document LAPD violations of the Jones Settlement... ( ) ... ( ) ... ( ... Fresno writer and activist Mike Rhodes joins dialogue on violations of the Kinkaid settlement protecting Fresno's 15,000 homeless (with only 200 shelter beds)... Mike Rhodes: editor of the Community Alliance Monthly...instrumental in documenting the abuses against the homeless, prevailing on lawsuit with $2.3 million settlement. 15,000 homeless and maybe 200 beds...Struggle for broader coalition there...Fresno police shootings... ( ) .. More PC2010 Interview: Jennifer, Mark Greer... Live call-in from Curbhugger Chris on new 1st Alarm Pacific Ave. patrols, Chris broadcasting at ( ) ... .. Coffeehouse Live, informal show M-F 10-noon. Usually at S.C. Coffee Roaster...eventually to different coffeehouses. PC2010 8-17: Steve Plaich on the S.C. City Council candidate forum...Sgt. Connolly turns on floodlights against the City Hall Sleepers...8-18: Norse, Gary report on ticketing... Replay of CityAttorney opening and complanant Sean Reilly's testimony in the 9-2 Sinister Singsong Two Trial (approx 4 hours)

Thursday, September 9,2010
Download Show Old Capital Steps satirical songs...In-studio guest: Lighthouse Linda Lemaster, chair of the former Homeless Issues Task Force and the City's Commission for the Prevention of Violence Agaisnt women ( ...City Parks and Recs boss closses down City Hall and library grounds at night without consulting P&R Commission as required by MC 13.04.011....PC2010 Updates and Discussion...... Replay of the Homeless Service Center Board of Directors Chair Sally Williams' and Executive director Monica Martinez's refusal to provide a letter honestly documenting the lack of walk-in shelter April 15-November 15th...(2 hours)

Sunday, September 12,2010
Download Show [Leavitt's Wake Up Call including a few City Council candidates( Lynn Robinson, Gus Ceballos, and Steve Pleight) weigh in on the Sleeping Ban] ordinance allowing city attorney to dismiss citations....Street Interviews: 8-19 John Valley on 18 tickets over 22 years, jacked up at the County Building...6-8: Benches disappearing in San Lorenzo Park; Baltimore claims Officer Winston kicking his companion and cooking up a “drunk” charge with complaint by 3 witnesses ignored by Sgt. Harms on 6-7...Drum Circle confrontation...J.P. Freeman recounts 7 cops dealing with two beers and some medical marijuana...Winston's “get off the mall” warning for a guy rolling a tobacco cigarette..6-9 HUFF voter registration table in forbidden zone near the penguin statues—Union Grove music worker Theresa calls cops to “move along” the table...Kayla “No Guns” Radichi's son on her death through toxic housing conditions...Ed Frey at Drum Circle seeking signatures to get on ballot; Curbhugger Chris calls in with report on “open camping in San Lorenzo Park”.. ( Norse cross-examines Facer in the Singsong Two Trial...Pebbles Trippet ( call-in discusses Stoners Against Proposition 19 criticisms at ( (approx 4 hours)

Thursday, September 16,2010
Download Show ( Sleeping Ban changes at City Council...comment and testimony from Becky Johnson, Linda Lemaster, Curbhugger Chris Doyon, Ed Frey, & others...Homeless Services Center director Monica Martinez ...Street Interviews: 9-12: PC2010 report—views on the Sleeping Ban changes 9-13: PC2010 during the day at library: Gary and Scum w/doggie got sleeping tickets night before: “sleep where we can't see you”...9-14: Ed reports he got cited, as did others. (2 hours)

Sunday, September 19,2010
Download Show [Levitt's Wake Up Call skipped] .. O Xmas Bush songs from Capitol Steps...Co-Host Curbhugger Chris...local crime rate & Sanctuary Dispute dispute.... PC2010 Update this morning: two tickets for Gary Johnson for blocking the sidewalk, one for Collette Connolly for covering up with blankets...Council Candidate Plaight on Candidate Forums...Homeless run camping zones?...Future PC2010 prospects...Phone Interview with Renters Union activist and writer Rocky Neptune from San Diego...... new gentrification push to clear homeless from new sportsfield area...compromise proposed on weakening Spencer decision, allowing cops to ticket downtown, but maintaing de facto camping zones...the rent situation down there...upcoming book San Diego—City of stabilization activist coalition.. ... Pebbles Treippet of Mendicino Medical Marijuana Union...Las Vegas victorhy for anti-war activists: ( ...Closing statements in the Singsong Two trial of Norse and Facer....2nd phone interview with Pebbles Trippett on Stoners Against Proposition 19 critique of the “tax and regulate” marijuana initiative at ( [approx 4 hours]

Sunday, September 23, 2010
Download Show (Songs from the Capitol Steps' O Xmas Bush) Co-hosts Curbhugger Chris Doyon and City Council Candidate Steve Pleich...Curbhugger recalls last days of PC2010 at the Courthouse...( ...Peacecamp heads for court...Failure of the Facer Sleeping Ban Appeal...Defenses coming up in court; Curbhugger on 45 successful Safe Sleeping Zone days at PC2010...Ticketing the PC2010 Shitter...Homeless Service Center discussion...Street Interviews: 9-17: Ricardo Lopez on police attacks at Duck Beach...Steve Pleich on the candidate forums...Curbhugger prior interview: new tents up at San Lorenzo Benchlands—Ranger Wallace Tries to Surveille Away the Homeless... Upcoming Sleeping Ban Ordinance Change...Ed Frey Announces PC2010 Will Return to Sleep Outside the Courthouse...Discussion...Local Ban on Videoing/Audioing Police in the Station...(2 hours)

Thursday, September 30, 2010
Download Show Co-Host Steve Pleich....Street Interviews: 9-30 Doug Zigzag denounces El Centro on Pacific Ave. and discusses the Pacific Ave. scene... 9-21 Commissioner Kim Baskett's Veridct in the Norse-Facer Unreasonably Disturbing Noises case (aka the Sinister Singsong Two) followed by commentary... ( ...discussion of the new amendments to the Camping of Community TV's Sandra Leigh interviewing Curbhugger Chris on PeaceCamp2010...[2 hours]

Sunday, September 26, 2010
Download Show FRSC 9-30 Back on the air!... [The Wake-Up Call includes guests Curbhugger Chris & Bathrobespierre Robert reporting on Robert Blindbear Facer's heart attack at relocated PC2010 back at the Courthouse followed by deputy “leave or face arrest ultimatum”...Discussion of the 9-21 Facer/Norse Verdict in the Unreasonably Disturbing Noise Singsong Two case....Discussion of Councilman Don Lane's claims ...PC2010 Interviews: 9-22: Todd's update on more tickets, Ed's portapotty ticket...Pleich's Council Forum Update... ( City Attorney's New Sleeping Ban Ordinance....Father Joel under attack by Councilmember Matthews & conservative chuchmembers... ...( ...Lighthouse Linda Lemaster's phone report on Ed Frey's arrest...Interview with Councilwoman Katherine Beiers...[approx. 4 hours]

Sunday, October 3, 2010
Download Show (Leavitt's Wake-Up Call) Selection from the Capitol Steps...Sandre Leigh's Community TV Interview of Robert Norse..Inaudible Street Interviews....City Council Consent Agenda Minutes Abridgement, Halloween Triple Fine Zones...Candidate Steve Plaight's Update...Part 3 of Pebbles Trippet-Norse discussion of Proposition 19 critics on the left [3 ½ hours]

Thursday, October 7, 2010
Download Show Co-Host City Council candidate Steve Pleich...Pleich's Update...Street Interviews: Perfumeistas...street painter... In-studio Guest: Bardmeister Dennis Holt ... Upcoming City Council Alerts...Pleich reports Heroin Dealers For A Cleaner Poronip....Caller corrects Norse on Agenda Info...Street Interviews: Miguel Portillo notes police refused to make report on his stolen property, then arrested him, ticketed for caming.. Ricardo Lopez on foolish anti-performer laws downtown...John Myonahan on false accusations and eviction by a Woodstock Pizza manager.. [2 hours]

Sunday, October 10, 2010
Download Show (Leavitt's Wake-Up Call. Lamonika and Leavitt on the taxing the rich and the City Council race ..Leavitt, Norse, Drum Circle Dave on Proposition 19) ....Proposition 19 discussion). In-studio guest: Steve Pleich... PC 2010 interviews: 8-28 Attorney Frey, “Blindbear”, and Gary discuss new harassment tickets--”Obstructing the sidewalk”...DUHH (Disabled United Handicapped Homeless)...Crow and HUFF table confiscated.....KPFA—Styfled by Conservative Staffers?--Tomas Moran Phone Interviw including Palo Alto homeless history...Steve Zelzer Phone Interview....( ...attacks entrenched staff for censoring listener and labor proposals and create vanilla NPR-style corporate station...PC2010 Interviews cont ....Anita Henri and Theodora Kerry on Proposition 19...Pebbles Trippett Phone Discussion of Proposition 19 (Part 4). (4 hours)

Thursday, October 14, 2010
Download Show Co-Host "Stick-it-to-'em" Steve Pleich co-hosting. Reported on Homeless Service Center gala earlier and his plans to shmooze with City Attorney Barisone on the “receipts and no tickets if you're on the HSC waiting list for a bed on a night when there's no shelter” in the wake of the new MC 6.36.056...... phone interview with Americans for Safe Action and Hemporium activist Roger Mentch, facing 9 felony counts in San Jose for possession, curltivation, and sales, for less than 4 oz. of marijuana and a Santa Clara demo in the case of 22 medical marijuana activits and patients ( ...Drum Circle Dave's Wednesday Update...Scope-it-Out Scott Graham on the Coastal Commission's voting down the Arana Gulch bike rroad....PC2010 Interviews: 10-8 Vamp reports on city workers hosing him at City Hall, hassles at the Metro Center by Officer Winston... [2 hours]

Sunday, October 17, 2010
Download Show [Levitt's Wake-Up Call] Proposition 19 discussion and local Reefer Madness...Steve Pleich co-hosting...HUFF Fall poll..Street Interviews: 10-8: Dialogue with a Democratic Party registrat...ACLU canvasser reports getting ordered away from Pacific Grove Trader Jo's parking lot, also at Safeway; SCPD reportedly got Trader Jo's trespass complaint...10-13: Jennifer's anxieties about how homeless treated...Dana Cruz on moneypot downtown consortium...Lighthouse Linda Lemaster on PeaceCamp2010 trials ... 10-15: Resteasy Ray on court conundrums and the welfare labyrinth....Arielle on Proposition 19...Craig Canada critiques 19.....Merced report ...more Proposition 19 discussion [3 ½ hours]

Sunday, October 31, 2010
Download Show 9:15 a.m. [Thomas Leavitt's The Wake-Up Call joins Norse in a special extended Election Eve Discussion with City Council Candidate David Foster including Candidate Steve Pleich and former candidate and activist Steve Argue]... The Foster Interview continues... ....( ) ...Foster supports the Sleeping Ban and the 1-hour Bench limit, prefers social services to increased policing, but suppors Measure H... Teacher and activist James Cosner now of Oakland discusseses with Argue the current drop in street activism... Argue presents his election recommendations on the propositions ....( ...Two-hour interview with Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris on Proposition 19 (legalizing 1 oz. of marijuana for personal use)... ....( [5 hours]

Thursday, November 4, 2010
Download Show Street Interviews: 10-26 with Ricardo and other street musicians ...”Big Drum” Brent Adams calls in to discuss his upcoming court case: at Soquel and Pacific, he reports being ticketed without warning by Officer Winston for “Unreasonably Disturbing Noise” without being asked to keep it quieter, after he began discussing police behavior with the crowd...Phone Interview with Fresno's Al Williams of FUHC (Free United Homeless Coalition) on demands for dumpsters, water, etc. for the homeless encampments and the upcoming Human Rights Day protest...More Street Interviews from 10-26: Sax man Gregory Stevenson defends Obama...Kathleen Hicks reports a Harms “get up and leave” ticket the night before...Braidmeister Briana reports harassment on her first day back for playing “too close to the change machine”...11-1: Foodgiver Christopher James de Marco on progress-through-prayer 11-2: Curbhugger Chris Dohyon on Halloween's “floating pumpkin” UFO's, a prior “pleased to meet you” SCPD fishing expedition by Officers Harms and Forbus [2 hours]

Thursday, December 2, 2010
Download Show 9:10: Working People Songs throughout the show....24:30: Street Interviews-- Phillip on Service Dogs and his defense of the SCPD….31`42: Jeff Hay, St. George resident, praises the street scene... 45:30:.Nikki C on Thanksgiving eve from Salinas calls for gloves, blankets, caps, and sock & change in the laws. .....1:09:00 Call-in Discussion with Bob Lamonika supporting Wes Modes and denouncing Mayor Mike Rotkin...1:46:00: Street craftspeople Crystal, Sunshine, Mya, and Bren...Mrs. B. aka Shannon had kids taken away again by Judge Denine Guy...11-28: Cosmic Chris's “no trespass” for sleeping...11-20: Shelly's upcoming marriage, bounced from Emiline as she sought food stamps for having her bike with her. [2 hours]

Thursday, December 16, 2010
Download Show Steve Pleich co-hosts ... “Commander X” of the People's Liberation Front calls in to discuss the shutdown of the County's website at noon today in support of PC2010 ( ) ...potential Santa Cruz wikileaks at ....( ) ...Phone Discussion with attorney David Beauvais of the 9th Circuit's decision in DerFuhrer Council (“Heil Krohn” mock-Nazi salute) case (....( ) ..[2 hours]

Sunday, December 19, 2010
Download Show . [Leavitt's Wake-Up Call]....Demonstration in Santa Cruz to Support Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks “ at ....( ... Homeless Services Center Monica Martinez's Collusion with Homeless-Hostile Forces and Stonewalling Activist Inquiries at...Brent Adams Phone Interview: Huggy Santa on Pacific Ave, his critique of Good Times fawning treatment of the SCPD at ....( ) .the “Der Fuhrer” Council court case (“9th Circuit Mandates New Trial in Free Speech "Nazi Salute" Lawsuit Against City at ....( and “Victory for the 1st Amendment in Nazi Salute case” at ....( City Threat to Ticket DIY Last Night Parade at ....( ....( ..“.Discussion of Musician and “Blueballs from the Blueshirts ... Police raid Pacific Avenue bar in costly abusive raid at ....( More on Monica Martinez at ....( )and ....( ) ....[approx 3 ½ hours]


Sunday,January 9, 2011
Download Show [Other programming for first 2+ hours]...Audio interviews from the Town Clock protest supporting Julian Assange and Bradley Manning: Ruth of SCPatch, Tracy de Angelis, James Cosner, Frank RunningHorse...”As the Economy Unravels, the Poor are Criminalized” in October Street Spirit... More Assange/Manning Demo Interviews: Steve Argue, Mitch & Coral, Kaspar Hauser, SDS Napa, ....( ( ...Chrid Hedges of Vets Against the War: Speech on “Hope”: ( ...Vice -Mayor Don Lane's Unaswered 5 questions: ( ...SFPD police violence ( ...Drum Circle Dave's report...SCPD crackdown on Wednesday Levee Drum Circle: ( Further Demo Interviews: Denika da Foy from KRXA, Ellen Adams, Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission member Bob Meoli (sp?).. ( ) ( SF's Measure L: ( [3 ½ hours]

Thursday,January 13, 2011
Download Show Stan Freberg's “Great Pretender” and “Yellow Rose of Texas”...Interviews and reports on Becky Johnson's Sinister Sidewalk Singsong Appeal earlier in the day... ( ..City Council 1/11: Coonerty's Cutback Oral Communications...”Standing Up to Bullying at City Council”... ( ...activist Bob Lamonika's phone comments...Gail page, Crow, at City Council [2 hours]

Thursday,January 27, 2011
Download Show Co-host Steve Pleich. Report on 1-26 Drum Circle...Phone Interview with SF Coalition on Homelessness's Bob Offer-Westort ...647e anti-homeless “illegal lodging” cases..Homeless Courts (CJC) in SF..Successful Challenge of Sit/Lie Laws...Ten-Fold Increase in Police Shootings in SF... . ( Steven Parrish –Homeless Man Crushed to Death in Dumpster Compacter.. . ( ) ...Pleich's City Council report on Collapsed Oral Communications Period...Homeless Service Center “Waive Confidentiality” Option to Get Sleeping Tickets Signed Off.. Mayor Coonerty's explanation for why no televising of open interval of the Closed Session...Street Interviews: 1-17 Chris commends Norse, denounces “sleeping populace” ...Jacob, handicrafter, ticketed and moved along..Phone Interview with United Veteran's Council Bob Patton's report on “still no Vet's Hall open”.. 1-18:.$2/hour panhandler previouisly electrician...Arden Rousseau, Jabberwock owner on landlord skullduggery, the Santa Cruz scene..Mama Val Promise and Irene challenge Downtown Ordinances for musicians...Drum Circle Interviews [2 hours]

Thursday,February 17, 2011
Download Show 0:00 to 0:19 : Discussion of tomorrow's “Take Back the Streets” walk [“Back Again and Stalking the Community in Progressive Garb” ( 1:07: Street Interviews: 2-5: Mythical Magic Ousts Homeless...Hard Times at the Sub Rosa... 1:28: Uncle Dennis on FRSC's history and current situation... 1:43: Orlando Attack on Food Sharing ( Street Interviews: Scott Curry on Curbhugger Chris...Denise's fight for G.A., disability, and work...[2 hours]

Sunday,February 20, 2011
Download Show [Leavitt's Wake-Up Call] 2:14: Singer and violinist Stringstroke Sue Hamilton denounces recent guilty verdict for Amplified Sound Without a Permit in Gallagher's court on a ticket, she claims, without warning by Officer Warren last summer., highly restricted “permitted” zones for amplified sound...3:05: “Take Back the Streets” CCPVAW and TBSC jointly sponsored march on 2-18 ( ( …4:09: Upcoming City Council Update... Videoing the police in public areas: ( … 4:37: Psych Abuse Update: Forced ECT, Elizabeth Ellis fighting shock therapy . ( … 4:46: Seattle Cop Privilege Law Protexts Killer of Homeless John T. Williams: ( ...4:52: Mandatory posting of bike licenses chat… 5:09: ( Seattle Nickesville Legalized!...[3 1.2 hours]

Thursday,February 24, 2011
Download Show 17:00: Norse on the Camping Ban “Waiting List Exemption” Amendment...14th Annual Homelessness Marathon archived at ....( … 29:00: Street Interviews 2-18: Anonymous smoky woman reports rude host... 2-21: musician Ricardo Lopez attacks city workers stealing his property, camperlife on the San Lorenzo...Articles on oil prices rising, CHP 2-3 photolionizes Mayor Coonerty, Court authorizes management snooping against NASA employees ...City Council holds off on bike license displays...Pro-protest decision for bridge walkers with signs... Street Interviews: 1:33 Blindbear sings & speaks... Norse seeks CCPVAW records..Street Interviews 1:56 : Blindbear cont....Starter Seth receiving regualr tickets, claims Winston harassment...Lawrence MacGregor notes illegal seizure of medical marijuana...Clearheart Cal back on street with repaired steel string...[2 hours]

Sunday,February 27, 2011
Download Show [Leavitt's Wake-Up Call: 1:19: Bob Lamonika and Thomas On Revolution Abroad and Authoritarianism in Santa Cruz] 2:21: In-studio guest new FRSC broadcaster and medical marijuana writer Craig Canada [6-8 PM Sunday show “Canada on Cannabis” and .... ] on Prop 19 aftermath, extortionate marijuana licensing fees... ”Walk for Choice” protest s at home and revolution abroad... 3:19: Call-in: Downtown Resident on selective enforcement—Benecio's drunk gets away; hippies get tickets... 3:56: Street Interviews: 2-14: Valentine's Day sign fly-er: the Urban Indigenous Individual. 2-21: Monday meal at Calvary reports—Animal control killing dogs?... Tiptoe Todd Hill on HSC ...Sandy Willis, vehicle dweller on vigilante violence against older homeless up hiway1... 4:11 Speedwalker Steve Pleich's report on Needles Exchange ....( 831-334-8692 and Camping Ban Amendments...4:27: Street Interviews: Willis cont on tire slashing; ...4:59: Roadside Red and Crow's reports ... 2-24 Wisconsin solidarity demo in support of local worker's rights...5:14: Deneeka Defooya KRXA broadcaster on Monterey County Sheriff abuse of women—her personal story...[3 ½ hours]

Thursday,March 3, 2011
Download Show 9:45: A full show on the Broadway-Brommer Bike Connection Jean Brocklebank speaking on behalf of Friends of Ariana Gulch ....( vs. Micah Posner ....( with comments from Michael Lewis and various call-in's...[2 hours]

Sunday,March 6, 2011
Download Show [No Wake-Up Call] 2:19: Preview of Robert Whitaker, Anatomy of an Epidemic author... ( 2:35: Joanne Zuhl of Portland's Street Roots newspaper on Sit-Lie & Santa Cruz's Sitting Ban ....( ....( Street Interviews: 2-27: Street jewelry vendor Michele critiques police ticketeers giving a citation for “more than one person.. Officer Winston threatenes but doesn't explain jaywalking ticket for crossing Pacific at a non-crosswalk, critiques Take Back Santa Cruz [TBSC] ...Winston confronts a “sit-criminal” at Ronee Curry's sidewalk supper...Street artist Satio Baby Johnson engages in “random acts of symmetry”... 3-2: Todd, Jake, Wolf, Alex: on new First Alarm patrols at the beach, Wolf's “hiding a cigarette” ticket, followeed by a littering ticket when he threw the ticket towards the trash can and missed it...4:14: Drum Circle Dave's report...Most Dangerous Professions: ....( ....( ...5:10: Steve Pleich Update—S.O.S. Beach and River Clean-Up's vs. TBSC's... 5:30: Lighthouse Linda Lemaster on her demurrer hearing for “illegal lodging” in the Connolly courtroom [3 ½ hours]

Thursday,March 10, 2011
Download Show Robert Whitaker, author of Anatomy of an Epidemic, phones in and discusses recent developments in his dialogue with the psychiatric community and public on the relatively bad long-term outcomes of psychiatric drug use and its relation to the expolosion in disabilities... ....( ....( ...Robert “Blindbear” Facer's futile attempt to sign up on the HSC waiting list..[2 hours]

Sunday,March 13, 2011
Download Show [No Wake-Up Call, 1:53: some of Craig Canada's “Canada on Cannabis” Show]... More of Canada's replay of NORML's January Look Back on Proposition 19 and a new Marijuana Legalization Initiative in 2012 ....( ...3:26: Craig Canada phone commentary...4:16 “Take Back Scotts Valley” (satire) at ....( ...4:36: NORML on Prop 19 continues...4:44: Steve Pleich update... 5:00: Street Interviews: 3-8 Zoran on Zoran...Wulf's positive report on the Homeless Services Center...Dave's churchfront wake-up call ...Julia Vinograd (latest book: When Even the Sky Hurts. reading unpublished poetry... On-Site Al's Berkeley Update on Mediterraneum Cafe protest: ....( [3 hrs.]

Sunday,July 3, 2011
Download Show [Previous show on movie Breaking Ranks ] BB starts at 2:18... 2:24: Phone Interview with Ben Markeson of Orlando, FL Food Not Bombs on recent arrests, co-founder Keith McHenry's jailing... ( … 3:16: Bob Lamonika calls in to debate virtue of the military, cleanliness of PC2010 and others... 3:51: Caller #2 on “middle-class” privilege and camping protests...4:05: Lighthouse Linda Lemaster calls in on sleepcrime and shelter deficiencies... Linda's blog:( …4:40: Street Interviws C.J. Stock... 4:47: Steve Pleich's report on upcoming protests...4:56: Blind Bullfeather call in on June 30th sleepout... Street Reports: 5:02: Woman reports Officer Winston harassed her...Marcel on Sunday Krishna temple feed...Charlie Marshall notes police harassment at Metro...6-13: “Rock 'n Roll” speaks and sings on S.C. Recovery Blues.. Drum Circle Dave's positive updaterecites “Liar” poem ...Ricardo's report on state park ranger harassment at Natural Bridges...MacKenzie Price tells of facing loaded weapons and 6 squad cars at San Lorenzo bathroom... 6-14: Foreign visiter reports rebuffing a First Alarm Security “no sitting” guard...[3 ½ hours]

Thursday,July 7, 2011
Download Show 14:20: Showstart...21:50: 6-18 Anti-War Rally in front of Capitola Recruiting Station: Santa Cruz Woody, Gregory on prior encounters, Ruth Valdez on her oil extraction tax Initiative, Walt on Bradley Manning, Susan Worth on Freeing Ed Frey and Gary Johnson, Sandino on the Brown Beret Confrontation with Coonerty in his classroom on deportation of innocent undocumented immigrants...1:15:00: Roxanne of Mission Garden Apartments on Tenant Organizing Against the John Stewart Company's abusive and pety rules...1:41: In-studio guest/host: Linda Lemaster on PC2010... 1:55:00 Street Interviews: 6-19: Brain on Palomar harassment...'Dirt's 14 tickets this year for smoking, sitting, camping...Dirt... 6-21: Crow on Lt. Haebe's vehicular harassment, Steve Argue on PC2010 [2 hours]

Thursday,July 21, 2011
Download Show Street Interviews: 7-14: Street performer on changing performer climate on Pacific Ave. Phone Interview with Courtney with Prison Hunger Strike 5 Demands ( Co-Host: Steve Pleich …on city repression of street performers and appeal of the 14-hour trial of Norse and Facer for singing “Downtown” in front of the Bookshop Santa Cruz ( … Calvary Episcopal's Failure to provide vehicular homeless parking...Harvey West pool project vetoed by Mayor Coonerty...Homeless Service Center exclusions... Phone in interview with Heidi on civil disobedience and public education campaign to stop Smart Meters … [2 hours]

Sunday,July 31, 2011
Download Show [Thomas Leavitt's Wake-Up Call] Rovic's Bllad of Lake Eola: ( ...San Diego Spencer decision ending the Sleeping Ban there—a look back to 2006 in memory of recently-dead activist Larry Milligan: ( … 7-29 Courthouse Interview with PC2010's Art Bishoff, his attorney Ed Frey & others... Returning activist David Minton Silva calls in...More San Diego 2006 radio flashbacks...Mayor's mouthpiece Sainz v. Homeless attorney Tim Cohelan... Street Interviews 7-29 Former Camp Paradise's "Dirtclod" on being harassed for needle exchange...the Pleich report on ACLU, Smart Meters, the HSC, the homeless census... Steve Pleich call: mysterious stats about the loft being 75% full... a clip from the Smart Meters debate between Joshua Hart and Keith Gudger Street Interviews: "A Wink and a Smile" ...Trond's music: ….Tim: good encounter with the SCPD, drunk girl was asked real nicely, originally from New York... Marcella More: on Smart Meters: ( ….Street Interviews: 7-17: KC on FNB... James West moving out of Santa Cruz to Eugene from the “Pacific Merchant Mall”...Mr. Ted on multiple movealongs... Robbie Cornish petitioner vs. Trader Joe's "security" [3 ½ hours]

Sunday,August 14, 2011
Download Show (Thomas Leavitt's Wake-Up Call) Joshua Hart vs. Keith Geiger on Smart Meters in Santa Cruz County ( and ( and ( 4:37: Glen Chase, Environmental Economics Professor, opposes Smart Meters, and critiques Geiger... 4:54: Protest march fighting developer destruction of Ohlone Burial Ground ( ( ...5:05: Upcoming Panel on Homeless Census; Homeless Services Center Director Monica Martinez to be confronted on her stonewalling homeless seeking documentation to defend against police harassment... 5:16 Activist Linda Lemaster on her upcoming trial for pro-homeless political protest 5:48 National Public Radio Chris Hedges on Need for Birth of a New and More Militant Radicalism ( ...[3 ½ hours].

Thursday,September 15, 2011
Download Show [Show begins 12:15] "Lighthouse" Linda Lemaster Victory Update...38:00: Menlo Park & Watsonville Homeless Update ( ...Phone Interview with Activist Linda Jolly... 1:00:00 : Monica Martinez Falsely Describes Homeless (Lack Of) Services Center Policies. Former HSC Director Doug Loisel's phone interview; his attempts at reform, suggestions..[2 hours]

Sunday,September 18, 2011
Download Show [Show begins 2:08] 2:19: Homeless Services Center Monica Martinez publicly lies on Community TV's Voices from the Village regarding documentation given to homeless people about waiting list status and shelter availability ( August 14th "Homelessness in Santa Cruz" at 46:43)... Steve Pleich report on Secure Coommunities, and other projects....3:23: Bob Lamonika on the local ACLU's failure... 3:51: Vets for Peace finally passes "Impeach Obama" resolution ( ...4:27: Wayne County, Ohio homeless Tent City. (,0,7649901.story) 4:48: In-studio guest Alan Fisher reports assault by Wellington 'Smart Meter' Intaller ( (3 ½ hours)

Thursday,September 22, 2011
Download Show 17:00: Debate: Bob Lamonika versus Jeff Narwhal on Recall of Sheriff Phil Wowak on his failure to enforce Smart Meter Moratorium in Santa Cruz County...issues of health, accuracy, privacy, public process, fire danger, and worker-replacement ( ...1:32 : Attorney Jay Leiderman, reports on yesterday's arrest of Curbhugger Chris Doyon for allegedly hacking the County website last December insupport of PeaceCamp2010. ( 1:56: Photojournalist Alex Darocy on Don Lane and the DeSal Sandwich Slinging ( ...David Silva's reports tickets at City Hall last night for him and Blanketsnuggler Billy (2 ¼ hours)

Sunday,September 25, 2011
Download Show (No wake up call show) Reading from "The Labor Wars" section of Sidney Lens' Autobiography Unrepentant Radical... 2:50 : Interview with Ventura attorney Jay Leiderman on his legal fight against the Open Container, Camping, and other Anti-Homeless laws ( 4:06: David Silva's call[-in Street Report about "no queers in our bathrooms" bigotry at downtown Taco Bell...... 4:23: former FRSC DJ. Matt Embryo disses David Rovic's music, praises his politics...4:37: Phone Interview with Alex Darocy on the Monday invitation-only DeSal meeting and protest outside ( ...5:18: Steve Pleich update...(3 ½ hours)

Thursday,September 29, 2011
Download Show Rutebega Rick Guest-Hosts...Phone-In Interviews with Ed Frey, Gary Johnson, and Robert Norse on San Jose and the Upcoming Release of Curbhugger Chris Doyon...Replay of most of the 9-18 Show...[2 hours]

Sunday,October 30, 2011
Download Show (Prior Show has some discussion of Smart Meters and Commander X's Press Conference from early October) Interviews at Occupy Santa Cruz [OSC] 10-25: Nick from Occupy Oakland; 10-26: Dreamcatcher, Denika De Foy of co-host Commander X (aka Chris Doyon)...Chris reports on his three-night trip to Oakland and and San Francisco...the OSC.Mission Statement... 10--27: Discussion about the Squirrel-Shannon physical, Michael's report...Greg Swanson on the candelight vigil for police victim Scott Olsen... Craig Metz, Tank, Cita on the march... Summer on the first Occupy Cabrillo....Live phone interview with Jen Baily, Ben Todd, and attorney Jay Liederman of Occupy Ventura: spirited discussion on how long to wait before actually doing continuous occupation... ...More OSC Interviews: 10-22: Noah Shepardson, Cat from Fresno on the March Against Police Brutality... Musician Ricardo Lopez denounces and mocks over-control by "head anarchists" at the OSC camp....Frank Lopez, Chris D on turning back harassment from Lt. Deputy Amy Christie...Live phone interview with Coral Reef at Occupy Oakland...Stories/commentary on De Sal, Occupy Nashville, Medical marijuana....More OSC Interview: 10-22: Commander X commends CAfe HUFF; Lawrence reports injuries on Pacific avenue playing Capture the Flag downtown on Friday or Saturday a week ago......Chris's audio streams of OSC General Asemblies at ... 10-24: Eden, Mike, Mariya, Sylva have different views on Sylva's reclaiming biscuits from OSC...Dirt's discussion of heroin, the serial inebriate program... Discussion of an assault: Tank v. "drunk Jesse"... (4 3/4 hours)


Thursday,January 5, 2012
Download Show Group Interview of Mayor Don Lane by Norse, attorney Ed Frey, Bikelock Bob, and "the Phantom" with call-in's from Groundzero Gary Johnson & others; focus on Lane's support for the city's sleeping ban, police removal of the campground, and other anti-homeless measures... Street Stuff: 1-4-12: Four motorcycle cops parked on Lincoln repeatedly sting (stop and ticket) bicyclist going through the Stop Sign near New Leaf Market (2 hours)

Thursday,January 19, 2012
Download Show Phone Interview with Occupy Santa Cruz activists in D.C. Supporting "Occupy Congress": Rush, Abby, Gail, and Kim...2nd "Noise at Noon" ...Phone Interview with KXRA Broadcaster Denica de Foy on her shutdown there.... Protest Outside the S.C. Jail Supporting Political Sleepcrime Prisoner GroundZero Gary Johnson on 1-18 Guitarist Jay speaks about a homeless friend Porter...City Council Oral Communications 12-13-11 (2 hours)

Sunday,February 5, 2012
Download Show [The People's Radio—replay of 1-29 show--on Police Attack on Peaceful Occupy Oakland March of 1-28 & other stuff] Street Commissioner Silva Speaks Up... Homeless (Lack of) Services Center Interviews on 1-27: Elizabeth the recycler claims photo-harassment by health official Cynthia Brown... HLOSC Interviews 1-27-12 Elizabeth, a recycler, had her photo taken 2 days ago right off Emeline on Barry St. between noon and 1.... 3 years a criminal...yelled at places, chased away from places...always cleans up after herself, picks up garbage... Calm and Canny Casey Livingood reports on his chat with Monica Martinez, Executive Director; David Anderson on no hot water at HLOSC, at Armory-bring your own toilet paper... Street Interviews 1-28 Berkeley Barrista Nick Hager workin on Telegraph at Peet's across from People's Park... Ed “Fight Back” Frey reports on the 2-3 demurrer hearing for sleep "criminal" Gary Johnson...More HLOSC interviews from 2-3: Elijah on avoiding the police while black... Anon woman reports missing HLOSC management...Robert describes ticket on the levee...A handicapped and homeless guy commends HPHP but notes his vehicle was copnapped and being held for $2500 in the tow yard... Skateboarder Jeff, the "outlaw skateboarder"...Shortdog Street Spirit vendor urges greater respect and access at HLOSC.. A Sacramento travler, now volunteers and support the Armory Shelter here.. Misty MacDaniel's reports saving a blind man's life in traffic after being harassed an SCPDite for sitting and reading a book, notes never any room at the HLOSC and gives a mixed report, says she counted 28 times in one week being moved along by local police...Artist Frank commends local police; Kim reports the opposite... More Street Interviews 2-4: Baba the Story teller on facebook at santacruzstorytellers, Ricardo Lopez...Oakland attorney, artist, activist Osha Neumann Interview from the Occupy Oakland march on 2-28... Copwatch's Andrea Prichard's Berkeley update ( .(approx 4 hours)

Thursday, April 26, 2012
Download Show In-studio interview with mom and streetsinger Elizabeth, newly back in Santa Cruz, who had her child taken a day after it was born by CPS.... phone interview with Berkeley-Oakland lawyer David Beauvais on CPS abuses and the conspiracy charge against the Santa Cruz eleven. (2 hours)

Thursday, December 13, 2012
Download Show 12-6-12 Solidarity protest for "Lighthouse" Linda Lemaster: Becky Johnson, Steve Pleich's Update...Salinas merchants on trial for beating a homeless man... Protest cont.: Joe fighting anti-homeless prosecution, Wolf on being assaulted by Warren, Winston, & Clark, Linda denounces PC 647e, & other voices...Report on Linda's sentencing hearing...Attorney Gettleman on the Community Service's from Visionsong Valery, Nickolas Grey of OSC, & others....Marty at CVS on Front St., refused to give ID, threatened by cop, but held his ground, tho getting a false "no-smoking citation". [2 hours]

Thursday, December 27, 2012
Download Show DIY New Year's Eve Parade Discussion ...Winston Churchill arrest:

Sunday, December 30, 2012
Download Show [2 hours of previous FRSC programming] Street Interviews: Handicapped and homeless Shawna commends Rick Stipe as a healer...Stipe asked for receipt for HLOSC and told he was off the list & had to wait thirty days, then got three camping tickets in four days...caller David Silva recalls being homeless in Santa Cruz on his 68th birthday; when he called to ask about being on the list, he was taken off and had to start all over... (approx 4 hours)...Phone Interview with Mike Rhodes: 38 lawsuits in Fresno followed winter police sweeps a year ago...full-blown Obamavilles with hundreds of residents; criticizes city's toolshed-doghouse alternative for a few homeless & a $159,000 per unit minimum security prison masquerading as homeless housing, 30' high gated with barbed wire, video surveillance inside & out...activists demanding safe and legal places to pitch tent or build w/drinking water, portable toilets, trash bins...Report on local FNB, copwatch, homeles memorial, Occupy Fresno, anti-war activity, police violence...Street Interviews: Baltimore hospitalized, dumped, ticketed, "Lighthouse" Linda Lemaster advocates for vehicular dwellers...Library Public Records Discussion..[3 1/2 hours]


Thursday, January 3, 2013
Download Show In-studio interview with Roxanne and Danny of the revitalized Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs and their encounter with hostile postal employee and the SCPD at last Saturday's serving on the steps of the main post office...In-studio guests Van and Elissa denounce cemetery desecration (presumably by homeless people) producing spirited outrage from some callers..."First Amendment in Peril in Santa Cruz"--a Panel Discussion on Community TV with attorneys David Beauvais and Eric Nelson, convicted "lodging criminal" Linda Lemaster, and accused trespassers Robert Norse and Becky Johnson... (2 hours)

Sunday, January 6, 2013
Download Show [2 hours of previous FRSC programming] Santa Cruz Eleven Update...Street Interviews: Marty on aggressive attack by Officer Azua for a Smoking Near Pacific Avenue ticket...Flashback to 2012 Interviews: Robert "Hutch" Hutchinson...Phone Interview with Diana Buettner reporting on Occupy Stockton, recent court victory allowing tents as "messages"in dismissing her “First Amendment In Peril” Forum hosted by Steve Pleich: Kate Wellls, Eric Nelson, David Beauvais, Linda Lemaster, Robert Norse, Becky Johnson...from the video by Community TV's Sandra Leigh...Phone interview with Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry: news from Mexico, Canada, NYC, & advice for the Santa Cruz Eleven: direct political organizing and agitation rather than legal focus..Feeding Ban Updates...(approx 4 hours)

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Download Show Phone interview with psychiatric victim Marji in Virgina, Santa Cruz Eleven Benefit Interviews & Speeches "Falcino", John Malkin, Ken Foster, Steve Pleich, Joe Schultz, "Justice Now" Jessie, David Beauvais....Freeze warning by FRSC:s Uncle Dennis For Earth First archived updates go to then click on "earth" then on "Earth First" (2 hours)

Sunday, January 13, 2013
Download Show Interviews from the 1-4 Protest in front of the Santa Cruz Courthouse in support of the Santa Cruz Eleven...Interview with psychrights lawyer Jim Gottstein on Finnish "Open Dialogue" and Alaska's Soteria treatment for emotional distress without forced medication...discussion of "sane-ism", the discounting of psychiatric survivors as "crazy" in their accounts...rise in child drugging...his lawsuits exposing Medicare Fraud to stop forced drugging...fraudulent involuntary commitments based on the public's misconceptions about psychiatric medications ...Disabled advocate John Colby's Public Records Act demand to the City regarding the assault at the Homeless (Lack of) Services Center on Andrea Morgan...Freedom's Report from San Francisco on protests and arrests at the closing and bulldozing of the recycling center and community garden in the Haight (4 hours)

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Download Show Norse rap on SC-11, harassment of street performers...Interviews at SC-11 1-6 benefit with John Malkin; earlier chat with Warren West, won through hung jury a trial on "battery by touching" as some tried to drive him away from a bench up at the Soquel Bagelry...Interviews at SC-11 courthouse demo 1-4 with Steve Pleich. Live phone interview with Pleich on ISSP program, homeless census upcoming...More SC-11 Courthouse interviews: Grant Wilson, Becky Johnson, Steve Pleich, some attorneys. Joy on the Homeowners Bill of Rights.. (2 hours)

Sunday, January 20, 2013
Download Show Commentary and Audio on the SCPD as emissaries for the federal police and postmaster at the Food Not Bombs weekly meal at the main Post Office 1-19 ( guest Colin Campbell Clyde, videojournalist recently evicted from Front St. Inc. run apartments denounces Regina Mendosa,Chuck Perry, and eviction-over-assistance procedures ( )...poet and war-against-marijuana victim Isaac Collins makes brief appearance...More meal-side Interviews with Greg Orteez on SCPD harassment of street performers, Clyde on overpolicing downtown, , Bob Noxious on "the Salinas solution", Nathaniel reports good treatment...Clyde's continued critique of Front St., Inc. and Homeless Persons Health Project (HPHP)...Briana Brewer and Blind Bull Feathers on avoiding downtown to avoid harassment...Berkeley Interviews with traveling youth on Telegraph Ave...Dishonerably Discharged marine denounces wars abroad... ...Berkeley poet Julia Vinograd reads from 57th book of poetry Buttering the Wind and discusses the difficulties of Berkeley for poor people (3 1/2 hours)

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Download Show In-studio guests Wade and companion pooch Zeke describing harassment from Officer Winston for "cruelty to animals" misdemeanor citation due for arraignment February 16...Josh Hart update on the struggle against smart meters at including recent home invasions by officers in Illinois and arrests of mom's videoing...Street Interviews from 1-21: Ricardo Lopez on library problems and Brianna Brewer back on Pacific Avenue Tanya Noble's daily panhandle-for-a-cup-of-joe. Interviews at the Red Church: Irish critiques laws and police practices re: skateboarders; Judy reviews food services for those outside..Wade and Zeke in an earlier taped interview...Scott Curry on Burrito Sunday and the Youth Ministry at Calvary That Was...(2 hours)

Sunday, January 27, 2013
Download Show Interview with Scott Curry at Calvary Episcopal (Red Church) 1-21 on Ronee Curry's open-all-day youth ministry from several years ago...(3 3/4 hours)...homeless activist Darrell Blair on his Society for Homeless Buddhists at the HLOSC (Homeless [Lack of] Services Center) Tue, Th 10-11 AM... ...Robert Burnett on Boardwalk security youth thugs slamming him to the ground, injuring him, and SCPD releasing him without charges on 1-12...Ronee Curry on her previous successful youth ministry as a groundskeeper at Calvary...Father Joel Miller on the old Curry ministry and the new AFS (Association of Faith Communities) ISSP program...Further 1-21 Critical interviews with SCORE (Santa Cruz Community Coalition to Overcome Racism) supporters...Lyrical I on MLK Day...C.J. Stock--arrested for sitting, hospitalized for pneumonia, guitar still in impound at the SCPD...Fresno activist calls in debating value of law for radicals... Street Interiews: Jess G.--bound for court after being thrown down by SCPD's Azua...Deaf housed residents Al Sacks and Shimisu harassed and ticketed by Capitola cop when, they said, they were visiting someone and had returned to their RV...Audio of SCPD/Post Office Attack on Food Not Bombs: Postal Inspector Howard, Sgt. Forbas, Officer Vanegas, and other unidentified individuals demanded FNB leave on pain of trespass...Subsequent Interviews with Jean Perano, Steve Pleich, Gary Adler, Tim Rinker, Lee, and Freedom Bridges (on community resistance to the S.F. bulldozing of the Haight-Ashbury Recycling Center).. …(3 3/4 hours)

Thursday, January 31, 2013
Download Show 1-29 S.C. City Council Public Safety Committee [PSC] critique...Phone Interview with Harm Reduction worker Steve Pleich on the dangers of the PSC proposed Restrictions on Needle Exchange...PSC Part 1 & Frequent Commentary... Street Interviews from 1-26: Freedom on Demolition of Haight-Ashbury Community Garden and Recycling Center...activist describes Lower Ocean harassment of free clothes distributors...Fleetfoot Free on mobile FNB strategies challenging restrictive ordinances...1-28 Rovin' Raven describes reported "criminal leaning" ticket..(2 hours)

Sunday, February 3, 2013
Download Show Right-Wing Hysteria Crushes the Volunteer Needle Exchange Program...Street Interviews at Red Church: Raven on the Copwatch...Noise Curfew discussion...Freedom on racial and class discrimination at Cowell's Beach...Ricardo Lopez denounces host/SCPD harassment of Gina, Angela, other street artists...Crazy Mary on Plainclothes Cops at New Leaf?...Paul and Katie on the CPS-napping of their baby Alexandria for THC and benzodiazipines in the blood...Steve Pleich's advice to the couple..SC-11 Attorney Alexis Briggs on the latest developments....Rick Stipe calls-in to announce new harassment is driving him out of Santa Cruz...Deputy-Chief Martinez won't seek stats on real crime around needle exchange...Stipe on his smoking and trespass cites...1-29 Interviews around the Public Safety Committee Meeting: Brent Adams on Bike Dojo bike-selling, T.J. Magallanes on need to clean up the scene without cleaning out the homeless...1-31: Alex Peplinski and Jess Grabowski on the Azua Assault in Court ...(3 1/4 hours)

Thursday, February 7, 2013
Download Show Street Interviews: Hutch on his disposable ticket...Updates on the SCPD's cut-off of bikes from The Bike Church, the City of Sparks v. White decision okaying street art sales w/o permit and with price tags...Upcoming City Council "Needle Hysteria" Recommendations & "Compassion-Be-Gone" Anti-Panhandling Meters...1-30 Interview with Steve Shnarr on the Bike Church/Bike Dojo controversy...John Malkin's Interviews with SC-11 Activists Becky Johnson, Brent Adams, & Robert Norse (2 hours)

Sunday, February 10, 2013
Download Show 2 1/4 hours of previous FRSC programming...Norse's Updates...Phone Report from Crow and Red--Watsonville RV dwellers ticketed in Capitola for sleeping in their vehicle during the day; Red's got terminal cancer...discussion of the "ignore your ticket" throughout the show by psychiatric survivor the late Morgan Firestar...cutting back needle exchange--a stupid strategy...2-2 Street Interviews at the FNB meal with Roamin' Raven, Dead On David, and Big Drum Brent on his kangaroo court experience falsely cited by Officer Ahlers for "sitting", convicted for copwatching...Raven holds off the Hosts as she sells Street Spirit from a bench downtown...Phone Interview with Brent on his video work, the right-wing attack on City Council, street performer harassment, needle hysteria. [3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Download Show Poet, anti-drug war, and former Occupy Activist Isaac "Lyrical Eye" Collins rages at the City's shut down of the Front St. Fun City business, billing it $2400 for the last six months of twice monthly 2-hour amplified sound open mics...Collins butterscotch-and-chocolate drops felony trial for marijuana sales is 3-18....Excerpts from public testimony at the 2-12 City Council meeting lumping discarded needles, drug abuse, needle exchange, city crime, and homeless encampments in one toxic smearjob... hours)

Sunday, February 17, 2013
Download Show Discussion of murdered LAPD whistleblower Christopher Dorner: s... ....... (anti-war)... Max Blumenthal on “How Law Enforcement and Media Covered UP the Plan to Burn Christopehr Dorner Alive”...Street Interviews at Red Church 1-14: Shakey on meth dealing in MacDonald's on Ocean...David T. describes hostile-apitality squad's unique harassment tactics... Zaffir on his trying to be up while cops, landlord, hospital authorities are bringing him down...Hector, Jane Kerry, Tony, Jess G., ...Michael on being evicted from Elm St. for falling asleep during a sermon...Tasha, Noah Rogers, Razor Ray, Donna H., Lucas..."Tall Man" on sociopathic enforcement of the Sleeping Ban Ramblin' Raven, the Street Spirit Vendor's report, Father Joel Miller's overview...On Pacific Ave.: Dreamwalker, Ricardo Lopes praises Brianna Brewer's standing up to unjust SCPD harassment...Alice & Lather on a cop's "I hate you"...T.J. Magallanes at 2-12 City Council meeting on The Clean Team...Food Not Bombs [] interviews 2-16: Irish and Harley on cops crunching Friday's demo in S.F...Colin Campbell Clyde at on the city's shutdown of Fun City show and the moving of The Magic Box show to the Wall Flower Boutique on Locust St. magicboxsantacruz on You-Tube...Steve P. on needle exchange..[4 hours]

Thursday, February 21, 2013
Download Show Needle Exchange/Distribution Hysteria with in-studio guest Emily Ager speaking for S.O.S. (Street Outreach Support)--the volunteer group driven off its Santa Cruz Barsen St. site by back-door City Council action. with call-in former Needle Exchange worker Penelope Jernberg....the history of Needle Exchange and the funding cutback...Needle distribution or 1-1plus exchange being the Best Practice.. Deputy-Chief Steve Clark's history of hostility to the program. Contact number for information and to help: 831-431-7138..[2 hours]

Sunday, February 24, 2013
Download Show [2 hours of earlier programming] ...Jolly Roger Comedy Troupe satirizing National Assn of Broadcasters+ other satires throughout the show...Watsonville Vehicle Dweller Crow calls in with report on TBSC videoing people outside the HLOSC, illness report on Red...David Baker article on StopSmartMeters activists demanding further investigation of corporate spying...San Jose activist John T reports Valley Transit Authority driver ousting a homeless woman, claiming she "smelled"...58-year-old Kate Perlin reports mistreatment in local jail and court and her experiences homeless last year, praises the Occupy movement...Venice homeless activist Peggy Kennedy urges documenting abuse of vigilante of recently taped Community TV show "The Politics of Needle Exchange" with Emily Agur, Steve Pleich, and Robert Norse [] [3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, February 28, 2013
Download Show Street Interviews: 1-4 Food Not Bombs interviews, Julie, Catman....Brief in-studio report from Freedom on the Sanctuary Camp Prospects...In-studio co-host/guest Sandra Leigh,producer of Spilly Chilly's Bowl of Rocks", Issues, Santa Cruz Starmakers, on the pending death of Community TV, his proposal to raise funding for a part-time position with pledge-drive, bowling paty fundraiser, telethon with corporate donors... Immediate action needed at Board of Supes each coming Tuesday at 9 AM & other times...African American tarot reader Jason Paschal calls in on to correct the record on recently-killed Sgt. Loren "Butchie" Baker...Leigh urges attendance at 3-11 Community TV Board meeting 5:30 PM at 816 Pacific Ave...No Medical Marijuana for the Poor: County docs won't give recommendations...Needle Exxchange myths...[2 hours]

Sunday, March 3, 2013
Download Show

Thursday, March 7, 2013
Download Show Jolly Roger Comedy Troupe--Gawd's Guns, New World Orphanage--other classics from the 90's...Kevin Dvaney Pacific, Tito, the Tarot Reader--told to move after dark, but held his ground, rules in hand at Facebook under sunvisionstarot....Phone Interview with Salinas homeless activist Eugene Bigay on his group Tents by the Garden with help from FLUSH, the portapotty supplier, Mayor offered the dangerous Sherwood Park over the Chinatown encampment, but they continue their organizing, publishes Voices of the Street--their protest group is Homeless Candle. Contact Eugene INterviews: 2-24: Mr. Twister, Pastor Jim Weller on the revived Interfaith Satellite 510-325-3261 Doesn't expect the govt. to interfere with churches... issp not on line. Association of faith Communities is on line...Emily's Sidewalk Sweaters for Inanimate Objects with Juanito and Yacool the puppy.. 3-4: Interviews at the Red Church: Kelios Nix: from Santa Rita to Santa Cruz, stopped from entering Stagneros to return a lost purse cause he had Pride the puppy in hand...Ohter parish puppies...Elijah Dixon, refusing to be searched while black--targeted by Elizabeth Butler, forced to plead to charges cause he couldn't afford bail....economic domino effect of being in jail [2 hours]

Sunday, March 10, 2013
Download Show [2 hours of earlier programming] . In-studio Guest Jean PIrano, long-time Occupy Santa Cruz activist and Food Not Bombs mainstay...Discussion of San Jose homeless sweep at ...Street Interviews 3-9 Laurie on assorted court problems, Ramblin' Raven reports street massaging with a pricetag attached is now legal, Sonny on her marijuana possession, police harassment in San Lorenzo Park, phony battery on an officer, and other charges: follow her case under Lynn Abernathy born 6-2-86...Discussion of the SC-11 Motions to Dismiss coming up 3-11: ...Activists Attorney Problems Discussion...Steve Pleich's report...Mailbag from c.j. & others [4 hours]

Thursday, March 14, 2013
Download Show Alarms and Announcements...With the SC-11, at the Support Rally for the Motion to Dismiss (995) Hearing on 3-11: Joy on the Foreclosure Fraud struggle ( )--little local analysis or actions, the impact of recent state law, foreign corporate servicing flight..Sylvia K. told to "take it off" because of two political buttons on her sweater by the metal detector guards...Post-hearing analysis by Alexis Briggs, Linda Lemaster..Angel Alcantara, Brian Hackett...Denika Defoy on her Bradley Manning hearing experience...Interviews at the Red Church 3-11: Void on return of the SCPD in force to Pacific Ave, M--- on another unjustified "homeless" sleeping ban ticket...Ramblin' Raven on being denied G.A. because she's made $29 selling Street Spirit...Steve Pleich phone update on the Project Homeless Connect silent auction. ....[2 hours]

Sunday, March 17, 2013
Download Show [1 hour of silence--show starts at 1:07] . Street Reports at Red Church 3-11: Wayne on De Sal, Zack on Return of the SCPD to Pacific Ave; 3-13 FNB Tabling at Farmerls Market: Jean V., Oronayah, Choco Fairy told to leave the public sidewalk by Farmer's Market manager, musicians asmine and Shade with doggie Alma report on Pacific Ave. crackdown on hippie travelers, service dogs...Briana/Bull Feathers update on host Denise Miller's packing with cops to falsely ticket her... Jess Grabowski, Tom and Angel on sheriff "shuffle along" orders for standing on the levee near the jail... Interviews at FNB meal:. ...Colin Campbell Clyde notes The Magic Box evicted Steve Pleich's.. Citizens for a Better Santa Cruz...Lighthouse Linda Lemaster on Smart Solutions to Homelessness program: Norse v. Lemaster...[3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, March 21, 2013
Download Show ...Norse on the "Ground Zero" Gary Johnson's Unsuccessful Appeal of his 2 year sentence for sleeping three nights on a bench outside the courthouse with a "Sleep Is Not a Crime" sign...Assistant D.A. Rebekah Young's departure from Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Eleven case...Street Interviews: 3-16 Gabriella Ripplyphipps aka Pensky, SC-11 defendant, on the 75 River St. protest; FNB volunteer Carrie Bell on surviving in Santa Cruz; FNB worker Kate on neighborhood needle hysteria near Emeline's Needle Exchange, a local puncture accident, break-in's, and the group Families First...3-17: Elliott Bliss at; street stalwarts Julie, Briana, Jess; Music of the Dirty Pines...3-20 at the Farmer's Market...3-21: After the Gary Johnson Appeal: attorney Ed Frey on technical and moral questions...FRSC broadcaster Free on homeless disorganization and the rise of the reactionary anti-homeless right...false imprisonment of Mattei the "flower thief" .....Brent Adams reports on Sanctuary Campground, his meeting with activists struggling to defend the Homeless (Lack of) Services Center...Becky Johnson on anti-homeless repercussions at Bob's Pine Grove Campground [2 hours]

Sunday, March 24, 2013
Download Show [1 hour+ of earlier programming] Street Interview: Naughty girl on impact of needle exchange shutdown in the city as a heroin user...Tony's sleeing ticket...Jasmine & Void on needle exchange... Phone interview with former Homeless (Lack of) Services Center [HLOSC] Doug Loisel on the current SCPD crackdown, HLOSC policies, and broader homeless issues...Street Interviews 3-22: Norse observes Selina gets false jaywalking ticket near Andy's Auto...Phone Interview with Legal Worker Steve De Caprio of Oakland on squattor defense.. - - More Street Interviews 3-23 Bill Quali on excllusion of homeless from Mayor Bryant's Grant Avenue park event...Needle exchange debate: Steve P. for those with problems..."Scope it Out" Scott Graham in studio on elephantine SCPD [approx 4 hours]

Thursday, March 28, 2013
Download Show [2 hours] Norse on the Tuesday Take-Back-Santa-Cruz "Family protest/dialogue in the City Courtyard... 3-25 Interviews at the Red Church Monday Meal: Zack describes Sam-I-Am's tale of being attacked by 4 in an anti-homeless "trollbuster" type attack fracturing his spine because he wouldn't give up his hat...Community TV show "The Positives of Needle Exchange" with Veronica Sims, Jack Bishop, Emily Agur, and Steve Pleich: experience with Occupy Santa Cruz and dealing with overdoses, more info at ,,, Red Church Interviews cont.: Jethro Patterson denounces Steve's guitars for alleged stolen property sales; Raven: illegal "Move Along" warnings given by security guards to balloon clown maker next to her with claim they were "too close together" on 3-24; Rhonda Barrett and Daniel driven from the beach during the day by a security guard "here too long"'; Lynn "Sunny" cops a plea for "resisting arrest" in a marijuana bust by Officer Clark; Clyde Davees reports Rent-a-cop drove him away from the front of the library an hour before opening time; rumors about a counter rally against Take Back Santa Cruz; Father Joel Miller estimates at least 200 people in the food line; Anony notes he was ticketed for standing in the city parking lot across from Cafe Pergolesi along with more than 10 other youths with 8 squad cars called to deal with the "crime"

Sunday, March 31, 2013
Download Show [2 hours of earlier programming] . In-studio Guests: Sin Barras activists Courtney Hanson and Tash Nguyen speak out on four recent deaths of prisoners held for non-violent crimes in S.C. County jail around the time medical services privatized there Luis Obipso lawyer Stu Jenkins on his successful challenging of an anti-homeless vehiclular residency tools used by police to harass; new legal strategies to combat these "homeless as blight" laws; recent stories at on court decision upholding banning of medical marijuana dispensaries in Monterey County, more on former Homeless (Lack of) Services Center director Doug Loisel... Street Interviews from Red Church meal 3-22: Parking Lot Panic Mass Ticketing; reports from Danny ("cops improving") , Chivogn ("move along"), Carlos ("hassled by police on a deserted beach", Julie Shawl and Panther the Clown ("boulders" against bums), (Sam I Am) assaulted on St. Patrick's day, Matthew ("save the HLOSC"), Anonymous truckdweller (false police reports, spit in his face up near Mission st. Safeway); Oral Communications at City Council 2-23--a variety of speakers; Conversations at the 2-23 Take Back Santa Cruz shmooze-athon with City Council...Street Interviews 3-29 Jess and Alex; Spoonplayer Sid; Alice, Sam I Am and his cat White Noise being assaulted, badly treated by Dominican and the police and the rise of hate crime against the homeless. [4 1/2 hours]

Thursday, April 4, 2013
Download Show Sin Barras protest and zine: ... Street Interviews 3-29: Sam-I-Am on rise in hate crimes against homeless, rape of Jessica, positive perception of Hosts, First Alarm...Hugo, Amplify Andrew...Tito the Tarot reader on renewed police harassment after dark on Pacific Ave., 3-30: Food Not Bombs interviews under threat of police harassment at post office; Raven, Diabetic homeless his needle experiences... Half hour walk to and from Emeline St. to dispose of needles, rather spend that time finding shelter, food...Darrell Blair on the need for a campground & non-profit...Nikita on why she came to Santa Cruz... Sin Barras ativist Courtney Hanson ( on speakers at the April 6th rally at the Town Clock and renewed Pelican Bay hunger strike, stats rise in pre-trial detention; More Street Interviews: Rusty Shackleberg on Occupy "Clowning the Cops and Court" in Pittsburg [2 hours]

Sunday, April 7, 2013
Download Show [1 hour+ of earlier programming] 5 Squad cars, 1 Security Guard, 3 Fireman and 2 Medics for one drunk handcuffed guy in front of Community TV on 4-5....Crow calls in reporting vigilantes shaking his RV, abusive video filming, and accuses Take Back Santa Cruz [TBSC]....the April 5th megabust continues...Norse on Project Homeless Connect...Red Church Interviews 4-1 : printmaker & harmonicaman Austin...Jay the guitarguy on Brianna's interview with "Jumbogumbo" Joe Schultz of India Joze...R.C. interviews cont.: Bill on badmouthing from "Don't You Know Who I Am?" Deputy-Chief Steve Clark at Starbucks...."Shake 'em Up" Shannon on homeless women uniting in a non-profit: 650-243-8389...Anon woman on theft at HLOSC, praises TBSC...Natasha w/hamster Mama reports gun-drawn sheriff & six deputies cornered her & friends changing clothes from rain in homeless Danny w/cats Marcus & Carter...Daniel on bike thefts...Mitchell reports citation of a homeless guy on post office steps... Brianna Brewer notes her forced plea to the "disturbing the peace" false charge by Host Denise Miller...wheelchair Kenny Mendahan denounces TBSC...Pacific Ave. promenade: performers Dan Frechette and violinist Laurel Thomason; Easter Egg seller Angela; 4-3: Tito of the Tarot on successfully demanding a sergeant appear when threatened with ticketing for tabling after dark; Dreamcatcher awake and talking... Jerry Hudson on nightmare jail interview with "Big Drum" Brent Adams on Officer Ahlers most recent false arrest for "leaning" against a fence--3 cars, 5 cops on 4-5 in front of New Leaf [ 3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Download Show Norse on Phony Public Safety Crisis...Real Shelter Crisis after April 15 Closing of Winter Armory Shelter...Update on the Two Mayors Trial...Walter Lilly in e-mail notes SCPD threatens destruction of his property...City Council Report on SCPD recruitment bonuses and packed Public Safety Task Force...Red Church Interviews 1-8: "Crazy" Mary on her first public speech...Police Offical abuses Alec at Starbuck's for supporting another homeless man...Rusty Shackleford on life in the rain...Caleb Snyder on assistance by Project Homeless Connect+increasing fascism in town...Updates by Sam-I-Am..Clyde Davees, James, Damien, report on Saturday night police assault on Sonny...guitarsmasher arrested...need for SRO's; Raven on Felton Resource Center hoops...Shay, Robert Joseph, Alex, on other civil rights concerns; Vanessa hassled at Asti bar...Alex driven away from year-long campsite on Chamonade...... Randolf Dread Eye's street report...[2 hours]

Sunday, April 21, 2013
Download Show [1 hour+ of earlier programming] Caller supports Isaac Collins, African-American poet and Occupy Santa Cruz activist who pled to a marijuana charge...Man busted up at UCSC at 4-20 protest for 2 1/2 lb. joint...Visible Sleepers Protest discussion and the history of protest, dangers of recrimination, history of the call for a campground...In-studio guests: Freedom, Cody, and Yoyo on the tickets earlier this morning at the SleepOut...Marat/Sade Part 1 (video at ) Project Homeless Connect Interviews: David Thomas on SCPD "roll 'em up and go" sleepers...CV: crackdown SCPD kicked disabled wife in the back with officer cussing, hand on gun butt, puppy on leash: "If the dog moves, I'm going to shoot it"...Mark Coke: denied psych med marijuana, forcing him to take opiates...Clint Miller: witnessed First Alarm threatening disabled guy in library over sleeping service dog....Cody on his dog-at-library ban.Lighthouse Linda calls in on Housing First ..Boston Bombing "Terrorism"? Street Interviews: 4-9 Project Homeless Connect Interviews... Thomas on Watsonville Mission pressure and sweeps there...Frank: An hour ago ticketed by #154, sitting on ledge of vacant Rittenhouse bldg. resting his hernia...Valerie: bench removal, gated area around downtown library...Officer Warren and First Alarm John singles black smoker on lawn at City Hall for citation...City Council: OKing closing access to a Gated Housing Complex...bonuses for more police recruits. 4-21 Fourth Night of Visible Sleepers Sleep-Out with Cody's report on phony "obstructing the sidewalk" tickets..Dreamcatcher, Pumpkin, Andrew, Freedom speak [3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, April 25, 2013
Download Show Cody at the Visible Sleepers Protest 4-21...Commander X calls in very briefly...SC-11 Update...4-25 Interview with 70-year old Barbara Feldthouse--ankle broken by SCPD as they took her down after she'd stolen a ring specifically to go to jail after harassment under the Sleeping Ban... ...Norse on the 4-23 City Council Meeting at Laid a Curfew on Cowell Beach...the 4-24 Homelessness Forum...the passage of the California Homeless Bill of Rights thru Assembly Judiciary Committee...Councilwoman Comstock walks out...Marat/Sade Part 2...Vigilantes Assault Gabriel Schwartz ( )...Red. Vehicular Dweller and Terminal Cancer Patient on Capitola Camping Ticket...Mention of Brent Adams video on Officer Vasquez's Brutal Treatment of Richard Hardy ( [2 hours]

Sunday, April 28, 2013
Download Show [1st hour of previous broadcasting] Denica De Foy--co-host--Discussion of the Receipt Victory at the HLOSC...Denica's Bradley Manning Update....[1:43]Walter Lilly, in jail for sleepcrime, calls from jail on $10,000 bail, cops threatened to throw away his survival gear. Street Interview (1-14) with "Shiney" Davidson, ticketed in upper campus, wouldn't return his possessions until he paid the ticket, Marine Corps guy with PTSD...2:25: 3/4 hour Live phone interview with Micah Posner on the Homelessness Study Session...Street Interviews at 3-30 Occupy Santa Cruz....David Salonika on the Elm St. Parking Lot "Ticketing Massacre"--15 tickets for being in the open city parking lot...Freedom's report on Pogonip ranger's threat to pepper spray a pooch...newly homeless woman Jen who worked with In-Home-Support-Services reports TBSC videotaping her at Jack-in-the-Box as an addict.... 4-1 Red Church Interviews: Rainy night--30-40 staying in overhangs of the HLOSC, unhealthy Armory with restrictions notes a couple...4-27 FNB interviews: Steve C. barbed wire obstruction on a public path waist level... Steve Pleich's report...In-studio guest: Jean Pirano on Food Not Bombs volunteer shortage (426-1397) ...Raven back from Arcata threatened on San Lorenzo Bridge...[4 hours]

Sunday, May 2, 2013
Download Show Analyzing the Homelessness Study Session's Anti-Homeless "Crime" Stats and Upcoming Public Hysteria Committee Report...Medians-as-Forbidden-Zones Ordinance...Phone Interview with Colin Campbell Clyde on these BART bans of "unruly"...Phone INterview with Becky Johnson on the Study Session...[2 hours]

Thursday, May 5, 2013
Download Show [1st hour of previous broadcasting] Street Interviews: 4-29: Artist Austin the Printmaker's positive view; Anonymous report: ticket for sitting on a cement planter berm; Barbara Feldthouse hour phone interview with Peter Marin Santa Barbara: disappearance of civil rights advocacy & the call for housing, and rise of the medical model; new signage banning RV parking in many places...disappearance of SRO's, marijuana dispensaries...Street Interviews 4-29 cont: Paul verko on midnight "pick up others' trash" demand by SCPD...Danny on his vet right to sit on sidewalk; Red Church (4-29) interviews: Ma, Russ Manos (increased police presence at Louden Nelson); Laura Rey (camping ticket), Chris "Pineapple" reports tent, books, Ipod thrown away by Rangers; Anon: security guard around library accuses him of stealing coat he was wearing; Zoom: wants class action against First Alarm driving people off sidewalk near HLOSC; Julie Schaul on RV leaving at santacruzfulltimers; Spiros: courts took $ from his bank account for tickets; successfully pressued MacDonald's to stop harassing homeless on 30 minute limit; Lawrence--three refused receipts by HLOSC as Waiting List documentation;... Corinna former Gottschaulk' clerk outside, raised a daughter here, cited for sleeping, no place to sleep... Marat/Sade play Part 3...Steve Pleich's Report--see his facebook page [4 hours]

Thursday, May 9, 2013
Download Show Lengthy Norse Intro...5-6 Red Church Interviews: Lenyal OKS police, on his jail history, Peter Peckinpaw, Barr & his dog Lola, Drake, Pendulem Pusher on the new Ticket Trap, Anon on repeatedly being "moved along" on Pacific Ave., Whisperheart on rising price of hotel rooms, Elijah, ...brief bits fro the 5-1 Public Safety Committee meeting [2 hours]

Sunday, May 12, 2013
Download Show [1st hour earlier broadcasting] Jolly Roger Comedy Troupe's "Captain Hook"... 5-1 Public Safety Committee meeting in five minute segments with commentary reports increased police recruitment, considering hiring more Park Rangers to replace security guards to address "illegal" campsites; other reports including Cowell Beach curfew, new restrictive ("reformed") County needle exchange program, IDing homeless program users, new triple fine zones and stay-away orders...New "forbidden to loiter" zones on medians; Lt. Colleen McMann testifies with no stats: essentially a new anti-panhandling ordinance...Lighthouse Linda's call-in critique...Councilman Posner on phone reporting on Homelessness Study Session [3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, May 16, 2013
Download Show Norse intro on the "Public Safety" hoax---Needle Hysteria, the political use of fear to push a reactionary anti-homeless agenda; callers Anona and Julia weigh in. 5-14 T.J. Magallanes phone interview on his ouster from The Clean Team website, the rise of anti-needle exchange hysteria, his own creation of needle disposal with addicts, the need for medical treatment facilities over police action, the theft problem, the several thousand needles collected, behind-closed-doors meetings between TBSC, Council worthies, and County officials, and more ! [See & ] [2 hours]

Sunday, May 19, 2013
Download Show [1 hour previous programming] pre-recorded Phone Interview with T.J. Magallanes [part 2]...Street Interviews 5-1 Russ Manos on police harassment cause of skin color...WarrenWest, Rainbow Lite, Joe Blow, Nancy Eaton, Becky Hunter of the Harmony Honeys, Katerine, David Garrett...David Garrett reports on Homelessness Study Session...Becky Johnson on police cites for homeless "crimes"...HUFF calls for supporting Bradley Manning and opening bathrooms at Kaiser Permanente Stadium...AB 4 Analysis...Marat/Sade audio, part 4...[2 hours of additional programming] [3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, May 23, 2013
Download Show Norse on the closed ACLU meeting of 5-21: ...Report on Monterey City Council's vote down of proposed Sit-Lie law research... Street Interviews: 4-24 Beach St. guy notes bigoted harassment by security guards...Valerie reports doorway sleeping 4-21 Merryweather Mike's atonal strains..Alice back in town without support pooch Buddy..Jesse Grabowski fleeing town... 4-23 Oral Communications at Council....Street Interviews: Pendulem Pusher sees more harassment for PPing on Pacific; Tony notes tent torn up, told to get out of town; Christina Roche seconds Tony's account notes rangers stole tarp, dishes, bong; Hutch notes false open container ticket: respect my privacy!; ticketed for peeing when restroom closed...Anonymous Man notes he's harassed every day---can't sit on a park bench for longer than 10 minutes, constantly fucking with them for no reason, 4 times in the last week... Baltimore: taken in handcuffs to Harvey West Park & released; Becky Johnson urges all homeless people who qualify to sign up on waiting list at Homeless (Lack of) Services Center to avoid citations...Seth reports street kid interrogated and brutalized by police officers; Steve's vehicle towed...[2 hours]

Sunday, May 26, 2013
Download Show [1st hour Tangerine Dream Team interview with Ray--property under threat from County] ...Dave Lippman's satirical tunes...Norse commentary on upcoming Median Madness and Stinky Folks StayAway Order laws..Street Interview in April with Zack, Natasha, Jade, & others on vigilante and police assaults...Lighthouse Linda's Commentary on the Delay of the California Homeless Bill of Rights...Earlier May interview with three homeless women...Walter Lilly on his stay-away from Pacific Avenue...ACLU exclusion of homeless issues and the public...Jolly Roger Comedy Troupe's "Take Your Shot at the White House", "Republicans Moving Too Fast in Corporate Welfare"...More on anti-homeless laws coming up Tuesday...David Silva's Memorial Day Message Against Military Rape...The Americanization of Emily on military

Thursday, May 30, 2013
Download Show In-studio guest Jim Weller (Association of Faith Communities, new Interfaith Satellite Shelter Program [ISSP])...on latest "Public Safety" anti-homeless hysteria...surprise in-studio visit by assorted activists including Linda Lemaster & Laura Tucker (chair and assistant staffer of the former Homeless Issues Task Force). ..songs from Zoccoti Confidential ( of effectiveness of the ISSP then and now...last City Council meet passes two anti-homeless laws ( Consent Agenda crackdown by Mayor Bryant & my Brown Act complaint...T.J. Magallanes brief phone-in [2 hours]

Sunday, June 2, 2013
Download Show Phone Interview with Clean Team founder T.J. Magallanes on why how hate prompted him to leave town, Take Back Santa Cruz [TBSC] activists forced him off his website, the absurdity of the Drug War, closed door pressure on County Agencies by TBSC to shut down Needle Exchange, the Ken Collins harassing-the-homeless video, & other topics ...Sanctuary Camp: Mayor Bryant's new Consent Agent constriction and Gillian Greensite's critique of cutting back City Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women (CCPVAW) meetings 6-1 Bradley Manning Support rally--Interviews with Paul, Willow, Melissa, & Others [3 1/2 hours approx.]

Thursday, June 6, 2013
Download Show Audio at 6-1 Walt O. at Support Bradley Manning rally...6-3 Red Church Interviews: Christina Roche and pooch Princess questions why HLOSC won't allow storage, but lets Parks dump stuff there...recalls rangers stealing property...her partner Tony Roche on Officer Hoppe's citing him for cooking with a beer...Scott Galloway on cutbacks on meals at Red Church...Ariell on her impounded vehicle and a phony grand theft auto charge; life in jail and out as a single woman...Butterfly's flutterings.. ...FNB co-founder Keith McHenry at the Farmer's Market on recent crackdowns against FNB...[2 hours]

Sunday, June 9, 2013
Download Show [2 hours of prior programming] 2 1/2 hour in-studio interview with Food Not Bombs [FNB] co-founder Keith McHenry on Attacks on the Occupy Movement & Banning Food-Serving in Houston, Philadelphia, Orlando, & elsewhere...the Vegan Mafia in Orlando and beyond...Orlando repression and jail in 2011...FNB chapters still politically active in Ft. Laurderale, Miami,Tampa, Sarasota, Detona Beach, Boston, Madison, Arcata, Venice Beach as well as regular charity feeders...Non-profit status hassles and increased bureaucratic barriors.... for local FNB/OSC activism...Caller on new culture of fear in Santa Cruz and Take Back Santa Cruz--financial cover-up?...the anti-homeless "No signs on the Median" & "Push 'em out of the Parks" laws...Interview with Steve Schnarr of Bike Church on SCPD's bike freezeout, Bike Dojo, and Mayor Bryant's collusion...[4 hours]

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Download Show Replay of 12-13-12 Show [2 hours]

Sunday, June 16, 2013
Download Show Sanctuary Activist Brent Adams does his "Burning Flag" show with electronic music, politics, and some homeless program discussion on City Counci's budget cuts, sanctuary camp, coalition-building, polyamory. [ 3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, June 20, 2013
Download Show In-studio discussion of Sunny Fawcett's Monterey County Police & Court Harassment ( ); S.F. busts of S.F. Broad St. Collective; & bad homeless camping's enviornmental impact featuring Sunny, Tanya & Carlos, Pat Kittle, & Col Terry [2 hours]

Sunday, June 23, 2013
Download Show [2 hours of prior programming] Street Interviews (at the Food Not Bombs Saturday meal 6-22): Stevie-O on useless 180/180 program and HLOSC parking spots for staff but not homeless...Phone Interview with Fresno' Mike Rhodes: successful fight against Measure G to privatize Sanitation workers, City's abandonment of toilets, dumpsters in the encampments, 150 housing units for 10,000-15,000, life in the encampments, on-going legal challenges, ....Dangerous John T. on how to surf anonymous: ...Another homeless critic of 180/180...6-22 Interviews cont.: Utah family in search of housing and work...Robert Brunett. on harassment tow and CHP Lt. Woods' phony hearing of his home/vehicle...Joe Smith on degrading HLOSC Sunday meal...6-24: Christina Roche's first camping ticket from Officer Hoppe... 6-19:Alex D. on the phony vegetation restoration and homeless removal along the levee: Glinda on stepped up harassment of peaceful panhandling; Bob..Bob Noxious, Alice, PP, Dreamcatcher, J.P. Freeman on Unwelcoming Santa Cruz.. 6-11 Red Church Interviews: Void jailed on phony domestic battery charge, Paula memorial, Kenneth McDaniels on Richard Hardy abuse, earlier Robert Brunett account, [approx 4 hours]

Thursday, June 27, 2013
Download Show Street Interviews: 6=24 Robert "Hutch" Hutchinson on disrespectful treatment from Dominican Hospital and health care folks, PP on "unfriendly santa Cruz", Doc Holiday on escalating discrimination against parolees on Dan Kraft's property by sheriff's deputies--he won't go!...Becky Johnson on Cici's seizure...Phone Interview with Spilly Chilly on the crisis for community TV ( & political decisions to cut staff, milk money, prioritize govt programing, with false promises from the Gilroy-Hollister station...More 6-24 Red Church Interviews: Zoran gets ticket for saying fairwell to the Peet's Coffee crowd; Becky on master cook Kelly's death--the reason for the end of the regular Red Church meal; Colin Campbell Clyde: City Council asking why is "Santa Cruz Neighbors" listed as a government resource on the city website; Razor Ray at on many subjects; [2 hours]

Sunday, June 30, 2013
Download Show Street Interviews 6-26: Officer Ahlers chat, stonewalls on Brent Adams incident...Crystal stopped by Pendleton, Crowell, and Ahlers for shoplifting: street audio...Wolf: jailed for Athena, his dog, drinking out of fountain--probation violation...Juggalo George claims cops broke two of his ribs, naming Officer Hoppe...Andrew reports $700 for marijuana ticket + missed court date...Juggalo adds: 4 tickets in one day: smoking, sitting within 14' of a wall,, panhendling in a group, and smoking...Ricardo Lopez gives thumbs up to "Notes by Norse"...Palo Alto Vehicle Habitation Ban (city council testimony) ...Glenn Greenwald on Edward Snowden: [3 1/2 hours approx]

Thursday, July 4, 2013
Download Show Street Interviews: 6-27 RazorRay on dealing with cops...Singer Sonya Button at Kitty Kissing Booth...Catman (Thomas Wolfe) and is pooch Buster....July 4th Demo on Ocean: Interviews...Phone-In Interview with Steve Argue on Egypt... More July 4th: San Jose Pete, Windrider Walt, Nettlesome Nina, Raging Grannies, Talkback Ted, the bearded Sara Palen, Downhome Darrell, Streetsavvy Steve, Dick Vitadell, Neil Sandomier, Colin Campbell Clyde, Abbi and her Snow [2 hours]

Sunday, July 7, 2013
Download Show Street Interviews: Ricardo Lopez; July 6th Town Clock Protest in Solidarity with Turkish, Egyptian, Brazilian, and World's Peoples: Interviews..Sin Barras supporting upcoming protest against solitary confinement ( )...Isaac Collins ….Homeless Tony on bench and bike tickets...Denica & Commander X's 3rd Anniversary of Peace Camp 2010...Sunny Fawcett's jury trial for requiring officer ID in a bogus traffic stop: More 7-6 Street Interviews: On the median with Sam and Anonymous... Bike Church to protest Council/SCPD stonewalling of bike release: ....Food Stamp update: July 4th protests: Officer Kendall harasses Norse on Ocean St. Median...ACLU vice-chair Steve Pleich ducks hard questions around homeless civil rights..."Beggarbacker" Becky Johnson, "Knuckle Under"Nancy & "Pedal to the Metal" Pete sound off [3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, July 11, 2013
Download Show Chinese scholar, archeologist, and activist debates the Egyptian coup/uprising with skeptical host Robert Norse [2 hours]

Sunday, July 14, 2013
Download Show Call-in from Crow & Red...Tape 6 of Marat/Sade...Phone Interview with Peggy Lee Kennedy of Venice on using Coastal Commission requirements to fight NIMBY attacks on vehicle dwellers with L.A. MC 85.02...Palo Alto Council Committee Testimony Against the Vehicle Ban... Red Church Interviews: 7-8 FNB's Jean Pirano on SCCCOR...Masked Crusader on West Side profiling by "Good Guys" and TBSC against RV-dweller...Steve Pleich on Bike Dojo bike-napping in collusion with SCPD and Bryant's City Council, Needle Exchange Shutdown consequences...Joe Pacer on Vets Vouchers dropping from 400 to 20...Robert Brunett on vehicle-seizure by the CHP and phony hearing...7-11 Street Interviews: Ricardo Lopez ("I'm in Love With You") and Evelina sing...panhandler Chris with "Thank you, Santa Cruz" comments SCPD... 7-6: Maureen Smith on Peace and Freedom Party freezeout by Prop 14 ( ). [3 1/2 hours approx.]

Thursday, July 18, 2013
Download Show In-studio guests Brian Richard and Sunny Fawcett discuss Sunny's conviction for "disobeying a police officer' in a late-night stop last year where an Officer Olney claimed she was "driving too slowly" and "impeding traffic" (with essentially no traffic on the road after midnight). See ...Sunny, a homeless writer, described the Monterey Police Department's abusive use of MC 233A, a limited ban on camping applicable only to recreational areas being used broadly to drive homeless people out of town. Brian spoke of overflowing portapotties and harassment citations for sleeping outside the library after he was given explicit authorization to do so by the police chief when he threatened to expose the illegal ticketing on line... Long-time New Jersey listener David calls in...Sunny and Brian report positive experiences with Santa Cruz's HLOSC. [2 hours]

Sunday, July 21, 2013
Download Show Street Interviews: Raven on Sunday discrimination at the Homeless (Lack of) Services Center [HLOSC]; Hutch heading out of state after reporting repeated exclusion at SC Diner, Trader Jo's, & SC Motel...NAACP rally today denouncing Zimmerman verdict in murder of Tryvon Martin...Wolf claims Officers Ahlers and Winston have together or separately assaulted him three times...7-10 Moose calls for a boycott of Cafe Pergolesi for traveller/hippie/homeless Santa Cruz Eleven website: google for "home santa cruz eleven" or go to interview with Ed Davidson on Santa Cruz City Council's constriction of Public Comment through Consent Agenda manipulation and his call for state attorney general opinion....."Scope It Out" Scott versus "Educate 'em" Ed on the Broadway-Bromer Bikepath [3 1/2 hours approx.]

Sunday, July 28, 2013
Download Show [1/2 hour previous programming] Street Interviews: at 7-27 Occupy Santa Cruz Interviews & Announcements Sharpshooter Sean on Council's anti-homeless correspondence, Indian Joe's on outside life, Jawinjake James on Signcrime in the Library, announcements of upcoming protests...Street jewlers Marco and Annie thumbs up for S.C....Paul Steeves back after 7 years, homeless since 1994, lost car...Racial profiling at Trader Jo's?...Rick Solas the pipe 'n clip seller at from the 7-21 Trayvon Martin march against racial profiling: Carrie, Regina, and a speaker denouncing Stand Your Ground phone interview with former PD Arum James on fighting August 5 Council move to criminalize vehicular dwelling in Palo Alto [ 3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, August 1, 2013
Download Show Report on upcoming Palo Alto City Council meeting 8-5 to criminalize vehicular habitation with some audio for an earlier Services meeting (Greg Shaffer, Tony Ciampi, others) and Norse commentary...Coral in-studio guest comments on Tannery residents problems with homeless misuse of common space nearby...Phone-in interview with Fresno Community Alliance activist Mike Rhodes on upcoming sweeps, prior camp demolitions of November 2011, encouraging a migration to City Hall, the continuing Occupy Fresno demo (now a homeless protest), the turnover in protest leadership, the police attacks on northside homeless William and Laurie ( ), the ACLU's role, and personal attacks on Rhodes [2 hours]

Thursday, August 8, 2013
Download Show In-studio guests Warren West, Dan Madison, and Justin Umber (Gryphon Madison). Warren reports on years of prosecution for phony offenses such as sitting on a bench near the Soquel Noah's, toxic conditions in the Santa Cruz jail, & other issues...Dangerous John's San Jose report...Dan, a 3-D designer on computer notes after buying work space at CruzioWorks on 8-6, was denied the 24-hour service because of the ungrounded and bigoted apprehensions of another worker in the building [ ]...Dan also discussed "only one bag for your possessions--the rest we throw away" policy at the Homeless (Lack of ) Services Center...[2 hours]

Sunday, August 11, 2013
Download Show Palo Alto's Vehicular Habitation Ban--Aram James article...Call-in from Fresno's D.J. Embryo on legal actions as defensive strategy...Norse commentary on CruzioWorks--Colluding with Government Surveillence?--Continuing Hunger Strikes: anti-NSA protest in Santa Cruz: Dennis, Denise, Connie Cramer & Interviews from July...Caller on "Security Gate" funded in anti-homeless hysteria at Homeless (Lack of) Services Center and on the new Quadcopters...Interviews: Sean on vigilante vehicles photoing homeless, Robert Jones smoking ticket after 4 different stories from 4 different cops...Phone Interview with Aram James of Palo Alto on breaking the clapping ban at City Council there, closing Cubberly Community Center, and other issues around the Homes-on-Wheels and read James at 415-370-5056 www.siliconvalleydebug [3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, August 15, 2013
Download Show In-studio guest Sean Deluge (aka Dan Madison), recently in the news as a father turned away from CruzioWorks 24-hour work space after he and his son had paid for it...Sean's "Shut Up and Shop" on guitar...Update on the CruzioWorks protest...Sean's library report of homeless dozing persons being thrown out, demanding he not bring in his sleeping spite of being on the shelter Waiting List, told to move on or else; fearful of losing his stuff, he leaves, even though he asked for a citation (to dramatize the harassment in spite of his immunity from tickets) Street Interviews: 8-12: Kyle Ynishka notes vigilantes taking photos at his cemetery sleeping spot, with Sanctuary Pledge posted there...Live Sean report of raid in Harvey West, 24- hour bathroom there open at least 5 AM to 11 PM...Heather Anderson's account, 50-year old Linda Coburn describing how sheriff's deputies stole her backpack, clothes, ID & Social security card, homeless cause 70 Blaine St. terminated her lease...housed samaritan who let a homeless person stay reported threats from management for his doing so...Anonymous accounts and updates...Cruzioworks Protest from 8-9 interviews: Charles on memorial for Tom aka Fat Freddy; George another guy found dead, Mystaya McGowen's intense account of being homeless with cancer and MS, denied service with her daughter at Starbucks, hassled for sitting on the street, David on sitting, laying down, harassment...more from Mystaya [2 hours]

Sunday, August 18, 2013
Download Show CruzWorks Discrimination Protest Interviews from 8-9: Mistayah McGowah on her week of facing abuse in Santa Cruz after years of work in Bakersfield as a Protestant monk; Shashanna on Cruzio's bad computer classes; Officer Azua's arrival; Seed Warrior tries to talk sense to Azua; SC Weekly reporter....8-3 Street Interviews: Dreamcatcher on police throwing away his artwork, Father Weed, Blackshoes on cop theft of his survival gear; Aileen Smith on training youth by giving them dogs as pets; Joel Kappa on payee exploitation; homeless Mark gets receipt from HLOSC; mid-August interviews: Tamarack on drums; John Monahan gives thumbs up to SC; Dream Catcher praises cops for returning his bike cart and 1st Alarm for getting him a bike...CruzioWorks Protest 8-16: Faustus, Dan Madison, Deon, Hathew, homeless mom with sons disabled sons Phillip and Joseph; Ronda Rollins, Brad Kava on Patch firing 40% of its workers...8-17 Interviews: Sean on Boardwalk harassment; CC. Clyde reviews Mime Troupe's "Oil & Water"; David reports blocked from the boardwalk because "guilty by (homeless) association... August 17 Sean: reports a group of people, stopped by 2 security guards and 2 cops and told they weren't welcome because of their homeless clothes. Ignored fact they had money...Tracy, her kitty, and a group of homeless friends ticketed and given stay-away orders on public sidewalk for appearance...Brent Adams Santa Cruz-11 Update [approx 3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, August 22, 2013
Download Show Commentary on Superior Court Judge Ariadne Symons latest dump on the homeless at the Public Safety Task Force meeeting...Colombia Criminalizing Feeding the Homeless...Phone Interview with Peggy Kennedy of Venice on the Lavan lawsuit... Street Interviews: Bob Noxious on his driftwood signs-as-you-wait biz and prospects for more guerrilla video, David Silva on the need for CD; Call-In from Chuck Lagoda of Palo Alto on the Cubberly Community Center closing there....[2 hours]

Sunday, August 25, 2013
Download Show Sunday August 25, 2013 [First hour lost through studio problems] 8-24 FNB/OSC reports: Jean of FNB; Saint X of Aptos on new Workers Center on 7th Ave.. Phone Interview with Steve Schnaar on Crap Sentinel Article Missing the Police-Bike Dojo Collusion in Killing the Bike Church Distributions: X on losing housing, police hassles outside...Live phone interview withPalo Alto former Public Defender Aram James on activists fighting the Homeless Vehicle Ban, activist strategies in court...8-24 Interviews cont.: Brent Adams on bikeside copwatching...Isaac Collins street poetry: “Can we take a moment and breathe...” John Moynahan, Feather jeweler Susan, tap dancer Z, Ricardo Opez on city ripping up river vegetation to catch two homeless campers; Christina on bike-and-coffee disappearances. [2 hours]

Thursday, August 29, 2013
Download Show Live phone interview with Keith McHenry, Food Not Bombs co-founder on government attacks on Raleigh food servers ...Big Mountain resistance update...more FNB/food server repression reports at ...CruzioWorks Discrimination Update...Fresno's Mike Rhodes phones in with City Hall protest there, city's new care in cataloging as they destroy homeless encampments there...creation of homeless migration...Fresno PD completely unaccountable; Glen Beatty case...SC-11 Report . Cruzioworks whitewash cont...library censorship of signs: Public Records discussion with boss Teresa Landers...Raven Playfair, homeless journals and masseuse reports on Host, First Alarm thug, and SCPDharassment for massage-for-a-price on Pacific Ave. [2 hours]

Sunday, September 1, 2013
Download Show Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry's statement supporting the Santa Cruz Eleven ( )...Street Interviews: Walter Lilly on $3000 in back harassment citations in S.F., 8-25: Spence on medication seized by police; Dianna on she and husband sleep-harassed at night by First Alarm; Roach: camping tickets dismissed, but Paul Lee loft filled with Page Smith-ies; Faustos on fainting as "resisting arrest"; Sean on disability discrimination inherent in Sleeping Ban; Crazy Mary: explore adverse possession; Ali: rage at sleeping ban; Anonymous: homeless may need to defend selves soon; Cabrillo student Gary Curry; Frenchie: back here to spread wife's ashes; Munchie: video about SC coming up; Ravenman: vehicle harassment, "cops...are liars", acccuses Officer Ron Inouye of stealing ID and SCPD holding it for 6 months; Greasy on Officer Hoppe's stalking behavior; Reesey, Nasty's daughter reports their 50-person camp raided simply to steal marijuana plants in spite of legal papers; Father Joel Miller on 7-day success of 20-person program; In-studio co-host Sean Deluge & Phone Interview with Aram James, Palo Alto attorney on homeless rights, Tony Ciampi's tased-and-trashed case, activist client control of attorneys via Marsden motions & other techniques; packing the courts; further Street Interviews: Ricardo Lopez croons; Yoyo's marriage; the Pleich Report on ongoing posturing, picnics, & demos by anti-war activists, NAACP, WILPF, SCCCCR, makeshift Sharps containers...[3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, September 5, 2013
Download Show [show starts 20 minutes late] Street Interviews: 8-29: Yoyo and Courtney on exclusion from the Boardwalk... 9-1: Sanctuary Camp nips and growls with Brent Adams; Blind Feathers on StreetSterility...Norse critiques recent story decisions...9-2: Red Church interviews: Jacob Mackintosh on rising rents, deteriorating conditions over time, living with MS, epilepsy and heroin, harassment tickets and car tows; Lawrence M. destruction of campsites on 1 and 17; .Dreamcatcher's upbeat birthday report; Mike hopeful with new bike cart; Scott Galloway and Father Joel Miller on CruzioWorks discrimination and other matters [1 3/4 hours]

Sunday, September 8, 2013
Download Show Interviews at Red (Calvary Episcopal) Church: Scott Galloway, Joel Miller, Mrs. B (Shannon) on Cal Trans/Sheriffs extraordinary eviction and homeless property destruction near Fishhook giving her 5 minutes notice to leave "with no shoes, no bra, and a backpack" violating the wishes of the landowner; Sean Deluge on daytime exclusion from Red Church lawn by overzealous kiltsman...Valerie on PD theft of weed "gangster-style"; Another woman reports portapotty taken, (immature) marijuana plant left behind...concerns about Officer Hoppe...Sean critiques Sanctuary Camp; Wheelchair Glenda on disabled medically vulnerable proram; ticketing out at HLOSC, early morning vehicle abatement harassment; ...Dennis Etler on Syria at 9-6 "No Bombing, Obama!" protest... Barisone at 9-3 Task Force meeting on infraction ticket crackdown Judge Symons spouts "S.C. easy on homeless = crime"bigotry at 8-23 Task Force meeting: ...Sean Deluge critiques (3 1/2 hours)

Thursday, September 12, 2013
Download Show Phone Interview with former Homeless (Lack of) Services Center Doug Loisel on the fallacy of the "Broken Windows" theory from his Salinas drug treatment City Attorney John Barisone on his legal structure for cracking down on those who don't pay citations at the 9-3 Task Force meeting ( [2 hours]

Sunday, September 15, 2013
Download Show Street Interviews: Bobby Whirl on life indoors via VASH, now being differently treated; Phone Interview with Palo Alto vehicular homeless activist Chuck Jagoda on survival spots in Mountain View and Palo Alto, the Cubberly closing scam, his earlier NYC background, poverty pimpery... Contact him at: 516-398-5100; More Street Interviews: Redhat on heroin/meth spread; Gopali on Syria.. 9-11 Interviews: Ashley & Steven on cops excluding them from New Leaf seating area after they'd bought there; Coyote on smoking ticket by Officer Warren; William, Meagan, visual artist Joey Rozeski (Joerose on Facebook) on unpaid tickets going to local collection agency Alliance One with bank account confiscation; Colin Campbell Clyde (CCC) on Council's Street Performer Removal law; City Council's presentation:; Tito recaps earlier phony police threats for tarot reading ("not after dark", "not without a license")--now at Sacred Grove; Blind Bull Feathers, Hobophobia Fighter, & Anonymous analysis of the sickness of being "creeped out" by poor people; In-studio interview with musicians Ge and Briana, a profiling car stop with phony "unnecessary tow hitch" ticket [3 hours, 45 minutes]

Thursday, September 19, 2013
Download Show Red Church Interviews: Faustos's 2nd hand report on 5 cops running away 10 people in front of the Red Church in the last week or so... Phone Interview with boxer and lawyer Paul Cook of Baldwin Park on government/towing company corruption and cutting off free speech inside and outside City Council …Phone Interview with CCC on Public Security Task Force's 9-18 meeting with D.A. Bob Lee and P.D.'s Larry Biggam and Jerry Christensen ( )--PD's critical repressive agenda towards the poor, Lee into parental discipline metaphors...Red Church contl: Champion on "sitting on a bench backwards" ticket and "leave or we'll take your dog" at the Boardwalk; Randy Walter Roberti on SCPD theft of 98 marijuana plants in spite of assurances and medical marijuana cards from homeless camp, lying Sentinel reporting at ; Raymond 49 year resident--video of Beach Boardwalk guard beating him up on Dec 7, 2012; Antonio, a vet ticketed on Westcliffe for sleeping in his car; Baba--barred from Trader Joe's as a "homeless person who wants to buy alcohol"; Melise Laveck--son searched while having acute appendicitis; Bret on the Red Church's "no sleeping" policy; Red: no jobs at 7th St. Labor Center; James, Bible Belt traveler--more freedom there; First Alarm guards expansively abusive; Jonah and Mouse: homeless ticketed, yuppies not for smoking; Many Paths, ticketed though disabled for having his service dog in the Park; Anonymous: upsurge in heroin/meth, backpack snatchers...[2 hours]

Sunday, September 22, 2013
Download Show Palo Alto vandweller and activist Chuck Jagoda is in-studio guest. Red and Crow, local vandwellers briefly visit the studio. "Sleeping in the FRSC studio" controversy..."Shades of Dawn" Sean and Mandolinista Jagua in-studio guests; Jagua reports on Wharf exclusion yesterday w/o explanation, sharply different from a year ago; Sean noted police harassment of young kids on Beach St. prompted him to distribute 50 lbs. of sidewalk chalk provoking a spontaneous and massive Chalk-in on Pacific Ave. ( )...9-21 Street Interviews at FNB where postmaster set up yellow caution tape and called police, but Officer Azua declined to interfere: Gary on West Side Safeway First Alarm's John Lopez harassing ("never come back" for sitting there for 20 minutes though a customer); Candlelight Kim Argula questions sidewalk-stealing ordinances; Abbi on standing off the postmaster; Jean's account; various accounts of alleged murder of George by "Mr. Childs"; 'Nurse Betty' on parking lot panic ticket for sitting her car 16 minutes near Taco Bell...9-19: Anon. & Faustos report 9-18 or 9-11 ticketing at Red Church, Steven 'n Ashley, Orgami Nate, and Codger Chris downtown... 9-14 FNB meal interviews: Steven 'n Ashley being SCPD directed to leave New Leaf's outdoor seating area after having bought food there; rudesters speak up; Franz Jones positive Day Labor Center report, also noted warned to leave camp in deep woods near Harvey West...9-14 on Pacific Ave.: Jim Weller's update on "no response" from CruzioWorks after he'd complained about Dan Madison exclusion...Sean on differential "no cash back" policy for the homeless at New Leaf and exclusion from Verve...Ugly Jim in search of a car buyer...Wheel-chair bound one-armed elderly resident playing on the streets for food money. [3 1/4 hours]

Thursday, September 26, 2013
Download Show In-studio guest "Lyrical Eye" Isaac Collins on the repressive Downtown Ordinances...10-22 Protest/Tabling Against the Ordinances: Justin--ousted from Sacramento for median signing; Razor Ray on CVS discrimination; the Sidewalk Chalk Stealer; Stacy's Sanctuary Campground Update...Isaac on black worker Jeremy's lawsuit against HLOSC...10-22 cont.: Jinx sings "I'm a Singer & a Lover not a Fighter"; Becky Johnson Blasts the Ordinances; "Chucklin'" Chuch from Palo Alto challenges; Darkfighter Dennis on the City's War on the Homeless; Steve Schnarr defends public space; Cici and Likos report Harvey West harassment & the destruction of Nasty's camp; David Silva on being disabled and homeless in Santa Cruz...Fresno NPR story on Fresno shutdown ....indybay story: ...S.F. Bans Chess Players on sidewalk: [2 hours]

Thursday, October 3, 2013
Download Show Studio strugglings...Anti-Nuclear Tunes of the Eighties...9-22 Protest Against the Expanded Downtown Ordinances contl: Denica de Foy, Norse, Becky Johnson, Dread-Eye, Colin Campbell Clyde, Sean on exclusion from Coffee Roasting Co. and Verve for homeless appearance and gear, other reports on a car tow from New Leaf..Buck Pruit and his son Rio report pull-over, brutal attack on them both and phony ticket to his wife compliments of Capitola cops in December 2011 in mistaken identity situation, where Rio forced to plead guilty to cover cop error and abuse; earlier incident of police stalking in San Jose years before stopped by his careful documenting and persistent complaints....September 28th "Festival of Fun" protest: Chronic on searches if she enters graveyard, Ross Area, Denny's, Tannery areas; Ms. Fortune (Elisse) satirizes anti-fortune-telling laws; Feo, Anthony, Joe Posner, Louise speak out briefly; Ms Fortune debates "Scary Downtown" guy, Isaac Collins raps, Officer Hedley monitoring + other protest activity...[2 hours]

Sunday, October 6, 2013
Download Show In-studio guest FNB stalwart Jean Pirano reports on FNB ( 831-426-1397 and union picket of Dominican Hospital; 9-26: Alex's bike theft report:; Bob Noxious making and selling colorful driftwood signs with blowtorch & recycled paint: bobnoxiouscave; Ricardo Lopez on over regulation; Fireman Chris kicked in the head from behind & other assaults; Raven on SCPD's Inouye seizure of his ID 6 months before...Alekz on the Day of the Mass Chalking (9-20) and prior mass chalkings on Pacific Ave.--video at alekzlondos; phone-in from Crow on Watsonville scene; Red Church Interiews 9-23: Dreamcatcher okays those who ticket him for sleeping; Ken's sleeping bag, Bible thrown away driving him and girlfriend to Watsonville, but back because of gangbangers there; claim that TBSC kerosenes clothes and harasses; Salinas shooting report; Mrs. B on finding alll her bedding, bicycles, etc. gone, destroyed as "trash"; Father Joel Miller called cops but would like to have night caretaker, blackballed by the Downtown Association [3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, October 10, 2013
Download Show 9-30 Red Church Interviews: Report of Officer Azua ticketing for sleeping and threatening jail; Free on locking of the Louden Nelson bathrooms; S.C. local said Lynn of HLOSC offered ticket to Arcada, wonders if it's "send homeless away" scheme, Elijah reports quick ticketing of his home/vehicle in "a restricted area" near HLOSC; Kelly Morrisey notes no phone use or clothing at HLOSC for 2 months, disallowed from sleeping outside the HLOSC, wtih measurements for the "security fence" going in, got trespass ticket outside Surfrider Cafe without warning for resting there from Officer Bell;Bart praises S.C. as "better than Costa Rica"; Mrs. Shannon B. reports hubbie beat meth charge, denounces the attack on the successful 6-month encampment (Nasty's camp) with no hospitalizations, fights, or robbings, recites her poem...In-Studio guest Dennis Etler; Phone Interview and audio clips from Beggarbacker Becky Johnson, victim of a Host assault on 10-6 ( )...Discussion of Sanctuary Camps. Interviews from the 10-6 Funday Frolics Protest from G. Perry and Nancy. [2 hours]

Sunday, October 13, 2013
Download Show 10-6 Funday Frolics protest interviews: Lyrical Eye; Paul returning to doing street art; Didgeredoo guy who will be driven away from his New Leaf spot on October 24th; the Host Assault, subsequent audio with Tania, Becky, Gina--Bost Host, Officer Albert, me, and a witness...."Dangerous" John 's historical report on Initiative activity in Santa Cruz and homeless auto ban activity in San Jose... phone interview with Chuck Jagoda on mellow cops, Mt. View "no parking 2-6 AM signs, likely Atherton crackdown, report on the Community Homeless Alliance Ministry (CHAM) march to Google and Apple, urge them to "give back" to the homeless community...Phone interview with Paul Cook, boxer lawyer from Baldwin Park on corruption and public comment shutdown there ...10-7 Red Church Interviews: Shitty situation described by Bathroom Patrol Guy...FNB Co-founder Keith McHenry phone interview on attacks against FNB in Worcester, Mass; Sacramento, CA; Olympia, WA, Santa Monica, CA; Taos, N.M., Raleigh, N.C.; sabotage of FNB through changing the name in Boulder, NYC, Seattle, New Orleans, and elsewhere; []; vicious law in Columbia, S.C. banning homeless or imprisoning them in shelters; court victory in Flagstaff over seized FNB banner; Sandra Leigh of Community TV gives dark report on end to all in-studio program creation in December;

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Download Show Upcoming Events...10-13 Sidewalk Snatchers Protest Downtown Reports & Interviews Susan with drum, flute and Cisco the dog; Aaron travelling guitarist; Justin the former skateboarder on the 80's; Jeff munching muffins; Casey violinist against ordinances; Public Safety (i.e. Prejudice) Citizens Task Force ( ) 10-9 Public Comment Session: a string of discreet but frightened & hostile "get tougher on them" people, RCNVites pushing their seminars,;...More 10-13 Protest Interiews: Karen Ireland feels safe downtown; Amber, SC resident,--let people share art; Sonya from Humboldt; Gina Marinelli, former biz owner, says save the public ability to be with each other; Olivia and Muniera from UCSC: pro street scene; report on September Chalk-In; Danielle, downtown resident, unafraid; More Public Safety Task Force Paranoia: a teacher scared of homeless sleepers near the library; a man noting lack of Latinos, high rate of trunuancy, need for activity programs for kids after school; Deborah Ellston of Santa Cruz Neigbors pushing her program of mroe ticketing the homeless, cutting back homeless services, an anti-marijuana law; father whose daughter OD-ed calling for zero tolerance for drug dealers and gangs; Stacy Falls advertising Sanctuary Camp; Mark S. calling for sports program funding rather than $24 million for jails; John Golder calling for sports fields;

Sunday, October 20, 2013
Download Show [Initial 20 minutes has slightly defective, shoppy, repetitive audio]...Norse Intro ...Phil Posner Phone Interview on Upcoming Community Blanket Sit-Down Protest...Street Audio from 10-13 Protest: Police Officer versus Street Jeweler...In-studio guest Noah Miska of Sin Barras on the $25 million 64 new bed prison expansion coming before Board of Supes 10-23 : weekly meetings at the Erret Circle Church Thursday at 6 PM, meals for the hungry, every Sunday at noon; prison hunger striker updates at prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity; jails as phony rehab centers takes pressure off local social services; $100 a day for jail...Aram James phone interview on fight against prison expansion in San Mateo County, Atherton anti-homeless-in-cars laws...10-9 Task Farce Public Comment with David, Regina, Gary Whitney, Tom Mullin, Jean Siletto & others...Lighthouse Linda Lemaster responds by phone...

Thursday, October 31, 2013
No show because of illness

Sunday, November 3, 2013
Download Show (Songs from I"m Getting My Act Together and Taking It On The Road throughout the show) 10-24 Protest Against Sidewalk Snatchers: Dennis, Denika, C.J. Stock ...Dr. G. from Vallejo calls in on the homeless campground there [ ]...More Protest Interviews: Louise Drummond, Becky Johnson, Phil Posner, Joe the impudent chalker, Corinne Fendabender & others...Mrs. B reports an elderly man drew cops and Metro security for eating a cookie on a bench at the bus station; artist John Monahan denounces the sidewalk thieves; Carmella on her mom Mystella leaving an anti-homeless town; Conversations with Ordinance Author "Hideous" Julie Hendee...Hende urges Pastor Ron to "move indoors with his Thursday homeless religious meal...10-26: Capitola Crackdown--report from Victoria W. Pinky; FNB interviews with Dennis E., Paul on chemtrails, & other munchers; Evan ticked for sitting against Starbucks wall with dog; another debated a officer on the crime of "berm sitting"'; Brazilian drumming; Mariuana legalization tablig [Approx 3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, November 07, 2013
Download Show Norse commentary: Task Farce Update, HUFF meeting report: $250 fine for stealing a chicken sandwich, sleeping ticket for homeless woman near the Town Clock closed bank, Upcoming Events, Norse Notes on weekend Civiconimicom's "civility" confab (and comments that follow). Street Interviews 10-26: streets barren of musicians, artists, and vendors; Kathleen Kozich on police raiding her property, trying her for someone else's drug crime...Printcreator Joe (Joeroseart on facebook) Gina and Danny artwork noted cops now ban placing items on the sidewalk for display, selective ticketing for Sitcrime on Front St., Michael Schmidt with a "smile" sign reports "moved along" because he sat down next to another person (even though not panhandling); Luke and Vika report Officer Aguilar said Luke couldn't have a sign while sitting on a bench; Don Alden ("Dirtclod") of Camp Paradise reports Emily Agur's death and Watsonville report; 10-28: Red Church Interviews: Mark heading back to Fremont, Blind Bull Feathers and Sean give updates; Mrs. B says HLOSC phone out for months; Tony reports sleeping tickets now cost $157 even for a homeless Vet; more from Camella, Sherrill, and Bradley [2 hours]

Sunday, November 10, 2013
Lost show: transmission and studio recording problems

Thursday, November 14, 2013
Download Show Norse intro on Anti-Recycling Center vote at City Council on 11-12...Street Interviews 11-13--Dreamcatcher (Mike Orr) denies Officer Winston a search...11-4: Max and Molly from Denmark strumming away at the now illegal New Leaf sidewalk spot..DaveAdams and Jewelry craftsman Shane Young--leaving for Chicago in spite of "loosening law enforcement" on Pacific Ave. (facebook for Young Shane)...Shade of Dirty Pines...City Manager's 11-12 Council report; staff on the Council attack on homeless recycling; Dave Wright opposes the investigation-in-search-of-a-problem; Lighthouse Linda phones her anger at the attack on dumpster divers with comments on 180/180, homeless census; Maggie Merrill at City Council denounces recyclers as thieves and dopers; London Nelson defends recycling to get "sandwich money"; Michelle Niroyan, Chair of the Public Works insists recycling a crime and needs stricter controls; angry caller suggests Unoccupy My Blue Bin movement, denouncing city money grab from public and homeless; More from City Council discussion [2 hours]

Sunday, November 17, 2013
Download Show City for Sale Mime Troupe Music at intervals...Flashback to a 647e case as juror Jake Hurley: Picking a jury for "Lodging"--647e in Santa Cruz for one of the PC2010 folks--he was a nursery school teacher who lived in his van for 3 1/2 years in Santa Barbarara, Sonoma 1978-80 & Santa Cruz in 1984...another juror reportedly said he was too hostile to the cops because of their hostility to the homeless...Robert Facer's floorside group...Phone Interview with Paul Cook, attorney and boxer from Baldwin Park on fighting corruption down there 11-16 Street Interviews: David and Krystal jewelery displayers; David 2 wants real homeless death figures; Thomas E. Derosha on many bike thefts from his home 11-4: Colin C. Clyde on non-enforcement or ordinances; Anthony Messner of OSC returns; Phone-In from Crow on back-and-forth vehicular living in the Watsonville Community Hospital parking lot...Red Church Interviews: Lito ticketed out on tracks, banned him from where he works; Traven, Jay, Jeff, Blaze on Gary of TBSC inspiring county worker harassment of homeless, Sean Deluge on ISSP, Thomas--positive Halloeen report; Coveeka back and ticketed...Task Farce commentary...Songs from Mime Troupe's Eating It...Street Interviews: Krystal, Kitten, Doc returns from Alaska; Randy on D.A. discarding tickets; Steve denounces 1st Alarm's Big John; Tom's three costly sleeping tickkets; Kelly, Jay, Chuck, David Silva & brief Pleich report (4 1/2 hours)

Thursday, November 21, 2013
Download Show Andrew sings "HUFF"; 12-20 Steve Shnarr on SCPD bike barricade...Beggarbacker Becky on Needle-steria and the Public "Safety" Task Force...Red Church interviews (10-28): Two Anonymous elders outside about three years tonight; Debbie: Thank you for not cutting your hair and your beard; Jay on street performer crackdown; T.J. and Thai, traveling chefs from Monterey; PTSC John on ribs broken when SCPD kicked him awake in Louden Nelson Park, to Dominican 3 times...Scott Galloway asks about "panhandling fraud"; Fred Jenkins on locked recycling bins at Surfer's Point....Early November Pacific Ave. Interviews: Eric Snyder--here for the weed; wheelchair Glenda with fever in van, can't get section 8, told to move; Dustyshoes Dave: 20 tickets since 9-1, including camping tickets in front of the post office--he doesn't show; ..Jasmine of Dirty Pines faced 2 cop cars and 3 screaming cops, called a liar, refused to show badge; Ricardo Lopez in the remodeled Coffee Roasting Co; .Phone Update from Palo Alto with Aram James and Chuck Jagoda on their visit to the Santa Barbara Vehicular Parking/Camping program...Street Interviews 10-28: Box Noxious & Ricardo Lopez; Ariel on recovery from meth use; a passerby confronts a homeless smoker [2 hours]

Sunday, November 24, 2013
Download Show Street Interviews: 11-17 : cop refuses homeless on homeless complaint report; 11-18 Red Church Interviews: Boyam, Whiskey, & Aesop report increase in police crackdown--automatic weapons at Cabrillo; the homeless dog sold, resold, reclaimed; Becky Johnson, Kay & Robert report harassment of street church in front of Forever Twenty One; Jason--7 bedding tickets at Harvey West; epileptic Leland on HLOSC evictions; Phoenix--on waiting list for River St. Shetler for 4 months in a wheelchair, on probation for two many camping tickets, any ticket in net 2 years Gallagher will give her 90 days; Leland rewarded for cleaning Evergreen Cemetery with eviction, threats of jails; Chito Martino reports South Pacific thieves stole all from him; Sean on the Civinomicon conference; Sean's son Griffin's account off the Cruzio Works exclusion....11-18 Pacific Ave. Interviews: Joey on HLOSC; Brian McMann now and 10 years ago....Andrew of ... 10-28 Red Church Interviews: Computer Medicine Man Mark leaving SC after 5 years; Blind Bull Feathers, Sean, poet Mrs. B, homeless vet Tony's $157 for sleeping ticket; Camella, Sherry Overs, Bradley O'Mega--encounters with SCPD; phone interview with Chuck Jagoda of Palo Alto--a fan of Safe Parking Program in Santa Barbara, 180/180 Program...Phone interview with Lighthouse Linda on 180/180 program 10-28 Red Church Interviews: Computer Medicine Man Mark leaving SC after 5 years; Blind Bull Feathers, Sean, poet Mrs. B, homeless vet Tony's $157 for sleeping ticket; Camella, Sherry Overs, Bradley O'Mega--encounters with SCPD; phone interview with Chuck Jagoda of Palo Alto--a fan of Safe Parking Program in Santa Barbara, 180/180 Program...Phone interview with Lighthouse Linda on 180/180 program

Thursday, November 28, 2013
Download Show Nearly two hours with Jasmine and Shade Byron, Daniel, & Colin Campbell Clyde--the Byron charge Officer Hernandez with assault and battery at the Salvation Army 11-26 meal with gun drawn for attempting to take a plate of food out of the building...Councilmember Posner at the last hearing of the Sidewalk Shrinkage ordinance...11-21 Street Interviews Mr. Jack and Archive Hunter puffing and playing...James Richard Armstrong from Berkeley on baffling police by standing up to them in Redding (facebook him for 260 articles)...Sleeping & Smoking Tickets for Ravenman [2 hours]

Sunday, December 01, 2013
Download Show Music from "We Come From Music"...ACLU Critique []...Law as a Tool: Pro and Con...1:45: Keith McHenry Interview...Critique of the "Public Safety" Task Farce...[3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, December 05, 2013
Download Show 12-1 Red Church Interviews: Sean's fight back; John Peterson's $195 smoking ticket; Donovan & Raina talk about the shutdown of the Weekly Fire Circle; James ticketed for parking lot sleep...Uncle Dennis calls in with cold weather alert... ACLU Board: Cassandra Terwillinger and boyfriend: ticketed for blanket over legs in park by state park official, ordered out of the bathroom, another report on Fire Dancer shutdown...[2 hours]

Sunday, December 08, 2013
Download Show Nearly two hours with Jasmine and Shade Byron, Daniel, & Colin Campbell Clyde--the Byron charge Officer Hernandez with assault and battery at the Salvation Army 11-26 meal with gun drawn for attempting to take a plate of food out of the building...Councilmember Posner at the last hearing of the Sidewalk Shrinkage ordinance...11-21 Street Interviews Mr. Jack and Archive Hunter puffing and playing...James Richard Armstrong from Berkeley on baffling police by standing up to them in Redding (facebook him for 260 articles)...Sleeping & Smoking Tickets for Ravenman [2 hours]

Sunday, December 15, 2013
Download Show John Teilking calls in about the DIY parade coming up for new years eve. Recorded interviews on the street played David Silva calls in about Vets office will help the homeless vets. More interviews played from the street. Read an article about Los Angeles about anti-vehicle dwelling laws. Recording of interviews at the Thankgiving day dinner for homeless. Chuck talking on the phone about Palo Alto laws

Thursday, December 19, 2013
Download Show 2 Hour In-studio interview with former HLOSC director Doug Loisel's vindication in the case that had him dismissed here, concerns about subsequent management of the HLOSC...Patrick Lancelin calls in [2 hours]

Sunday, December 22, 2013
Download Show In-studio guest Robert Singleton of debate/discussion with Norse on financing, "civility" issue, value of the website to raise ignored subjects & other issues...Kate the scarfmaker on harassment threats for vending on Pacific Avenue by a single CSO--Officer Barnett, partially in retaliation for her coming over to witness Barnett's harassment of a musician Steven; the significance of buying locally from a street merchant rather than a large corporation...Interviews 12-13: New Leaf's "illegal" (?) solar power table selectively ignored?,...Guitarstrummer Eric Snyder waking up with frost on his sleeping bad and news 4 had died in Santa Clara County of exposure; James on the Hospatility Patrol; Crystal, Joey, Joe on street playing, false "panhandling" ticket for displaing artwork last year, couldn't pay $60 for Community Service, fine now at $560; Sean Deluge's Thanksgiving chat with Mayor Robinson...12-16 Interviews at Red Church: Dylan had sleeping bag stolen by another homeless man--he and a dozen others sleeping outside the Red Church; Noah's Coffee woman refusing him refill and sugar after he'd walked outside...Wayne on Public Storage overcharging and shutdown of the weekly fire dancers; improved hotel situation re: required deposits; Blake on problems with drunk at Red Church sleepout; James R. Armstrong's night in jail....Phone interview with "Dig Deep" Dennis Etler on the Homeless (Lack of) Service Center's [HLOSC] Homeless Dead Memorial Service..Yovannes on false court conviction. [3 1/2+ hours]

Thursday, December 26, 2013
Download Show Audio review of an October HUFF dialogue with Councilmember Micah Posner around the $15.000 (still not available) 24-hour portapotty on the levee--Norse, Becky Johnson, Chuck Jagoda, David Silva, Mario, & others participating; Norse's largely futile attempt to get previously stated questions answered; Red Church Interviews from 12-23: "Hutch"'s recently indoor history at the "largely empty" SC Motel; Raven the vandweller; another vandwellers police avoidance strategy; other positive reports; Richard reports cop threatening Rainwolf's service dog in front o fthe Del Mar; Bank of the West sleepers rousted as it prepares to reopen...New Pope, Old Doctrine at [2 hours]

Sunday, December 29, 2013
Download Show 12-16 Dialogue between Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry and Penny University attendees on national and S.F. attacks on FNB in the recent and distant past including cooption efforts, "name change" proposals, bans; Paul Lee on the shelter failure in S.C.; Keith's "poor people feeding poor people publicly" solution...Street Interviews: artist Rick Salis's Pacific Ave. pyroglyphs...12-23: Dreamcatcher's nighttime displays at the "banned" info booth site and his many November camping tickets...Phone chat with Scarfmaker Kate, driven out of Santa Cruz by Officer Barnett and the new "license" requirement harassment on Pacific Avenue...Phone interview with Keith McHenry assessing his Santa Cruz visit. updates, and future plans...12-13 Rapping with the LaRouchees in Scotts Valley...[3 1/2 Hours]


Thursday, January 2, 2014
Download Show Street Interviews: 12-29 David and Crystal update being reduced to panhandling through CSO Barnett's harassment of their jewlery display-for-donation including two costly tickets on 12-18 and 12-20; Anonymita denounces New Leaf Security guards for harassing her for parking in the New Leaf parking lot; 12-31 DIY Interviews: Drummeister Arthur Hull & the History of Drums at New Year and the 1994 Patty Sepone police riot...David Silva phone-in about his electoral eperiences in Santa Cruz; More DIY interviews with Janet, Jean...Winston and three cops harass John Flemming r. and Zap on the sidewalk while the parade rolls on...Sasha and Joe of the White Dove of Peace, The Mad Kisser, Stacy and Emily of cocomotion, and "Big Ball" Brian the lone stalwart who claims the street after the drummers have led everyone onto the sidewalk near O'Neill's [2 hours]

Sunday, January 5, 2014
Download Show Initial studio problems...12-18 Interviews at Farmer's Market: "Spii" the guitarist, Sierra, Coralon the New Art Bar Collective Cafe, Mario Canapa on Xmas-less downtown..Repay of 1-2-14 show [3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, January 9, 2014
Download Show (Replay of December 26, 2013 show) [2 hours]

Thursday, January 16, 2014
Download Show Copwatch Report 1-15: In studio: Anonymous Legal Eagle... Officers, Cross & Barnett and Sgt. Le Moss detain for 25 minutes Eli with her dog Piggy who reportedly snapped at a cop who approached them abruptly by Eli's report--evoking skepticism and criticism from copwatchers Colin and Pat as well as Norse; Watsonville Wildcamper Crow calls in to reports vehicular harassment there..."Dangerous" John T [ ] calls in with San Jose report...Red Church 1-13 Interviews: Bill notes supercold with rangers waking you up at coldest time; River Lightwolf of library discrimination against disabled by staff member David...Phone Interview with Lorenzo of The Bike Shack in Watsonville on sordid maneuvers of the Bike Dojo [2 hours]

Sunday, January 19, 2014
Download Show

Thursday, January 23, 2014
Download Show Guest-commentators videographer Jeremy Leonard and activist Michael O'Grady...Jeremy gives the background of the Clean Team/Ken Collins Harassing a Homeless Man video ( )....Discussion with Michael on compassion v. justice...Jeremy on his video tour with Brent Adams of Sanctuary Camps in the Northwest ( )...Protest--the origin of sanctuary camps?...Michael calls for spiritual help from the churches...the new Posner Portapotty...Street Interviews: James Robinson onbeing told to move; Clayton the Music Man [2 hours]

Sunday, January 26, 2014
Download Show Update on the Backpack Bigotry Survey: Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath (part 1)...Crow & Red Phone Call-In on "Leave Watsonville" citation/harassment from Officer Robles for RV Living & their history....City Council's Bike Church Blockade Program...Lighthouse Linda Call-In on bike importance for poor, discussion of Smart Solutions to Homelessness... ...Protest Interview from 1-17 San Francisco Protest Demanding a Homeless Bill of Rights; Rudi: three weeks in a hotel and ticketed during the 4th week; "Berkeley Mayor the Streets" Mike Diehl on Berkeley legal support; WRAP Workers Colleen & Ahmed on Homeless Bill of Rights in other states; Strawberry & Rubin on S.F. Citation Defense; Joey Gitner of Hayward's Community Action Network & further Protest Activity...More from Watsonville's Crow...National/International Stories...1-17 Protest cont.--activist hassled at library; more as SF protest hits street [4 hours]

Thursday, January 30, 2014
Download Show Studio guests Pat Colby and later Free. Further Bike Church Banditry Discussion ...Phone Interview with Steve Pleich on throwing his support to other "progressives" if they run, other updates... Street Interviews: Curtis Reliford on MLK Day Dancing atop his truck; Lenny Sales "Beg, Steal or Borrow"; Johnny-on-the-Spot's One Joke Free street smiles; James Robinson on "outsourcing intolerance" to private security and the Hostile-apitality patrols...Caller suggests reporting Bike Church Banditry to the D.A.'s Bureau of Investigations...1-20 Street Interviews: Homeless Deaths 5 to 14 including Alison, Suzanne, Baltimore, Bobby McGee, Maryann and others say Cody and Freedom; 1-22: Wayne and Princess LaLa on hotels evicting the paying poor as well as Cafe Pergolesi problems...Anonymous Jake on Hospital Indifference to Homeless Inuries/Illnesses...Scarflady Kate on her life after getting permits (and ticketed by CSO Barnett)...[2 hours]

Sunday, February 2, 2014
Download Show 1-14 Street Interviews: Scarflady Kate on CSO Barnett's weekend ticketing for "vending without a business license"...1-25 FNB Interviews: James on Peets harassment for a backpack on the sidewalk outside, SC Roasting backpak ban, standing up to a ticket threat near a bus bench; Joel K. on surfer inuries; Sir William Blake on wheelchair vet being runoff from clothing store sidewalk; Frank Fernandez on the desperate search for services; City on a Hill Press reporters Sujo Hawn interrogate; Michael O'Grady on backpack bigotry; Pat C., Lori's tickets for smoking, camping, music too loud; educational parade researching Backpack Bigotry downtown...64-year-old Stevie Lee "nicely" rousted from warm empty building by 3-4 cops; Palo Alto activist Chuck Jagoda on Mt. View harassment of vehicle mom, Larry Duncan's memorial; SCPD's Bike Barricade: ...Street Interviews 1-26: Ricardo Lopez on fooling flatfeet with "feeder" camps & other adventures on the Levee; Scarf Lady on biz permits, Heather, Peter Panhandle & the Pirates; Rachel, [3 1/2 hours]

Sunday, February 9, 2014
Download Show 1-27 Street Interviews: Elizabeth Castle on Palomar closing down walkway through the restaurants for residents; Monday Matt on regularly 3 PM (Monday) meetings at Calvary Episcopal 457-1402; Vet Hutch on "fascist town" where police have taken camping gear; Melisse (ma of 7, 4 with her) on endless waiting lists here 6 years; Father Joel Miller seeking a trustworthy RV dweller who can help expand the ISSP program at night at the REd Church; Nickster on "security Nazis" 25 year veteran camper notes backpack bigotry at shops; Cody notes 3 more confirmed deaths among the unhoused (one at 7-ll with a rare skin disease and walker, another a Davenport suicide with cancer outside, claiming a total of 24 in the last month; Boston Mike on computer surveillance; Dreamcatcher on his streamlined cart and ticketfree time; In-studio guest Battleready Bob Patton--Vets Council activist--his first experiences with homeless protest in Santa Cruz, forming the Human Rights Organization, oining the United Vets Council earlier Vets struggle for control of the Vets Memorial Building, the Tim Bratton battles, the phony closure of the Vets Hall for years, and recent hassles after the reopening; wishes they done direct protests in last few years; factional disputes among Vets; criticizes Tony Heaney of Board of Trustees for taking over the bunker, militarizing the place with bag searches, ID checks, bathroom exclusion; Larry Wilson's new direct action struggles; .. .. Contact Bob at or 425-3340...More 1-27 Interviews: Positive backpack report from Starbuckks; Razor Ray denounces cafe protests; "Justice Now" James on Coffee Roasting Company excluding him for a backpack; MisDemeanor the Dog's misadventures-=-seized for nipcrime by cops; Suzanne, Natty Light River Light Wolf on library hassles for disabled homeless; reports from Freedom, Hal Brook, Ricardo Lopez denied service at Jack in the Box; [4 hours approx]

Thursday, February 13, 2014
Download Show Guest Michael O'Grady...John Malkin speaks on SCPD's license ID readers at the ACLU's Surveillance Forum Malkin on Video: City Council September 2013 hearing on accepting the ID grant at Item #24....SC-11 parade protest with Sir William Blake, Ricahrd V., SC-11 defendant Gabriella Ripley-Phipps, & Alex Darocy [2 hours]

Sunday, February 16, 2014
Download Show Poet and activist Isaac Collins reads "The Love Within" live. 2-11 Street Interviews at the SC-11 support parade: Indymedia photographer and writer Alex Darocy, Marlon, Jesse James, Danny with his "I was in the Building" sign, Michael Bekko with bub bless, Erin Rose Virginia expatriate & Jim Davidson of Occupy Charlottesville and legal struggle there, Steve Pleich on a possible legal settlement, Bobby Ackerly on Vet's Hall mischief...SC City Counciol: Isabella on city's evicting her under new Rental Inspection ordinance...The Amazing Musicians, Ricardo Lopez on Ranger Theft and Lies, Byroad Brianna Brewer on CSO Barnett harassment for street vending w/o a biz license..Jasmine and pooch AmaChee violining and still in trauma counseling from Officer Hernandez assault; Aaron's critique of shelter system as broken; Flutewoman from Leytonville...Weekly articles at ...Camouflage employee on Empty Buildings are the Crime & Prostitution...2-15 FNB Street Interviews: Michellle Bellfield ("Tiger") on Officer Azua's camping tickets, Colin's report; "Carry On" Cody reports Palomar Hotel Manager attacked Valentine's Day food providers..Downhome Dennis E. updates [approx. 4 hours]

Thursday, February 20, 2014
Download Show Co-Host and Guest Travelin' Tom Noddy on the history of the Street Performing struggle in Santa Cruz, the Great Morgani eviction, & misguided notions of control being used on Pacific Avenue against performers. Misty-eyed Michael O'Grady in-studio and others by phone join the conversation. (2 hours)

Sunday, February 23, 2014
Download Show Street Interviews 2-21: Boots & Pirate Jeff report CSO Barnett harassment of street performers as panhandlers in change machine forbidden zone...Scarf Lady Kate reports African-American Doobie hassle; J.R. Armstrong on special surfer shitter privileges; Boogie Man by Bridget Joyce; ScarfSelling is Not a Crime: ...2-22 Cody at FNB reports upsurge in homeless-on-homeless theft and repression at food services; Blake reports key, phone, & other ripoffs; Great Morgani and Travelin' Tom Noddy prep resistance; middle-class Ashley sits illegally without a ticket...Remembering Ray the formerly on heroin; S.L. Kate at petition for restoring public and performer space downtown...1-28 Visionsong Valery remembers Baltimore--died some weeks ago. Co-host Coral Brune...2-19 Interviews Boots on I.Q. stores threats against streetfolk...J.R. Armstrong on Noah's manager woman harassing disabled guy on sidewalk while returning from illegal smoke; reports Peet's and Coffee Roasting discrimination...Backpack Bigotry protest in front of Coffee Roasting Company with Norse, Becky Johnson, Persistent Pat, Byroad Brianna, Castaway Corey, & others..(approx 4 hours)

Thursday, February 27, 2014
Download Show 1-17 S.F. Homeless People's Bill of Rights March Interviews: Colleen, Pete, David Grace, Juan Castillo, & others...In studio co-host Free bat homeless issues back and forth: Homeless Lack of Services Center., Posner's self-defeating stafflove, panhandling vs. busqueing, SC-11 updates, Vets Hall, de facto Red Church shelter, and more! ..2-26: Pirate Jeff and Boots with their Last Stand "Fight to Exist" sign [2 hours]

Sunday, March 2, 2014
Download Show Food Not Bombs (FNB) Meal Interviews 2-22: Ricardo Lopez, "Terrorist" Tony on new Sleeping Ban during the day at Town Clock Park; Boots and Pirate on smoking tickets, threats, and selective favorite treatment of middle class family playing music downtown from CSO Barnett; Brian: 4 tickets for camping in last month; harassment along the levee; Dreamcatcher's fistful of camping tickets wants to be a "good example" to placate the cops...Santa Cruz Eleven attorney Alexis Briggs discusses D.A. Greg Peinado's motion to disqualify Judge Burdick, delaying the $100,000 trial at least another month; she notes Peinado's high demands for pre-trial restitution settlement far harsher than those in other jurisddictions; attorney Rubin charged evidence still being withheld; no word on D.A. Bob Lee's appeal of Burdick's sanctions against his office for contempt of court and withholding evidence last year...2-22 Interviews: Shay stopped from sampling musical instruments; Blake describes ripoff at Spokesman's Bike Shop...Councilmember Posner's feeble attempt to put the Move Along and Forbidden Zones for Performers ordinance (MC 5.43) back on the agenda...FNB 2-28 Interviews: Dropout flashes back 20 years to Coral St. Open air Shelter...Tokin' Tim notes police withholding I-phone from a victim an assault by a robber at the Food Bin; Big Dick Daddy from Cincinatti reports First Alarm kicking him off steps of attorney's offices across street while sleeping; Mindful Mike O'Grady notes witnessing impounding a car with $300 cost for shooting off a bb gun; Lion on deputies pushing partyers onto the highways; Blake protests in the rain for The Great Morgani; grim news of homeless harassment from South Carolina...In-studio co-host Duncedunker Dennis Etler exchanges barbs with Bathrobespierre Robert on China, Ukraine, local surveillance, and the downtown doodoo ordinances [3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, March 6, 2014
Download Show Co-Host/Guest "Medicinal" Michael O'Grady...FNB Co-Founder Keith McHenry phone interview: Nationwide update on shutdown threats & laws against FNB's in Sacramento, Olympia,Taos, Santa Monica, L.A., Seattle, Portland (OR), Chico, Raleigh, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Worscester, Philadelphia, Houston: almost all continue to feed; Death Threats from the Boston Mafia in the late 80's; Keith's research on Santa Cruz Wells Fargo foreclosure fraud, Obama's deal with the banks, local foreclosure tragedies; from Sir William Blake: Kid reports shoeless arrest with cops losing his dog, ticket for trying to stay dry under a bridge; Dreamcatcher's report; Officers Aldrige and Ross giving out sleeping-in-car cite on Valentine's Day to Scarflady Kate & selective harassment of her under Move-Along & Forbidden Zone laws...Two harassed for sleeping in the clock plaza. [2 hours]

Sunday, March 9, 2014
Download Show 1-24 Interview with T-Shirt Tony (creator of the Stamp out SleepCrime t-shirt) on backpack bigotry downtown--the other side, changes since the 70's and 90's, homeless contribution to the problem...Sir William Blake's interviews of the last few weeeks: Ronwood and Mariya harassed for sleeping at the Town Clock in spite of his disabilities, harassed for eating dinner together with their dog on the sidewalk--accused of panhandling...Coral calls in to report her bike stolen near the Tannery and a worse replacement bike left behind...3-5 Protest Interviews and Notes: Beggarbacker Becky finds 9 backpackks in Coffee Roasting; guitarist C.J. Stock reports leaving Pacific Ave. 2 years ago because of harassment; Michael Foote warns of Naziism here and in Berkeley; Feo reports Starbucks refused him service because of his several bags in the courtyard; CSO Barnett gives Feo a "chalking on the sidewalk" ticket for the word "boycott" chalked in front of Starbucks...Call-in's from Coral on Ranger Harassment and Bike Thieves...Protest Interviews: Dawn, David Silva, NOrma Jean...In-studio guest Dennis Etler on MHCAN threatened by developers...Ukraine discussion..Further Protest Interviews with Becky, The Greek, and others [4 hours]

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Download Show 3-5 Protest Report cont....Caller urges support for the ISSP...CSO Wilson surveiling the protest..."March 11 for the SC-11" "Call D.A. Bob Lee" Protest at town Clock...Defendant Gabriella's Update...Dreadeye ("Randolph Bates Talley") on harassment by Officer Hoppe & other street reports ...More SC-11 Protest Interviews: Secret Informant on Council's code compliance as ghetto removal; former Defendant Becky Johnson...Scarflady Kate's update: upcoing hearing with Judge Smooth Steve Siegel of Dept. 1....HLOSC misinforming people about sleeping ticket dismissal...Assistant to the City manager Scott Collins' withholding info on the SCPD bikenapping scandal...[2 hours]

Sunday, March 16, 2014
Download Show 8-year-old Santa Barbara poet and activist Peter Marin's 1987 essay "Hating and Helping the Homeless" [ ]...Phone Interview with Marin: destruction of SRO's, homeless camps, and other survival venues for the poor and homeless; LA ACLU fight in Santa Barbara against RV harassment; falling away of human rights activists and rise of social service bureaucrats; talking homeless issues to death; mental health bureaucrat incompetence and dumping the homeless out of jail at night 7 miles away; liberals not conservatives the main problem; last resort shelter becomes recovery program requiring "participation"; "Lighthouse" Linda Lemaster joins us...Marin: Large numbers or activist confrontation not endless dialogue is what works; Library and State State street scene; activists force to do social service work (rides, food); activist success creating warming centers; tightening up at Rescue Mission and Transition House; and more...LL reports on her Exploring Homelessness Together group...Scarfseller Kate update...Activist Dennis E. on protest in China...Street Interviews: Brian pans First Alarm's "Big John"; Kate on the dangers of speaking out; LL on the dangers of not speaking out...3-15 Interviews at FNB meal: Michael O'Grady on Jambajuice refusing bathroom use to a homeless customer; Bongo of SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom and Expression) back in town; Anon supports return of Thanksgiving meall to Vets Hall; Dan Etler of ACLU Board promises to put Sleeping Ban on the agenda; Dennis and Robert go toe to toe as to importance of SCCCCOR's missing police abuse complaints...[4 hours]Food Not Bombs (FNB) Meal Interviews 2-22: Ricardo Lopez, "Terrorist" Tony on new Sleeping Ban during the day at Town Clock Park; Boots and Pirate on smoking tickets, threats, and selective favorite treatment of middle class family playing music downtown from CSO Barnett; Brian: 4 tickets for camping in last month; harassment along the levee; Dreamcatcher's fistful of camping tickets wants to be a "good example" to placate the cops...Santa Cruz Eleven attorney Alexis Briggs discusses D.A. Greg Peinado's motion to disqualify Judge Burdick, delaying the $100,000 trial at least another month; she notes Peinado's high demands for pre-trial restitution settlement far harsher than those in other jurisddictions; attorney Rubin charged evidence still being withheld; no word on D.A. Bob Lee's appeal of Burdick's sanctions against his office for contempt of court and withholding evidence last year...2-22 Interviews: Shay stopped from sampling musical instruments; Blake describes ripoff at Spokesman's Bike Shop...Councilmember Posner's feeble attempt to put the Move Along and Forbidden Zones for Performers ordinance (MC 5.43) back on the agenda...FNB 2-28 Interviews: Dropout flashes back 20 years to Coral St. Open air Shelter...Tokin' Tim notes police withholding I-phone from a victim an assault by a robber at the Food Bin; Big Dick Daddy from Cincinatti reports First Alarm kicking him off steps of attorney's offices across street while sleeping; Mindful Mike O'Grady notes witnessing impounding a car with $300 cost for shooting off a bb gun; Lion on deputies pushing partyers onto the highways; Blake protests in the rain for The Great Morgani; grim news of homeless harassment from South Carolina...In-studio co-host Duncedunker Dennis Etler exchanges barbs with Bathrobespierre Robert on China, Ukraine, local surveillance, and the downtown doodoo ordinances [3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, March 20, 2014
Download Show Co-Host MeditationMan Michael O'Grady discses his orthopedic medical training, travels, and thereapeutic background; phone interview with Spilly Chilly Sandra Leigh doing a new Community TV show up in Boulder Creek after the fund cut-off downtown...go to Boulder Creek Parks & Rec for more info or 3-15 Food Not Bombs Interviews: O'Grady reports Java Junction locked a homeless customer out of the bathroom; Phone Interview with Venice activist Peggy Lee Kennedy on L.A. politicians illegally closing the beach to drive away homeless people and performers; counter-attacking through the Coastal Commission; phone interview with Oakland housing activist Steve De Caprio: fighting AB 1513 to allow evictions-without-hearings; FNB interviews cont.: Merryweather Mike reports on Lighthouse Linda's Wednesday Homeless Info Sharing meeting; suggests "Pack Up and Walk" as a response to rangers/cops bearing citations; Elderly Sr. Miranda reports Hospitality hassle from Host boss Gina [2 hours]

Sunday, March 23, 2014
Download Show Phone call from Pete of San Jose noting harassment of long-time lone peace activist at Winchester and Stevens Creek....Flashback: Replay of August 3, 1997 Bathrobespierre's Broadsides show on the City's Imposition of a Youth Curfew....Second half of Act I of Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath radio play...FNB meal interviews from 3-8 or 3-9: Ali from S.F. on her background as a volunteer; Jay's take on why Santa Cruz landlords are able to take advantage of tenants; ...Update on Peace Sign harassment in San Jose...FNB interviews contl: Keith McHenry on Wells Fargo's impoverishing its own employees, his own blacklisting and firing since 2001; 3-16: Support Street Performers Protest: Michigan Traveller, Blake's HUFF 'n PUFF solutions, Pat Colby's cranes and petitions, Selective Enforcement on the Boardwalk, old-time vendor Shane Young says Move Along law makes displaying glass artwork impossible; Dale Costa accosted at Boardwalk for having a bike with him; homeless vet Bill out there after 2 years; Briana says she's cutback on street performances big-time; Gee on Barnett's skateboard ticketing driving a youth to tears; 3-19: Art is Free Alex Skelton still there; artist Rose Drummond's mied report;; interviews galore....3-17: RedChurch Reports: Dale K. notes cops stole $700 during a meth bust; Champion notes arrested two days ago for variety of infraction tickets including cussing at a park worker and not leaving Harvey West park when told to do so; Miguel & Selena told to leaave the beach; Sara M. denounces gating schools to "protect" against "the homeless menace"; Mouse gets another smoking citation; Brian Flores on Barnett's skateboard citation passion; Merryweather Mike ripped off; Scott Galloway with Association of Faith Communities Updateampout at San Lorenzo Park..for an evening to demonstrate that it would work; Miguel de Leon (Lito)'s passionate denunciation of police harassment; [4+ hours]

Sunday, April 6, 2014
Download ShowFlashback tape 6-20-01: A tour of Camp Paradise with Larry Templeton, Mike Schmidt, James Cosner, & Robert Norse...Lois Rubin's memorial for Ginny Gomez who recently died...In-studio guest; Mike Schmidt on a "saving wage" on his inspiration for fighting the Sleeping Ban--seeing a homeless man harassed by youths, his history as a protester;...'Dangerous" John T.'s San Jose report on hassled activist at Convention Center for lone peace protest...Flashback continues...Ed Davidson phone interview on shortage of rental housing in Santa Cruz, the new Broadway St. hotel, & gentrification...Street Interviews 3-6: Lee the Razor Ray on red "no panhandler" meters...In-studio visitor Michael O'Grady notes Armory lice from cracked mattresses problem...3-6 cont. Ricardo Lopez, Melissa, Parno-Eric-Jack the Traveling Gypsies...3-7: Berkeley People's Park Interviews: Al "Street Spirit" Wager on vending and recent Berkeley political events; Kamal of Fred's Market on changing Tele scene...[approx. 3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Download ShowCo-host Michael O'Grady... Berkeley Interview 3-19 with Karmel, osner of Fred's Market on Telegraph--rising rents & history; 3-29 FNB Interviws; post office official demands removal of literature table; Red Wilson from Fresno FNB; Occupy George's updates; Danny defends SC ACLU; "Pick Your Punches" Pat reports on Cafe HUFF's interviews on the levee... Stopgap Steve C. on HLOSC failure to assist with camping tickets...Street Interviews: 4-9 Steve Argue's outrage at audio arrest; Idle Hands headshop interview; Michelle, Ryan interview from 4-13 show cont.--police/CPS harassment of a homeless couple with a baby. (Follow-up:[2 hours]

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Download ShowStreet Interviews 4-9: Michelle, Ryan, and baby Irish on heavy police action around CPS; Dirk praises SC generosity; Merryweather Musical Mike on Vets Hall conditions; In-studio interview with Bob Majzler, Graduate Student Union activist on the early April strike, grievances involved, working conditions, and police response Info: ; Street Interviews: Merryweather Mike; Keith McHenry on Palomar alcove harassment...4-10: first-time homeless Heather's 3 unpaid sleeping tickets & women safety...4-1: Grrrant Wilson on the Public Assembly law, the Norse "no unattended tape recorders" arrest...Steve Pleich: phone interview on Needle Exchange...Grrant's interview cont. In studio-co-host Dr.Michael O'Grady...Grrant reports on Sanctuary Camp fundraiser

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Download ShowStreet Interviews 4-9 Merriweather Mike on Vets Hall Wednesday crew running him out of the bathroom as "illegitimate"; McHenry; 4-2: Freedom Bridges on the experience of not speaking for 9 months...Phone Interview with "Just Man" James Cosneron his upcoming fast to free all political prisoners & fire abusive all police officers at ( ...Steven Conover's struggle to get waiting list documentation...4-2 Interviews cont.: Handpan music man; Carl Cursh's cry of rage...Music of Tiger Moon from (, Preacher, Asicaseabadas....interview with former Pink Umbrella Man--Robert Steffan...4-16 pedestrian footbridge interviews: Micah Posner won't speak up about Norse's audio arrest, Garrett on Paul Lee loft, indoors Joan... [approx 2 hours]

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Download Show"Dangerous" John's San Jose report...Peggy Lee Kennedy's Venice struggle to keep beach open at night--phone interview...4-16 Levee Interviews: Trials of a single mom hassled for medical marijuana; Chanelle on anti-homeless stereotyping outside since she was 3 years old; 3d woman on phony camping ticket by city police on county property...MHCAN supporter Sam Osler by phone praises Sara Leonard...Levee interviews: Flooty praises HUFF coffeegivers; sisters Erica and Eve denounce downtown ordinances; anonyous Hispanic guy praises Copwatch and notes being dogged for being at near the Butler/Baker killings...4-19 FNB interviews: Keith McHenry on the medicalization of homelessness; UCSC Grosio on police intimidation on campus; Collin Campbell Clyide reports on sheriff candidate forum at Grange; [3 3/4 hours]

Thursday, April 24, 2014
Download ShowPhone Interview with Robert Whitaker, author of Mad in America and Anatomy of an Epidemic ( Bad long-term outcomes of psych medications; negative impacts of marijuana use; anti-depressants creating serotonin upsurge and brain dysfunction; dopamine meds for schizophrenia creating more receptors and more psychotic rational dialogue on the subject, mostly ignoring the issues and vilification...Dr. Michael O'Grady in the studio as co-host...Recent national funding of Involuntary Outpatient Treatment ("Needles on Wheels")...penal systems now involve psychiatric diagnosis and forced medication: pathologizing criminal behavior...his next book on raising healthy children...another on institutional corruption in different professions and bodies...4-21 Red Church Interviews: Taco Bell worker and guitarist on hiding his housing status to keep his job [2 hours]

Sunday, April 27, 2014
Download ShowDorothy's Kitchen homeless Drop-In Center in Salinas's Chinatown ( Interview with Jill Allen, Executive Director: meal, laundry, $1 mil annual budget, homeless encampment on the street outfront, only 1000 homeless in population of 125,000: the Salinas scene; grievances have appeals; food never cut off..encampment swept four times a year; Dorothy's provides storage during the sweeps; she estimates only $20,000 a year necessary to provide portapotties, wash stations, trash pickup's for the encampment of 150-200; life inside the chat with Lydia, former librarian and retired psychotherapist...Sanctuary Camp activist BrentAdams on hispositive experience at the Chinatown encampment; Santa Cruz updates and why city bureaucrat Tina Schull denied a permit for the Sanctuary Campout event and future prospects...Interview with convicted "sitting with a protester" criminal Lighthouse Linda Lemaster on HLOSC, Project Homeless Connect, the Warming Center, Food NOt Bombs, & other happenings..."Past Angry" Paul on May 1 rally coming up at town Clock [4 hours approx]

Thursday, May 1, 2014
Download ShowDoc "Meditation" Mike discuss value of Meditation...4-10 Levee Interviews with Bob Acree on backpack-in-cafe hassle, thumbs up for Denny's and MacDonald's, "trespassing" tickets on the hiway for sleeping; transgender hassles with Veronica Crow: harassment for parking her truck afterhours at Emeline with banging and harassment, has cancer, ID checked by C.J. Stock, street guitarist...More reports from the Levee and HLOSC...Pat Colby on HUD funds wasted building Paul Lee loft; Doc Mike: lice at the Loft; Kim on police profiling her for "sitting too long on a bench"; Cody Wilson contrasts Madison, WI with here; Becky Johnson on TBSC patrols of levee; Garrett on grim scene in Las Vegas; Daniel--3 years outside and never a ticket; Veronica C.--kicked out of Starbucks and SC Coffee [2 hours]

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Download Show In-studio guest video documentarian Chris Renfer here covering for Annette March...Call-In from Annette, Faces of the Homeless video journalist. positive on bureaucrats Don Lane, Monica Martinez, & Smart Solutions...calls for "compassion as a way to remove fear"; history of the Oral Histories project; Annette interviewed, Chris edited; Calvin, Venice activist, calls in on Venice Beach sweeps, lawsuit against the armed property thieves; advice to activists; Street Reports from April 2014: Billy and Amanda Cummings report outside 6 months, hassled whereever she sleeps or parkks her bike, treated like trash, Trader Jo's bars backpacks, requires unmonitored check-in, various other biz discrim reports; Misty ousted from Grant St.. Park during day by SCPD Officer Inouye; previously told at Ferrell's they had to go to the park--Judge Denine Guy refused homelessness as a defense; Heather outside for 4 months, 3 camping tickets; Disabled Thomas the recycler and his dog Buster--seized by police--his history and the recycling trade...Artists on Pacific--"Art is Free" guy and rose Drummond...Kate, Elizabeth, Ernesto's brief reports...Prof. Etler's Ukraine report...[3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, May 8, 2014
Download ShowStreet Interviews around 3-24: Chris Kinney, stunned to hear of death of Cosmic Chris years ago; Chuck--witnessed my 4-1 audio arrest, on strategy for a more successful Occupy movement...Pat Colby on local clinics for the poor dropping people off opiates, prompting withdrawal and black-market...discrimination in the 180/180 program...Chris Kinney on disintegration of the Occupy movement, calls for mobile encampments...Prof Dennis Etler on Ukraine and upcoming Coalition to Stop the Madness demos against U.S. support of Kiev regime....[2 hours]

Sunday, May 11, 2014
Download ShowChuck's security guard saga...5-14 Street Interviews: Santa Barbara arrival reports being kicked in the head by two kids fighting; now with a family of homeless folks where she sleeps for protect, constant ranger harassment, saw police steal a friend's drum and another's backpack...Phone interview with Palo Alto activist Chuck Jagoda on better times there death of 73-year old Bunny, praises Downtown Street Team; inaccessible public bathrooms; Cubberly's refugees have found spots to sleep or moved out of town;.... 516-398-5100...Dangerous John on the origins of Mother's Day...Christine Sanchez on puppy piling for warmth and safety; Mr. Fox, Jeff Turner, Cass, Eric Breener and his dog Sadie Mae...Discussion of Comstock-Lane ordinance changes proposed...Eric Brenner: Sadie Mae is the name of his dog......lives in Oroville , CA. On way to Grateful Dead show to Las Vegas...aliens were talking to them...only saw them in a dream...they were grey, some small ones, some big ones....then saw a hellicopter, walked alienas walked by with a militia... Every song is his song, he gets messages while he's awake...that he's gotta keep on fighting and not let this cruel and unusual world get him down. Message coming to him everyday—continuous...ifyou look at all the signs in the music didn't recognize it until he broke the code.....Witnesses not alone today or yesterday...Street palaver with Chris Kinny, Ryan Hinsley on his 7-day stay here; former Taco Bell worker Phil quit; Calvary Episcopal volunteer Scott Galloway praises the ISSP, Project Homeless Connect, rejects participation in sleep-out's, protests, building occupations; Mellow Mel praises my calm behavior at the April 1st "audio arrest'; Pastor Miller says his "don't ask don't tell" sleeping next to the Church policy continues...activist Justman James Cosner on his campaign to free political prisoners ( ; ACLU's Danny Etler on a "productive" conversation with Sleeping Ban supporter Mike Rotkin--both on the local ACLU Board...Julie Schaul on national safe parking program at (; Owl: sweeps of homeless don't help; Nature Dave: on folks getting pushed out, backpack discrimination; Drummer Suzanne on cop drumtheft; Mouse, Bob Noxious Razor-Tongue Lee, and Danny Bishop (Dominican Hospital security guards beating him) [4 hours approx]

Thursday, May 15, 2014
Download ShowIn-studio guest Pat Colby: describes her complaint phone call to Sgt. Bush's superior for failure to cite for "sitcrime" a middle-class person downtown; discussion of homeless and smoking with 3rd hand smoke (on clothing) and 4th hand smoke (on walls); Pat's own problems at her John Stewart-owned apartment complex Mission Gardens...Street Interviews 5-11: Sir William Blake protesting bad judgment from Commissioner "Basement-Level" Baskett on smoking ticket; Boulevard Biker Brian on courtroom capers around a lightbulb out citation; [2 hours]

Sunday, May 18, 2014
Download Show5-17 FNB interviews at the Post Office : Blake; Sahva from Istambul; Brennan: Hosts down-talkin; Colin Campbell Clyde...Peacefirst Pete calls in from San Jose on anti-war protest against U.S.-Ukraine involvement, denounces Mercury-New campaign against incumbent judge Diane Ritchie ...FNB cont.: Colin Campbell Clyde on living wage; David Silva on Metermaid muttering..."Lighthouse" Linda calls in on City Council's proposed wage raise; discusses Smart Solutions seeking more homeless reps...Berkeley street interviews: Vendor Ruth Bird on street vending process there:; Jesse of the Berkeley Ambassadors; Bob Patterson "the World's Laziest Journalist" on rent guest Dennis Etler on EU, NATO, U.S. manipulation in Ukraine (facebook: Stop the Madness: U.S. Out of Ukraine). [Approx 4 hours]

Thursday, May 22, 2014
Download Show4-21 Red Church Street Reports: Robert Brunett's trials in Basement-Level Baskett's Court; Bob Noxious on the Wave that Drowned the Cafe; Johnny: police targeting poor--$200 skateboarding ticket; Christian Galvin friend busted 20 minutes ago and taken away; Michael Wood from Modesto here w/o problems; Nick of the many tickets for sleeping, sitting; Scott Crosby reports on San Lorenzo Park scene; Mrs. B. reports park "clean-up" crews are leaving trash, taking survival gear...Pacific Avenue Interviews: banjo plunking, Katherine redistributing calamari, Jasmine violining at dusk with no word yet on her complaint against gun-toting Hernandez; her mom suffering severe PTSD, with the questionable Officer Vasquez "investigating"...4-27 at FNB: Jimmy on vehicle and Buster Brown--his dog--taken away; Pat C. gives a gloomy phone update on the case. [2 hours]

Sunday, May 25, 2014
Download ShowStreet Interviews: Scotts Valley homeless critiques Santa Cruz City Council, ex-Ranger Chief John Walllace, in lengthy interview ranging from blacks in jail to mountain bikes destroying Pogonip...the "Downtown Accountability" appropriation and HLOSC "security gate" coming up at City Council on Tuesday...4-17: Food Not Bombs interviews with Colin Campbell Clyde on minimum wage, Dennis Etler on Ukraine...4-19: Henna tatoo artisan Pacific Ave.......Comments on Hoffman's paper: (PUT IT ON THE WEBSITE AND HUFF E-MAIL)...Andy Shockhorn at Cindy Sheehan dinner on using initiatives to fight Gov. Brown's pro-fracking lobbying: ('s history as Soledad prison worker and union rep--his work in finding alternatives to prison...Phone-In Interview with Aram James on Stop the Ban's interview of Superior Court candidates...Shockhorn Interview concluded....Street Interviews 5-19 at Red Church: Michele/Tiger on Azua's harassment...Raging Granny Jan Harwood on her new book An Unconventional Murder...Brenda fled tickets into a church; Glen 7 months on street with no tickets; David praises Vets Resource Center; Shawn on trash left by rangers as attempt to implicate the homeless; Anon man praises Red Church meal as upgrade from his usual sardine and crackers; Nina on slumming love; Wayne on "being moved on endlessly"; Father Joel Miller's on church history; [4 hours approx]

Thursday, May 29, 2014
Download ShowCo-hosts Free and Doc O'Grady: 5-24 Walkin' the Mall to find vanishing legal spaces to perform with spirited studio discussion...Interviews at 5-20 Project Connect: Crow praises cancer-struck Red's getting a place with 180/180; Doug Bradford, partner of legenday Linda the Lark Edwards; Maggic McKay disses Norse for "not applying for a table" and occupying a vacant one anyway, ultimately moves him further back in the room; Jeremy Leonard, video journalist, gives positive report...Brent Adams calls in clarifying the differences between Sanctuary Camp, Sanctuary Village, and Tent Cities....more Project Connect interviews. [Approx 2 hours]

Sunday, June 1, 2014
Download Show4-26 Street Interviews: Michael Flooty compares S.F. with Santa Cruz, notes petty harassment here; Briana Brewer updating the disturbing the peace ticket she got and is trying to revisit; Keith McHenry staffing the Santa Cruz FNB table...In-studio guests Megan Deye and William Underbaggage of the Indigenous Native Network Association on UN representation of Native American; Megan's D.C. arrest fighting Tar Sands oil exploitation; William's local survival school to save native culture, language, & knowledge: willychili@hotmail or meagan Live phone-in from McHenry with updates from Turkey and local FNB ...Boardwalk incident of police brutalizing "drunken" Hispanics... 800-884-1136...5-19 Homeless song by Visionsong Valerie "Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution" with 'Open Mike"Mike & Justin...Project Homeless Connect interviews 5-20: Pamela Bright on Dominican Hospital abuse; CRLA worker Gretchen Reganhart on struggle for tenant's rights; homeless HLOSC worker Donna Marie's skeptical view of the ID, gated fence, and former director Monica Martinez's hasty departure; HLOSC worker Dexter working on real homeless resources guide; available 4-10 PM working in the Paul Lee loft; Chrissy praises SC Residential Recovery' speedy acceptance of her in her struggle to break meth addiction; Katrina Lee on struggle for Michael O'Grady joins. Attorney and activist Ed Frey on his appellate court victory in the Gary Johnson "sleep as criminal lodging even when it's a protest on a bench in front of the courthouse" case requiring 3 judges rather than the 2 who upheld the conviction..Kiev update on the John Batchelor Show at ( [3 3/4 hours approx.]

Thursday, June 5, 2014
Download Show 4-28 Red Church Interviews: "Jesus-lover" Val vs. ISSP; Scott Galloway defends ISSP as advancing "administratively"; "Punch Back" Pat Colby call-in on 180/180 program's preemption of Section 8 Vouchers; Galloway silent on camping ban, defending existing encampments; Tony & Steven play positive guitar; "Rough Road" Robert describes a beating; newly-returned Vet turned away from movie showingat Vet's Hall; Cici and Jonas speak of deputies excluding them from county green near courthouse, SCPD shining light in epileptic's face with guns drawn in De La Viega; Anon out of ail, denied SLE $; Phil reports cops refusing his missing person's report because homeless; Robin on black guy grabbed by cops for "mental evaluation";' Ryan on Michelle's child in forced foster home that is filthy; Ivan from San Jose held 4 days for "trespass" because sleeping outside; Travis preparing for First Contact; Val notes cops keep homeless moving. [2 hours]

Sunday, June 8, 2014
Download ShowStreet Interviews from 6-5: Woodscamper blues; Michael on panhandling downtown; James Nay update on his $20,000 successful lawsuit against former SCPD Officer Brandt for false arrest when Nay chalked "Geneva Convention Says Sleep Deprivation is Torture" over a decade ago; Late-Night Lawrence MacGregor reports police crackdown and survival gear seizure at Harvey West...Phone poetry reading by Julia Vinograd from Berkeley from her upcoming Cannibal Cafe: Suppose, Wings, Soldier at Home Eating Cherries, When Jesus was a Baby, Department Store Selling Wounds, Moonstones of War, Blackberries, Eating the Wind, the Figure Skater, Shaman...find her at the Zeitgeist books website...3-31 Interview with previously homeless worker and mom Rita in Fellton on loss of her car, job, and other calamities; Tommy--fuzz in the rain; Cameron on Beach Boardwalk security guards kkicking him off the beach; Brian Fores on hassles at the Boardwalk Bowl; First Alarm stalker report; Matt on MHCAM support meetings Tuesday 10 AM; Tony on City Council's Smoking Ban stupidity; Dreamcatcher positive update; Father Joel Miller on police ignoring his letters of permission and harassing sleepers near the church; guy saw cops ticketing a sitter and injuring him outside Joe's Piza 3-26; Notorious Mrs. B, Bill the wet Vet still out in the rain...5-21 U.S. Out of Ukraine protest with remarks by Dennis E., Tripwire Tom, and Steadfast Steve Argue...City Council report featuring damage claims of Tracie Seckel and Luis Torres for physical abuse by Officer exchange with Councilmember Micah Posner. [4 hours]

Thursday, June 12, 2014
Download ShowIn-studio guests activsts Pat and John Colby. Lengthy discussion of the Section 8 Voucher program, the 180/180 program, and suspected corruption and injustice there, failure to provide Public Records, lack of supportive services means program will fail; program preempts those waiting long years for vouchers, ignores disabilities, has no positive benefits, deals with only a fraction of the homeless diverting attention from the broader number; puts people in dangerous housing...caller Lighthouse Linda Lemaster agrees and dissents, noting mixed feedback from clients; Street Interviews: late April: Elijah Dixon, black man jailed on a bogus probation violation; recently released; his account of SC county jail; critique of Officer Hoppe;[2 hours]

Sunday, June 15, 2014
Download ShowApril 1 Interview with Sheila Bongolavani, 5 year worker at the Homeless (Lack of) Services Center on her experience there as Food Service Director; the pay scheme there; Trader Jo's dropped donations because of theft there; discipline, exclusion, and the system of appeal; Paul Lee loft always full and Sheila's proposals for massive expansion of the loft by adding a second story with Habitat for Humanity'; never saw any "shelter is full" letters; fired by Merryface Monica Martinez and the details there; LIghthouse Linda Lemaster does phone critique of the "Downtown Accountability Project" (aka Downtown Attack on the Poor) on Steve Pleich's Sunday Voices from the Village with no real discussion of the "safety concerns", shape of the program; she describes the Smart Solutions program she's working on with Jessica Wolf in United Way: more info: ( Interviews: Kay from Bend, OR 82,000 there where spanging is more legal and prevalent...ticketed here by rangers for "sleeping in a closed area"...Fight Back Against Jail Expansion rally at the Courthouse protesting Gov. Brown's expanded prison budget: Courtney Hanson & Willow Cats of Sin Barras, Simba Kenyatta of SCCCCR .... Call-in from Holly-Go-Lightly on Take Back Santa Cruz dominating Steve Pleich's Citizens for a Better Santa Cruz facebook page...3-7 Berkeley Interview with Street Spirit Vendor Al Wagers...Mapping out areas left for street performing on the sidewalk...Brent Adams calls in on the dangers of shaming. [4 hours]

Thursday, June 19, 2014
Download ShowIn-studio guest Bill Adamsky on being homeless at 62 and facing court...In-studio interview with street performer activist and world-famous bubble-artist Tom Noddy: tomnoddybubblemagic 1977 early days as Travelin' Puppets Man in a vehicle in Santa Cruz and the Scott Creek Bluff arrests and vehicle confiscations; history of successfully beating back a Drum Circle Curfew law in 1996; Noddy's belief that the Comstock-Lane proposals are a step forward; Noddy's view that the Council's 50-60 spaces for performs may be a step forward particularly with spaces near buildings for the first time; phone-in from Brent Adams: supports grass-roots organizing vs. "agitating"...."Punch Back" Pat calls in asking where are the accurate police maps that stop false ticketing of folks downtown [2 hours]

Sunday, June 22, 2014
Download ShowStreet Interviews: 6-21 at FNB: Colin Campbell Clyde critiques City Attorney...City Council Meeting Critique: coming up: Triple Fine Zones for July 4-6 & City Attorney's Contract...Colin criticizes Micah for silence on audio arrest; Dennis E.'s analysis of Iraq and Ukraine...Phone Interview with Calvin Moss of Venice on the Desertrain 9th Circuit decision throwing out L.A.'s 85.02 code banning living in your vehicle and other anti-homeless laws in L.A., food-serving struggle in Venice, future for vehicular residents there, 760-819-3564 (; Steve Pleich cancels third interview; FNB Interviews 6-21: Reeshee: Sunday starvation wait at religious meal out at Coral St.; Dr. Mike on HLOSC food; Pleich's update; Report from San Lorenzo Festival of Love[4 hours]

Thursday, June 26, 2014
Download ShowFRSC 6-26 Notes In-studio guests Dr. M. O'Grady and "Punchin' Back" Pat Colby. 11-22-13 taped interview with Street Scarf Vendor Kate Wenzell--subsequently harassed and ticketed by Officer Barnett downtown; extensive discussion and analysis of Kate's experience and account, her previous time in Ashland) 212-3162 ; Oral Communications at the 6-24 Santa Cruz City Council meeting: Pat's 5-minute powerpoint presentation highlighting the Comstock-Robinson-Mathews "Clutter" jacket given to street vendors and performers downtown and the citation/harassment actions taken against them; contrasted with the illegal commercial signs allowed merchants with no enforcement action; zoning code 24.12.320.3 makes all commercial sidewalk signs illegal without exception...Other speakers at Oral Communications assert their rights: Pat Kittle resists a time cut-off and comments on Mayor Robinson's failure to listen to his account; Nathaniel Kennedy calls for housing, jobs, bathrooms opened to the public at restaurants, sharps containers; Bruce Walker criticizes the 4th of July police state actions driving fireworks from the beach and citing it as a public danger; Tiger claims lice, scabies, and unfair exclusion from the Homeless (Lack of) Services Center under Director MacKittridge. [2 hours]

Sunday, June 29, 2014
Download Show Street Interviews: Ricardo Lopez, Jasmine...Computerman/Musician Mark on his return to Santa Cruz with 3rd stage diabetes, says Santa Cruz "will steal your guitar and help you find it"...Music by psychiatric activist Morgan Firestar...Extensive Phone Interview with Steve Pleich on D.A.P. (the Downtown Accountability Project, aka Downtowners Against the Poor), discussion of the success of the 2009-2012 Syringe Access Program before it was strangled behind closed doors by the City Council...Pleich Critic "Punch 'em Out" Pat Colby on Pleich's facebook "Citizens for a Better Santa Cruz" and terms Pleich Soft on Bigots...Pleich's defends Take Back Santa Cruz sympathizers given extensive leeway on his CFBSC page, denies "bullying" by TBSC posters...Anon caller denies Steve is an advocate, says he allows "mobbing" of pro-homeless posters..Variety of callers on Pleich's credentials, the "bullying" issue..."Lighthouse" LInda Lemaster on 180/180's not generating new housing though facilitating people getting into that which [3[3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, July 3, 2014
Download ShowStreet Interviews (late June?): Antony Bullock--discussion of SC-11; Lullaby Luke feeling intimidated by armed police standing over him a year and a half ago...FNB 6-29: Jerry Hudson reports on police mobbing a guy outside CVS...6-30 Red Church Interviews: Mr. J. on problems with police reporting TBSC harassment; beach harassment with homeless dogs ticketed, vollyball dogs not 6 PD and 2 SEcurity gave him 24 hour stay-away and threats if he returned; Bob Noxious on city stripping his cave home; Loosechange reports ticketed sleeping near courthouse by cops in 3 AM wakepup; 10 years outside Celia apprehensive notes bathrooms closed; Shelly outsdie 5 months her first time; El Centro resident notes she'd rather eat at Red Church; report of surfer dudes chasing a tourist around up at Westcliffe for taking a parking spot....part one of a report on the 6-30 ACLU Board of Directors meeting where a dozen homeless people came to tell their passionate stories, resulting in passage of a resolution asking for a moratorium on night-time camping bans: Shelly, Max [2 hours]

Sunday, July 13, 2014
Download ShowStreet Interviews 6-18: Ricardo Lopez strumming illegally in front of New Leaf Market...discussion of Steve Pleich's Safe Sleeping Zones Proposal...Phone Interview with Peggy Lee Kennedy on phony "safe parking" programs in Venice and Santa Barbara, painted boxes for performers along the Venice waterfront...6-18 Interviews cont.: Backpack James just in town; local Bryan/Mike speaks thru voicebox...Starbucks report...Front St. James noting only 4 hours on average sleeping outside; Hunter & Rolly-Polly the Pooch; Owl Morpheus on performing with amplified sound; Highroad Honey on her phony 75 River St. charge, the last woman out of the San Lorenzo Campground; Interviews from Dr. Mike--Link and girlfriend cited for "panhandling in a group of 2"..Phone interview with Tash and Courtney of Sin Barras on the police killing of Frank Alvarado ( ...FNB 7-12 Interviews: ACLU Board member Dan on the historic ban-busting ACLU meeting...Dread-eye hit on his bike, shined on by cops; Becky Johnson calls in on her old "chalking as vandalism" charge...Pleich reports by phone on his Safe Spaces proposal, improper needle disposal, camping ticket dismissal by city attorney, delay in public presentation of the ACLU "end camping bans at night" resolution...Willie phones in Native American update [4 hours]

Thursday, July 17, 2014
Download ShowPhone Interview with Cynthia Berger of Tenants Together; contact her at 222-0359; ( 888-495-8020; organizing victims of foreclsure fraud, in English ad Spanish, seeking volunteers, landlords not invited, shaming landlord-coopted government agencies; accopanying tenants to hearings, monthly meetings slated at several locations; questioning Council candidates at a forum this fall....7-8 City Council Oral Communications Period where Sgt.-At-Arms Bush confiscated 4 audio recordings preventing Free Radio reporter Norse stopping his media work there; Speakers Becky Johnson on vape smoke banning criminalizing homeless people; Pat Colby on misplaced Triple Fine zone priorities on 4th of July resulting in fire danger thanks to slow PGE response; Elisse Casby on capitalism degenerating into fascism in its treatment of the homeless; Norse on the local ACLU's call for a moratorium on Sleeping & Camping Bans being blocked from presentation by Chair Geldblum and timidity in the Pleich majority; Linda Lemaster urging city and county collaboration to end or make more uniform anti-homeless laws Colin Campbell Clyde on Comstock/Mathews mislabeling street performers as "clutter" and advocates as "idiots"; Pat Kittle; on Israeli aggression and media subservience; Nathanial Kennedy on decriminalizing sidewalk chalking through and "tweaking" laws re: dogs downtown after dark....Street Interviews: 6-23: Evie and Link on pushing apart panhandling couples and increased crackdown...Red Church interviews: Pushed-Out Paul Herko denied services at HLOSC by Shelly McKittridge; Honey, Roguespath Robert on bugspray exposure at River St.; Recycling guy on shutdown of West Side Recycling Center through Bigot Pressure...[2 hours]

Sunday, July 20, 2014
Download ShowPhone Interview with old-time Berkeley activist and Marxist 76-year old Michael Delaour, being evicted from his home where he lives with two disable dependents; Berkeley history of rent control; wealth and "the island mentality" taking over; his criticism of the local Food Not Bombs as a "charity" ...510-520-8063 ...Dr. Mike's update on the Paul Lee Loft under Dexter's new management.. 11::20 a.m. Mike O arrives Notes Dexter has taken over the Paul Lee Loft....Older Street Interviews: 11-23-13: James Richard Armstrong's first impressions of Santa Cruz [See his subsequent notes at click on "More" and "Notes"]..."Heartfelt" Howie Sutherland's street music...Santa Cruz resident poet Bert Glick recites "I Saw the Lord today Morphed Into a Daylight Moth"...Street craftspeople: Bonnie the Beadmaker, Danny and Gina with canvas art...Anonymous with critical report on HPHP, being kept in a program for bureaucratic benefit, & 180/180 critique... ...Jasmine of the Dirty Pines, numerous short reports...Panvision Paul Bernadino's report..."Karma"Cryer Kay pannandling..."Punch the Powerful" Paul Gershowitzz... Phone Interview with Councilmember Micah Posner declines HUFF's requests to suspend and dismiss performer citations while admitting confusing/discriminatory nature of laws, promises to provide "downtown ordinance" zoning maps. [4 hours]

Thursday, July 24, 2014
Download ShowIn-studio guest traveling juggler "Cross-Country" Chris Brannon and later Dr. Mike on the nationwide crackdown on the homeless, selective harassment of fellow guitarist Oh So on the Wharf near him, harassment at sleeping in "closed" areas of parks (though parks are thoroughly "closed" at night)...Chris describes his family-friend performances and how hurt he feels when preudiced parents pull their children away...travelling to many states using the anarchist Slingshot periodical as his "way-station" guide...Dr. Mike notes the Homeless (Lack of) Services Center takes a chunk of his Social Security check directly from the bank and does that with many at the Paul Lee Loft..7-21 Red Church Speeches and Interviews: R. Norse, Becky Johnson...Mrs. B. (Ma Shannan)'s "Train Tracks" poem...Cross-Country Chris recounts successful pro bono defense of marijuana ticket based on"homeless have no place not to be in public" argument...critique of differential National Lawyers Guild settlement of New Year's false arrests...More Red Church Interviews: Julie Schaul on being run out of a school maintenace yard with her vehicularly-housed family ( ] [2 hours]

Sunday, July 27, 2014
Download Show ( )-man-....Phone interview with "the Boxer Lawyer" Paul Cook and his arrest for boo-ing a corrupt City Official at an outdoor event in Baldwin Park, likely injunction coming through false testimony that he subsequently threatened the Mayor...Red Church interviews 7-22: Guy beating tickets by non-oping his vehicles and having them on private property, denouncing phony ticketing in letter to the governor; Patrick notes rehired SCPD Joe Haebe harassing vehicle campers; Arianne praises ISSP program for safe sheltering; Minizeus the Dog and owner ticketed for being under a blanket on the beach; oe Stagnero calls for homeless to stand up for selves, ticketed on the median; pastische of interviews; Jim on winter squat blown by arrival of others; skateboarded ticketed on birthday'; Craig dislikes my "Keep S.C. Weird" t-shirt; ...Phone interview with Dennis E. on phony blame laid on Russia for Ukraine plane downing and Israeli war crimes in Gaza...FNB 7-26 interviews: Ricardo Lopez on "education-challenged" cops, Dreamcatcher--cops ignore his proof he's on the Paul Lee waiting list and camping ticket him anyway...Becky Johnson defends Israeli government invasion and bombing of Gazalist of genocides from their...More 7-26 FNB Interviews: Boston Mike, FNB's Susan...Darleen Zamora calls in with report of night-time excess force by cops against a homeless man...Jerome Jones on police harassing him for hempwrapping, but letting him beg...Jordan compares Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz..Lasrence MacGregor claims trollbusters with bats threatened him...David Brody describes escalated prosecution after police peevishly charged him for "calling 911 too much"...replay of Robert Whitaker's 7-26 call-in to KSCO's Perspective show..[4 hours]

Thursday, July 31, 2014
Download Show Replay of Tom Quinn's KSCO Interview with Mad in America author Robert Whitaker on history of psychiatric torture/treatments, part 1...John Malkin on Automatic License Plate Readers [ALPR's] ( ...Street Report 7-15: Joseph Dunbar reports police detained him unnecessarily saying they "didn't like your kind" because he refused to be searched...Phone Interview with John Malkin on ALPR's and SCPD's failure to get public input, clarify where data would be stored, who'd have access...Malkin's early history videoing the Carlos Machado killing by the SCPD [2 hours]

Sunday, August 3, 2014
Download Show Replay of KSCO Interview with Mad in America author Robert Whitaker, part 2 ( Cook on his successive judicial struggle against a TRO by Baldwin Park Mayor retaliating for his exposure of corruption interview with Housing Now! in Santa Cruz activist Linda Lemaster on the 1992 successful Heiner House occupation for low-income people...discussion of PC2010 and the Occupy Movement, "Smart Solutions"...the David Brody battery case...Street Interviews: 8-2 FNB interviews Drop-Out on changes in last 20 years--"no place to hide"; Curtis Reliford black activists reports smoking ticket for burning sage in spiritual Native American ceremony, hassled repeated with parking citations by same cop, won 1 case, faces 4 more for "sound amplification" off his "Fellow Your Heart" truck ( ...Anon protester at 8-1 Gaza protest at Town Clock notes "follow the law" protesters tried to drive her, Keith McHenry, and another journalists from the median where they were holding signs and giving out literature; Keith McHenry describes same incident; Brian complains of First Alarm Big Noses smelling homeless bottles for booze, throwing people out of the library; recycler Shawn warns of Westside recycling closing down with NIMBY's trying to close down Kosko's..In-studio broadcaster Dr. Mike notes recycler claimed 3 different recycling centers closd down recently..[3 1/2 hours]

Sunday, August 7, 2014
Download Show "Pick Your Punches" Pat Colbe updates her struggle with City Attorney Barisone for a disability accommodation to the "Move Along Every Hour" law downtown and his recent phone agreement that he refuses to put on paper...Azua Flashback to his reported brutalization of Synthia Kennedy on Saturday April 10, 2010 at ( ) where Kennedy had her hair pulled out and was smashed against the squadcar..."Jetpen" John Colbe called in to report on his phone contact with Barisone...8-2 FNB Street Interviews: Beggarbacker Becky Johnson, Wraps-smith John Ireton reports a bracelet ticket on the Boardwalk, reports from Strummer, Typewriter Man Kevin DeVane....8-6: interviews with Donnie and Sherry...[2 hours]

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Download Show ( Interviews: Rainbow Gathering in Utah, Jake on woodpress artist Phoenix's permit-plus-harassment--5 cops and 3 tickets; Joe Rose's friendlier account; Jessica and Shannon confront a "sadism is my pleasure" Officer Azua; Cherida working against gentrification in Silicon Valley attacks New Leaf security guard spying here; Phoenix notes CSO Bullymeister Barnett has cited him 4 times for his wood transfer work, permit notwithstanding: Guitar Jo told to go from the Boardwalk; Alex "Art is Free" Skeoton's report; Eddie on Skateboarding Surrealism...8-9: Berkeley Interviews with Jimbo-the-Hobo-and-You-Ain't, one of those recently deported from the Albany bulb artist's colony on People's Park no longer a refuge...( - ( - ( bulb destruction chronicled at (; Al the Berkeley Street Spirit vendor's latest... Fast Ed on changing terrain at People's Park...Radical activist Michael Delacour on Fightback against Cafe Mediterraneum and his struggle to organize...remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki...[3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Download Show Guest co-host: Dr. Mike...Upcoming Events ( Update ( Interviews 8-13: Life in Laurel Park--Open Container Ticket, Corinna on SleepCrime...Oakland Boycott of Israeli Ship...Dr. Mike on 7 Cops Harassing a Street Painter Led by Officer Barnett; Witness Account by Briana Brewer...8-10: Grrant Wilson on Parks Dept's Move to Deny Mime Troupe Permit...8-11 Red Church Interviews: Sara's Critique of Sanctuary Village;..(2 hours)

Sunday, August 17, 2014
Download Show ...Drew Glover's report on "Break the Silence" march and protest against racial and class profiling today: ( Contacts: ( Council Cut-off of Comment: Elisse Casy silenced by Mayor Robinson on 7-22 in the Sanctuary Village discussion ...Michael Brown protest updates: ( Church Interviews 8-11: Dreamcatcher with stuff stolen seeks community help...Dr. Mike on SCPD's bike blockade from Bike Church...Squirrel on Freedom Camp out at Harvey West; Mama Shannon (Mrs. B) does poetry at Tanner Art Bar 9 PM; Nick on gate and fence going in at 115 Coral St; Robert Brunett notes San Lorenzo Park bathrooms now closing at 5:30 PM instead of dusk; Drop-Out compares nasty Santa Cruz with mellow Santa Rosa; Anon asks for storage space; A Faire suggests Sanctuary Village at former Santa's Village site in Scotts Valley...[4 hours]

Sunday, September 21, 2014
Download Show 15 minutes of a prior show...8-14 excerpts from City Council Candidate Bruce Van Allen at Town Clock "Remember Mike Brown" Rally & Other anti-Racism charges: speakers and Ferguson reports including excerpts from the Chris Dornan Manifesto...Internal protest about censorship of "bullshit" comment on the protest march...fight the cop within that polices and divides us...Cole, Hummingbird...9-20 Free Meal Interviews: Brian and Jen on thefts, travelers Stef and Liya; W. Adamsky, Josh on preacher and the cop, Julie Schaul of S.C. Fulltimers, Louisa English FNBer,& Chris Snowden calls in from England on matrix of anti-smoking laws...Coral's report on San Lorenzo shrubbery stripped away near Gannery...Chris MacDonald: disguised homeless, worked at HLOSC, many stories of police beatings, claims Officer Azua assaulted a friend of his in a coffee shop...Michelle Parker life young, homeless, female in Santa Cruz--her story...Shawn and Kyle's account of Capitola police false arrest and imprisonment a week ago...David Lewis, Keith McHenry, and Abbi describe massive cop/security guard gang against an old man on the Boardwalk and then an arriving bicyclist who tried to hep him on 9-10...Mike O. on an ranger incident, attempted to sign in to the Paul Lee loft and get a copy of his applicaitionand was told "you don't need that"...reports bike lockers around town remodeled to show interior so homeless survival gear can be removed and confiscated...[4 hours]

Thursday, September 25, 2014
Download Show G9-20 Interview with Keith McHenry on Mother Theresa in S.F...9-25 Red Church Interviews: Eric Ray & Donna Marie on P&R's August raid taking his stuff--5 camps destroyed, stuff hidden in trees taken, tents slashed by Labor Ready workers, repeates seizures subsequently...Honey's 24-hour stay-away order from the beach after a ticket...mass bust at Parking Lot #9 against travelers for smoking w/5 cops...street jeweler Robin reports levee wildlife destruction to drive out campers, fencing near Ta nnery 2-3 weeks ago; HLOSC now like a prison with locked gate so no more meals there...Lone WolfHutch denounces S.C. Hotel for ripping him off for vets check...Jeweler reports Move-Along fine reduced from $349 to $100 though they weren't asked as the law required to move along...DreamCatcher on massive seizure of property of 7 older men in San Lorenzo Park while they were at on the "Mosquito" anti-homeless noise devices, its impact on health...Further interviews [2 hours]

Sunday, September 28, 2014
Download Show Norse at City Council 9-9 on Public Safety Task Farce and Phony Ballooning of Homeless "Crime" Stats... --Anti-Homeless Selective Enforcement?--Barnett's Record Citation...Dr. Mike's Pacific Ave. Interviews Around Police Harassment: Seattle activist Graham Press on the homeless vehicle residency ... Mayor Robinson's Needle Hysteria...Julie Schaul on anti-Circles Church petition..Linda L. on ....World Homeless Action Day ... Linda's e-mail: ...Jerry Fall on De Sal Alternatives...Bruce Van Allen's critique of law enforcement re: homeless..Ferguson update...;Dialogue with Linda Lemaster on John Crawford killing...Dialogue with Caller Lemaster on Crawford Killing, World Homelessness Day [4 hours]

Thursday, October 2, 2014
Download Show First half hour repeats 9-22 show... 9-9 Interview outside City Council with evicted Accessory Dwelling Unit casualty Paula Gregoire ( PD reveals names of 5 police Latino killers ( Interview with Wanda conoway Knight on local racial profiling...9-29: Red Church Interviews on newly activated pre-meal "KEEP OFF THE LAWN" policy with St. Germaine, Scott Galloway, Jack the Ripper, Yoshi, Christa, Karen Grant [2 hours]

Thursday, October 9, 2014
Download Show World Homeless Action Day & Other Announcements...10-4 at FNB Colin Campbell Clyde attacks prison-like scene at HLOSC & needle mania...Dots marking out new performance [p], vending [v], and tabling [t] areas on Pacific Ave. blue: p,v,t red: v,t only yellow p only coming up likely 10-28 at City Council, sez Julie Hendee...SCPD marijuana stats: ...Bye Bye to Bankster Backer Bob Lee...Audio from the Measure K Committee: ...KPFA's 1964 Coverage of the Free Speech Movement "Is Freedom Academic" at ...Street Interviews 10-6: Arrival of the cage-defining dots on Pacific Ave...Alexandra the artist, Brennan the songbird, Lea on El Centro Management's Elder Abuse and her own struggle there. [2 hours]

Sunday, October 12, 2014
Download ShowShow-long guest, city council candidate, drummer, and climate change activist Craig Bush. ...His music with Street Clutter plays periodically throughout the show...Bush on Global Warming, details of the City's De-Sal Boondoggle and his alternative proposal for enhanced tertiary using micofiltration replacing sand with magnite at a fraction of the cost of De-Sal; proposal for organic permaculture along the railroad track, Safe Harbor, Green LIght, Hangout Here/Free Beer, and Big Carrot programs...auditions and special indoor performing spaces for artists...October 14 City Council Update with increased parking fees and massively intensified stay-orders from parks and other public areas for the homeless "lawbreakers" without benefit of a court hearing..Ferguson update and Santa Cruz racial profiling...Street Interviews at Food Not Bombs meal 10-11: Jimmy Joe on weather a bike theft, Lee demands a pedestrian mall, Aden on the futility of pacifism, Michael calls for bathrooms open earlier; Kryptonite on crackdown here a result of S.F. crackdown [4 hours]

Sunday, October 19, 2014
Download Show 10-6 Red Church Interviews cont. The Pleich Report on Circles Church closing many programs because of an "unruly crowd" (though Pleich found them otherwise); ACLU's support for lessening punishment on non-violent crimes, supported DAP program (which Norse calls the DUPE program)...Guest-host Castaway Kate on Dreamcatcher's 56 non-violent citations, notes he says he's allowed to sleep in the park at night, but driven out during the day if he shuts his eyes...concerns about disabled in wheelchairs getting park stay-away from the Council's 10-14 meeting with Parks and Rec czarina Dannettee Shoemaker calling for the Stay-Away Order Explosion law to reverse declining summer camp enrollment, wedding ceremonies, and rising fears about "families with kids"; staff forced to "spend resources" to deal with "illegal activities" like smoking and sleeping; speakers Yahsameen, Stacy, Alexis, Raven, and Jim oppose the law requesting staff specify the illegal behaviors...Watsonville: greater compassion among and for the poor?...Street Interviews James Rodreguez and the beer-kicking First Alarm thug...VFW Bill Motto Post Commander Bob Patton on the ongoing Vet's Hall struggle, with Vets back in for a year and Thanksgiving meal there to be resumed; Hosts moving along street jewlers Crissy; Tasha, the charcoal sketcher; Anonymous report from Pasa Robles; the color-coded sidewalk dots: Red: tabling and vending only Blue: performance, tabling, and vending Yellow: performance; Sara--ticketed because her dog Kona didn't "cover up", 25 others get camping tickets in San Lorenzo Park; 10-14: Jim Weller on Circles Church cutbacks, the abusive Stay Away Orders law without stats on what the tickets are for, and how many actuallyg ot them...[4 hours]

Thursday, October 23, 2014
Download Show Guest Host Kate K...Berkeley 10-17 Crazy Rick and Kevin Lee Shattuck Ave. guitarrists...FNB 10-24: Anony worker on UCSC wrecking down through over-enrollment...Kate K. on her Davenport to San Diego travels and jail in Santa Cruz time...Red Church Interviews (10-20): Eric reports 8 busted and ticketed there without complaint by 5 cops, except him with note from Pastor Miller; Mike: closed bathrooms produce lots of shit; disabled Gina on ISSP's having mats for only 60% of its sleepers; attorney Ed Frey's victory in Gary Johnson case, requiring rehearing of appeal with full 3-judge panel...Kate on nasty hotel rooms..."performance pens" ordinance's interview with Anita Brangel, abusively handcuffed, she says by Monterey PD officer Tucker[2 hours]

Sunday, October 26, 2014
Download Show Update on likely-to-pass Stay Away Law expansion...songs from Jus' Kiddin'...guest Kate Keysler...Red Church Interviews: 10-20 James Rodreguez--police demanding he move "disorganized" property; Security guard demanding he leave public sidewalk at ocean; Sara--disabled 60-year old woman in legal grannyunit defending "homeless bums"; Michael said he was falsely ID-ed as a banned person from HLOSC by Torrey the guard...James Rodreguez notes first library security guard, then cop harassed him around town, ending up with barking dog in a cruiser; Scott Galloway defends "keep off the grass" sweeps of homeless at Red Church; history of Ronee Curry;...10-22: the Barnett-as-racist-and-anti-homeless protest ...Laundromat worker Donovan on anti-homeless discrim in Santa Cruz...Berkeley election report from James-in-the-Sunshine...Raven Davis at City Hall (10-22) on Ranger citations showing massive anti-homeless from Calvin with Venice update with folks moving from oversized vehicles to cars and vans protected by the Desertrain[4 hours]

Sunday, November 16, 2014
Download Show In studio: "Catch-Her-If-You-Can" Katy...Two anti-homeless measures before the Public Works Commission [ "3 More Strikes Against the Homeless at Public Works Commission" at ]...Move-Along Law/Performance Pens Update ["Restore Sidewalk Space For All; End the "One Hour of Free Speech and Get Going" Rule" at ]...Stay-Away Law Discussion [ at ""Get Out" Anti-Homeless Law...With Phony "Appeal" Process at Afternoon Council " ]...1-8-14: Black Block Tactics--Chris Hedges v. Brian Traven: ...Street Interviews at FNB Meal 11-15: Cop tickets smoker, ignoring guy gesticulating wildly obstructing traffic..Katie & Paul no rentals depleted SSI funds, put her on the streets, took her infant daughter...two weeks in Motel Santa Cruz costs $503 a week; most people out because of disabilities; Smiles: polite arrest for lying down on sidewalk in front of Taco Bells on his 2nd day here; Steve-oh--sleeping on beach tickets; Devon praises food & streets; Elm St. policy changes for its 4 feedings a week 4:30 p.m. and an hour of services...Joetraveler sings"I Have a Problem with the Local Police"...Monterey Charles calls-in on Sitting Ban, homeless there.. Ferguson "guilty and charged" city rips off poor with tickets....More Street Interviews: Tcketed for talking to a panhandler.. 10-27: Vice-Mayor Don Lane walks street with John and Pat Colby, Kate the Scarf Lady, Coral...[4 1/4 hours]

Thursday, December 4, 2014
Download Show Public Forum on Homelessness at Vet's Hall: Con and Super-Con...Outrage Against Police Violence Rising.....Pleich Criticizes "Smart Solutions", Lawsuit & Shelter Update... ( San Jose Cops Clear Homeless Jungle...12-1 Street Interviews: Jasmine of the Lonely Pines violining on Pacific; Arthur Hilbert on smoking and sitting tickets; Dreamcatcher--57 tickets since September, monitors under the bridges [2 hours]

Sunday, December 7, 2014
Download Show Street Interviews on Parade Day 12-6: Casey O'Hara on SC High's Mock Trials...Mythology that Police the Most Dangerous Job; Rationalizing Police Brutality: from Our Enemies in Blue...S.C. homeless Vet on shelter problems...Christina and Dru on Upcoming Protest and Educational Forums on White Supremacy & Police Violence... Interviews 12-6: Kip concerned with police photographing at 2 AM under Water St. bridge; Keith McHenry on Vet's Hall Homelessness Study...Phone Interview with Linda Lemaster of Housing Now in Santa Cruz! at www. homes pm importance of underclasses speaking out at that session [3 1/2 hours]

Thursday, December 11, 2014
Download ShowWarming Center Report..."Bearcat" Vehicle Voted by Council and Critique of the SCPD...History of SC Police Civilian Review...Empowerment versus City Council...Restore Street Performer Guidelines...Truckdriving, Gardnering, more dangerous than Policing...Phone Interview with Fanon--Berkeley activist who was part of the Freeway Blockage Protest a few days ago...December 25: Performance Pens Law Activates...Councilmember Posner on Mayor's meeting shutdown 12-9 [background: ] ...[2 hours]

Sunday, December 14, 2014
Download ShowUpcoming "Tanks? No thanks" 12-17-14 and 1-13-15 protests:'s report on yesterdays "Black Lives Matter" march ( )...Phone chat with John Colby on need to follow up on protest, follow experience of elders; HLOSC breaks word to reimburse him...Dangerous John's Eugene report...Phone snippets from Doc...Isaac Wanda Knight, Collins "Lyrical I", Simba Kenyatta, Denika de Foy...Critique of protest leadership...Coaxing protesters out of the road into the RCNV...Keith and Abbi discuss Council protest strategies...Dennis Etler defends leadership..(4 hours)

Thursday, December 18, 2014
Download Show Phone Interview with John Malkin on the Bearcat (Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck) zipped through City Council on 12-9...C0'Host Katy on today's Homeless Memorial for the Dead ...Phone interview with Robert Aguirre of San Jose on homeless background to the bulldozed "Jungle" encampment there. [2 hours]

Sunday, December 21, 2014
Download Show [In studio at various points: Dr. Mike, "Catch Her!" Katy, and "Mad and Proud" Mael or ] Green Xmas by Stan calls for help from Jasmine and Babushka, reportedly menaced by Officer Hernandez a year ago at the Salvation Army Thanksgiving meal...Dr. Mike interviews elder Jeanne S. Landgridge tale of intoxicated harmonica-playing singing homeless guy in Scotts Valley laundromat removed by police who knew him into the rain outside...and county's making her homeless thru denying her permits...Street Interviews: Red Church from earlier in December: Shelly reports Rangers shredding tents in the Pogonip, wrote tickets for trespassing...Cop Corner protest Zack on cops ticketing 6 people under the bridge this morning 12-17...Charles, San Jose teacher, inspirer of the Free MNarket there, supporter of RAD (Regeneration Against Destruction), and witness to the destruction of the homeless Jungle...Mael & Katy on the Homelessness Memorial, remembering Bobby McGee & Baltimore...Boulder Creek Steve calls in...12-17 Protest Interviews: Zack, William Ball "Redford", Katzenjammer Keith, Ken--holding up "homeless lives matter!"-type signs at Cop Corner, Nikki and Manu--French travelers and musicians...Lighthouse Linda on SCPD bike banditry...Mael of on living mad in Santa Cruz [ 4 1/2 hrs.]


Sunday, October 16, 2016
Download Show Update on renter and candidate events…Berkeley Interview with Dan MacMullan and Katie Blau on Street Protest Against The Hub, Landlord Arson…Steve Pleich Phone Interview: withdraws from Council race…Fresno author and activist Mike Rhodes—Updates, Advice to Marysville Houseless Activists…10-10: Spider Art on Pacific: curbsidebeatart on facebook…wheelchair Denise on eventual toleration in Scotts Valley…Red Church Interviews [RCI]: Pushback Pat Colby on Food Nazi at the Church Door, bully Safeway guard; Sea Otter, santacruzfreeguide from Meredy Wells; Ryan’s dog Anubis stolen by D.A. E. Jones; Susan Worth on Coonerty bathroom harassment;l Alex, Rhonda, Then Greek comment; Scott Galloway defends Red Church policies, “Smart Solutions” ‘progress’…Freedom SleepOut 66 Interviews: Sea Otter notes FNB sign theft; Candelight Kim on new “no unlocked bikes in park” harassment from Rangers…[4 ½ hours]

Thursday, December 15, 2016
Download Show Denver Police To Stop Seizing Blankets(…)..Civil Rights Sue CalTrans on Property Seizure( )...Interviews at Justice for Sean Arlt protest of others victimized by local police…Pleich on his Winter Shelter work & other interviews at the Red Church… Berkeley “First They Came for the Homeless” activist and Mayoral Candidate Mike Lee [2 hours]

Sunday, December 18, 2016
Download Show Historical Lookback:“Swing Riots” ( ).. Selections throughout from Carol Denney’s Because We Upon the Earth are One CD & Ryan Harvey’s hard-hitting you-tube music… Interview with Berkeley activist attorney Osha Neuman on homeless lawsuit against Cal-Trans at ( …. “Deadly” Daniel MacMullan, Berkeley Disabled Activist on City Council and Councilman Kris Worthington’s sell-out of the homeless to hostile City Manager Dee Williams-Ridley… First They Came for the Homeless “Poor Tour” encampment update from Berkeley mayoral candidate Mike Lee and activist Mike Zint from his hospital bed [4+ hours]

Thursday, December 22, 2016
Download Show Raelyn Butcher and Brian Brown of Marysville at on slated March demolition of the “Jungle” encampments there, failure of the Tiny Homes program…”Deadly” Dan of Berkeley on 12-21 pre-dawn raid on the “Poor Tour” encampment, homeless deportations by the Berkeley Food and Housing program…Freedom SleepOut #75 (12-13 – 12-14) interviews with Audi, Joey, Laura, and “Push Back” Pat [2 hours]

Sunday, December 25, 2016
Download Show Steve Sullivan pippering…Norse commentary on Berkeley City Council…12-13 Berkeley City Council public rages at Council for its failure to stop 12th police raid against the Poor Tour with no shelter, housing or services covering the hundreds of Berkeley homeless…Phone Interview with Cornerstone Carol Denney who gives a nuanced view of the Council debate and actions…Street Interviews: John Valley on two-hourly harassment by cops at the library; Pat Colby instructs police on right to return a book at the bookdrop when they called it “trespass” at night…Red Church 12-26 Dreamweaver’ report, Robert B., Mary Jane, Lawrence M….Matt Nathanson of the Homeless Person’s Health Project at the 12-20 Memorial to the Homeless Dead giving stats…Norse in the Homeless (Lack of) Services Center’s “No Impact” Zone; interview with Security Chief John…Needles on Wheels in Santa Cruz?: ( of the 21st Century Cures Act facilitating and funding forced medication and hospitalization.[5 hours]

Thursday, December 29, 2016
Download Show In studio grilling of former Mayor and newly-elected Councilmember Chris Krohn……Freedom SleepOut #76 on 12-20: “Live Free” Lawrence reports cop harassment at FS #75; Sonny on being driven from Greek Orthdox Church to Civic to Post Office then ticketed on third awakening when he protested; “the Greek” denounces harassment of vehicle dwellers; Jimmy Costa reports 11 AM ticket for sleeping on Ocean St. sidewalk; “Stupifying” Steve rages at destruction of all his property for having some hydrogen peroxide as a “toxic” excuse; Deryl Cook (“Eagle”) reports “Merry Xmas” jaywalking ticket, has positive report for Winter Shelter Program though lots of turnaways (15-20) on December 19th….[2 hours]


Sunday, January 1, 2017
Download Show Street Interviews: Gaven says goodbye to California… “Dangerous” John T.’s Eugene reports on City Manager’s harassment of the homeless, licensing of street vendors…Salinas activist Wes White, attorney Anthony Prince, Bathrobespierre Robert Norse, and others organizing strategies to fight the Salinas camping ban and gather strength at the MLK event…Street Intervsiews 12-22: “Got Milk Need Money for Cookies” Mountain Mike…More from Eugene John…Alex ‘n Joff, Madmouth Mary Jane, Ricardo Lopez on the street…Scope it Out Scott Graham on the Arlt slaying, Councilmember Krohn’s history, and new Deputy Chief Dan Flippo…Red Church Interviews (11-26): Sonny reports on Freedom SleepOut 76, SuperSuds laundromat anti-homeless actions. Steve Pleich’s Questions for Krohn, Julie Shaul’s upbeat RV report…[4 ½ hours]

Thursday, January 5, 2017
Download Show Rebecca, aka, Bertha G. on facebook, who lives in her van and works two jobs—in-studio guest describes facing vehicular living 5 times in the recent years in Santa Cruz…Wes White of Salinas Union of the Homeless phones in with Salinas updates (on facebook at Monterey County Homeless Advocates and Salinas Tent City) …Street Interviews from FS #77. [2 hours]

Sunday, January 8, 2017
Download Show Look ahead to first Shitty Council meeting of the year…Deadly Dan MacMullan reports on the 1-6 bust of First They Came for the Homeless encampment in Berkeley, update of Hateman Mark Hawthorne…Phone Interview with Peter Marin of Santa Barbara on latest homeless RV removal scam by city officials using oversized vehicle law and new definitions of “disabled”…12-21-14 Flashback show---SCPD’s Hernandez pulls a gun on Jasmine & Babushka at Thanksgiving Salvation Army meal for “taking food out of the building”…Keith McHenry phone report on Tampa, FL police attacks on Food Not Bombs [3 hours]

Thursday, January 12, 2017
Download Show In-studio guest Rebecca (aka Bertha G) on being repeatedly pushed out of Santa Cruz by rent raisers and returning…court throws out law stopping grand jury shelving of police shootings…withheld police surveillance documents…Raelyn Butcher of “homeless Mayor” of Marysville on flooding adds to police deportation…1-9 Street Interviews—Dreamcatcher documents ranger theft of his property [2 hours]

Sunday, January 15, 2017
Download Show Phone Interview with Keith McHenry on Tampa FNB busts for breakfast “trespassing”, history of food activist 93-year old Arnold Abbott there; Phillipines and D.C. FNB work…First They Came for the Homeless Interviews with James Carmell, Mike Lee, Clark Sullivan, Sara Menefee on latest BPD bust, factional disputes, FTCFTH history [3 hours, 45 minutes]

Thursday, January 19, 2017
Download Show 19th Homelessness Marathon Live from Maine: Nashville, Tasha Lemley, founder of “The Contributor,’ Nashville’s homeless paper… Chef Michael Reyes, a self-described “Chicano” in Phoenix who is defying the city by feeding homeless people for free from his food truck...Rose in southern California a 63-tyear-old FULLY-EMPLOYED woman who has lived in her car for four years because she can’t afford the rents… the LA Poverty Department, a group of homeless and formerly homeless performance artists from Skid Row… South Dakota -- Native Activist James Magaska Swan, a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and founder of the United Urban Warriors Society. Earlier archives at( [2 hours]

Sunday, January 22, 2017
Download Show Homeless activist Wes White phone interview on planning protests, homeless trials [See facebook for WesWhite Monterey County Homeless Advocates…1-21 Women’s March in Santa Cruz audio—Norse denounces monitors herding protesters near Louden Nelson…Marin approves RV parking restrictions…Seattle ACLU sues against homeless sweeps…Phone Interview—Cynthia Berger’s SC Tenant’s Organizing Committee on Richmond, Mountain View, and Santa Cruz rent control prospects, protection for subsidized apartments…[ 3 ½ hours]

Thursday, January 26, 2017
Download Show 1-9 Street Interviews: “Motherfucker” outside Red Church speaks for the houseless; Pleich report on Winter Shelter problems, declines to ask assembled homeless why they’re not using it, usual “work in progress” rhetoric…LA’s anti-homeless RV law masquerades as homeless aid…Keith McHenry report on Freedom SleepOut (FS) #81 noting it was highly visible, folks refused to move from under awnings during the day into the rain when rangers came; many jacked up around the library. [2 hours]

Sunday, January 29, 2017
Download Show In-studio guest Nate Kennedy, City Council candidate and street sympathizer…Debating Nate’s middle-of-the-road “reform” proposals on the Sleeping Ban, Chalking Zones, etc…1-21 General Anti-Trump Strike Protest: Ja the Jeweler, Nutcracker Nick, Coral...FS#80 1-17 “Push-Back” Pat on streetsleeper wake-up’s, library homeless harassment; Shuteye Sheree’s $72/night motel tale; Abbi on FNB converting the skeptical; Wiley on the cost and futility of homeless laundering; 1-21 FNB Reports: Katzenjammer Keith on FS tent, vote Good Times for City Council as Best Butcher—ACLU Golden Hammer award to FNB…Pat phone interview: on 1-28 library nightlife, portapotty peril and SCPD D. Forbus’s unusual ticketing; harassment by Ranger Wall; Lawrence M on library sleeper crackdown; …Various police abuse articles from S.F., Las Vegas, Santa Cruz, and D.C….1-21 FNB reports cont.: Richard Lopez; Sonny ticketed for “trespass on Pacific Avenue”…”Deadly” Dan McMullan from Berkeley phone interview: on 4-23 People’s Park Anniversary fighting UCB plans to build housing there, Options Recovery sending homeless away, reports on other encampments…”Cornerstone” Carol Denney phone interview seeking public records on $ spent attacking homeless, fears Tiny Homes movement to be used against the poor…Street Interviews 1-28 Classical guitarist Romanac’s health tips…The Sane Progressive denounces Michael Moore’s hypocrisy at([5+ hours]

Thursday, February 2, 2017
Download Show Street Interviews 1-23 Merryweather Mike…Berkeley Protest Shuts down Milo Yiannopolis…1-30 Red Church Interviews: Forgiving the cops; Mr. Squeaky on losing his stuff; DeMone and her dogs—looking back over the Calvary Coffeehouse and harassment ticketing north of Santa Cruz; Kathy on successful shelter safety; caller supports garbage bags spray painted with “it’s murder to throw this away” to deter ranger theft and disposal…More Red Church: Carol on her friend Jesse’s report of TBSC gunplay; chatter with AFC workers Pleich and Mad-Eyes Mel on Winter Shelter situation [2 hours]

Sunday, February 5, 2017
Download Show Norse commentary on Oakland’s demolition of The Promised Land Village created in the wake of protest after the Trump Coronation …interviews with Rabbie Rouse and J.D. Walker, still living under the nearby underpass…interviews with Veronica and Henry of streetstores (on twitter)…Interview with Brett Schnapper at First They Came for the Homeless [FTCFTH encampment—still undisturbed after 3 weeks on the Oakland /Berkeley border next to the BART line—“we aren’t slabs of meat to be warehoused”…Phone Chat with Peggy Lee Kennedy on L.A.’s anti-RV law cooked up by “pretend progressives”-- LAMC 85.02 due to start enforcement tomorrow…Interview with FTCFTH activist Mike Zint calling for real Amish created Deerrun Cabin “Tiny Homes” rather than a scam proposed by a Berkeley developer to rip off the City and charge $1000/month…[3 hours]

Thursday, March 23, 2017
Download Show Expanding City Hall Encampment Protest and the Post Office Forbidden Fence…Dialogue with Keith and Passersby at Post Office Fence Table…City Stonewalling on Documents around the ICE officer at SCPD and the Witnesses to the Arlt Killing…2-17 DreamCatcher on Property Still Under Police Lock and Key; when returned, 6 weeks late, it was ruined… (2 hours)

Sunday, March 26, 2017
Download Show Deconstruction and Commentary of the Smart Solutions 3-18 Meeting with passionate criticism of the HLOSC by Loleen… 3-17 City Hall Homeless Interviews Philip, Sonny on skateboarder harassment, Sharon (deMoan), Craig J. on Stinson Beach vehicle seizure and anti-Moslem bigotry, Viper on nightly city hall protest… Arlt Claims on 3-28 City Council meeting… Councilwoman Sandy Brown Agrees to Make Written Requests to the City Manager …Julia Vinograd’s Recent Poetry (3-10)…3-20 Red Church: Anonymous, Scott G., Nancy E., DreamCatcher; Deborah and Bren on San Jose’s Jurassic Park encampment. Big Mack on enduring nightly City Hall harassment to continue night-by-night sleepouts…Pat C. on disability as a defense…Other Street Interviews…Pat Malo’s Update on Supes Snaky Proposal to Cut Back Cannabis [5 ½ hours]

Thursday, March 30, 2017
Download Show Streetsavvy Swami bids farewell to Santa Cruz; Freedom Sleepout #89 reports; Jerad Rovee on CVS guard punching out shoplifter; Monday night sleepers ousted into the rain at City Hall; Jenny: “compassion if you avoid the cameras”…”Groundlevel” George growls the latest…Viper on CVS guard aassault prompting hospitalization, reports full sidewalk Monday night; Katzenjammer Keith on end-of-the-month hunger for bread… JDub ousted from library for his barking security dog; Jimmy Two Guns on “less compassionate” Rangers; Jenny’s report [2 hours]

Sunday, April 2, 2017
Download Show Upcoming Events…Niko on the last days of World Bazaar…Street Interviews: 3-23 Angel bails dog out, reports police/ranger blanket theft, praises Starbucks…3-24: Eveth smoking tickets Ortega; Michelle Parker takes a break from the rain…Norse on “Embracing Community-Oriented Policing”[3-26 Sentinel]…3-25 FNB Interviews: Police target Kyle for “illegal sitting”; Dreamcatcher’s stopped from drying his clothes with Stay-Away order at City Hall; growing nightly homeless survival sleepout at city hall…3-27 Red Church Interviews¨ Mack on cops driving them into rain at City Hall on 3-26; Sea Otter wants to resume homeless cooking; Kelly, Julie S., David S., Frank L, Greg, Sarah, DavidR., Longhauler, Saygin, Susan W….controvery as “Food Nazi” Steve confronts homeless from Calvalry Episcopal for objecting to Steve’s “move along” plate seizing…Eagle on [3-27] 4 cars, 6 cops to ticket him for smoking at City Hall…John Kennedy’s sleeping bag woes.. Jenny’s stolen stuff and talkback to rangers; Mack Palmer’s and Jesus’s ticket/stay-away orders at midnight…3-28 City Council ducks/hides Sean Arlt claims; Councilwoman Brown reopens Consent Agenda Public Debate after 10 years…Norse attacks undue P & R rule-making power; Oral Communications shrunk to 2 minutes; Silva announces mid-April fast against Sleeping Ban…Michael, denied alcoholism treatment, police mobbed out of town…Pacific Avenue interviews…Tad Crane on life on the Road [5 ½ hours]

Sunday, September 25, 2017
Download Show Norse reads Sentinel stories: 9-23 MAPS group seeking MDMA PTSD grant; TBSC attack on Needle Exchange; SJ Columbus Statue vandalized again, to be removed...Upcoming Council meeting…Julia Vinograd reads from her (as yet unreleased book) Detours…FNB Interviews 9-23: Fish on HLOSC, Larry on harshening street life, Razor on Pergo flipping, & others…Partial FLASHBACK from 1-17-10 show focusing on the Rotkin Interrogation by Bathrobespierre Robert, Robert Facer and the Ticketing Harassment of HUFF singers outside the Bookshop Santa Cruz for singing “Downtown” with Homeless lyrics [full show at] [4 hours, 45 minutes]


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